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TOTP leaves BBC1…beginning of the end?

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The BBC has finally realised that Top of the Pops, in all its lip-synching goodness, has passed its sell by date. The 40 year-old pop music show is being moved from the BBC’s first channel to BBC2 on a Sunday evening. It is claimed this move is part of an effort to attract younger viewers to the channel. The shows ratings having been fairly poor of late and numerous revamps have done little to help its demise. With the myriad of cable channels offering music and CD:UK it is a wonder TOTP has any viewers left. This move is not amazing, what is amazing is that it has taken the BBC so long to realise that TOTP’s time has ended.

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  • They ought to have the guts to knock the thing on the head altogether rather than let it die a slow, lingering death. It passed it’s sell-by date at least ten, if not twenty years ago.

    Remember the time a few years back when they insisted that all artists had to perform at least the lead vocals live rather than lip-synch? It showed up how so many chart pop artists just couldn’t cut it live.

    It’s interesting that the format of ‘The Old Grey Whistle Test’ is almost as old, but hasn’t dated to anything like the same extent. ‘Later With Jools Holland’ is to all intents and purposes the same show with a different presenter. Still needs more metal, though. (Make that some metal)