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Top 10 Dirtiest ACDC Songs

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03: Let me put my love into you

Don’t you struggle
Don’t you fight
Don’t you worry
‘Cause it’s your turn tonight
[CHORUS] Let me put my love into you, babe
Let me put my love on the line
Let me put my love into you, babe
Let me cut your cake with my knife

02: Shot of love

Like to plead?
Shot of love, Shot of love, Shot of love
A humping and pumping got you jumping
Shot of love, Shot of love, Shot of love
A little bit of what you need is guaranteed
Shot of love, Shot of love, Shot of love
Let me warn you, I’m coming for you
Shot of love, Shot of love, Shot of love
Shot of love, Shot of love
Come on give me shot of love

01: Sink the pink

Got a fever runnin’ high
Give you wings to make you fly
She school you like a fool
She make you break the rules
She wanna get a shot, hit the spot
Then I’m gonna rack ’em up, get that hot
She said make it good, satisfy
You know that woman got dallas eyes

It was a tough one, but I think “Sink the pink” beats out “Shot of Love” by a hair, based solely on title. If one were to rank the songs based on their lyrical content, I think this list might be a little different.
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  • Daniel

    touch too much?

  • Hi

    What about Big Balls

  • Andreea

    where is “love at first feel”?
    with underaged it is the filthiest

  • Boogeyman

    What? No Big Balls or Touch too Much? Shame on you!

  • “Top 10 Dirtiest Ac/DC Songs”… isn’t that about as superfluous an exercise as rating the Top 10 Most Christian Books of the New Testament?

  • paul

    i am suprised that the The jack isnt even on the list.
    she gave me the queen, she gave me the king, she was realin (sp?) and dealing, just doing her thing, she was holding a pair (and certainly not a pair of cards :P) but i had to try, her douche (sp?) was wild, but my ace was high.

    but how was i to know that she had been there before, she told me she was a virgin, she was number nine-ninety-nine on the clinical list, and i had to fall in love with that DiRTY LITTLE BITCH, she got the jack, she got the jack….

  • Little Lover

    “I saw you in the front row moving to the beat
    just moving and grooving
    killed me when I saw the wet patch on your seat
    was it Coca Cola?”

  • scotty

    ya for shure AC/DC is the best band ever…its just that simple lol. im 15 and my generation is stuck on rap and hip hop–gay, gay, gay! its not even music! LONG LIVE AC/DC!!!


    Anyone out there heard “Squealer”??!! Fucking Ex!

  • Mish (acdc rules man)

    ahh of course touch too much is good. acdc is the kind of music that would make you want to go do a chick in the parkin lot… ahhh i was born in the wrong decade…. ACDC rocks!

  • Razorburger

    You forgot the song “you shook me all night long”
    ” The earth was quakin’ the walls were shakin’.”

  • rock chick

    All AC/DC is dirty and great! No one mentioned “Go Down” now that is really dirty!!

  • Swat

    “She wanted it hard,
    She wanted it fast,
    She liked it done medium rare”
    I believe thats in “touch too much”
    I believe that line right there is worse than a couple of the songs in the top 10.
    By the way,
    ACDC RULES!!!!!!!

  • ac/dc rules man

    also forgot, where is Fire your guns? thats dirty

  • Thank heavens Al Barger spoke up about the influence this evil “rock” music has on gullible young minds.


    Al Barger thinks ac/dc is perverted? wy dont you go listen to half the other Classic Hard rock out there then tell me ac/dc is dirty… protect the children? the children dont give a damn!!! WE NEED TO TEACH THE CHILDREN TO ROCK AND START A ROCK REVOLUTION!!! i think this list is more of a brian era list, the 3 songs you had from scott’s era were not that dirty compared to the rest of the scott era… just so you know, AC/DC IS MY FAVORITE BAND EVER!!!!!! also bob a booey, what is cock rock? the Seventies rock was awesome, ac/dc is not metal, the seventies had bands like alice cooper, zz top, led zeppelin, judas priest, lynyrd skynyrd, aerosmith, the allman brothers band, boston, and many more… yea this is mostly brian eras dirtiest songs- makein that clear (most of those bands above are still active)

  • adam

    the song thuder struck I personaly think is the best

  • heya!!

    If you dont like AC/DC you should be shot because you are a cock sucker and an embarrasment to the world, a pathetic exuse for a human being!

    lol 🙂 see ya later fuck faces

    if you like AC/DC – then you r awsome

  • amy

    yeah ac/dc rules!!!

    i like them but i think they were 10x better bith bon scott, with bon scott they fuckin rocked!!!!

  • acdc rules

    whoever insults acdc is a serious fuckup and an embarrasment to the world

    fuck the acdc critics

  • jesus

    get fucked acdc songs thers nothing rong with them

  • Cyberhoy

    “BIG BALLS” was not mentioned AC/DC has tones of dirty songs

  • 4pac

    @Douglas Mays
    That was Jim Breuer (his stand-up special on Comedy Central).

    And what about “Touch Too Much”? That definitely deserves to be on the list…

  • The Duke

    “It was a tough one, but I think “Sink the pink” beats out “Shot of Love” by a hair, based solely on title. If one were to rank the songs based on their lyrical content, I think this list might be a little different”

    Certainly you mean a Red Cunt Hair (RCH).

    The Duke (bourbon drinkin’ American Duke)

    Hey Del Mondo… I’m a bass player too, only I was playin while you were still wettin your nappy’s

  • WTF

    The first album, definately… After Bon Scott, hmmmm… dubious, at best.

    Angus and Malcom are a great duo, but early Angus lead breaks have become a charactiture of “rock lead” breaks. Spinal Tap insured that the classic “rock lead” break would be questioned as mere trickery thus lacking musicality (oh gawd, here I go again)… Witness An Aledort’s classic DVD “play rock guitar today” highlighting all the “tricks” associated with rock guitar and minimalizing the genre in the final analysis. Shameful, but perhaps true.

    Angus represents the shearing youth of rock guitar… Andy Aledort epitomizes it as a “just about geezer” showing the teen guitarists “how to play rock guitar” UUUGGGGGHHHH!!!!!

    But that’s the ugly side of age, (been there done that) as one’s outlook on life becomes a metephore rather than a quest.

    Good God Almighty I just depressed myself, pass the Merlot honey I need another glass (heart medicine you understand).

  • AL

    You forgot “Big Balls” and “Love At First Feel” Both are dirtier than “There’s Gonna Be Some Rockin'” …and on the same album

  • Funny stuff. Is anyone surprised that I kind of like AC/DC? Not enough to own a CD of theirs or anything, but I’ve always liked what I’ve heard of them on the radio even though I hate all 70s cock rock and heavy metal.

    That is all.

  • tsebring

    Pretty good list. You did leave out some good ones, but you only said you were listing 10. As for the the guy saying they never did a ballad, he’s wrong. On High Voltage (import), they did a really good song called; “Love Song”. As for the idiot with the morals, when preist stop molsting little boys, and these so called “evanglelist” who rip people off, then he can talk SHIT about rockers. Until then Al, get a life. And no, I’m not a young kid writing this, I’m 42 years old.

  • OMFG ACDC Rocks period I don’t firking care if
    they are perverts or whatever and btw I am a complete left winger . So tell Mr. Al Barger to shove it up his ass and worry about something more important like where his beloved president was when thousands of people’s homes were being smashed by the hurricane. Thanks to Bush a lot of people died from starvation cause he was busy sitting on his butt in texas taking his thousanth vacation !!!!

  • hdog

    jim brewer is the comedian in question.

  • you’re gay

  • kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    acd rocks. i dont care acdc has lots of good songs but the best is Highway to hell and back in black . no crappy bands today can make music like acdc did and still does. do they still tour?

  • go to hell

  • yanis

    no “the jack” that song definitly is the dirtiest only a mother fucker would play that

  • Gawd! Hokey Pokey ROCKS!!!!

  • That sound file was great! great stuff. Really enjoyed it. As to this here article, also great stuff. In my old band, we used to play Dog Eat Dog. My memories of AC/DC are all tied up with standing in pubs playing the wrong notes on bass and trying desperately to look cool.
    Hokey Pokey!

  • Dave, thats it! Thanx man…

  • Dave

    Jim Breuer doing the Hokey Pokey as AC/DC.

  • OK, I saw this comedian on Comedy Central (there was a band behind him as he did his stand up) who talked about AC/DC. ‘Sure their songs pretty much sounded the same, but they rocked! They could make anything rock!’. This guy (with the band in full AC/DC sound) proceeded to sing “the Hokey Pokey” in Brian Johnson’s screeming voice and stage movement. It was awesome. Can’t remember the comedian’s name.

    Anyone else see this guy?


  • sadi

    excellent to see that the old Blue’s tradition is being upheld! For real raunch (or more appropriately, even more, check out old Blues stuff and early Prince – as in “Do Me, Baby.”

    Thanks for the post… i’m not the only one who knows every lyric!



  • As a right winger and defender of Morals, I am DEEPLY OFFENDED by this AC/DC filth. They are obviously a bunch of deviated preverts.

    Don’t think that Tipper Gore and I won’t be looking into this. We must protect The Children.


    What, no “Touch too Much”? For shame.

  • SFC Ski

    AC/DC has never made a power ballad, this makes them the best metal band in the world, period.

  • Eric Olsen

    Hilarity – thanks and welcome Kirk! I don’t think I’d call it “innuendo” however, not quite that subtle.