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Tory Paper quotes and admires Twisted Sister for their lyrics

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Today’s Free Country column has not only adopted Arnold as its poster boy, but quoted the lyrics of Twisted Sister’s classic ‘We’re not going to take it’.

The song, aimed at government interference into people’s lives, goes like this: “We’re not gonna take it any more,/ We’ve got the right to choose/ And there ain’t no way we’ll lose it./ Oh you’re so condescending./ Your gall is never ending./ Your life is trite and jaded/ Boring and confiscated.”

When I first heard the track back when it was first released it had a instant effect on me. Like any classic anthemic rocker, I was singing along with the chorus the second time it showed up the first time I heard the track. The song is probably the best example of the libertarian instinct that pervades hard rock and certain types of metal. The video, of course, further emphasises this point.

In an odd coincidence, the members of Growing Old Disgracefully have decided that this song should be part of their live set.

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