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Tootsie Roll Pops Announces Three New Flavors!

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Whoa, Momma.

This is big.

First contact with extraterrestrial intelligence will just have to wait.

I noticed, when I opened my new bag of Tootsie Roll Pops this morning, that there was a green one in there.


There’s no green Tootsie Roll Pop.

I looked at the bag, and saw a blurb on the front, “Watch for NEW FLAVORS!”

On the back of the bag, it said to visit www.tootsieroll.com for more information.

So, that was today’s first order of business after turning on the computer.

And what did I find?

That, indeed, they’ve added not one, not two, but three: Watermelon, Strawberry, and Blue Raspberry.


‘Cause I was sure, while I was savoring my very first ever greenie, that it was Lime.

I guess maybe it’s true what some people say: they all taste the same, they just have different colors.

I’ve often thought that’s what McDonald’s does: create one kind of “Soylent McDonald,” then shape, form, color and chemical-ize it into their various menu items. But I digress.

The new flavors are being carefully introduced, with but one new one to the bag.

For your information, not that you don’t already know this – one of the fundamental facts of American life (in fact, this would be a good question to ask a suspected deep cover foreign intelligence agent), the five original flavors are chocolate, orange, cherry, raspberry, and grape.

I challenge anyone to successfully distinguish – in the dark – the new Blue Raspberry from the old Raspberry.

One nice thing about Tootsie Roll Pops in the bag is the clear window they provide to see what the mix is inside.

With the new flavors, you can choose exactly which one you want to try first.

Or, kids, be like me, and try ’em all!

FunFact: Amazon includes Tootsie Roll Pops in their new “Gourmet Food Beta” section, where you can buy a box of 100 assorted Pops for $12.50.

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  • maureen

    I think tootsie roll pops are the best sucker since the blow pop!

  • I just have a question, why cant ya put more chocolate suckers in the bag or sell them seperately? Obviously chocolate ones are our favorite in our house and we fight over them. Is there any way you can buy just a bag of chocolate tootie pops?

  • tisha brady

    please… help me find a way to buy JUST chocolate tootsie pops. my dearest friend is very ill and these are her favorite! what a gift to have a boquet of just chocolate tootsie pops!

  • Jessica

    Although the new pops are good i happened to come across a different color a lemon lime one in my bag so i guess they have come out with 4 new colors

  • Jessica

    well i just went to the website and it seems that there is no strawberry the new flavors are watermelon blue rasberry and lemon-lime for everyones information

  • Jessica

    me again sorry you were right there are 4 new flavors my first blurp was right


    When will they package just chocolate ones again for those of us who are sick of cherry, orange, lime,grape or whatever. My last several packages of Tootsie Roll pops had less than 5 chocolate ones in each bags. Talking to their representative is futile. They just won’t listen.

  • djshadee

    I hate the chocolate ones i buy a bag at least every day i have a mountain of chocolate and grape suckers i just throw away every month. im sure we could work something out! email me djshadee is my username my email is on hotmail


  • Painter

    Blue Raspberry, and watermelon are new flavors indeed. Personally, I haven’t seen any wrapped in green whatever flavor. What I have found is yet another red flavor; not strawberry, but pomegranate.

  • Sharon J. Keiser

    I bought a bag of patriotic tootsie pops and the 3 flavors were strawberry, blue raspberry and a white pop that was a strawberry/vanilla flavor. They were good.

  • leo dumais

    i been eating tootsie roll all my life and i still do i love them i hope you have coupoons if so would send me some. [Personal contact info deleted]

  • No greenies

    The green-wrapped Pops in my bag say they’re green apple. I don’t like the flavor. Would love to see more chocolate.