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Toy Review: Tickety Toc Clockhouse Train Set

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A great toy combines awesome fun with a higher level of recognition of beloved characters. Kids wear capes not only because capes are cool but to relive the adventures of superheroes. The same goes for stuffed animals in the shapes of cartoons and storybook characters. The Tickety Toc Clockhouse Train Set takes a fun animated world and makes it come alive in an engrossing set with plenty of activities.

ttclockhousetrainsetTickety Toc is a show with a simple formula that explores a magical world inside a cuckoo clock. Tommy and Tallulah make the clock ring at Chime Time and in between have adventures always with the literal and proverbial ticking clock. After an era of broken fourth walls with shows asking “Can you see the solution, kids?”, it is refreshing to see a cartoon focusing on story. The problem-solving portion of educational programming is excellent for strengthening young minds, but it improves watchability and attention having rich and interesting characters facing dramatic adventure.

The Clockhouse Train Set includes figurines for Tommy and Tallulah as well as one of Tickety Toc’s most beloved characters, Pufferty, the puppy-dog train. Pufferty is a clockwork train, which is already something many kids and even adults love, combined with a Dalmatian, one of the most recognized and adorable dogs, the most popular pet. Great design like that continues through the whole of the Clockhouse with gears and winding keys.

Even if a child is unfamiliar with the show and characters, the Tickety Toc Clockhouse Train Set is a great toy. The clockhouse is eye-catching and inspires imagination with its orange edging and many gears. The railroad track runs behind and around the house, allowing Pufferty the train to be driven around the base or pushed from the top, making him to roll down with roaring speed.

Not only does the Clockhouse Train Set look good; it is packed with fun things to do. The top doors, emulating the double doors of a cuckoo clock, pop open by turning the nearby blue gear. The lower door pops open as the winding key next to it is turned. In addition, the windows open and close, giving kids plenty to do and manipulate with their hands.

The Tickety Toc Clockhouse Train Set is a great toy. It takes up a good deal of space as a toy house with track surrounding it, yet is versatile and may interact well with other toys. There are about ten minutes worth of assembly required piecing the track together, meaning parents will need to follow some instructions. After it is assembled, the Clockhouse Train Set will be good to go for the rest of its toy life, easily taken apart for storage between playtimes or left up as a centerpiece to a toy table.

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