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Top 5 On-Screen Hunks

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I didn’t want to seem sexist, so I wanted to also mention my top 5 on-screen hunks. These men make my blood boil and my heart beat fast. I must admit that I have man-crushes and if I was gay, then I would definitely want these men.

This list includes more classic hunks for the simple fact that there really aren’t that many hunks in our current generation of leading men.

1. James Dean – This man achieved icon status after only appearing in three films, only one opened before he died in a tragic car crash. His movies include the great Rebel Without A Cause, East Of Eden, and Giant. Often referred to as the greatest actor of his generation, it is hard to distinguish as “the” greatest since he only appeared in three films, but he is among the greats of that generation, which included Marlon Brando and Montgomery Clift.

2. Montgomery Clift – That last line brings a nice segway into No. 2. This man was really handsome. His career is more defined than Dean, but his life was also derailed by a car accident. His great movies were From Here To Eternity, Alfred Hitchock’s I Confess, and Judgment At Nuremberg.

3. Rock Hudson – He made a name for himself by appearing in many Douglas Sirk melodramas like Magnificent Obsession and, All That Heaven Allows. He also created a nice on-screen couple with Doris Day in Pillow Talk, Lover Come Back and Send Me No Flowers. Rock Hudson defined what a manly man is. And he was gay, so it’d be alright for me to have a crush on him. Well, that applies to Montgomery Clift as well.

4. Paul Newman – He was really good looking as a young man. Even when he got older in Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid and The Sting, Paul was very rugged. Call me old-fashioned but I’d take Butch any day.

5. Brad Pitt – Have you seen his body? Man, he has abs of steel. I must admit that Brad Pitt is pretty hot, and I would not be afraid to say that in public. In fact, I have.

Honorable Mentions: Elvis, Humphrey Bogart, Jude Law (although he’s more sexy than hunky), Clive Owen, Frank Sinatra, Robert Redford.

Who are your man-crushes?

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  • I think I might have too many to list.

    One of my all time faves is Tom Cruise. He’s always looked good in his movies. Minus Collateral cause I really didn’t dig the blonde look all that much.

    Josh Holloway, Sawyer from Lost. I’ve been drawn to him since the first episode.

    Noah Wyle, formerly Dr. Carter of ER. I’ve always thought he was cute when the show started years ago, but he really matured into something hot.

    Gale Harold from Queer as Folk. I’ve been a fan of the show since it began, and recent photoshoots released of his has had me drooling.

    Hayden Christensen. Another man I’ve been a fan of for a long time. I remember first seeing him on a show on Fox Family called High Ground. His look in Episode III definitely had me going.

  • No, no, no, no and no. And a few more no’s.

    Ya only got one right: Jude Law.

    Yul Brynner
    Clark Gable
    Cary Grant
    Fredric March
    Colin Firth
    Henry Rollins
    Julian McMahon
    Sam Neil
    Johnny Depp – Noone can Depp it like he can.
    And the guy who played Jesus is hot: Jim what’s his name.

    And Christ I hate to admit it, but that willowy lil Orlando Bloom.

  • Duane

    My favorites are … uh … hey, wait a second. I’m a guy. I can’t do this. Put up the babes thing again.

  • AND that guy who played Broken Sword in Hero; we can group him under the “sensitive” hunk category.

  • Bennett

    Duane, you are funny. Tan, you are the Man. Glad to see this balance from you, and I do agree about Brad Pitt (Fight Club or Snatch).

    Honorable mention:

    Sydney Portier

  • not that i would wish such things, but if i were stuck in a lift with john cusack or johnny depp or Aidan Gillan and the only way we could survive was some demented imaginative filth of some kind, probably i’d have to accept the situation and get on with it.

    or that Bright Eyes fella even.

  • Eric Olsen

    I like watching myself on TV – is that autoerotica?

  • Nah, it’s just egotistical. :p

  • Eric Olsen

    I don’t think I enjoyed that answer

  • Duane

    I’m wondering why there aren’t more women responding to this post. OK, OK, anyway, if I were gay (and I’m not, not there’s anything … oh, nevermind), I would consider these guys as worthy of my attention (I mean, if they were gay and all).

    Hugh Jackman
    George Clooney
    Johnny Depp
    The Rock
    Antonio Banderas

    Now, excuse me, I have to go oil up my power saw. Yep.

  • Duane!!! im shocked and also stunned!! the rock??? jackman??? and maybe Desperado era Banderas but nowadays i’d have to say something along the lines of “move along, Banderas.”

    Clooney’s a tough one. by association he is more attractive than the rest, since Kirsten was in an episode of ER, and so he has some link there.

    and what of tobey macguire? in geek mode, before he turned into spider-man.

    and Eric O – “i don’t think i like that answer” made my day. that was some high-class hilarity right there.

  • I’m not even a real woman; I have a detachable penis.

    I only like Hugh Jackman if he’s scruffy; clean shavin he’s poof city.

  • HW Saxton

    These are not crushes.I repeat these are
    NOT crushes. But I think all these guys
    are way cool and movie star handsome in
    the old school Hollywood way. Mostly,I
    think that they are all cool tough guys
    that I want to be LIKE more than I want
    to be WITH. Not that there’s anything at
    all wrong with that.It’s just not me.If
    I was female though…
    1)Robert Mitchum – This guy was just the
    coolest!!! And he was ALWAYS stoned on
    weed.And it shows. LOL.

    2)Lee Marvin – Another cool tough guy.
    Underrated as hell too as that goes.

    3)Sterling Hayden – The original rebel.
    Much cooler than James Dean,whom in my
    book, was kind of a sissy for a supposed
    “Rebel Without A Cause”.

    4)Charles Bronson – I dunno know if he’s
    technically handsome but he is a badass
    for sure.

    5)Robert Ryan – This guy never gets any
    credit for anything. He’s an underrated
    actor and has that dark brooding look
    that would attract me if I was a female
    I think.

    Honorable Mention – Denzel Washington
    My friends think I’m nuts but if my life
    story was put on the silver screen, I’d
    want D.W. to play me. Even though I am a
    shade or two lighter than he.

  • Jackman. Jackman. Jackman.


    Cary Grant.
    Denzel Washington.
    Kevin Anderson.
    Takeshi Kaga.
    Taye Diggs.
    Bo Bice.

    And did I say Hugh Jackman?


    Mr. Hoang, you have my admiration and gratitude for sharing your enlightenment with the world.

    Mr. Saxton, why not DW to portray you? Tell your myopic friends that it’s about ACTING, and last I checked, Mr. Washington is a consummate actor. You, sir, also have my admiration for thinking outside of the box.

  • HW Saxton

    Ms. Davis, Thank you for the compliment.
    Denzel is indeed a fine actor and a most
    handsome man as well. And from what I’ve
    seen in interviews very cool and sharp
    witted as well. If only I could have one
    or two of those attributes.

    Damn,I forgot all about Cary Grant. He’s
    just sooo-ooooooooo-ooooo damned smooth.
    Definitely a players player.

  • Wow, I’m surprised not many more people find James Dean a hunk. I’d eat him up if I could… I can’t wait till I go to heaven.

  • Alright, I feel I should offer up a list too since I posted a great deal in the on screen beauty one. Let’s see, I don’t really know how to judge but here are a few unmentioned:

    Ryan Reynolds – man he’s chiseled (to the point where he could be a masterpiece of Rodin) and he’s funny to boot.

    Matthew McConaughey (or is that Josh Lucas? I get them confused sometimes) – something about the southern accent.

    Jeff Bridges – odd choice but I just remember thinking the way he chewed food and talked at the same time in Blown Away was so neat.

    Ryan Phillippe – he was the slickest of slicks and I wish I could have been as slick as him in Cruel Intentions.

    And I can’t really think of one more.

  • Dan Futterman
    Tom Hanks
    Johnny Depp
    Elijah Wood
    Ryan Reynolds

  • Oh! One more!

    Viggo Viggo Viggo

    Viggo Mortensen!

    Talented, soulful, individualistic, artistic, poetic, courageous, musical. Oh — and smokin’.

  • Viggo is a hunk. He doesn’t quite make my honorable mention list though.

  • That’s OK. I’m prepared to comfort him following this disappointment, if need be.

  • Duane writes: “My favorites are … uh … hey, wait a second. I’m a guy. I can’t do this. Put up the babes thing again.

    Reply: I know the feeling but I can’t help bringing up someone who, at least on a brief scan of the choices so far, has been wrongly neglected: Steve McQueen. That guy was so cool and so macho Sheryl Crowe sings about him even today.

    The other four can be picked from any of the lists above.



  • Nancy

    First we’re limited to only 10 top greatest Americans, and now we only get FIVE greatest hunks?! What is this, an exercise in masochism? Arrr…ok, ok, uhhhhh…
    Johnny Depp
    Yul Brynner
    Hugh Grant
    Alan Rickman
    Denzel Washington
    James Earl Jones’ voice

  • Shark

    re; two-dimensional lust objects

    Gawd, DietDoc, ya beat me to it:

    STEVE MCQUEEN! — probably the coolest cat ever to be captured on celluloid!

    Women loved him, men loved him: a really RARE quality in film stars.

    (And The Quality I would say that is the Main Criteria for universal Hunkdom.)


    Jose Ferrer
    Gerard Depardieau

    both, ironically, as Cyrano.

  • Shark

    Almost forgot:

    James Coburn was also the King of Cool.

  • No need to justify your guy crushes by saying “I’m not gay, really I’m not.” All they are are people you think are beyond cool and if given the chance to swap places with them for the day (or probably longer if it entails sex scenes with Angelina Jolie) you’d say hell yes. So…

    > Gale Harold of Queer as Folk – I agree with you Gina. He’s just beyond cool.
    > Julian McMahon of Nip/Tuck – Christian Troy is the best of all womanizers. How can you not love this guy?
    > Brad Pitt – Fight Club, Snatch, Ocean’s Eleven – do I need to say more?
    > Jon Stewart – he cracks me up
    > Matt Damon – I think he’s more the 6th man but I can’t think of #5 at the moment.

    This was tough. I could rattle off my top 5 women in a second. This one takes a lot of thought.

    This post does need some more estrogen though.

  • HW Saxton

    James Coburn IS very cool.I was going to
    put Steve McQueen down but tried to keep
    it at 5 choices. He would have been the
    better choice between him & Robert Ryan.

    But Robert Mitchum.Now,that was one cool
    motherfucker there, no bout a doubt it.

  • Nancy

    Y’know, the problem w/the pretty girls is, to me they all look alike these days. After awhile, J.Lo & the rest start to blur together into an undifferentiated mass. They sound alike, too, or at least the singers do.

  • Duane

    Coburn is cool, but I always thought of him as a Lee Marvin knock-off. Please explain why I’m wrong.

    If it’s coolness mixed with toughness that you’re looking for, then here are some guys that haven’t been mentioned yet.

    Christopher Walken
    William Holden (my all-time favorite)
    Michael Madsen (the coolest guy in the movies these days)
    Harvey Keitel
    Dennis Hopper

    Honorable mention: Scott Glenn (the coolest sub commander ever), Jeff Goldblum (not tough), Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman (Die Hard villian, Prof. Snape, not tough, just slick)

  • Eric Olsen

    I am unclear as to the core of what we’re aiming for here: acting ability? handsomeness? studliness? charisma? savoir-faire?

  • Duane

    Yes, except for acting ability. I think.

  • Eric Olsen



    This week TCM or AMC is playing a lot of Rock Hudson films, I read the book and I still can’t reconcile his ladies’ man persona with his homosexuality, so he must have been a hell of an actor.

    I think most heterosexual males like a leading man to be handsome, but only if he’s the kind of guy (onscreen or real life) that they’d have a beer with or go fishing with.

    Humphrey Bogart
    Denzel Washington
    Jack Nicholson around the time of “the Last Detail”, not “The Shining”
    Alec Guinness
    Ewan McGregor

  • Bennett

    Damn, I feel like your Godfather all of a sudden.

    Your new moniker fits.

    It’s does have a nice ring to it.

    I’m so proud.

  • Hah… I was thinking about changing it anyway, but your comments help prompt me to do it right away.

  • Eric, I think it started out as focused on hunks but morphed into ‘who are the coolest guys.’ Sorta like guys suddenly punching one another in the arm when they think they are starting to be perceived as being too faggy.

    Ah, insecurity…

  • Ski writes: “This week TCM or AMC is playing a lot of Rock Hudson films, I read the book and I still can’t reconcile his ladies’ man persona with his homosexuality, so he must have been a hell of an actor.

    Reply: Ski, he must have been! The man was epitome of a “stud” in his day. In “Giant” he and James Dean were the walking, talking embodiment of maleness. And, ironically, it was James Dean who came off as being the “more sensitive” of the two. Hollywood and their “star machine” must have been something in its day.



  • Eric Olsen

    anyone who can compartmentalize — whether they get paid to do it or not — is an actor

  • From yesteryear my vote goes to Burt Lancaster. Anybody ever see him in The Swimmer? That guy was like well endowed.

    As far as actors in the last 20 years my pick is a tie between George Clooney (he had me at his eyelashes) and Jonny Lee Miller (Hackers, Trainspotting & Angelina’s ex-husband).

  • The surprising thing about all of these comments is that there are more for this “hunk” piece than the “beauties” piece. I find that a bit odd because I think there are more men on BlogCritics than women.

  • On that other piece, no women felt a need to declare loudly that they couldn’t really properly participate, much as they’d like to help you out, on account of how completely and unquestionably hetero they are.

    Odd, that.

    I haven’t listed any names for either post, mainly because my mind doesn’t seem to handle these things in terms of top five lists. But, since I’m posting now anyway, I really ought to try to contribute something on-topic, so…

    1. Denzel Washington,
    2. Bruce Lee,
    3. Johnny Depp,
    4. Jason Scott Lee, and
    5. Sidney Poitier

    … all come across on-screen as quite admirable men.

  • Shark

    Eric: “I am unclear… of what we’re aiming for here: acting ability? handsomeness? studliness? charisma? savoir-faire?”

    Natalie: “I think it started out as focused on hunks but morphed into ‘who are the coolest guys.’ Sorta like guys suddenly punching one another in the arm when they think they are starting to be perceived as being too faggy. Ah, insecurity…”

    (Oy. I guess we’re all gays in denial.)

    And I think Natalie is being a bit simplistic here — and Eric’s questions (as well as most of the men’s comments) highlight some distinct differences between how men and women define “hunkness”.

    First of all, men don’t do hunkness, not because they’re in denial of their inherent homosexuality (natalie?), but because IF THEY ARE STRAIGHT, they find it hard to define physical characteristics in men that are attractive, so they immediately move over into the “coolness” quotient realm — ie men are more into psychological image than physical beauty.

    See, I think Steve McQueen is “sexy”, not because he has a beautiful, kissable mug and a tight little attractive fuckable ass — but because he can drive like a sonofabitch and look cooler than hell merely drinking a cup of coffee.

    ie. It’s not a gay chicken vs a straight egg in denial thing.

  • Nice… I’d say you were fairly accurate… As for the women not posting on the “beauties” piece, it’s a shame. I think it would have enlightened a lot of us to which women other women found attractive, or their mindset to it. Darn.

  • OK, now I know that the majority of gay guys are about to puke, so get the vomit bags ready. I think one of the five sexiest men in entertainment today is Jack Black. Yeah, he’s overweight. Yeah, he has a weird face. But, you know what? He is the sweetest, most gentle guy with a convoluted sense of humor that drives me crazy. If you put Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, Ewan MacGregor and Jack Black in a room and told me I could have my pick, it would be Jack Black hands down.

    Good looks fade. Laughter is forever.

    P.S. I’d give up men forever, though, if Angelina Jolie were available. So I guess the Fundies are right, I could be deprogrammed.

  • fiona

    Yul Brynner = cock in a hat.

  • Johnny Depp
    Colin Farrell
    Cal Cooper
    Brad Pitt
    Jason Priestley.

    I am gay so to jump to the other side and reveal my babe crushes; current and yesteryear.

    Sherilyn Fenn
    Charlize Theron
    Natalie Wood
    Liv Tyler

    Elizabeth was once extremely beautiful but I didn’t list her cuz her looks seemed icy cold.