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Toy Review: Transformers DOTM Leader Class Bumblebee

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On May 16th, Hasbro released its new toy line for Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Bumblebee returns once again to fight alongside the valiant Autobots in an attempt to rid our world of the evil Decepticons. He is a young warrior with a big heart, and a big gun. Decepticon after Decepticon, Bumblebee dispatches them with his cannon and his new Stealth Force abilities, making him a force to be reckoned with.

Bumblebee has won the hearts of many fans, young and old. This figure marks the first leader class figure Bumblebee has received, but not the largest. He also comes with a large backpack that mounts on him in both robot and car mode. In both forms, it acts as a weapons platform, with one cannon and two missile launchers. The backpack is heavy and accounts for most of the figure’s weight, holding the electronics for the sound effects.

This figure’s motion is fairly good, but typically of a leader class figure, it can be limiting at times, especially with his backpack on, which makes it difficult to balance him on his feet. Action poses are possible both with and without the backpack, but the weight of the pack does limit what you can do. This is a bit disappointing as the backpack is a large portion of Bumblebee’s weaponry.

His arms are on ratcheting joints, moving forward and backwards and side to side. Wrists swing in and out with no articulation in the fingers. The legs bend at the knees and waist but some of the motion is a bit limited. Bumblebee’s head is on a ball joint but range of motion is hindered by a pair of flaps that fold up next to his neck. He also has his face shield, which you can flip down to enter battle mode.

There isn’t much to say about car mode, as it is a basic car. Doors open, wheels spin. Adding his backpack in car mode, along with a bit of a transformation, leads to the Stealth Force mode for this figure.

Bumblebee can achieve quite a few fun poses to represent some of your favorite moments from the Transformers movies; however when his backpack is equipped, it will hinder him, limiting these poses without some patience.

Bumblebee is one of the easier Leader Class figures to transform from the Dark of the Moon. The instructions are somewhat unclear at times on his transformation, but thankfully this figure isn’t hard to start with. Most children should have no problem with this figure once they’ve practiced it. Parents, I recommend you learn it as well so you can assist. For a veteran Transformers collector, it should give you little to no trouble without the instructions.

For me this is the end all, be all Bumblebee figure. I don’t see myself picking up any further Bumblebee figures to replace this in the Leader Class. It is a great, spot-on representation of Bumblebee. Some may complain that his chest is a bit broader than what we’ve seen in the movies; I say he’s probably been to the gym a few times since then.

The downside I can see is that this is another Bumblebee in a huge line of movie Bumblebees. So if you’ve already picked up four or five different Bumblebees, you might be asking yourself if you should pick this one up. The answer is yes. If you’ve never bought a Bumblebee movie figure, first off, where have you been? And second, why haven’t you picked this up yet? This is a great figure for both collectors and kids, even if it may be your thirteenth bumblebee figure.

Leader Class Bumblebee is available now.

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    i really like him he is a cool robot

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    i really want to buy him but ge is expensive here in philippines his price is like 2,999 pesos