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Toy Review: Simpsons – Series 2 by Kidrobot

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Blind box figures – toys that come in packages where you don’t know which figure(s) you’re going to get – have become quite a popular sub-section in the toy world. The craze was started in Japan with anime figures many years ago and slowly but surely has trickled over to the States. Many manufacturers and toy lines are available, but if you’re a Simpsons fan, Kidrobot has what you’re looking for.

To date there have been many Simpsons collectibles on the market, but Kidrobot has the blind-box thing down. Their first series was successful enough to launch a second, and today we’re looking at the latest in three-inch collectible figures.

Kidrobot’s Simpsons – Series 2 comes with 25 figures in total, with each figure featuring a different level of rarity. Ranging anywhere from 1 out of 20, to 1 out of who knows how many, the selection this time around includes regular character figures and unique variants. On the regular side the collection features: Milhouse, Patty, Selma, Dr. Nick, Moe, Otto, Willie, Sideshow Mel, Hans Moleman, Lenny, Carl, Herman, and Horatio McCallister. The variants include mariachi and zombie versions of the nuclear family.

The zombie figures are the rarest of the bunch while Willie and Otto are the most common. Kidrobot was kind enough to send over five blind-boxes for review. In each of the figures the detailing was fantastic. These are deformed three-inch versions of the animated characters and they look spot on down to the last detail. I’ve been a Simpsons fan for quite some time and I could totally see myself getting hooked on these figures. The colors were accurate all around, the builds were solid, and they stand perfectly fine for display on their own accord.

I will say that some of the figures I received came with accessories that were supposed to fit into their hands. Try as I might the hole in the hands was simply too small to fit the accessory. I nearly broke a couple of the accouterments while attempting this, so I eventually gave up. As a side note: the mariachi versions of the characters come with hats. In my selection of figures I received Lisa and Bart. Bart’s hat fit perfectly, while Lisa’s round spiky head made the hat impossible to get on. The characters look fine without the accessories anyway, though it’s disappointing not to have that added flare on display or looking correctly.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, aside from Bart and Lisa mariachi versions, I received Hans Moleman, Patty, and Herman. I was quite pleased with their designs as well. Patty and Herman are perfect the way they are, and Hans Moleman comes with glasses to affix to his face and a cane that I couldn’t get into his hand, though he still looks fine on display.

The final verdict on this product is: Strongly Recommended for Simpsons Fans.

The Kidrobot Simpsons – Series 2 figures are available at retailers across the country and online for $9.99 a piece, or you can pick them up directly from Kidrobot’s website.

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