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“Toothless Hick” and “Nappy-Headed Hos” Don’t Mean The Same Thing, Mr. Beck

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Glenn Beck came on Anderson Cooper 360 the other night about Don Imus and his nappy-headed hos comment. I think he, like Rush Limbaugh and the rest of them, are just loud. But their loudness is categorized as entertainment. This I find disturbing.

At one point, Mr. Beck made a statement on the show that deserves a slap to the face: "That would be like me saying, the Duke lacrosse team, nothing but a bunch of toothless hicks, and then Jesse Jackson coming on and saying, well, look at them, they're a bunch of toothless hicks, and then me saying, how dare you say that?"

The term "toothless hick" doesn’t apply to a race of people – if anything, it's geographical discrimination. If you are backwards and come from a small country town in the south, then in the north you will be considered a hick (or toothless if you don’t care for your dental needs). The term “nappy-headed hos” has more to do with a specific race – mine, which is African-American.

I don’t see how Glenn can think these terms are one and the same.

One thing that a lot of white people use against us, which to a certain degree works, is the old “You do it too” accusation. That is where they hear us use terms, such as the one Imus used, and incorporate them into their own conversations. Sometimes they even try to make them sound funny the same way we do. Where they mess up is with the tone and delivery of the language, not the actual words.

But for people like Beck, there is no gray area. If a black man calls someone a cracker, we should be able to accept the consequences of our actions and accept criticism from the other side when we say those things. That’s fine and dandy, but we live in the real world – not in utopia.

In the real world black people have been through more hell than any white person can imagine. That’s an uncomfortable and unchangeable fact to me coming from a generation that hasn’t had to deal with the racism of my parent’s, or earlier generations. It should come as no surprise that a lot of our own families talk about the old days with such fury and anger and frustration. It's not coming out of some lack of something to do, or just anger from anger – but from centuries of abuse and slavery.

If you were, as a white person, to call someone a "nappy-headed ho" in person, what do you expect would happen? These are things that get thrown to the wind when in the comfortable confines of the media. Out in public, you might not be so lucky.

How then, can “toothless hick” and “nappy-headed hos” be considered the same? I must be missing something. To me, there is a difference.

What do the rest of you think?

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  • The whole thing with Imus is crazy. I honestly have very mixed feelings on the whole thing. One of the guys over at Highbrid Nation who actually worked with Imus at WFAN for years wrote a good article talking about Imus’ views on race from the perspective of a minority that was around him every day. You should check it out if you get a chance.

  • Carole McDonnell

    very good article! -Carole

  • Ken

    You have missed the point entirely. Glenn Beck was not comparing one insult to another. He was pointing out that the very same group of people who are responsible for adding a collection of degrading language to the American lexicon are now claiming status as victims when the chickens come home to roost.

    Turn on VH1 or BET and any of dozens of radio stations throughout the country and you will observe that what Imus said pales in comparison.

    Imus did not make a racist remark, he made a stupid, politically unskilled huge social gaff. His crime is that he attempted to utilize language which has become common to the American vernacular, and is guilty of speaking while white. The very same language which is commonly employed by blacks, simply cannot be used by whites. Whites need not apply, because you can’t say that.

  • “Toothless hick” would mean a white person just about as much as “nappy headed ho” would imply a black person, or you could substitute a lot of other nominally derogatory words like “cracker.” The difference is that the white boys have the advantage of not being quite so coddled. We can’t play Princess and the Pea, deciding to get our itty bitty feelings hurt over the least bit of a sideways racial slight.

    In short, we have be able to take a joke, cause we won’t get much sympathy for being pussies about it. That’s good, and ultimately to OUR advantage as well.

  • W. F. Davis

    “Toothless Hick” is another expression in the same category as “Redneck”, and is directly in reference toward white people living in a country or “Hillbilly” lifestyle. Believe me, there are certainly other derogatory expressions for toothless black people living in those geographical locations, and “Hick” is certainly NOT one of them.

    A newer expression of “Hick” can refer to a maker and/or consumer of “Moonshine”, particularly referring to a practice, mostly by whites living in the Appalachian mountain region. Blacks moonshining in the area would have been rare in those days, being that the region was hostile toward blacks. Blacks caught competing in a moonshine territory (or competing at anything for that matter) would have likely found themselves rope dangling, cross burning, or horse dragging.

    Other than the reference to a hiccup from alcohol consumption, another meaning refers to the smoking process of river fish using hickory wood. The people who lived by the rivers were occasionally referred as being hicks, and they too were exclusively white in those days.

    Originally, however, Hick is from an old reference to stupidity, and was derived from a 16th century nickname for Richard (ie.; Hicks). Often it was said that so-called “hicks” engage in cousin marriages, resulting in stupid offspring. This original meaning therefore eludes that a country person is stupid from inbreeding, like a Hicks (Richard). This is therefore both a clearly derogatory expression, and certainly in reference to country whites.

    The N-word has a similar meaning from its root word, meaning slow, lazy or stupid. However the N-word was eventually applied only to blacks in it’s modified form. This modification was first applied to blacks in slavery as an expression of frustration on the part of a “Master” who considered his slaves to be underperforming in their assigned “duties”.

    To put all of this in perspective, calling a white person a hick is easily as offensive to some whites as a white calling a black person the N-word. You don’t have to be of any particular race to be offended by such expressions. One could argue that it’s whites who most often use such derogatory remarks, even using “hick” toward other whites (which, by the way, is not the same as how the expression “nigga” is used by blacks toward other blacks). However, it’s also true that blacks have created retaliatory means with expressions such as “Cracker”.

    Thankfully times have changed, but there’s still by far plenty that needs to be mended. Obviously, making a reference to a white person as a “hick” is just as derogatory as what Imus stupidly said about those young women. Derogatory remarks of any kind should never be tolerated in a commercial forum like the Imus show. Maybe Imus believed that the context was of humor and not to be taken seriously. But Imus was very much mistaken in that assumption, and his responsibility dictated that he should not have used such an harmful insult toward a group of people, regardless of the intent in its context.

    On the same token, I would point out that I have seen some rather shocking and derogatory material while watching BET, as one of several examples in the media. The negative portrayals of asians for example, along with the frequent bashing of whites, as if all white people are the same. Sounds familiar? It is also no better that so many white dominated programs portray blacks in stereotypical light. In all honesty, the cheap-shot hypocritical attitude swapping is coming in from all directions. When any side retaliates in response to it, it only perpetuates the problem. There’s far too much retaliation going on. Any level of retaliation is too much retaliation. No resolve comes out of it.

    The great Reverend Martin Luther King Jr once suggested that we must all rise above it, and that we shall overcome. In other words, we all must stop the retaliations, set example by rising above those of hate, bigotry, and retaliatory attitudes, and teach by such examples to those who need a hand in such a rising. We must hold this philosophy dear to our hearts, regardless of how angry the insult has left us. Otherwise, we could find ourselves stooping to the same level. In retaliation we become a reflection, a copy, of the enemy we battle. The enemy becomes us!

    Imus can surly use that hand, for only that may make him a better person. Punishment is absolutely valid, but is futile without a good teacher. And what is taught requires cooperation between teacher and student. Imus needs to be a good student, and those offended by his actions need to be good teachers. Otherwise Imus may never be saved if he doesn’t see an avenue to escape his troubled soul, and be reborn and cleaned of his harbored evil. Imus, and all others in his shoes, on ALL sides, need to be shown hope. Dialog should focus on the often long road to build the needed trust, to become cultured to a life of dignified respect toward others.

    So I ask, who will be Imus’ teacher? Will Imus be the student? I would say that WE MUST teach him with dignity, and HE SHALL learn his lessons with dignity. Only then can we all really claim dignity in ourselves.

    Being that I am racially mixed (black and white), I base the above from my own rather contrasting background. I have a family history that includes racially motivated equal rights activists, as well as those who are KKK members. So I look at some of the arguments today with a realization that, quite frankly from my perspective, many parties have missed the point. Obviously those brought up with hate can change and rise up, otherwise I wouldn’t have been born! I have loving parents, and I was born from that love. I’m not a child of interracial rape. So I look upon this as a source of hope and dignity.

    Like those in my family, it’s imperative that Imus be shown that road to salvation. That road must include a reasonable level of forgiveness, along with his absolute confessions in his heart and his honest willingness to understand and cast out his demons.

    Have we risen enough ourselves to help Imus join among us? Have we risen to a level that Imus can hold as a better standard for himself? We must answer these before we cast stones.

  • Dear God in Heaven, Matthew, why on Earth would you pay attention to Glenn Beck? That’s the most revolting thing about this whole debacle so far.

  • W. F. Davis

    About the quote: “In the real world black people have been through more hell than any white person can imagine”.

    Imagine what the MANY whites living in dangerously suppressed communities had to face, suppressed from the freedoms of having a relationship with those who are black. Crossing such a line would have meant torture and death to any white, by those minority whites that held all the weaponry, power, and slave policies. Again, I’m reading someone who has again lumped all whites into the same pile. Remember, it was mainly the whites who opened up the “Freedom Train” allowing slaves to escape to the North, and to French run territories in the south. What about the many whites who were killed for doing this. Like the many Germans who were caught up in the Nazi program out of shear fear for their lives if they retaliated, many whites during slavery lived in equal fear, and found themselves voiceless. Speaking out was a death sentence for far too many whites. And it came complete with public torture and executions of whites at the hands of whites.

    And yes, the act of slavery is certainly among the worst in humanity, but we must not discount the fact that the dutch purchased many slaves from black African kings and Chiefs who became rich getting rid of “undesirables” and prisoners caught from opposing tribes. Some Africans accepted bribes in return for slave prospects. It’s also a fact that there were freed slaves and Immigrated free blacks who themselves bought and owned slaves. This in no way provides any excuses for what had happened. But it illustrates that the situation was far more complex than the naive assumption that all whites had it better than blacks, or that all whites were in support of the slave policies.

    Too often we paint an overly-simplified view of history. But that’s like cutting down a whole apple tree just because a few of the apples have worms. There was good among many whites, and there was bad among some blacks too. It’s not a simple issue that can allow one to point the finger at another as a whole. Those whites that supported slavery out of their personal belief were always within a minority of whites, and are among those who practiced only out of greed. At first, numbers were higher, but the practice shocked many, and over time, numbers dropped among those who personally supported it. But to iterate, only the powerful kept it perpetuated. Opposition was dangerous at best. There was harassment and house torching toward those not owning slaves. It was a dismal scary situation for many people. There was chaos rather than democracy.

    Yes slavery was and is always a tragic truth of human history, but using it as an argument for modern problems is just a form of self segregation. This only proves to hamper those who are attempting to rise above it and get along as a functional community of all peoples. It hampers those who want to build on cooperation and respect with their neighbors. Take a look around, do you see slaves? I see just as many white people as I do blacks who complain about being “slaves” to their jobs. But I don’t see anyone actually owning another person. Do you? Yes I had whites in my background that owned slaves. But I don’t approve of what they did, and I don’t perpetuate it by continuing such a mindless policy. I personally don’t know of any of my white friends perpetuating such policies either. Yes I had blacks in my background who were slaves. I don’t blame an current equal rights activist who’s great great grandfather was their “master”.

    And there’s the argument that “white man did this, white man did that”, but I’m sure that whoever “white man” is, he doesn’t reflect the views of most whites as a whole. Finger pointing is all too easy when there’s troubled times. But in the real world, most of us are in the same boat, and some of us use misguided excuses to fall out of that shaky little boat. If you chose that path, I hope you can swim, because as a majority, most of us, black and white (or whatever race), would like to stay afloat.

    We have two choices: Empowerment, and Excuses. Excuses gets you nowhere, but empowerment gives you chance, dignity, and respect. Empowerment is not easy, it’s not exclusive to any race, it evolves hard work, and most of all, it allows NO excuses!

    Don’t forget history, learn from it. But it’s wise not to let it hamper the present. Rise up, empower yourself, and get on with life! I find that white people actually respect any black (or whatever race) person who has a great attitude. Nothing is better than surrounding yourself with friends who are on the same wavelength, no matter of race. I pray we all will wake up to this and live in mutual peace, love and respect.

  • Danny

    Okay so it is okay to call a white person a hick? My understanding is hick is was used as a derogatory term used against southern white people with backward values. It is an offensive term and is more often than not used against white people.

    I don’t condone trashing any race or community with a term.

    You make an example that calling an African American male nappy in private may result in him being offended and taking action. I make the same example that if you call a caucasion from the south a hick in private.

    These terms are one in the same and if you base your opinion on the word’s meaning instead of the context it is used in remember….

    Nappy means a garment consisting of a folded cloth drawn up between the legs and fastened at the waist. Not directly refering to a person of any origin at all.

    Hick means someone not very intelligent or interested in culture. That is directly refering to a group or person.

    Which one is actually worse?

    The answer, they are both wrong and equally offensive when used to describe someone.

  • Nuktubian

    “In the real world black people have been through more hell than any white person can imagine.”

    —Obviously a very ignorant person has authored this “article”.

    When you say black people, do you mean American black people? Or are you including Africans as well? Because I am sure that the “white people” of the former Yugoslavia have been through far more hell than the “black people” in the USA have recently. If you mean African blacks, at least you have an argument.

    Imus was only parotting what millions of people are when they listen to hip-hop “music” everyday.

    And the fact that he had to appear on a racists’ (Super race-baiter Sharpton)show to apologize is just too funny and very very sad.

    If only Al and Jesse took on the culture (hip-hop) that produced this garbage gutter language in the first place.

    Imus should apologize to the girls he insulted. At the same time he should have told Al to take a flying leap.

    If AL Sharpton is America’s authority on race relations, we are all in real trouble.

  • BBW

    ALLENTOWN, Pa. — A radio station fired its longtime morning DJ Wednesday after he encouraged listeners to repeat talk-show host Don Imus’ racially charged comments in an on-air contest.

    Gary Smith told WSBG-FM listeners to call and say “I’m a nappy-headed ho” for Tuesday’s “Phrase that Pays” contest, said Rick Musselman, executive vice president of station owner Nassau Broadcasting Partners L.P.

    Musselman said three of the listeners who called were awarded tickets to a NASCAR promotion at a local club.

    Station management reviewed a tape of the broadcast of the “Gary in the Morning” show and fired Smith, Musselman said.

    Musselman said that Smith was fired and not suspended because he uttered the slur in a premeditated manner, “with full knowledge of the reaction to Don Imus’ use of the exact same phrase.”

    Question: When does it end?

  • Russ- NH

    I am not really a fan of Imus, but have we gone to far with this? Yes he said something he probably should not have, but when I heard it I veiwed as a joke, not as a attack. Was it racist? I don’t know. Should it be considered racist? probably not. I think the team has more than just black women on it. Is it because he used the word ho? I think Chris Rock says it, I think Eddie Murphy has done it, and has made other jokes against all races and religion. I think I heard Larry the cable guy call his girlfriend that, and about 1000 other people use the term. Is it because it could be thought of as a slam against women in general? I think I have heard more women use the term than men. Should I be upset because someone wants it called a holiday tree, instead of a Christmas tree like it has been called from the start? I think that the united negro college fund is good, but what if there was a united caucasion college fund? If this is allow to continue we will not be able to share our constitutional rights. We will be just like a communist nation, where everything is sensored. I think we should rename everything that could be considered racist.. The slippery ice in the winter will no longer be referred to as black ice – It will now be called non-caucsion ice. Why do we continue leeting things like this bother us. As a nation we should be moving forward, but things like this keep setting us back. It is not Imus making statements that is a disgrace, it is the fact that we spend so much time and effort making this the leading story on all news and talk show programs. Other countries laugh at us. These are the items they see when the view us. I think we should focus on what is important, like the gang violence, the senseless killings, the hunger, the homeless, lack of healthcare, and numerous other things that effect all of us. Why did Jesse Jackson get involved in this? Duke Lacrosse was an issue that was this big deal and look where that got us? I say us, meaning everyone in the U.S. or as the letters state (US) as in all of us. We need not to spend so much engery on this, but finding a way to band together. After 9-11 we banded together, well most of us did, but we did have the problem with anyone that possibly looked like they were from the middle east. I don’t remember too many people upset with this, well except anyone that may have looked like they were from the middle east. If we spent more time getting to know each other, and working together as a country, maybe we could solve the real issues.

  • chris

    After reading the follow-up comments there isn’t a whole lot to add, but being white, I know damn well that hick is almost exclusively used as a slur against whites. It is just considered an acceptable use, unlike nappy-headed hos. One poster above referenced the “N” word as we all do today. What is the “N” word? We are removing words from the language that a certain group finds offensive? What about cracker, hunky, or even whiteboy? As I recall “boy” was a common term used to address grown black men in the south in the past, and it most certainly had a negative connotation. And what did you mean by stating that in the real world you might not be so lucky calling someone black a “nappy headed ho”. Are you trying to imply that that your race is a bunch of unruly people who are known to resort to violence over language?? Sounds like a stereotype!Can I say that about your race. You sound like you are reasonably educated and understanding, but I think you may be too culture bound to understand an opposing point of view. In general, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and this has been going on way too long. Whites do not have freedom of speech anymore and that will only create a backlash in the long run. Watch BET comicview and then come back and tell me about racist jokes. Don’t get me wrong, they are usually funny, but maybe I’m not so sensitive as you. The threatening implications don’t help your argument much either. Alot of whites don’t fear you because of what you may do to them physically. They fear what their own kind will do to them in the legal system if they do something to you first. Before I went to college as an old man, I went to a maximum security prison as a young man. Contrary to what you may think, blacks as a group are not nearly so disrespectful there as they are out here. Lack of guns I guess. So save the violent hyperbole. Just because Ali was black and you’re black does not mean that you’re a knockout artist.

  • Dan

    When will “white boy” make the no-no list?

  • imus knew what he was saying he has been in radio for 40 yrs and if he does’nt know what to say and not to say,then he is lucky to have had his job for as long as he had it,but the bottom line is he insulted a team of mostly black women over the airwaves and he got fired for it,i don’t want to hear sbout what other people are saying let’s just deal with him…better yet how about if we deal with the girls from tennesse who actually won the championship and nobody wants to talk about that.congrats vols.

  • White Boy

    “What’s up white boy?”
    I have black friends who say that. If someone calls me a WHITE BOY, it makes me feel good. I like who I am. I’m proud of who I am. I like how God made me look, and I ask for nothing more. Nothing any of you can say or do will change that. You can beat me, try to put me down, enslave me, rape me. You can hurt me and scar me. But I will always like the me inside the white boy.

    “What’s up black boy?”
    I would never say that. It feels bad to say. Is it racist to think that white boy is a positive term and black boy is a negative term? On the surface, the answer is yes. But american black people have taught us that “black boy” is a terrible thing to call someone. Why have american black people been so slow to like themselves and be proud of themselves. Why does the hair have to be ironed or shaved off? It’s a shame. It’s heartbreaking. When you really love what God made you….. no one can beat that out of you, verbally, physically, or otherwise…..

    there are no brothers and sisters outside of families. there are just good people around the world…

    – just another neighborhood cracker

  • Ken,
    You are in denial.

    If one thinks slavery has ended…they aren’t looking at the bigger picture.

    The defense of “they say worse” (or what have you) is not a defense, it is an excuse to continue being racist.

    “Toothless hick” is a derogatory comment, but has not the potency of “nigger” or “nappy headed ho”. If you think it does, especially the first slur, you might want to check your U.S. history and, after doing so, you may want to venture a bit into European history.
    “But they call themselves these words!” Yes. Some do. A majority of African Americans probably don’t. I would have written “don’t” instead of “probably don’t” but I am not in the position of knowing a majority of African Americans, I wish I were, but I am not.

    “Cracker”? Please. This carries about as much weight as “honkey”. Show me the hatred that stems from either of these terms. Show me the “cracker” hanging from a tree. Show me the “honkey” being drug behind a pickup truck… Show me the “whitey” told to sit in the back of the bus. Show me the “toothless hick” being beaten by a gang of white cops.

    Imus was and is a racist. If you say he was surrounded by racists in the studio at no fault of his own you’re fooling yourselves. Will firing a white shock jock cure the ills? No. But one step forward.

  • Asian Dude

    The best way to overcome real racism or just the heavy chip on one’s shoulder is to do something about one’s life. Asians are very good at overcoming this racial discrimination thing. They are minority in America and have experienced lots of racial discriminations over the years. But Asians usually work very hard, put an emphasis on education and family bond. As a result, what and how other people think of them means very little to their comfort and life in this great country. As an immigrant Asian man, I totally understand your view on Beck’s comparison. He talks without experiencing it, which is meaningless. When coming to racism, the white in general just doesn’t understand it. Anyway, work hard, be successful and live well. That would be the best way to overcome racial prejudice. Take care, man.

  • You make some good points, Matt, but I stand by what I said over at J’ville. What Imus said was wrong, but it would have been wrong no matter WHO said it.

    On a related note, Al Sharpton demanded an apology from Imus, but has never apologized for defaming then-Assistant Dutchess County District Attorney Steven Pagones during the Tawana Brawley mess. I seem to recall Sharpton also naming the Irish Republican Army, of all things, as being involved in what had supposedly happened to Brawley. Pagones sued and won a judgment against Sharpton; he should be glad he didn’t invoke the anger of the IRA, a straight-up terrorist organization at the time…

  • I meant to add to my earlier comment that “nappy-headed hos” IS in fact a racist AND sexist statement. It’s hard to separate the two in this case. I didn’t see it as racist at first, but if you think about it, he probably wouldn’t have made that statement about a team of black men, and DEFINITELY not about a team of white women, even if they all were having “bad hair days.” It’s easy to say it was only sexist, as I first saw it, but it’s actually both.

  • Mo Ramahi

    So african-americans have a right to discriminate unconditionally against whites and other races because decades and decades ago a bunch of racist fools adopted slavery??? Is that what you’re saying? That’s a load of bullshit. I’m an Arab-American whom has lived in Saudi Arabia and Africa most of my life. All the places I go to are targets to some of the most insensative and deplorable words used by African american comedians. They’ve knocked every other minority. All I see the mass majority of the africans do is laugh, and use the joke themselves over and over.

    This all boils down to America has gotten softer than ever before. If “nappy headed ho’s” offended those girls and all the people that damn bad, where the hell where those same people when Imus called all Arabs ragheads and towelheads. And what about when Imus and his buddies referred to Palestinians as “stinking animals” ???? Or what about the time Imus allowed the regular cast member to play the role of US Army Gen. the late George S. Patton and allowed him to get on air and say that they should gather all the sunni Muslims of Iraq, allow them the oppurtunity to pray, and then “Nuke those bastards”. Where was Procter and Gamble then? Where was Staples Inc.., and GM??? Where were you?! Where was Al Sharpton? Ohhhhhhh I get it….. it’s only racism when the blacks and Jews are targets. Otherwise it’s comedy and no-one cares. That man lost his job because said 3 words those women hear daily, and by choice in their Ipods. Yet you wont run and grab your army of people and protest against Rocafella records, or NBC’s Interscope. I don’t give a damn what that man said. We all know what these shock jocks are about. But to professionally execute a man that seemed more than sincere for hurting those affected people is injustice.

    Here’s what kills me: We all know those damn rappers aren’t talking about black women when they call them ho’s. They mostly refer to white women, and they mostly sport nothing but half nakid white women. It’s ok though. Because according to your biased ass scale of justice, if it’s to blacks it’s illiegal, but if it’s said by blacks it’s funny and acceptable.

    Hypocrisy is a disease too. One that America suffers from severely. I hope now, all those who demanded their brand of justice can sleep better now knowing their’s one less white man uttering insensible things. Whilst there are another 180 million of all colors and ethnicities running around doing worse and saying more than those now infamous three words Imus used. Yea– I can see how your women and daughters are now safer and better off.

  • For all you people who think that only black people have been slaves, you do not know what you are talking about. White people were enslaved long before Black people were and for a 1,000 more years. Many white people were enslaved by various conquering tribes of people and take and or sold into slavery to of all people, African Slave Traders, who in tern sold these slaves to Rome and other civilizations to be used as slaves and gladiators. Also, slave trading was first actively entrenched in the Middle East where slave trading was a great money maker.

  • Bradley

    The poetryman,
    Did you read any of the other posts or did you just read Ken’s?? I assume you did but elect to not move forward and rather continue harping on the past. Violent crimes against the other color happens from both sides, chosing to see only your side is naive.

    Hate speech is hate speech and racism is racism regardless of what color you are. The derogatory remarks used for white people today are just as hateful in it’s context as the remarks used to describe blacks in it’s context. You can paint it any color you want, but it’s still hate speech and racism. There is not multiple levels of racism. If there is, then we’ll never be able to move forward and live in a racism free world. Racism should not be tolerated in any way, shape, form, or fashion.

    If you ever used any of the words you listed as a derogatory remark towards whites, and I’m sure you have, you too sir are a racist… No and’s, if’s, or but’s about it. Can anyone say “Double Standard”?

    The words “nigger”,”nigga”,”ho”, and countless other derogatory terms have been made popular by the Hip-Hop culture. We hear it everyday, used in everyway- TV, Radio, Video Games, even riding down the road next to another car. Whose buying the majority of Hip-Hop music? Blacks can’t expect the popularity not to bleed over to the other side.

    My sister, while at her work place, had her throat cut after a brief argument with a black man, an argument in which she was called a “white bitch”. I’m not in denial, and I realize the exact context in which “white bitch” was used in. So, I feel your pain, maybe even a little more pain since it was my own sister, but elect to move forward by forgiving but never forgetting.

    My next door neighbor’s “honkey” son was killed by three(3) black men while walking home from work to be with his family. Leaving a small child fatherless.

    Also, while I’m thinking about it…
    Why do people have to say ” The n-word”? Simply saying “nigger” is not racism, it does not make you a racist. It’s the context in which a derogatory remark is used makes it racism.

    He who is without sin cast the first stone.

    Have a nice day!

  • Maybe there will be a group that is out there fighting for “toothless hicks” saying that they prefer to be called “Appalacian Americans”.

    Imus made a dumb remark, but Rev Sharpton should worry about the people of his own skin color throwing out the “N word” and degrading themselves with their mouths all the time… (see the recent Bill Cosby story).

    Imus is not the enemy here, he’s a patsy. If a black ‘shock jock’ used the same words, we’d have never of heard about it… it would have been as irrelavant as any other comment made at 6:14am on one of 1,000 talk radio shows.

  • If you ever used any of the words you listed as a derogatory remark towards whites, and I’m sure you have, you too sir are a racist… No and’s, if’s, or but’s about it. Can anyone say “Double Standard”?

    You sound foolish.

    “…So, I feel your pain, maybe even a little more pain since it was my own sister, but elect to move forward by forgiving but never forgetting.”

    Now you sound delusional… I have nothing to forgive the white man or the black man for.

    Stop talking to yourself and get some help.


  • Jay T.

    Seriously, folks… let’s all band together and support the Nappy Headed Hos of the world…

    I Heart Nappy Headed Hos T-Shirt!


  • The “toothless hicks” I understand … but I do not understand the phrase “nappy-headed hos” slur … “nappy-headed” I get, but what’s a “ho/s” ?

    Thanks in advance.

  • David Smith

    Don Imus greatest crime is earning a honest living for the last 35 years without public assistance. I wonder how many of those accomplished young athletes are in school compliments of yours truly’s tax money. Pardon the pun, but all this crying does sound like “hos” mad at their pimp.

  • Jackie

    What was the comment made by the French Police chief in “Casablanca” as he was simultaneously stuffing his winnings in his pocket and pandering to the Nazi occupiers – “I’m shocked – shocked – that there is gampling going on here [at Mssr Rick’s Bar]”. Yes – we’re all “shocked” at the Imus’ remarks, as we must be to placate the current Liberal Nazis. Now excuse me while I get back to my diversity training on BET.

  • corey hunter

    My mother died last year of cancer. One of the lessions she taught me was sticks and stones…I think you know the rest. Come on…get over it. Imus is a comedy act, a bad one and the joke is he doesn’t know it.

  • sgrenar

    To the opening African-American poster of this blog, I urge him to reference and read the following

  • sgrenar

    And to all the Chinese people sur named Ho, the black rap and hip community owes them a huge apology for corrupting the meaning of their family name.

    Don Ho, the Hawaiian singer, died of a heart attack yesterday and got 333 press mentions worldwide while the controversy that started with the comments of another man named Don got thousands. I could not believe that my local news stations, CBS and NBC, decided not to mention Don Ho’s death last night. Were they afraid of mentioning his last name? It would seem so.

    It is a sad and ironic commentary that a term invented by black artists of dubious repute becomes the focus of disdain by the very same community that shells out millions of dollars to these miscreants.

  • carl

    you know, have to get this off my chest! I NEVER have went to a blog and now CAN NOT wait to write this! Don Imus SHOULD NOT be fired! what a bunch of crap! We all hare these black rappers in the radio EVERY day “singing” about bitches,ho’s pimps drugs, sex, guns etc…. NO ONE is suggesting they are banned from radio and here we have this white man making a statement we here out of black rappers played over and over on the radio lose his job! This makes me sick! what a bunch of crap! All these “hip hop community people” can sit around and preach and justify “their community” they will keep “singing” about pimps, nappy ho’s,sex,guns,drugs you name it and it will be swept under the rug because no one has the balls to step up to the plate! Why don’t you hypocrites open your eyes and see who is REALLY saying this stuff and gets away with it and who is the first to bitch when a white man says it! GIVE ME A BREAK!!!! Practice what you preach! and stop being “the victim” Im sick of hearing about it! If minorities want to be “treated equal” stop making a federal case when white men say something that your all saying or rapping about or excepting it from the black “community.” If you want to be treated equal, bitch about the black rappers too!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not consider myself “racist” BUT call me a racist if I am sick of black people very quick to point the finger at a white man at any little thing and call them a racist and I have to watch and hear it on tv and the radio for days or weeks. I NEVER hear everyone talking on the radio about an outcry of hearing the word PIMP, HO’s, Guns, SEX, DRUGS in almost all african american songs I have to listen on the radio every damn day! All the african american videos have a bunch of girls with skimpy clothes and hanging all over these guys with guns and money AKA “PIMPS” calling the girls their “bitches” Ho’s” and men their “nigga’s” God for bid a white man said that! Wake up!