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Topless Britney Spears Photos Hit The Internet, Adding One Grain Of Sand To The Beach

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Britney Spears is at it again. Conveniently timed right in the middle of her House Of Blues comeback tour, photos of the pop star posing topless in a garden with flowers covering her nipples have popped up all over the Internet. This girl simply doesn’t like wearing clothes.

The photos were allegedly taken in her friend’s backyard last month and show Spears wearing a fedora over a brown wig and little else. Although there is some speculation that the photos are an April Fools’ hoax, no one would be surprised if they are the real deal. Britney has become an unofficial spokesperson for the nudist movement over the last few years, giving the public all kinds of peeks at her naughty bits.

The photos come to light amid Britney’s comeback from a rehab stint and some generally insane behavior. The diva has been playing several small venues, reportedly lip-synching her biggest hits and gyrating around in her skimpies.

Meanwhile, Britney’s tour bus was stopped by the police Tuesday for speeding near San Diego. The driver claims he was trying to evade some paparazzi. As the royal family knows all too well, that kind of driving simply doesn’t end well.

It’s become almost hypnotic to watch the trials and tribulations of little miss Spears. She’s walking, dancing proof that truth is stranger than fiction. Google might want to get a bigger server.

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  • You know? Britney is alright. I’m not going to hold anything against her. She is so overwhelmed that her values have become confused.

    Take a look. She believes in marriage and family but is wrapped up in a business that really makes acting on such beliefs very difficult. So, so marries for 10 minutes the first time, then marries K-Fed and is constantly humiliated in the mass media about the person she developed some sort of deep love relationship with. Then gets hassled for just being a young mom, trying to get domestic duties done and put the kid in her lap while driving…come on! She is trying to be a normal mom with papa-razzi chasing her.

    The so-called substance abuse? It really wasn’t THAT bad compared to what real addiction is. The rip tides of life in this entertainment business got ahold of her and carried her out to sea, but it seems she was able to swim back in to shore a bit. Good girl….

    Anyway, when Brittany shaved her head and started hitting cars with an umbrella? Come on!!! HOW COOL IS THAT??!! That is just way mass cool! Do I admire her or what?! The last time Hollywood had anything as cool was Jack Nickolson smacking someone’s car with golf clubs on a Hollywood street, many years ago.

    I would love to hear her knock out a version of the Pistol’s “God Save the Queen” while with punk haircut. Or then, for novelty purposes, “Too Drunk to F***”, Brittany Spears version would be very interesting…

    Come on people, much love to Brittany, OK? The real Britney is probably the sweetest girl in the world.


  • You know, I wish Britney was a bit more solid in attempts to come back to life. These lip-synching, “gyrating around in here skimpies” performances are not performances of substance.

    Britney, look, you have experienced alot of weird stuff over the past few years, so it is time for you to talk. Use your art to do it. Time for a slap-down on your Hollywood media oppressors. I would dig on a hardcore Britney artistic statement. It will take you into deeper waters of the craft. But, you know, that is where the real money is. Ask the Stones or the likes of. You have shown you do have it in you (like your haircut, hehe), might as well do it. It is a good thing to do for survival. And money and respect. And real love and peace and contentment…

    OK, if I were her manager….

  • or better yet, ask Madonna. I think that is what that kiss was really all about….

  • stacy

    britney is a great girl ive met her shes had hers ups and downs in her life as everybody does. she had a huge split with kevin but she has her kids her mum and her sister,shell pull together in the end and shell make a great comeback. shes the best and she always will be. dont take no notice of the people that slate u, u have the rest of your life to make a comeback and all us fans hope u do.we love you and look up to you xxx