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Top 5 reasons to love the recall

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5. It didn’t drag on forever.

Regular elections seem to go on and on, allowing for a HUGE amount of junk mail and mudslinging. This one got straight to the point: JUST VOTE

4. I got out of work early to vote.

This might not work everywhere with everyone, but it worked for me so I don’t care.

3. With this number of candidates, no one argued with me about “Throwing my vote away” if I vote Green.

It’s not possible to throw your vote away on a governor. Actually, it’s not possible NOT to throw your vote away. Which of these candidates could possibly be taken seriously? Which brings me to my next point:

2. We can debate about “the principle of the thing” and completely ignore the principles of the people

Yeah! Should we be allowed to recall a governor barely a year after we’ve voted him in? There are pros and cons, and it may have NOTHING to do with Gov. Davis’s personal principles. Or any of the candidates morals. “It’s the principle of the thing!”


It’s fun! Look at the turnout!

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  • John Mudd

    That’s right, and without the recall, I never would have met the smartest girl in porn.

    That was a really interesting experience.


  • Eric Olsen

    Very nice Murph, I have a new perspective and appreciation! But it feels so empty without me.