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Tool’s New Album 10,000 Days Leaked to Internet

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It had to happen. How could it have not happened? Like the leak of the single “Vicarious,” which I posted about earlier, the new Tool album 10,000 Days has leaked, according to Fourtheye.net.

10,000 Days was set to be released worldwide starting in Germany from the 28th of April but has somehow found its way online. Unlike the “Vicarious” leak, when many knew of the origin, there is no clue as to how the album was leaked.

Tool fan boards are seeing heavy traffic. Tool Navy, and also the Nine Inch Nails fan board Echoing the Sound are heating up, as fans frantically search for a copy of the album.

The Internet “debut” of the album puts an end to the great lengths the band themselves went to to ensure the album would not leak. If you plan to downloading the album for informational purposes, please make sure you purchase the album when it is released.

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  • I will wait untill it’s release and I will purchase it. DrOOL for TOOL 😀

  • This is, of course, unsurprising. Has any band/artist in recent years actually prevented their albums from hitting the net before release date? Not that I am aware of.

    As a Tool quasi-fan, I will check this album out on release. But I have to admit, I don’t get the extreme fanaticism the band’s fans have. Sure, Tool is good, they write interesting music, but they aren’t the only ones.

    Odd. Or perhaps I am the odd one.

  • Guppusmaximus

    Yup… He’s correct. I found it available in m4a which is Apple’s AAC(Lossless) and at d/l speeds of 512kb/s. I don’t think this will hurt TOOL because on those boards, the fans are pretty adament about supporting the band by buying this CD(even after d/l’ing it).

  • Who would download THE WHOLE ALBUM, and ruin the the surprise to themselves? Listening to a Tool album requires kind of a ceremony; the booklet, the art, and everything else is meant to be enjoyed together. I’m gonna wait for the album to be sold, whence I´ll buy it. And I live in Costa Rica!

  • Why don’t you guys just hush up, just a tad… we’re buying the damn album on the 2nd. I for one, am buying 8 copies.

  • #5: “Why don’t you guys just hush up, just a tad”

    Huh? Not talk about the fact the album has been leaked? What purpose does that serve? Seems sort of like the ostrich with its head in the sand. . .

  • whattre

    Even if i were to download it i would buy the album upon its release -writing from school

  • Saviour

    Yes, it was leaked. I’ve heard it. A good friend of mine downloaded it and we listened to it right away. I’m TOTALLY buying that album. Why not?!? I don’t consider it ruining any surprises either. The album itself is a complete surprise. I’m a huge Tool fan and I must admit, I had to give this one tons of time to sink in. Very experimental. It doesn’t matter, even though I think it’s probably one of their best, if not the best to date. I would buy this album if not for the music, then for the artwork. I’ll be there waiting on May 2nd. Guaranteed!!!

  • juan

    the album is incredible, download it now and buy it later… 5 years in the fire is long enough! (ha! listen and you´ll understand)

  • Taz

    I like the album a lot. It’s certainly a grower. But as for this downloading issue, I don’t mind still downloading any stuff from new albums before release and by now, Tool are forgiving that now. But even if you still download their stuff beofre release, you are still giving money to them by going to their gigs and even buying merchandise of them. What still matters is that music is music and not always for the money.

  • toolshed099

    After reading numerous forums and laughing hysterically to all the hypotheticals, let me give you the deal. 5 years folks, yes you heard it, 5 years since your last taste of Tool. A lot of time has been put into the creation of all of this. Not only the recording of the album, but the marketing as well. Here’s your first step my little friends. Go to Amazon.com or any major retail chains website. You will see two, yes two available cds. One, which was intended to be leaked to the public early to wet the lips so to speak. Yes, this material will be released on May 2nd as planned for the low, low price of $10.98. As everyone goes out and buys the long awaited cd, there is a second cd that will be released, on May 16th, which prices out to be $26.99. I’ll give you one quess as to what that is? Give up? It’s a 2-cd set which includes the band “real” or non-decoy cd as well as the “decoy”. So think about this for a moment folks. You’re a die hard Tool fan, you rush out and buy the first one because you can’t wait to see if what has leaked is really on the cd. You pay the 11 bucks. Two weeks later another disc comes out with new material and the material you have already bought….for 27 bucks. Because you have been so impatient, and are dying to hear new stuff and want dispell the rumor mill surrounding this “leaked” record, you basically pay close to 40 bucks for two records…..Ingenious on the members of Tool in my opinion….ingenious indeed!!

  • Too Personal

    Wouldn’t die-hard tool fans buy both anyway? It will be a wonderful surprise to find and extra disc on the 26th. I Kinda hope you’re right .. ts099

  • Joshua ben Chipmonk

    Actually, toolshed099, that second album to be released on 28 May is an import version of the first (US distribution). Got my hopes up… but I don’t think this is a different album.

  • andrew

    toolshed99, i have listened to the leaked album. Not to criticize your point, but it seems to me that alot of work went into this album. How can you call it a decoy?

  • Waiting

    I just downloaded the entire album. Yes, I’ll buy the whole thing as soon as possible. I’ve bought everything else from the band and seen them live 3 times. I’m just too excited to wait… ok.

    What I can figure out is who the hell is playing on the songs? Is someone playing around. The only track that i’ve gotten that sounds like the band is Wings pt 2 (had goosebumps most of the listen). The rest is pretty terrible. Simple metal that in no way sounds like the band. Anyone know of a switch-a-roo happening here?

    Signed- Can’t hardly wait

  • Decoyed

    If what’s floating around on the Internet is a decoy – I’m laughing my ass off. Reminds me of Tool’s versions of Melvins noise. A true fan of the Melvins sorta tolerates their experimentation with noise and non-melody. The crap I’ve downloaded and am listening too is similar in nature. As I sit here listening to “The Pot” I’m reminded of that terrible feeling associated with coming down off acid/mushrooms and whatever other heavy drugs I took when I was much younger.

    My hats off to the band if they have played one big joke on us. Regardless I don’t care. I’ll buy whatever they put out because Tool makes me feel good. Always have ever since some college kid came into my work one night and played Opiate for me back in ’92.

  • I planned on buying a copy the minute it hit shelves here.

    But…I’ve listened to the whole thing now and I was so impressed that I am going to buy several and give them as gifts. I guess I don’t have a problem with people ‘previewing’ it as I have, but please, please, PLEASE have respect for Tool and buy the album and support the band. We want them to create new albums, after all.

  • I so do not have the patience to wait till 28th. I don’t see anything wrong with downloading if I am buying it on the day it comes out. Any respectable tool fan would want the original album with the awesome art work!!

  • New tool is incredible,yeah it leaked out, but you download it and didnt pay!?!? why cant you just admitt it????you know you cant wait for tool, its an addiction you cant hold. Youroke the law, but you know you are going to buy the cd and add it to the collection of the masters, iv spent more money on tool then any other band, but i a real tool fan cant help itself to here the new album, beautiful cd, keep it up, Jesse

  • modafudapunkrockrocker

    tool is a band
    bands make music
    music is car
    cars stand blue

  • Phenotype

    Some people may have downloaded a decoy version but I just downloaded the album and I can assure you that this (the version I have at least) is not a decoy.

    The $26 version on Amazon is just an import, nothing more. I imagine it will probably have slightly different artwork and perhaps an extra song. It’s not uncommon for Import versions of albums to exist. There’s a $46 version of “With Teeth” on Amazon that has two extra songs, but aside from that there’s nothing different and look how high the price is.

    There isn’t going to be a 2-CD set with the “real” album and “decoy” album, that’s not very realistic. Think of all the Tool fans who aren’t very internet savvy and don’t know the album has been leaked, they’d never know about this supposed “Decoy album”. Not to mention all of the promotion that’s gone into advertising the release date. Do you really think they’d tell us the album was coming out on May 2nd only to reveal that it’s a decoy and the “real” album is coming about on the 16th? Nopers.

    This is definitely the album, just listening to it I can tell a LOT of effort has gone into it and it’s pretty common for Tool to have a few instrumental/filler tracks on their albums, this is not different. I imagine it was leaked from a radio DJ who received an advance copy, it’s pretty much standard procedure for record companies to issue advance copies of an album weeks before its release. This is how these things get leaked.

    Personally I think the album is great and while I downloaded it to appease my curiosity I will be buying the CD when it comes out May 2nd.

  • I don’t know what to say about the new album… I have heard it, and all these thoughts cross my head: Is it in fact the new album? Did I not like it as much as I thought I would bc I didn’t hold out? Is it really them? (for sure it’s them) Even the thought of them recording this whole leaked album besides the one we’ll hear when it comes out has crossed my mind, but I highly doubt it. Damn, everytime I hear Lipan I cringe. Sounds so one dimensional. So not Tool. I feel the album lacks dimension.
    But hell, I’m definitely buying it when it comes out. By now, all tool fans know how there are nice surprises in the packaging. Hopefully more songs or sumpin.

  • Adam

    I think a lot of people want to think that there is a decoy album foating out there online, but I’m thinking a couple things. One, how was it leaked. If someone snatched a copy of the album in the shipping process, or a DJ uploaded their advance copy, then it’s probably the real thing. If that didn’t happen, then I’m more likely to believe that the tracks are decoys, leaked by Tool. To me, the tracks seem too complex to be decoys. If anything, they were chopped up, made shorter, or some of the tracks are fake…I think a lot of us are hoping that a couple of the tracks are fake.

    It’s a good album, and the more I listen to it, the more I like it, but I’ll be honest. After 5 years, I expected more.

  • DMOB

    Congratulations…..you’ve all been duped by toolshed099.

  • Got some m4p’s of it last week. But still purchasing it when released. Solid Tool fans would do the same.

  • joe.Camel

    im baffeled that a Tool album could end up leaked. the past shows us that it is near impossible. with that said, i checked it out and what i found was plenty tool to me.. critics, please, either you didnt find the “real” leak (hell it’s tool, its authenticity could still be up in the air) or your dumb. your like the morons criticizing any led zep album, or the half-wits who only like a band as long as they are “underground”. if it isnt tool enough for ya, go mb to hooker with a penis like that song isnt about you personally. the guys never fail to amaze me, and not that this album is anything short of amazing, but worst case scenario, it doesnt do “as well” as previous albums monetarily, and they just get pushed to do another one. you know, in like 10 years or so.

    but lets focus on the real issue at hand, we’ve all heard at least a recording of them live, and i want to know where my damned live dvd is, lol. we can hope i guess. give it a chance you nay-sayers, and at least make an attempt to make sure you arnt listening to something that a 10yr old recorded on their computer and put it up for download on limewire under the name of a tool song.


  • It doesnt really matter if you buy the secondcopy or not. If the first disc is really a leaked decoy, when the real thing hit the shelves, it would be leaked as well wouldnt it. Oh tuoche.

  • ScottC

    First of all, I’ve been a huge tool fan since 97 and i’ve been to five of their shows. A friend of mine gave me a copy of the leaked album a day or two after vicarious was released, and when I first listened I had mixed feelings. I was expecting something a lot harder overall, just because there was so much emphasis on how the band had been inspired from touring with meshuggah to make heavier music. Also, vicarious was a pretty heavy, fast paced song. Anyways, after listening to the album a few times it really grew on me. I kinda wish there were at least a few songs on the cd more reminiscent of older material, but after waiting 5 years, I’m just glad to be hearing some new Tool. I’m pretty sure toolshed099 is wrong, but it would be great to see 2 different discs come out.

  • devolucionario

    the real cover is amazing …it has moving parts
    so i will buy it anyway
    i downloaded it and its amazing

  • devolucionario

    and..if the rumours of a second album are true
    well…..much better

    why not?
    i will buy both
    theres no other band today with albums worthy to be buyed anyway

  • heathrow

    i downloaded it, its tool, and its fuckin unreal!!!
    the best they have ever written!!!
    buy it on MAY 2!!!

  • The Unknown

    FOR THE RECORD, the music that has been “leaked” and is playing on your stereos and computers is indeed, NOT the official 10,000 Days album. I will not say, however, what it is or where it came from. What I can tell you is it came from a 100% reliable source. I can also tell you that the Pending 10,000 Days cover which you’ve seen has 2 VERY important details that clearly state this fact… We’re disappointed that you would think these fine musicians would neglect 5 years of work to allow a leak on the internet. Oh and one more thing, the album may not even be called 10,000 Days…. Just a thought for some of you to chew on….

  • Deuceman

    Hopefully the rumours are true and there is another album being released, ’cause let’s be really honest. Even true Tool fans who’ve been devoted from the moment Opiate was released cannot possibly describe this album as in the same league as the previous ones. Sorry, but if you post here or anywhere and talk about how “awesome” and “brilliant” and “amazing” this album is, you’re full of shit. Out of 11 songs only the first 2 tracks are worth listening to repeatedly. The next 9 are a complete joke. Music which is played by great musicians, yes, but lyrically pointless and a waste of time.

    Seriously disappointed.

  • matt man

    “the unknown”, youre so full of shit. people have been posting pictures of the packaging and not only is it the same artwork, but same damn name and everything too. OH, and Tool didnt neglect the last five years, they went through great lengths to prevent a leak. and i HIGHLY doubt this album is a hoax, or that theres a second album or whatever. Facts are- shit happens. And it happened to be with tool. but go buy the album. only about a week left…

  • Deuceman

    When the REAL album is released, you will all be truly MIND *UCKED! This album on the internet is just the “B” side. All the real talent and hard-work that Tool are known for is on the yet to be released album.

    Couldn’t possibly be any other way. How could Tool go 5 years between albums and not deliver something that will TEAR YOUR *UCKING HEAD OFF?

  • devolucionario

    i´ve seen the real package…its a double cd with a real fancy box, the artwork is like the one we all saw …but…it has moving parts, the eyes are some kind of specular devices…
    and maybe the track we all downloaded are a b-side disc….included with the actual album…and released previously just to create all this discussion….and as a gift for thr fans

  • devolucionario




    there you have it…no more posts

  • devolucionario

    brain sides
    ying and yang
    all that crap
    good and bad
    get the picture?

    thats what its all about

    so, the natural thing is that it comes
    all in two
    right in two

    there must be two discs

  • Comeonboys

    I think that it is awesome that the material has been leaked. They give us nothing, their website is a complete load of crap and they’re always trying to trick us! Oh well I suppose that’s what leaves us wanting more… Just the fact they tried so hard for it not to get leaked haha how good is this. I am listening to it right now – the rythm section on track 10 is absolutely unbelievable (Danny Carey gets better every album) if you don’t like this album you’ve got rocks in your head. Go out and by top 50 hits of the eighties because it suits your mental capacity. 5/4 time is to much for you. Now all we need is some tour dates announced for Australia…

    By the way if anyone knows any details about the new album being released on vinyl i would very much like to know.

  • 1.6180339

    I seriously hope (and doubt) that what I have heard via a friend’s download is not the new TOOL album. It is comparable to Metallica’s St Anger….. absolute crapola! and doesn’t match the quality of ‘Vicarious” at all. A decoy album is a great idea though….very clever chaps.

  • devolucionario

    i´ve seen the real package…its a double cd with a real fancy box, the artwork is like the one we all saw …but…it has moving parts, the eyes are some kind of specular devices…and the whole artwork is set in double pictures as a 3d picture book

    got it?
    left-right brain


    all pionts in the double disc theory direction

    and maybe the tracks we all downloaded are a b-side disc…or an EP…included with the actual album…and released previously just to create all this discussion….and as a gift for thr fans

    or maybe just one side of the whole record
    the emotional (not rational) side.

  • Phenotype

    If it was going to be a double album wouldn’t the price be higher? Double albums are usually about $20-24 but all the preorders for this album are normal price.

  • Shit, dude, I don’t know what to believe anymore. I’m suspecting that we’re not all talking about the same songs! How’s that for a conspiracy theory!

  • Vicman

    Nah… I don’t believe all that!… The same thing was with Lateralus. If Vicarious is the first single of the new album and isn’t bad, the rest of the album will be great! Almos always the first single isn’t the best(as Schism with lateralus) I’ll wait for the real hard album… not p2p shit.

  • devolucionario

    the songas are great , but just six songs, the rest is just intros

    5 years for 6 songs is too much

  • amig

    in amazon there are two pricing lists
    one at 13 us and another at 23aprox

    maybe it is really a double cd

  • JohnyBgood

    Just think if this is really the album and you people are discussing how it sucks and its fake and how theres a real one and their pulling a trick, and their not? id be pretty upset if i were in the band after all that hard work.

    with that in mind though, there are some interesting things about this cd, like how there is a good amount of profanity/swearing in the cd, and none of the retailers are giving it the parental advisory sticker. Has anyone seen the video for vicarious yet?? toolband.com said that a video was being made a few months ago, the single is on the radio, but still no video??? with all the secrecy tool goes through with their cd’s i doubt it would get leaked that fast. someone said that there is two albums being sold on major retailers but i didnt see that im not sure what they meant by that.

    i think more evidence is to support that the album is actually real though, i mean the band is touring very soon, before may 2nd in fact. danny carey mentioned that wings for marie/10,000 days was the best song he had ever been apart of, and adam jones said it brings tears to his eyes when he hears it, would they put that on a decoy cd? you can dislike the cd all you want and keep bitching because tool didnt make a record you dont like as much as lateralus or aenima, cd’s you’ve heard 100’s of times opposed to 5-10 listens with this new one. would they play these fake songs on their tour and then what change them up with the real ones?? plus the cd is 77 minutes long, i dont think the band really has that kind of time on their hands to fake a cd thats almost 80 minutes long, if so it would be the most elaborate hoax ever pulled in the music industry in my opinion, thats why i doubt it so much.

  • Josh

    There is no way this album is a “decoy” cd guys. The problem is our expectations are for the greatest music we’ve ever heard in our lives before, and while I think a lot of this is very good, it didn’t meet a lot of expectations so we all want to believe there is something better out there. Listen to Wings for Marie and 10,000 Days (wings pt 2). This song/s is a tribute to Maynard’s mother who difficult life and death has been the greatest influence on his life. She suffered a stroke that left her partially paralyzed for 27 years (10,000 days) before her death. This song is the most personal thing he’s ever written for his fans to hear, and coming from somebody who’s lost their mom in a long struggle with cancer, the lyrics are extremely poignant and deeply touching. There is no way this would have been released for a “decoy” album.

  • erik

    I like most of the album, wings part 1 & 2 are particularly beautiful, but too bad it’s followed by the pot, I really dislike that song, especially the intro. I think it is really a shame to hear that after something so beautiful. I also really don’t think the album needs that song, it would be much better without it in my opinion.

    and of course it’s not a decoy, the stuff about there being another disc is somewhat more convincing, I think that’s also still very unlikely but the left-right part of the brain thing sounds interesting…so who knows…

  • Josh

    This material is pretty amazing no matter what others think. We’re just not used to hearing songs like The Pot, with straightforward lyrics you don’t have to analyze that contain a deep profound message, that sound more mainstream than Tool. That being said, I love this song for what it is. Vicarious, Jambi, and Right in Two are all amazing, and just like other Tool music you have to let it sink in to your cerebrum to fully appreciate it. Rosetta Stoned is as well, I guess I just wish Maynard could have shown off his incredible vocals more instead of the strange different vocal patterns you hear on this song. That is something that seems to be missing on this album. While the band possibly wanted to highlight other aspects of their talent they need to know that the totality of their talent, including Maynards complete vocal range that make them truly amazing. The whole is more than the sum of its parts, and the band would lose everything that has made them the most visionary band in history if they were simply amazing music without amazing vocals/lyrics, or vice versa. I hope they never lose sight of this and continue to push the envelope. I have to close this by once again saying that Wings for Marie/10,000 Days is one of the most incredible pieces of music I’ve heard in my life. The band found a way to tap into emotions I couldn’t get my head around and to pierce an area of the heart that most people don’t even know exists. Beautiful, soul-searching, inspirational, a tribute to life and an epic testament to the power of one person’s love to move mountains and change lives.

  • Derek

    I dont claim to know anything about false albums, marketing schemes, or “true” song meanings. I am only 24 and I live in Oregon. I have been writing music and playing in bands since I was 12. The members of this band are 40 years or older and live in Los Angeles. HOW THE FUCK can any of you people think you know ANYTHING about how an artist comes up with their material?! Maynard has said how funny it is to read peoples interpretations of his lyrics and be way off. He has also said that he wants people to listen to his music and be inspired in their OWN crafts. In a recent interview Tool said that they felt like they were the band that slipped through the cracks. Do you know how many amazingly talented singers, guitarists and creative minds could possibly exist in a world with billions of people? To say Tool is the most genius band ever and then argue about stuff that no one outside of their close friends really knows about is rediculous. I believe they are one of the best bands around right now and I have been a long time fan, but they are just musicians. They got together, people liked their sound, they got big enough to keep making the music that they wanted despite the record company bullshit, found their unique niche in the hard rock genre, and were able to keep their jobs. They are talented and creative and are trying to produce music that is unique. Thats pretty much all you could ask for from an artist.

  • Josh

    You’re right Derek, but they were progressive in a way that most bands weren’t and they should be commended for this. And I’m not claiming to know all of the bands inner motivations or the meaning behind all of Maynard’s lyrics. But if you don’t see that Wings for Marie/10,000 Days is a tribute to his mother and how her love saved his life, you are blind.

  • Josh, you really feel that way about Marie/10000 days? I think that’s a little over the top, my friend! Especially after listening to Parabola, or Lateralus, or, hell, even Forty-six & 2. Let’s face it, guys, the songs in 10k days just don’t compare to the depth of the previous albums. I remember when I wanted to hear the old albums again and again. NOT HAPPENING WITH 10K DAYS. I feel I’ve had my share of it, and now I’m just waiting to see what happens in May.

    And btw, “The Pot” is my favourite song on the new album. (after Vicarious, of course)

  • Seriously, dudes, let’s just all get a life and wait it out ’til May!

    Peace out,


  • booter

    I got a bootleg copy, but I will still buy the new release, and the re-release with DVD, and the re-re-re release with an extra unreleased song, and So on.

    Whenever I hear people bitch and moan about tool being weak corprate sellouts I think of these immortal words….

    “All you know about me is what I’ve sold you,
    Dumb f**K.
    I sold out long before you ever heard my name.

    I sold my soul to make a record,
    Dip s**t,
    And you bought one.

    All you read and
    Wear or see and
    Hear on TV
    Is a product
    Begging for your
    Fatass dirty

    Shut up and

    Buy my new record
    Send more money
    F**k you, buddy.”

    Im just pissed I missed the 10 second window to get tickets. Thats the real injustice….. not that the new record got leaked… full or part.

  • nephilum13

    Oh my! The heated debate. TOOLS fans are a rabid lot (including me). I am not here to say they are the best band on the planet, it’s not football: it’s art. You like it or you don’t. And I won’t stand here claiming insight into the lyrics, but I know what they mean to me. Uninformed (or unimaginative) individuals that Think they KNOW instead of Know to Think…this seems to go against the very nature of these artists.


    As for the LEAK… The new TOOL recording leaked? How could this happen? IMPOSIBLE!!! Not really… The most likely place that this was leaked from was a duplication facility. How? Oh come on! Humans are crafty! These are not high tech security centers, they are FACTORIES!!!

    There are three releases floating around that i have come across… if you are a fan and you are unimpressed, and the songs are under 5 minutes, guess what? you got the DEMO (or whatever it is- sure sounds like tool to me, but the songs are shorter, simpler and less developed), and that’ll be good news. How can you tell? If 10,000 days is 11:15, then you got the real deal. Here is what I’ve gathered so far about the LEAKS…

    ONE: definitely not tool, from what i understand friends of theirs- A KNOWN DECOY(I skipped this one)this was the early one from FEB/March. Some have said it’s actually: Jack Maksuta- 4 Score And 20. I don’t know, don’t care, and haven’t heard it.

    TWO: a disk calling itself 10’000 days, that certainly appears (to my silly ass) to be tool, but the songs are short and rather undeveloped- perhaps demos(a term I’m using rather loosly here)… You can simply compare the first track Vicarious from your download to the one on the radio, and when I compared one track: 10,000 days, the “demo” version was not the same song as the PROPER RELEASE, not in content or structure, texture or length (I didn’t bother to compare other tracks- I’ve moved on to nonstop listening of the proper release).

    THREE: the PROPER RELEASE… Incredible, worth buying, and if you could download it and hear it a couple of weeks before everyone else, in the words of eric cartman: whats the big f*kin deal B*tch? this is the same debate that was going on when “with teeth” came out, and I downloaded that and then bought it too, as well as seeing the club tour (YES I got my tickets to TOOL in PHX!) and the stadium tour, along with a bunch of people I know.

    As for ‘spoiling the surprise’- maybe you never snuck downstairs to see what was under the tree before you were ‘allowed’ to xmas morning… I DID, no harm done. Top it off that people all over the world in “the industry” will have heard it long before the 2cnd… and most of them are not fans, will write crap reviews that will effect sales, or throw it out in favor of the new JZ release (or wuteva). Some of these bastards will even resell that prerelease they legally recieved at a resale shop, and some fan will pay to much for something that shouldn’t be in there in the first place.

    ME? I’ll tell everyone I know how GREAT it is (because I’ve heard it and it is- to me), and share it with folks who I know will go to the show and buy the disk! the REAL Underground Street Team… Savvy individuals who see this as a game and are not trying to profit from someone else’s work. It’s true that there are some pirates out there probably trying to sell burned disks on a street corner or ebay and they are WRONG, and it’s likely that those buying and selling this to profit are gonna get burned by the decoys. GOOD! Perfect even!

    I love it. I love the game, I loved the chase, I loved avoiding the first decoy, Downloading the demo(?) finding out the track lengths were to short, and searching again. I loved finding it, and I’m loving listening to it. I’ll buy it when it comes out to support the band because it’s good, NOT because I have to to hear it… and I’ll share it with close friends who I know won’t try to profit from “The GAME”.

    If you know the rules, there is really nothing wrong with the game. None of this is going to change the world, but a song, might change the world for one individual… Support the artists you love!


  • nephilum13

    looks like I spoke to soon… the demo disk is actually a band called counter fist. check your tracks against these here:


  • piscesbluefaerie

    The album is amazing and I cannot wait to buy the real copy. I think the album leak is not such a bad thing. Any real Tool fan will buy it. Who wants just the burned copy without the book anyway?

  • dfgjww

    Aren’t conspiracy theories just great?

  • jason73

    I have to say I’m a little disappointed with all the rants and raves. The conspiracies are fun enough and i’m sure that the band is enjoying everyone’s imagintations running wild. My disappointment lies in the Tool fans that are running around stealing and panning this album. As a fan of this group, I have to believe that they wanted to put out this gift to us as one unique package. (if you don’t belive these records are gifts, just ask yourself how you would feel if they stopped making them altogether.) I for one can’t wait for Tuesday. Just like last time, I’ll go to the store, plunk down my hard earned cash, retreat to my home, and enjoy the artistry and effort put forth by these talented individuals. Exactly the way they meant for us all to see it and hear it.

  • Eugene

    From Tool newsletter Sept 05 – “Now where was I?.. Oh yeah, TOOL!.. I’m not going to reveal my source, Mister Patience, but do you want to know the kind of things that have been going on while this record was being recorded? Okay, first there was the decoy record just to confound all those would-be bootleggers out there. This took, oh, about a year, just because the band members wanted it to sound pretty close to the real thing (so as to be believable), along with equally believable art design. When they weren’t working on this grand deception, there were other pleasant distractions” … “And then try to imagine what when on in the studio itself (this time while recording the real CD).” end of excerpt

    Regardless of how it turns out … TOOL is still the man, ‘and if Im the man, then your the man, and hes the man as well, so you can point that f*cking finger up your ass!’

    Its all in what THEY WANT IT TO BE! Rock on!

  • Eugene

    The Tool newsletters of Jan 2006 and Feb 2006 are also VERY tricky.

    Take a look and tell me the Ouji board session at end of January is not a clever clever lesson at the ToolSHED.

    The leak looks more like crocodile tears meant to lure meat to the rivers edge! Not all is as it seems.

  • billy ratsinsky

    I make 6000 bucks a years doing medical experiments.. I love tool but they don’t need my money. I’m gonna download that fucking thing and then eat some shrooms on my rooftop.

  • paco

    everything except vicarious that I can find is fake.You can tell it is not tool

  • Minds Eye

    check it …definately the real deal.

  • Vicman

    Paco… i agree with you… how can a band like tool after 5 years made such a horrible music… its fake guys! lets just wait till may

  • Nughuffer

    ROFL at Billy Ratsinsky’s comment.

    I for one, have what I believe is the real deal. 76 minutes of pure Craftsmen and I am completely impressed. If this is in fact, some sort of hoax or even just a B side then paint me ecstatic. Going with my assumption that this is the complete album, I am still ecstatic.

  • Josh

    I wish everybody would just accept this album and realize that its not a decoy. Maybe a few little things are going to be different, but nothing significant, and the major songs have a lot of work behind them, everybody can see that I hope. I agreed with many of you that it was a possibility it was a decoy at first, but once you get to know these songs you see the brilliance in them. And that is exactly how Lateralus was at the beginning too, and I guarantee if that had been leaked early people would have been thinking a lot of that was a “decoy” until they realized it wasn’t and grew to appreciate its genius. I think its just so hard for people to hear new Tool because there is five years of hype surrounding it, and we all know how talented they are, so I feel for the guys because it must be almost impossible to have so much expectation surrounding everything you do. We expect so much that anything we hear isn’t going to seem like enough right away, its going to take time to let it sink in to appreciate it. Props to them for not giving a shit what people think and making what they want to make. As for the spark not being there… in my opinion a spark could have been created in you without you even knowing it until it becomes a fire burning inside you, and I think most Tool fans they will be consumed by the new material in time. Wings for Marie/10,000 Days is one of the most touching pieces of music I’ve ever heard in my life. It is a poignant tribute to Maynard’s mother and how her love saved his life, and is the the most personal and moving thing Maynard has ever written. If you disagree, realize how he’s spilling his heart for us to hear and how soul searching it is and how much he loves and misses his mother. And this song is a lot more than that, it’s too deep to get into here and anything I’ve said barely begins to scratch the surface. Hearing through Maynard’s words his mother’s cries outside the gates of heaven that she has come home, that its time for her to get her wings and fly above the pain that she experienced in this life is mind shatteringly beautiful, I can’t listen to this song without crying. Think what you want about my opinion, but I’ve lost my mother to cancer and see a lot of parallels in his agony and its simply beautiful; if you realize the emotion behind the song you will see how its as brilliant and beautiful as anything Tool has ever done. Even more so in my opinion. Right in Two is my other personal favorite, written from the point of view of angels questioning how humans could be blessed with reason but still kill each other over such meaningless things. The rest of the album, mainly Vicarious, Jambi, The Pot, Rosetta Stoned, and Intention I have begun to fall in love with as well. I like some more than others, but that is the case with all music obviously. If it’s not what you expected, than fuck you buddy for not letting go of your expectations. Is it as good as Aenima or Lateralus? Irrelevant question… its different and its not meant to be compared, treasure it for what it is, find the beauty in it. I hope somebody will listen to this and find some truth in what I’m saying and echo it.

  • dysfnktnl

    I have mixed opinions on all the different stories being given up on all the forums I’ve skimmed thus far, I think it’s safe to just wait until we reach the first and second announce release dates. What good does jumping to conclusions do? After all, if you really have respect for the band as a group of people, then you know better than to run your f**king mouth before the CD is even officially released. Geez…

    On the up side of things, I think the 76minute “leak” I have is damn good stuff. Maynard is God, *not in a literal sense*, but in a “his music never ceases to amaze me, ever” sort of way. I believe you can hear a strong reachback for some of the older more “harder” sound they used to tote back in the days of Undertow, mixed in with their semi-newly-aquired sound that we (most of us) all love and know as Lateralus.

  • Ness

    Fuck! All these theories are making my brain cramp. May 2nd. just needs to arrive already. **sighs** By the way, has anyone else seen those pictures that are floating around? The one’s that depict a c.d. with completly different artwork,and track listings? It reads “Ten Thousand Days” and boasts a track listing with titles like: “Viscera” “The Veil” and “Delta”

  • Well THAT is bs, Ness. And no, I haven’t seen it. Where Can I see that?

    You know, guys, I’m starting to like the album. I was falling asleep last nite listening to it, and enjoyed the first half up to Rosetta. I don’t know, but I guess Corrosion of Conformity has gotten to me.


  • Paco

    C’mon maybe you all have a different album than what I have downloaded because the one I have gotten sounds like a crap ass tool rip off.It was the same band that did Vicarious before that was released to the radio,now all of the sudden it doesn’t sound like sh*t and sounds like tool and is awesome.I know the songs I downloaded are fake ,it is not too often bands like tool put out one really kickass song that is as close to perfect as you can get then sound like a band that has lost ground on writing music since their first release almost 20 years ago

  • paco

    mindseye, im checking it I’ll let you know if it is different than the one I got.

  • paco

    mindseye,you are the man this has to be real

  • Rightintwo

    Wow! I definitely got one disc worth of real Tool. The fake one is obviously that band counterfist trying to get some publicity. I can very much see how they may release a double album. Many signs are pointing in that direction. Details are above. If not I still feel that the disc that I downloaded (and will buy multiple copies of) is excellent. It is very touching on several occasions. Tool is the only band that has ever been able to evoke such strong emotions. No other band could make me cry but Tool. No voice but Maynards. What else can I say but this leaked set of tracks is absolutely beautiful. I am happy with it as it is, but a second disc would be fantastic and I think it is entirely possible. I love you all!

    “Cut it all right in two, right in twooooooo!”


    Now where was I?.. Oh yeah, TOOL!.. I’m not going to reveal my source, Mister Patience, but do you want to know the kind of things that have been going on while this record was being recorded? Okay, first there was the decoy record just to confound all those would-be bootleggers out there. This took, oh, about a year, just because the band members wanted it to sound pretty close to the real thing (so as to be believable), along with equally believable art design. When they weren’t working on this grand deception, there were other pleasant distractions, such as July 4th ‘barbecues with Boar’s Head dogs and Icelandic Barbie totally naked by the Jacuzzi, concerts at the Hollywood bowl with a nest of diamonds overhead (alright, a planet, two stars and a noisy police helicopter), velvet-roped “Family Guy” premieres, sailing in the blue Pacific, watching the Dodgers lose while drinking eleven-dollar watered-down Budweiser because they don’t sell Czechvar or Sam Adam’s “Utopias” at Chavez Ravine (that will be the day… yeah, when Aloke is asked to play the National Anthem on his Bengali bongos)., and here I was with my severe cenosillicaphobia, sitting between Adam and Buzz with only thirty-three dollars in my pocket, watching home runs and fireworks behind the Orange Curtain with L.A.’s latest acquisition (i.e. the Angels),.. and free Hooter’s Buffalo wings if they win by 10 runs or more… and they DIDN’T (the fix was on at nine!)


  • Ulti-ToolFan

    Heres my opinion for any of you that care! I have heard the album that is floating around, and my opinion is this. Decoy or no decoy album this record rocks! For those of you that are on the fence about Tools new release, all I have to say is this. The Lateralus album took me over a month to get into, and with this one right from the opening had me hooked. It really took me back to Undertow as far as the guitar licks and sounds, Adam is an amazing guitar player, and Danny Carey is one of the best drummers out there point blank. I also think that most people do not understand the technicalities that are involved in Tools music. The syncopations of the music along with Maynards vocals are unmatched anywhere in the industry today. THey do no conform to your typical 4/4 beats or three chord cheese rock standards. Tool has the Balls to play real heavy and with a lot of heart and thought. Im sure some of you will try to dog me out for this opinion, but remember that is all that it is, an opinion. Tool seems to be one of the bands that people either love or hate, as for me it is love!

  • 10,000 minutes

    Its not what i was expecting, for those sure its a fake – i ask, how can you be so sure?

    I hope that its the second disc and part of a 15 track masterpiece, or of the high standards of the last album. I like the wings songs 1 and 2 but i only really like the end part when he sings to the quiet band playing. The end of the song “the pot” is also enjoyable but i feel i am trying to get by the “normal” stuff on the album to hear these interesting and likable parts. Thats not what i expected from the new release. I thought it would have all the complex little drum patterns mixed with the guitars and bass, and the vocals (such as on songs like : Schism, Lateralus, Sober…and so on)

    I am happy that i have listened to it but i have to say after waiting 2 years for the album (how long ive been listening to TOOL) i expected too much.

    Im now waiting on the new Smashing Pumpkins album but again i don’t know if it will match there other work as the whole ZWAN/BILLYCORGAN/THE COMPLEX…thing was not as good.

    A Pumpkins Metal album, Billy Corgan talks about…lets wait and see. Pumpkins where my favourite band and Jimmy Chamberlin was my favourite drummer, but now i being to doubt this bands ability and billy’s singing. I sound like i hate them.

    Tool are the real deal…but is everything we know about the new album what it seems.

  • Ness

    Iota, If you want,I could send those pics to your e-mail. Just give it to me. I really found them entertaining. **laughs**

  • Jose Cordova

    I have the whole album in my pc, but im gonna buy it when it hits the stores, if you are a hardcore tool fan, you need to have them all. I own the early albums and your not only buying the music, you are also buying the art and the concept of the album.


  • john

    Wait till the release, I came across two different versions of the same songs. One is completely kick ass and is tool for sure. The other is the “decoy” or whatever. When this is released in full you guys will not be dissapointed. I downloaded and then lost the songs somehow. I will be buying the CD anyway in a few days. Just enough for me to know most of you didn’t hear the real thing. Just wait!!!

  • john

    mindseye! Excellent.

    Go buy the CD so we can support some real music rather than this top 40 and rap shit.

  • ness

    FUCK RAP! Sorry for the outburst guys,but it has to be said. So yeah… FUCK RAP!! : )

  • paco

    yea the other is a band trying to get publicity and the other is tool,tool’s site says they recorded a decoy…well if this is only a decoy im glad I downloaded it.Im buying the cd no matter what because I need the art to get another tool tat one for each album:)that and its fucking tool ,they could record a shitty album and Id still buy it.but they dont have the technology to do that because its tool they only can record mind bending music

  • Draw

    Woh man…I am imbaressed for tool with this “10,000 days” and anyone who thinks its briliant or amazing.
    lets all pretend this shit is good so we don’t ahve to face the truth…right? right?

    I could have written most of these tracks in a few days on the can.

    if this is real, i lost a large chunk of faith in my favorite band ever…
    fucking fucking beyond dissapointed…

  • Draw

    however,if its a double album… and the other cd kicks some REAL ass… i’ll gladly adopt his “leaky” quiet hing they might have attempted. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… maynards intro on “the pot” with the finger waveing… jesus man, what were you thinking???
    we shall c.

  • matt

    Thought the album was a fake, and completely was completely unimpressed with it. Now after a few listens, I am sorely disapointed as I am starting to believe it is real. I like it alot more than before, but it is not what I was hoping for. Give anyone a whole 5 years and I am sure they could come up with something like this, have enough time to really think about it.
    I feel alot of the songs are sloppy, and also repitive. Singles are usually the worst to an album eventually but there is no doubt in my mind that it will remain the best on the album.
    In saying all this I do appreciate it, and the song about his mum (I think I am the only person pretty much so far to be disapointed with it), however I can’t think really other than vicarious any one song I would love to listen to, and end up listening to the album in it’s order. Many would argue that that is the point, and it is an experince or whatever. But I don’t often have an hour and 20 minutes free to do nothing but listen to a tool album.
    Best songs are Vicarious, Right In Two and Jambi for me.
    If I am slated for not being true to Tool or whatever, then whatever 😛 I have may fingers in many pots in terms of music, not just one group. Although they are one of my favourites

  • Matt

    And the lack of cool riffs and over use of Palm muting is a pain, sorry guys

  • ugh


    Cry more. If you don’t like it, shut your fucking mouth and move on.

  • Arm

    Right In Two is possibly the greatest piece of musical mastery ever. Those who deny tool are in denial.

  • john

    Some of you guys may have heard the counterfist songs under the track names of 10,000 days. Check out mindseye’s link or just wait 5 more days.
    The only thing I was hoping for was more songs…other than that, the music is outstanding!!! I am a giging musician.

  • john

    Even if you check out mindeye’s link buy the album….we have to support real music. F-ck all this commercial garbage they shove down our throats in their nice little simple packages.

  • Phenotype

    I read the post from the Tool newsletter apparently backing up the decoy album theory but something struck me. If this does turn out to be a decoy, and the band themselves did actually record it, and spent an entire year on it, then I consider this to be another official TOOL album. I mean, how is it not? They wrote it, performed it, and spent a substantial amount of time on it. So, it’s really like getting two new albums at the same time. I mean, you guys are naive if you think they spent the entire 5 years working on “10,000 Days” exclusively. Hell no, they toured for a large portion of that time, then took some time off, Maynard did TWO more APC albums, I mean jesus, they probably only spent a year on “10,000 days”. So, like I said, if this does turn out to be a decoy I will still consider it to be another Tool album.

  • linnus1

    i have waited..5 years..whats another few weeks?

  • “monkey killing monkey killing monkey over pieces of the ground. silly monkeys give them thumbs they make a club and beat their brother down. how will they survive so miss guided is a mystery…guide our love right into.” spoken from the mouth of a true teacher. listen to what they have to say and stop bitching! we are here to learn and help one another grow.. peace love and OM

  • shannon

    I’m so tired of all of the arguing and Tool bashing that is going on with the release of this CD If I were the band I would be and I’m sure they are disgusted with thier fans. All I have to say is Tool is and always will be awesome and stand apart and above any other musicians of their time. And if you read the lyrics to Right In Two its all you need to hear to stop all of the arguments. And definately agree that Wings and 10,000 Days are by far their most beautiful work to date, well besides their remake of No Quarter which is positively orgasmic. Lets not forget what Tools ultimate message is. PEACE

  • Vicman

    hey all you guys go to this page:


    Someone allready has the album. thers real artwork on the comment, im not joking


  • Vicman

    You better go to this one, has more real stuff and more photos of the album:


    peace again!

  • Afonso

    I saw the cd in a store already, the package is awesome but i can tell you that the songs are the ones leaked. No bonus

  • Vicman

    agree… but lets just wait… can’t be bad songs!

  • Minds Eye

    Yes, please buy the album even if you download it from the link I posted above. Don’t be a greedy pirate.

  • Minds Eye

    For Vic and those that didn’t see the post above:

    This is the real thing…

  • paco

    I really like the mindseye download.That being said I could see this as being B-sides.If not no dissapointment .I cant wait to get fukt and listen to this album sounds like a good shroomer some songs remind me of third eye.

  • Paco

    Regardless buy the album ,support Tool because they should be supported.

  • El_Diablo_Negro

    When has anyone expected anything different from these guys? They take the piss out of their fans more regularly than a dialysis machine.

    They well know that their ‘core fan’ is a insane madman/woman who thinks because tool is alledgelly not mainstream that they are somehow cooler and deeper than the people who by nickelback albums. So let them take the piss.

  • art

    haven’t you guys noticed that the people who dislike the album the most name either: vicarious/the pot/jambi as their favorite songs?????

    in other words, the two most mainstream/accessible songs from the album and the hard song of the album…(jambi)…this album is a little more floydish, it takes time to sulk in and get into…it also has a lot of songs that aren’t really songs (like lost keys) and it takes patience to get used to this…i am seriously loving this album – i have heard much music in my 25 years of age and i hadn’t been inspired by anything in the last year…this album has me listening every day – it’s the sound of something fresh and unique that is worth getting used to…wings part 2 is the most amazing song i’ve heard in such a long time!!!

    give it time guys, whether this is ‘real’ or not, this is a great album!

  • look, i just want to be the first one to say that this alleged tool album is a piece of crap. the songs are so repetitive i want to go to sleep. decoy? great ill never have to listen to it again. real? fuck.
    wtf? are you serious? i hope this isnt real. Draw’s comment (#85) pretty much summed up what i feel like and it made me laugh hysterically.

  • steve

    the band put five years of hard work into the album. respect them, honor them….and pick it up!!

  • t

    Now where was I?.. Oh yeah, TOOL!.. I’m not going to reveal my source, Mister Patience, but do you want to know the kind of things that have been going on while this record was being recorded? Okay, first there was the decoy record just to confound all those would-be bootleggers out there. This took, oh, about a year, just because the band members wanted it to sound pretty close to the real thing (so as to be believable), along with equally believable art design. When they weren’t working on this grand deception, there were other pleasant distractions, such as July 4th ‘barbecues with Boar’s Head dogs and Icelandic Barbie totally naked by the Jacuzzi, concerts at the Hollywood bowl with a nest of diamonds overhead (alright, a planet, two stars and a noisy police helicopter), velvet-roped “Family Guy” premieres, sailing in the blue Pacific, watching the Dodgers lose while drinking eleven-dollar watered-down Budweiser because they don’t sell Czechvar or Sam Adam’s “Utopias” at Chavez Ravine (that will be the day… yeah, when Aloke is asked to play the National Anthem on his Bengali bongos)., and here I was with my severe cenosillicaphobia, sitting between Adam and Buzz with only thirty-three dollars in my pocket, watching home runs and fireworks behind the Orange Curtain with L.A.’s latest acquisition (i.e. the Angels),.. and free Hooter’s Buffalo wings if they win by 10 runs or more… and they DIDN’T (the fix was on at nine!)

    And then try to imagine what when on in the studio itself (this time while recording the real CD). “Sure we could send a runner for take-out from Arbys, but instead of Big Montanas, let’s grill marinated salmon in the parking lot…in fact, let’s pull the plug, board our Tool Lear jet and go to Alaska and catch the salmon ourselves.”

  • bob

    i have just bought the new tool album and i can confirm that the copy i downloaded last week is the same album. There is no decoy. however the packaging is seriously cool with bi-focals and deadly art work. happy days people and anyone who cant grasp the new album – ahh- your a moran!!!

  • t

    DO YOU NOT KNOW WHAT A DECOY IS, THERE WILL BE A SECOND ALBUM. “Now where was I?.. Oh yeah, TOOL!.. I’m not going to reveal my source, Mister Patience, but do you want to know the kind of things that have been going on while this record was being recorded? Okay, first there was the decoy record just to confound all those would-be bootleggers out there. This took, oh, about a year, just because the band members wanted it to sound pretty CLOSE TO THE REAL THING(so as to be believable), along with equally BELIEVABLE ART DESIGN”.
    “And then try to imagine what when on in the studio itself (this time while recording the real CD”. TOOL NEWSLETTER SEPT 05

  • Phenotype

    WTF? There’s not gonna be a second album. First off, I don’t believe anything written in that newsletter. They just put that in there in case the album did leak and then people would think they got the decoy album and go buy the “real” one. It’s already been confirmed that the album available for download is the actual CD. Do you really think they would make all of their fans BUY a CD and then turn around and say “haha! That’s not the real album!”. Hell no.

  • dum dum

    Anyone think that any of the songs that are leaked may have been recorded when lateralus was recorded?

  • toolpart

    They have quite amazing theorys lots of energy runs from the net! We should have named it 10,000 ways…………. Bye all

  • paco

    I have a friend in the netherlands,I work with his father.Sorry to say this isn’t a decoy.I think it is awesome cd,but whatever you guys wana think you are entitled to it.

  • When Is the album released in the US

  • Phenotype

    Ryan – it comes out May 2nd, so Tuesday.

  • yossarian

    I was just searching for someplace where I could get a taste of 10k days before I buy it on May 2, and I ended up here….I’m glad I did because of some of the gut-busting comments that are being made. I’m also damn glad to see that their fanbase hasn’t died down in the least. I don’t have time at the moment to read through them all, but later I will.

    I just want to say that those of you who are buying into this whole “fake” leaked album should consider the source of this information–Tool. This is a band whose official website stated, among various other ridiculous pranks, that a certain book was a major influence on them….when I went to amazon.com to check it out, it was an obscure recent children’s book. They’re notorious for just fecking w/people’s heads, and I’m sure they get a kick out of the reactions that they can incite from fans rabid for new music after much too long a wait. The only advice I can give, which seems to me to be a staple of the Tool mentality, whether right or wrong, is to think for yourself and stop being such a suggestable sheep.

    On the other hand, releasing 2 albums sounds like the exact thing that they would do, especially after a five year hiatus between albums. Damn….at least it’s only a little while longer to find out.

  • dysfnktnl


  • Deadliner

    I would just like to state some of my beleifs about this decoy debate:

    – When I first listened to this leaked version, I didn’t like it. It’s not what I expected from such a band, after 5 years since the last album
    – Tool music requires some time to get to love it. Yet, Lateralus came to me soon – after listening to it for the first time I felt “wow”
    – I consider it possible for the band (including managers etc) to be releasing a fake/decoy album to the internet just to mess with people who download music over the internet
    – However, I don’t think they would take this all the way into actuallly *selling* this album to their fans
    – As a tool fan that will buy the cd when it’s out, I would feel like a sucker if the band released a second (and better) album some time after I bought 10,000 days. This would be like stealing from the fans pockets
    – For all these reasons, I beleive that, despite our hopes, no other album will be released.
    – The fact that so many people thought this is a decoy, shows that this album is not what most people expected. Most people didn’t like it
    – It does get better after listening to it for a few times, but in no way does it match Lateralus or Aenima (in my opinion).
    – Finally, people who say “respect tool and like their albumm because they put 5 years in this”, I would say don’t behave like sheep! I don’t care even if Tool spent a century making an album. If I don’t like, I don’t like it. Period.

    Well, noone can stay on top forever… I think once I read about some band member (maybe Maynard) fear about the 4th album, giving the example of other bands whose fourth album wasn’t quite a success. Maybe the same happened with Tool too. After all, several (if not all) band members have spent a lot of their time with side projects. Maybe this is the last album they will ever release and in the future we see them only in their side projects. After all, APC is not actuallly what I should call a “side project” for Maynard since both of their albums were great (I won’t count Emotive as a proper release).

    I read in an interview of Danny Carey back in 2004 that 10 out of 12 of the tracks were already being made without Maynard (he was away touring with APC). Well, a Tool album with little participation of MJK would not top their past albums for sure. I beleive that man is the heart of Tool.

    Well, hope dies last and I do hope there’s going to be another Tool album released soon, although I seriously doubt that…

  • karl

    the new album rocks and just like all their other work it takes a few listens to truly appreciate it. I bought the album yesterday having heard the leaked version and it is the exact same. To all you three quarter lenght trouser wearing, family guy loving, pill popping fraggle rockers who think that this is a decoy album go and download the new limp bizkit album you nickleback loving mongoloids. Nothing better to do than sit on the internet all day pissing and moaning about albums not yet released while you wait for daddy to buy them for you.

  • Sabre

    You sure you don’t want to say that just one more time?

  • Sabre

    Will you people shut up with this “decoy sh*t”? This is 10,000 Days whether you want it to be or not. Maybe there will be a second album that’s more “hard core”….who knows but Tool? But, as Maynard and Danny said, this is their blues album. If you don’t like it, it’s sooooo simple, don’t listen to it and stop wasting you time bashing it. I don’t go around bashing Limp Bisquick, Sum 40scum, Green Spray and Linkin Sparks albums just because I don’t care for them. I just ignore them all together…along with any other band I don’t care for. What’s the point? Can we just act like mature adults please? Holy Sh*t!

  • LateralusÆnima

    hmmm… i know i have the CD for a fact. its quite interesting. ive listened to it by the minute since, oh, april 29th and i love it much more than i did when i FIRST DLed it from Limewire. its quite fantastic. i WILL DEFINatly buy it when it comes out. Oh, and those ppl who think its a decoy, its YOU who are the decoys. the FAKE tool fans. RESPECT what they can and you CANT do. and chill, man, chill

  • fool

    I like it

  • oXygEn_WaSteR

    all u artards downloading the album before it actually being released on may second are fucking stupid… even in if it is a “decoy album” or w/e u should respect the fact that TOOL has been trying to keep it from leaking on the net… and NOT DOWNLOAD IT… and for all the dumbasses posting links to pictures of the new album… STOP!!! ur ruining it for us TRUE FANS…

  • oXygEn_WaSteR

    ohhhh and btw… for all you people saying their new album doesn’t sound like their old stuff… do any of their cd’s actually sound really alike??? honestly… i mean come on… first listen to any song on opiate… then listen to let’s sayyyy ummm… forty six and 2… or any song on aenima… and tell me they don’t sound completely different… aenima and lateralus have some ties between them but idk… TOOL changes their sound in between albums… and for all of us people that haven’t betrayed them and have kept ourselves from downloading the new album, we should expect another dramatic change in their sound… maybe they’ll surprise us and sound better… although, that’s very doubtful considering aenima and lateralus are thee best albums in the history of mankind…

  • digdug

    I don’t care what the real deal is. In a world where music is distributed as if, as Maynard said in his own words, like “Mcnuggets”, a Tool album is long overdue. They represent the spirit of the artist in all of us and I think that’s what keeps us so connected and dying for whatever is next. The band as a whole is incredible and Maynard’s delivery as well as his choice in words is unlike anyone else out there. My sister pre-ordered a copy for me but I’m currently looking for release parties scheduled for the 2nd at various music stores in town and I will be buying two copies. This is an event that needs to be shared with others. We’ve all been wishing for some good music for quite some time. There’s no doubt in my mind that this album is going to be like Anema where you listen to it every day listening for something you never heard before. Cheers and good luck to the band for all of their hard work and efforts. If this one doesn’t sell over 3 million records, hell has offically frozen over. Peace.

  • Dave

    I bought a copy of the album a week early just because my friend owns a music store and he got his shipment of the new TOOL album in a week early, and I asked him if he would sell me one, just so I could review it. I think TOOL had the right idea about keeping their albums a total secret, it gives them more credibility and leaves much more desire for the fans. I am a diehard TOOL fan I have been for damn near 10 years, and waiting 7 years for this album leaves much to the imagination of a TOOL addict, and the person who said that the whole idea of listening to a TOOL album is more of a ceremony, is pretty much on the dime, A TOOL album is just not an oridinary album, its TOOL, you wait for their stuff, and you savor every bit of it, The music, the artwork, everything about it. Then comes the tour. All I have to say about the internet leak is, I did not partake in any of it, it would ruin it for me, I actually needed to purchase the album and have it in my possession knowing I sent my dirty dollar straight to TOOL, and I will send more money to them, but be it their final album, I will have to do it in band merch, etc. I pretty much sold myself to every single band I have purchased stuff from, but there isnt one band I havent sold more of myself too then TOOL. They have recieved more money of mine than any other band in history. Because its honestly true, every dollar you spend on something, you sell a little bit more of yourself to someone else.

  • Nairb

    I Still think this leaked album is a fake! Tool Would not let it leak out like this, and everybody that reads this go to Toolband.com and check the september 2005 newsletter and read it. In one part he talks about tool working on a decoy album for a year. Something is fishy, and if you listen closely to this album, in some parts it doesnt sound mixed or mastered. A little strange dont you think?

  • “Right in Two” is an amazing tune…this album is seriously growing on me. I can’t wait to buy the disc and put the headphones on while looking at the packaging.

  • Blah

    Well the album has been released in Australia. I got my copy yesterday. And the songs are the same as the leak. I really like it fo far I have listened to it in full 9 times now. It is different to what they released in the past but thats how these things go, bands evolve. I am not disapointed at all.

    I highly recommend the album to anyone. Also the alb cover art is awesome to boot.

  • Egyptian Aussie

    Well my say about this is i downloaded it 2 days ago ( guys give me a break its Five F****N YEARS )& was waiting for it on stores …but after i read this blog & specialy that one posted by toolshed099 ..i checked amazon found only 1 version of the CD not 2 as he/she mentiond. BUT i’ll wait for 16th of may & if its really true that there is 2 different versions & this story about releasing one of them in 2nd of may & the complete one in 16th of may SORRY i’ll never be fooled …i’ll keep my downloaded version & i’ll search for the newversion & download it also …BUT i’ll never think about buying a CD for this band again ….
    a real fan will support the band & buy their CD even if he downloaded it but will never accept that he can be fooled & charged twice for same stuff …

  • Steve

    I find it funny that even after Hooker with a Penis, people can still talk about scrupulously buying the album, to show Tool what good fans they are. They must be shitting themselves

  • father

    you little monkeys just don’t get it yet do you.

  • adam

    TOOL R GAY, they enjoy it in the ass!

  • maynard=God

    I’ve been a hardcore tool fan for years. there’s a lot that can be said by this album, but the fact of the matter is, it’s good. BUT, it is lacking something… very hard to explain, but if u listen to it, u’ll know what i mean. It seems to me like maynard is too quiet throughout most of the songs, and that bugs me because he’s an amazing singer an lyricist. U never know, they probably did put out a fake album on purpose just to see what reactions would come of it.

  • Duurrr

    This is from the 2005 September newsletter….

    (((Now where was I?.. Oh yeah, TOOL!.. I’m not going to reveal my source, Mister Patience, but do you want to know the kind of things that have been going on while this record was being recorded? Okay, first there was the decoy record just to confound all those would-be bootleggers out there. This took, oh, about a year, just because the band members wanted it to sound pretty close to the real thing (so as to be believable), along with equally believable art design.)))) i kid you not go there and look yourself, we are being fooled after all. how woul they of saw that commin over 6 months ago??

  • devol

    10000 days its not that good…so what ..its just a fucking band….they spent more time enjoing life and their millions than composing the new album…face it……

    its sad…yes…they could have done the best album ever…they didnt….so what…..

    im dissapointed…..believe me, i am a tool fan.
    this album is intresting, great riffs, complex, bla bla, its a good album, but…..
    its not the masterpiece we all expected…..

    so fucking what….
    sorry for them…..they disaponted us all….do they care about that?
    i guess not…they will become millionars again

    vineyards,magazine covers, mansions, passionate fans, they already got that….so
    they just recorded another album, but just a good one.

  • The Non-Retarded Guy

    Come on people… Tool aren’t a bunch of idiots. The September newsletter isn’t trying to fake you out. Everything you’re finding out is not what it really is. The album you downloaded is NOT Tool’s new album. The pictures of the cd and the art? Fake. How do you think people got the album and pictures so soon? They found it on the street? Nope. Did we hear ANYTHING about Lateralus before it was released? Nope. Lateralus had no leak, no pictures, no nothing. Not until the day we got it. Just like you people are saying.. “Five years and this is all we get?” Of course it isn’t all you get. We waited five years for Lateralus too, remember?… Trust me, all you have to do is be patient and you’ll see…

  • devol

    lateralus leaked too…i dl it one week before….

    wake up

    it is what it is
    just a good record
    not the new masterpiece of our times
    as we expected

    and the artwork with the glasses is of course…real….

  • soulongod

    This is from the Feb. newsletter. In ()’s halfway down, it clearly said there’s only one disk not two. Truth or Lie?

    “While checking more email, I noticed that lots of people had questions about the word EEJIT (the Irish idiot thing) and it’s connection with the date April 4th as mentioned in the transcript of the Ouija Board Working. The answer is that at one point, way back when, April 4th was the most likely release date for the new record (which, by the way, is ONE disk, not two), and I wanted to sneak this info to members of the Tool ‘Collective.’ So, Graves and I altered a few things in a photo that was posted on the TA site, believing someone would notice it and make the proper connection. However, release dates and such are fluid, and the date has since changed. You can’t blame us for trying, though.”

  • Troy Skillen

    Tool have progressed. So should have we. They have taken us a step further into the vision. It’s not a comfortable journey but the destination is pure brilliance. Don’t just listen… attempt to understand. If I had to describe this album in two words they would be: achingly beautiful.
    The way he talks of his mother in Wings Pt 2 is the most moving thing I have ever heard.

  • acidsex

    i have the new album in my hands, bought it saturday at my local record shop, they got it friday and were suppossed to shelf it tuesday, but they were kind enough to sell me a copy, THE LEAKED VERSION IS IN FACT THE REAL DEAL, NO FAKES, 10,000 REALLY LEAKED, BUT THE ALBUM ART IS RIDICULIOUS, 3-D BEAUTY, IM AM NOT DISSPPOINTED AT ALL, REMEMBER THE SONGS YOU GROW TO LIKE NEVER STICK AT FIRST… I EXPECT A LIVE DVD TOO.

  • john

    A lot of people were talking about the counterfist (band) tunes that were going around on the internet under the 10,000 days song titles. Thats what I meant by fake or decoy. It was obvious those weren’t tool’s songs.

    I think the new album is great. A bit different but still excellent. Just wished there were a few more songs. Out of 11 tracks, there are 3 interlude songs.

  • Mean Marine

    A true artist creates a piece of work with the intent of impressing only themself. That is what TOOL has done again with this album and they have created another masterpiece. If you are a “true” TOOL fan you already know they don’t make albums for the fans, they make them with only the thought of pleasing themselves. They are not a “Sale Out” band that puts together an album a year and the album sounds like everything else they put out. Or a band that tries to sound like other bands that are popular at the time or imitate the sound that is popular at the time. TOOL makes albums with only the intent of satisfying themselves not you. You should appreciate that because this guys aren’t pretentious like other bands. Believe me they have enough money and don’t need yours so don’t by the album if you don’t like it, that’s just an extra copy for a true fan to pick up. Those of you bagging on this album need to listen to “Hooker with a Penis” because that song is about you. Here’s the lyrics:
    I met a boy wearing Vans, 501s, and a
    Dope Beastie t, nipple rings, and
    New tattoos that claimed that he
    Was OGT,
    From ’92,
    The first EP.

    And in between
    Sips of Coke
    He told me that
    He thought
    We were sellin’ out,
    Layin’ down,
    Suckin’ up
    To the man.

    Well now I’ve got some
    A-dvice for you, little buddy.
    Before you point the finger
    You should know that
    I’m the man,

    And if I’m the man,

    Then you’re the man, and
    He’s the man as well so you can
    Point that fuckin’ finger up your ass.

    All you know about me is what I’ve sold you,
    Dumb fuck.
    I sold out long before you ever heard my name.

    I sold my soul to make a record,
    Dip shit,
    And you bought one.

    So I’ve got some
    Advice for you, little buddy.
    Before you point your finger
    You should know that
    I’m the man,

    If I’m the fuckin’ man
    Then you’re the fuckin’ man as well
    So you can
    Point that fuckin’ finger up your ass.

    All you know about me is what I’ve sold you,
    Dumb fuck.
    I sold out long before you ever heard my name.

    I sold my soul to make a record,
    Dip shit,
    And you bought one.

    All you read and
    Wear or see and
    Hear on TV
    Is a product
    Begging for your
    Fatass dirty

    So…Shut up and

    Buy my new record
    Send more money
    Fuck you, buddy.

  • ToolLiveFan

    Anyone know where to get a review of Tools performance at the Coachella fest last night?

  • confused

    i still dont get why everyone ignores the newsletter, sais right there in text that the band worked on a decoy album for all the bootleggers out there. the album doesnt even say tool on it, it sais fool. im not saying that what leaked isnt whats comming out tomorow in stores, but there has got to be something else coming out, by the way, tool still has another record left in their deal with volcano after 10,000 days.

  • devol


    why 10000 is just a good album.
    not a masterpiece.

    they collected new influences from touring with king crimson, messugah, fantomas, melvins, etc.

    they put that into the mix, they pick some old riffs, all true fans can identify those riffs from 3rd eye, and some other songs.

    they added some APC melodical passages and some complex repetition series, odd metrics done to match at some point….thats not new

    and they did very long songs by the beautiful copy paste method, jamming, selecting sections, pasting them together and making a very long song……….

    magnificent…they made another tool album…..it sounds great

    it has some catchy choruses here and there.

    they wrote simpler lyrics, beautyful, yes, but theres no general concept in the lyrical work, not like in lateralus or aenima…..

    they play their instruments better than ever, thats true, but…so what… 5 years is a lot of practice time

    they used more pedals too….some ugly ones …like the vocoder one…some pretty ones too.


    is this a 5 year long creative process ?

    i dot think so

    i love the new songs

    the 7 real songs in this record

    (thats 1 1/2 aprox song per year……)

    the artwork: nice……alex grey is great

    but this is no original artwork FOR the record
    its adapted from alex grey´s series

    ….they could have done something special forthe cover…they didnt…

    3d lenticular glasses…nice ….new?…no
    but nice detail…

    dont get me wrong…tool is a great band….10000 days is a great album, maybe one of the bests of this year….but

    not a masterpiece…..and i wes expecting one


    i give them a 7 of 10

  • devol is definately a Hooker with “NO” Penis. Dudes like that can never be satisfied and always have to try and find something wrong. Hey, does everyone smell that? Sniff, sniff. Smells like jealousy. Get a life devol and quit trying to bring people down to your level. Pop your pimples, buy the album with the money your mom gave you and don’t forget to through my paper on the porch this time.

    Loyal TOOL Fan

  • PnP

    Um… YOu guys do relize that this CD has infact been released in other countrys right??? so this is infact probably the real copy from some french dude or german person… I dont really like this new CD the song i heard on teh radio vicarious was uber sweet but the rest of em not so good… I hope they are fake tracks but I wouldn’t count on it… oh and everything gets leaked onto the internet….

  • Phenotype

    OMFG! How stupid can people possibly be? Okay, let’s go over the facts ONE MORE TIME:

    -The album has already been released in several countries other than the US and many people have CONFIRMED that the leaked record IS 10,000 Days.

    -People have already posted photos of the artwork, how could these possibly have been faked? It would require WAY too much time and effort from the band.

    -STOP SAYING THEY SPENT 5 YEARS WRITING IT! They didn’t spend 5 straight years writing this album, how f*cking stupid is that? They spent a lot of time touring and making videos in support of Lateralus. THEN MJK went and did TWO albums with APC. Do you think they released Lateralus and then immediately went to work on the next album? JESUS!

    -There is NO F*CKING WAY that Tool or their record label would SELL a fake album in stores. Besides, if it did get sold in stores how would it be a fake album? It would just mean they’re releasing two CD’s back-to-back, which I don’t believe they are. That would completely piss off all the fans who bought the CD and appease maybe 50 internet geeks worldwide who still believe in this decoy album bullsh*t and are waiting until May 16th or whatever.

  • devol

    i purchased my copy already
    i love it
    im disapointed anyway
    i was expecting some kind of “the wall”

    but…compared to all that comercial crap on MTV, and to most of the american bands (90%suck)
    and considering that, after all tool is and will be,a commercial band…….
    its a very good commercial rock album…one of the 2006´s best albums, for sure.

    (are you old enough to know that record main marine?)
    remember kid :Personal attacks are not allowed

    lets wait 5 more years

  • nybrian88

    10,000 days has its moments but overall it is lacking something previous albums showed. Maynard did not utilize his great vocals as much as i wish he had.
    i also wish they left out the “intermission” songs. if you are only going to have 11 songs on an album, all the songs should be of quality… if they had something like 15 songs then i wouldnt have minded those songs so much.

    lastly, i still say if you like pure tool AENIMA is the best representation of kicking ass… that cd has some of the best rock songs of all time… and die eier von satan is so orginal and unlike anything any other band would ever do.

    Tool is a great band, original and if you ever see an interview with them (rare) they are just laid back guys who are incredibly talented.

    i’ll have to listen to the new cd a few more times to see how i really feel, but as of right now… i wish it brought a little more fire power…

  • Fight for your rights!

    I hate the fact people put stuff out when bands got through such great stides to keep there work under lock and key. Then we go out steal it and that’s that. I don’t think that’s cool now I don’t see a problem when you are allowed to listen to some of the tracks of an album or check out a band that you may not have heard otherwise. But getting online and downloading their work at the click of a mouse is wrong. Think about being in their shoes. Would you not be pissed??? I love Tool as well as many other metal bands. Some of which I wouldn’t ever know about because of the free flow of information in this day and time. But hey they have a talent others don’t have which is to make awesome music. It’s no different than someone commiting armed robbery to the ones that do go out and steal this information. Think about it suppose you had many years worth of work stolen from you because you have some great idea. Well they cash in and you don’t get shit. What’s the difference. Someone please tell me because I don’t know. You sit behind your computer and think the monitor blocks your face. It may do that but it’s not hard to find out who someone is now is it? If you want to check the music out that’s fine but if you want the album go BUY IT!!!!!!!

  • rumblefish

    For FUCK’s sake! Could you people put up a post that doesn’t have all kinds of spelling or grammatical errors in it? Fuck, are you all that retarded? It’s annoying as hell to read that way.

  • Phil

    10,000 days is a great CD, kicking just about all other CD’s collective asses that I’ve bought in the last 5 years.

    However, Tool has done better before. I’ve only listened to it once through, and Tool albums typically take a while to grow on me while I take them all in. But at first listen, Aenima and Lateralus are both better. In fact, Undertow might be better too.

    Musically, it’s really ambitious and most other rock and metal being put out today pales in comparison, but Tool has set the bar for themselves extremely high in the past, and they’re not living up to it. As far as the artwork though, this is the best album I own, maybe the best ever. The stereoscopic lenses that make everything 3D are completely off the wall and original, and really enhance the beautiful and intriguing artwork. You wouldn’t expect anything less from Tool though, considering their last 2 albums.

    Basically, this is a great CD, but an average Tool CD. It’s worth buying for the package alone, but if this is your first Tool CD, pick up Lateralus or Aenima instead.

  • Mean Marine

    What I said devol wasn’t a personal attack. IT WAS THE “TRUTH”.

  • Soundoctor

    Excelent album!!! Amazing…. Cant stop listening to it……

  • Phenotype

    So yeah, picked up the CD at Target this morning. I guess all the people saying they still believed in the decoy album theory are feeling pretty stupid. Personally I like this album a lot, I don’t get what the big deal is. What were you people expecting, the end-all-be-all masterpiece of the century? Why?

  • I personally think this cd is awsome. tears come to my eyes when i hear 10k/wings. Oh, and lets not forget that up until this point i was under the impression that Maynard was an atheist yet in this album there are repeatedly mentions God, or crosses or angels. so did his mothers death make him a believer or am i just a retard? any thoughts?

  • Rightintwo

    Now that we all know that the new Tool album is the one we all downloaded (and hopefully bought today) my next question would be what is going to be on the import other than a higher price tag? Could there be some extra songs? Is it the second half of a 2 disc release? What is going to be different about it? Any thoughts?

  • Okay, so I downloaded the disc and I think it’s great but I have no intention of buying it. I spent 70 bucks to buy a ticket to their gig in Seattle tonight. These guys are millionaires. I don’t think they need any more of my money. 70 bucks for a fucking concert ticket. What the fuck is that? By the way, the lyrics seem to be mocking the messianic complex not affirming any kind of faith in Christianity. How, a band with so many songs making fun of egocentric monotheism can actually have fans that maintain hope that they’re somewhow Christians is a mystery to me. Figgy you are a retard. The song Judith by APC, also about his mother, contained the lyric “Fuck your God, your lord, your christ”. Wake the fuck up!

  • Drunken Master

    First of all, it isn’t “fake”, it’s a DECOY — big difference between them.

    Secondly, Tool themselves admitted they have created a decoy CD! This is from the band’s Sept 2005 newsletter:

    ” “…do you want to know the kind of things that have been going on while this record was being recorded? Okay,first there was the decoy record just to confound all those would-be bootleggers out there. This took, oh, about a year, just because the band members wanted it to sound pretty close to the real thing (so as to be believable),along with equally believable art design. When they weren’t working on this grand deception, there were other pleasant distractions…”

  • oXygEn_WaSteR

    10,000 days is fucking awesome… nothing more can be said… it’s just fucking awesome… fuck all u people trying to find flaws in it… there aren’t any…

  • Rightintwo

    Figgy: If you listen a little closer (and this goes for the rest of you A.D.D. sufferers) you will notice that his mother Judith Marie was 100% faithful to God. Often it seems that Maynard is singing from her point of view. Maynard is obviously not religious in that way because he is much smarter than that. It shows in the APC song Judith as well. “Fuck your God, your Lord your Christ, he did this” What that means to me is why would your god that you are so faithful to allow you to suffer as a paralytic for 27 years? All Tool albums have references to God, but not necessarily from Maynards point of view. That’s just my opinion. I think Maynard is very spiritual, but not a christian like it may appear sometimes. Make sense? Anyway, my point was that nobody who listens to 10000 days 1 or even 10 times should jump to conclusions. Tool albums have intricacies that you may not even notice the first several times. Also I highly suggest reading the lyrics while listening to the new album. Oh and try to listen to it through a real stereo system, not your shitty computer speakers. For those of you that have concluded that this album is shitty I think you are ignorant and impatient. Those of you who are patient will be rewarded greatly.

  • I knew they were coming back–imma go see em in las vegas

  • BILLBOARD REVIEW SAYS “You’ll be hard-pressed in 2006 to find a better metal album than 10,000 days by TOOL.”

    Album Review
    In an age where major labels dictate that new releases from bands appear on record store shelves every 18 months or so, rare is the artist given freedom and ability to reflect and stretch out to explore creative evolution and release music as an artist, rather than the prepackaged predictability of an entertainer. Thankfully, Tool has somehow managed to circumvent these rituals, releasing a record every four to five years as they so feel the need. This ability to patiently craft their musical direction has paid off for not only the band, but for listeners, as they’ve been able to expand their musical vocabulary from album to album with great precision, all the while remaining true to the foundations that built such a loyal, if not cult-like, following. But with this absence comes changes to the popular music landscape, as new bands and sounds (as well as a new generation of heavy metal fans to entertain) replace and stimulate the charts. Namely: a lot can happen in five years, especially with a fickle rock audience that is overinundated with constant new bands’ songs. The group defied expectations (and even got radio airplay) with Lateralus, but would fans stick with them during the hiatus? There were moments when Maynard James Keenan would emerge courtesy of A Perfect Circle, and there were also several stunning video DVDs to pacify while 10,000 Days was being written, along with cryptic messages via their website, but that was about it. Thankfully, 10,000 Days was worth the labor pains and wait to deliver. It’s not only a step forward for the band, but a re-embracing of the epic-length rock songs found at the roots of early heavy metal. The album starts out with “Vicarious,” which features some of Maynard’s most straightforward lyrics since Fnema’s “Hooker with a Penis.” Essentially a biting commentary on reality television, information stimulus overload, and living through others’ experiences, it’s only a brief glimpse of what’s to come, as 10,000 Days also offers some of Keenan’s most confessional lyrics. The 17-minute epic “Wings for Marie/10,000 Days” is an ode to his mother, who passed away during the band’s hiatus after dealing with paralysis from a stroke for 27 years. In a way, it’s voyeuristic to listen to someone working out family issues on disc, but Keenan does it in a way that’s sensitive and honest without ever treading the careful line between melodrama and sincerity. Most of the songs are a bit long in the tooth when compared to most metal songs these days, but then again, Tool isn’t exactly just another band, either. With most songs clocking in over six minutes, the exercises in songwriting wouldn’t work as well with any other band. But when you have such high-caliber musicianship as Danny Carey and Adam Jones anchoring drums and guitar, respectively, it’s hard to make a wrong turn. The anger that served as fuel for some of their greatest works has been replaced with calmer and more introspective moments as they patiently work out rhythm and melodic passages from one theme to the next. That’s not to say the anger isn’t still there; it does check in from song to song, but like most of Tool’s fan base that has stuck with them through their first recordings, the group has evolved beyond that stage and has moved on to new concepts to explore. So depending upon which Tool you are looking for, you’re either going to love or hate 10,000 Days. If it’s the hard-driving band with an intellectually driven existential anger and fits of Hot Topic-laden angst, they’ve fled for other pastures (probably to Arizona Bay). But if you’re looking for the Tool whose passion and introspection is complemented by intense emotion, brutal honesty, and musical maturity, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better metal album in 2006.

    ~ Rob Theakston, All Music Guide

  • For the last time, Maynard is a spiritual agnostic and either way his orientation should not even matter to you!!!!

    The two part, wings for marie is singing for his mom and showing his respect for her being a devout baptist til the day of her death even though she was in a wheelchair for 27 years!

    Right in two is pretty much mocking religion. saying we’re talking monkeys, given a thumb only to make a club to beat our brothers down. Given free choice and there is plenty of eden for all of us yet we fight over everything we can find to fight about.

    THINK PEOPLE! THINK! I know that the American schools do a great job of conditioning people to hate reading and thinking for themselves but at some point in your life you have to break free of their plastic cage and open your god damn mind!

    Jesus Herbert Titty Fucking Christ…This world is doomed.

  • Rightintwo

    The experience causes me to want to search deeper, look past the obvious, find the truth, think for myself and question authority. Alright, now it’s time for them to light the way.

  • Phenotype

    Drunken Master – You STILL think this album is a Decoy? I know this site says “personal attacks are not allowed” so I won’t tell you that’s probably one of the dumbest things I’ve heard someone say recently, but I will say this; That theory makes absolutely no sense at all. Do you really think Tool is going to release a double-album version of 10,000 Days that’s only available in Europe, forcing ALL of their non-European fans to pay through the nose (import prices) to get the “real” album? No. Also, I already said this but I would like to reiterate that IF for some absurd reason they do release another album within the next few months, which I already know they won’t, how could you consider 10,000 Days a decoy album? It was released, it’s part of their official discography. So anything that comes out after this is ANOTHER album, not “the real album”.

  • Rob495

    i know there’s a lot of talk about the album being a decoy, or fake; i’m not trying to disprove any theories or suggestions that this album is a fake or decoy, because it would be nice to, after 5 years of waiting, have a few more songs to listen to…not because what i just bought is unsatisfying or disapponting, i think it sounds like tool and, just like all the other tool albums, is a lyrical masterpiece…but i came across this today and thought everyone here should have a read, i thought it was interesting and, if you understand it and do some research, it might change your mind about any thoughts or hopes you had about this being a decoy or fake album.


  • damn, i’m not too great at this posting stuff, there is the link finally


  • karl

    I wanna hear more from Bob he made sense ya morons

  • Marco

    Great work, but I espectec something more from Tool…Lateralus still remain my favourite one…

  • soulongod

    This is from TOOL’s Feb. newsletter. In ()’s halfway down, it clearly said there’s only one disk not two. Truth or Lie?

    “While checking more email, I noticed that lots of people had questions about the word EEJIT (the Irish idiot thing) and it’s connection with the date April 4th as mentioned in the transcript of the Ouija Board Working. The answer is that at one point, way back when, April 4th was the most likely release date for the new record (which, by the way, is ONE disk, not two), and I wanted to sneak this info to members of the Tool ‘Collective.’ So, Graves and I altered a few things in a photo that was posted on the TA site, believing someone would notice it and make the proper connection. However, release dates and such are fluid, and the date has since changed. You can’t blame us for trying, though.”

  • humanzoo

    Thank you Tool..it’s amazing! Can’t stop devouring it, licking my fingers, licking my lips in case I miss a taste. Thank you for digging so deeply and sharing. I laughed, I cried..etc. This will be an amazing soundtrack for summer.

  • 3rd_i

    Definately a more raw type of sound than Lateralus, which was more rounded. Maturing their Roots is what I’d say, kinda like a blend between Undertow and Lateralus. Hah, I’m probably not making any sense.. Now I’m just wondering when the hell It will be available here in Shitland South Africa. Great work.

  • MJK

    This album is some of the most mature album they have produced. It was really worth the wait.

  • fohf

    you can hear one of their decoy songs on this myspace page. it’s hillarious and it’s been up for months.

    go here:

    btw, the new album is awesome. I am hearing some throwbacks to previous albums and I look forward to becoming more familiar with this one. I expect there is a lot of hidden stuff on these tracks.



  • Sabre

    Great album, but if I had to put all of Tool’s albums in order from greatest to worst (not that any of them are bad), I would say:

    10,000 Days

  • 9-8-7

    All I see is a bunch of sheep… it’s either people who believe this record is a “decoy” and cite Tool’s official website, or it’s people that think this record sucks.

    To the first group of people, I ask you to think about what you are copying and pasting over and over again… we all know Tool are a bunch of smart-asses personality-wise, and do you seriously think that every single little thing that comes from the band is true? It totally isn’t… we’re talking about Maynard, one of the most sarcastic people in the world. The record I bought at midnight was legit, I am 100% certain of it. Yes, it isn’t the same Tool we’ve known and loved… to me, this record sounds like a mixture of all three of their LPs and also some APC in there for good measure.

    Maynard’s singing is different on this record… it is more singing and less screaming and yelling. What do you expect from a guy who just turned 42 last month? Maynard surely wants to continue to make music, and if he keeps up with songs like “Ticks and Leeches” then his vocal chords will be shot and he will sound worse than James Hetfield on St. Anger.

    Onto the record itself though… I think it is a masterpiece. It’s a bit slower it seems, also more melodic… don’t get me wrong this record has points that are heavy as fuck and totally tear it up, but in general I feel like the record is more ‘atmospheric’ or ‘experimental’ than previous releases. Is this a problem? Fuck no, it is a blessing! Tool can still kick ass with the heaviness we’ve all come to expect, but it is refreshing to know that they can change their sound between records, that they can evolve and be more than a one-trick pony.

    I love every record this band has put out, and this one is no exception. Hell, I don’t even mind the filler tracks. The “Lost Keys” track is an EXCELLENT intro to “Rosetta Stoned” and I respect Tool for keeping the intro separate from the actual track (a lesson that The Mars Volta need to learn…) If you sit down and don’t like this record… roll up a fattie and plop your ass on the couch or your bed, and lay down and listen to this record. The musicianship is right up to par with their current catalog, as expected.

    I remember when I put Lateralus in for the first time, I didn’t like it nearly as much as Aenima and Undertow. It sounded a hell of a lot different… more mellow than either of them, yet also heavier at points. “The Patient” is a perfect example of a song you would never have heard on either Undertow or Aenima. With 10,000 Days I feel that I love this record already! I’ve given it about ten plays, but I liked it since the first time. Loved it after the second. Since midnight on the 2nd, I haven’t listened to anything else. Aenima and Undertow were like this for me.

    Lastly, regarding the internet leak… I didn’t download any of their songs. A couple friends of mine did, and I listened to the leak. Was I going to buy it anyway? Of course. As a musician myself, I would hope people would respect me enough to pay for my hard work (and writing good music is VERY hard…) this is Tool’s JOB, people… this is what they do to pay the bills. Well, not really… their bank accounts are swelling with money I am sure, but the principle is the same.

    My only regret about the new album is…

    that I don’t get to see them perform any of it at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston. Those tickets were GONE faster than anything. It was like flies to shit, I tell you! I’m sure it was the same everywhere else. Before this club tour was announced, I kind of knew in the back of my mind that Tool would be around in the fall, because it’s generally what they do. They kick off the tour with European fesitvals and then come back to the states in the fall and play arenas. Those tickets should be much easier to get!

  • Cynner

    10000 Days ebbs and flows like a Pink Floyd album. I’ve always thought that Tool was influenced by Floyd – and with this album I’m sure of it. Of course, Pink never rocked it like “The Pot”, but the whole concept thing seems to be there. You cannot deny that some serious time was put into this. I don’t think you’re supposed to come away from this CD and love every song individually. They’re not all supposed to kill. You’re supposed to listen to it and take it as a whole. A complete experience. I think it’s super powerful.


    I THINK THE ALBUM FUCKING ROCKS, I WAS SUSPICIUOUS ABOUT THE DECOY AT FIRST BUT I MEAN ITS NORMAL TO QUESTION, beLIEve in nothing, question everything….. the album is amazing period, its not an album you can digest in a day, i have been listening to it non stop for a week and i cant put it down, i love it, tool is back, its overanalyzing and thinking time again,digg in deep or go buy the nickleback album

  • fohf

    For me 10,000 days is better than Lateralus. I loved this album the first time I listened to it. Here are my choices if I were to put the albums in order from best to great (with these guys there is no worse).

    10,000 Days

  • hey thanaton and josh. fuck you buddy, it was a fucking question, no need to attack me, jesus. and at the time of asking it i had only heard the cd once. and josh, i’m not a fucking idiot, as a matter of fact anyone who can read can deduct what rightinto is about. stop trying to be all high and mighty thinking your so good at interpeting shit. and i didn’t go to a public school either, so i’m stop making assumptions if i were you.
    and yeah just about every other song that maynard sings has something making fun christianity. and i know what judith is about. i’ve heard it a million fucking times. i was simply curious as to why he was singing about going to heaven and not mocking it. but the more i heard it i came to the realization that its just a tribute for his mother. i could and probably am totally off, but i think that’s what he wants for his mother. to be able to go to heaven and get her wings. i dunno
    anywho, yeah great cd. totally love it

  • john

    Great album, fantastic music.

  • Josh

    Awesome album. If you complaining people really called yourselves Tool fans you’d follow them, and the album they’ve worked on, not just what you were expecting. It’s like people who change loyalties to follow other sports teams, just suck it up and listen, really listen to what the band is trying to share with you. Besides it’s worth the money just for the packaging.

  • Trevor

    I feel like I set myself up for disappointment with this album. I was really hoping it would “top” Lateralus, though I figured that was impossible! I just have to think of it in terms of being different rather than being “better”.

    Who knows, maybe it will “hit me” later on…

  • rumblefish

    Is it just me or does anyone think “The Pot” bears a strong resemblance to “Prison Sex”? At least as far as the bass groove and the intermission parts. It’s kinda nice to hear them putting a little funk back in the mix.

  • Rightintwo

    10000 Days is the best album they have ever put out in my opinion. And about those so called “filler” tracks… If you listen to the album as a whole you will see that these “filler” tracks are the beginnings to the songs right after them and fit perfectly. I heard some once say that this is Tools “The Wall” I disagree, It is more like Tools “Dark Side of The Moon” This album flows remarkably like that one. Its a great album that takes patience. Please give it a listen with your undivided attention. Listen closely as to pick up on the intricacies that you will not hear after the first several listens. I can’t stress that enough. Please go see them live when they come to your town… You will not be disappointed.

  • 3rd_i

    I must admit I didn’t like the album all that much when I downloaded it a few days ago.(Am surely gonna buy it the moment it hits the shelves here).

    However this is the 3rd time i’m listening to it at work today. It’s goddamn cold here in the office and listening to Wings/Wings part2 is giving me shivers down my spine. I think it’s probably the best damn piece of music Tool or probably anyone has ever written/performed. I agree the album has to sink in and it takes time, so everyone …. Be patient, wait it out.

  • Adam

    Geez some of you people are absolutely retarded. Why would you want Tool to repeat an album they’ve already made? I think 10,000 days is amazing. Any really great album takes time…time for you to digest it….understand it. If you would sit the fuck down and devote 72 minutes to really taking this album in, you would get it. 10,000 days is inspiring to say the least. The last thing I would have wanted to hear is another Lateralus or Aenima.

    By the way, has no one picked up on the Zepplin influence??

  • Conspiracy Believer


    I agree with you about the prison sex background music to “the pot”
    In fact every single song on this album has some other tool song running in the background at some point throughout the song.
    Now before everyone jumps my ass about this, I love this album. It’s beautiful. But it’s not what I would expect from tool after 5 years. 5 years is easily enough time to create 2 albums, a decoy and the real deal! Now I know that what I expect and what reality gives could very well be 2 different things but this is not tools best work. This is why I believe what Danny Carey said about the decoy album. People on here get so pissed off when anyone brings it up, but why isn’t it possible that they have pulled another one over on us??? They are pranksters at heart. This is not a FAKE album but could easily be a decoy. I mean have you EVER seen a brand new CD sell for under $10 bucks??? EVER??? Especially on that has the fancy 3D artwork??? I bought it at Best Buy for $9.99 Someone on here said that it would piss off tool fans if they released a decoy that we all went out and bought. I disagree. Any true tool fan would appreciate this prank. I also believe that the album whether a fake or not is worth $10 PERIOD. The alex grey artwork is good stuff, but again not full out alex grey.
    So before I get bashed on here for having my own belief on what this album is, take into account that the new design of the name sure does look like FOOL!!!!
    Also notice alot of references to “2”
    I believe that we will soon see that number “2” album hit us soon and will blow us away like never before.
    If not, I am happy with 10,000 days.

  • Trevor

    Conspiracy believer, I agree with almost everything that you said and I hope you are right. If there is no second album, then I am happy with 10,000 days–It is really growing on me. It is so hard to tell how amazing the album is at this point…

  • Conspiracy Believer

    I agree it is impossible to get a true feel for a Tool album till you have heard it over and over and over and possibly a hundred more times. I listened to it last night in bed with the hifi headphones on and it sounded so good. Again though, Danny Carey did say they spent a year making a decoy. I hope this is it.
    If they did pull one over on all of us, it will be the best prank ever pulled!

  • Itsalright

    Trevor and C.B. have stated the best posts Ive read about this topic. Indeed what is on the album is good. However that is the problem, there isn’t that much ON the album.

    How amazing would it be if somthing else were released…

    Either way it still nice to hear new stuff from a group as talented as TOOL. Even if what we have now isn’t…what we were hoping for.

  • Conspiracy Believer

    Thanks Itsalright!
    I have been an avid tool fan from the beginning and have very strong feelings and interactions with their music. It will be interesting to see what the 5-16-06 release of the 10,000 days(Import) has on it. I find it hard to believe that we just paid $10 for something that is going to be the same(except an import) that costs almost 3 times as much.

  • In reply to post #139.

    Try not to speak for everyone when you say “they didnt make a masterpiece” Quite frankly, thats just your opinion. So dont push it off as being what everyone else feels.

  • This is a great album by tool..I bought of em cds…It just took me one listening time for this album that spans over an hour of dark, mysterious shit that tool could come up with this album…I love the way they engineered those riffs…what else can I say…go buy one of em tool cds…you wont be disappointed for wasting your hard earned money…

  • ….and im pretty sure you will hear a fimiliar tune to us all…a tv series that characterized mulder and scully…that tune somewhere in this album pretty much parred up with that xfiles theme..

  • 3rd_i

    On a side note. Adam got me thinking when he mentioned the LedZep influence. I hate it when bands do covers, but TooL seems so good at them (the one or two they’ve actually done.) I’d love to hear TooL perform LedZep’s When the Levee Breaks.

  • oDygEn_WaSteR

    wtf people… even if 10,000 days is a decoy album… who gives a shit??!?!? it’s awesome… plain and simple.. i hope it is a decoy album and there’s another one about to come out… because that’s 2 tool cd’s in one year… what could be better???

  • I bought the new 10,000 days album a couple of days ago. It has a couple of good songs but is in no way a great album. The songs drag on and repeat the same parts too much. I found this album to be very disapointing. It is definately not a “Lateralus” or “Aenima”. I expected more from such an amazing group of musicians, especially after 5 years.

  • Rehash

    Listen Once… then wait.. one day… two days.. then listen again.. then pick out your favorite… Vicarious.. Right in Two…. whichever it may be.. then listen again… then listen to Lateralus… listen to Aenema… Undertow… Opiate…. even Hooker with a Penus…. then again 10,000 Days…. you are going to get hooked… Jambi… The Pot.. Something is going to get you.. and then…. look out…. it will grow and become the only Album you want to hear.. It starts out subtile and grows… the effect is truly amazing..

    BTW.. Enjoy

  • Kdog

    Their most mellow album yet,, IMHO. Not sleepy mellow, just much more than the other albums.

    The only thing I don’t like is the way previous albums keep “creeping” into this one. Wish it more original like Lateralus. This one has too many Lateralus references (musically).

    Although I like Maynards Perf Cir “Thirteenth Step” a little better than this one, I DO like 10,000.

  • Kdog

    Guess if we’re gonna rate albums….

    Aenima (tough choice between the first two)
    Opiate (i love this album if it weren’t so short)
    10,000 Days

  • Trevor

    What oxygen_waster said…

  • james

    well the tool cd is out now and it is AWSOME and who cares bout the leak the song is amazing so it dosnt matter

  • james

    sorry i thought the top comment was the last n e way if u say the tool cd is bad in ne way just dont listen to it cause u either like them or u dont plane and simple and it just so happens i love them ahahaaha

  • Jebus

    I really Like this Album Specially “10,000 Days” man that song gives me chills everytime I listen to it.
    For those of you bitching on how it’s not Lateralus or Anema shut the fuck up you would be bitching if it was saying “oh it sound the same as their previous albums” Either way you will bitch.
    Last for those of you who state “this is what we get after five years of work” they did not work on this album for five years MJK did tour and release two albums with APC you dumb fucks!!!!

  • William

    Jebus, are you by any chance a 12 year old redneck? You have the worst grammar/spelling of anybody on this forum, therefore you have no right to call them dumb fucks.

    P.S. APC released three albums, and “Anema” is spelled Aenima.

  • Itsalright


  • 3rd_i

    Ok guys, the album’s great, no doubt. But there’s one song that I just can’t sink my teeth into: Jambi. It just doesn’t sit right with me. Well maybe it will if I listen to it more. I’ve been neglecting it a bit. Any of you guys feel the same about a song(s) on the album?

  • 3rd_i

    Jebus, do you know what a comma is? See I used it as an example in my sentence. Well look at that, I just did it again.

  • H.


  • oXygEn_WaSteR

    hey 3rd_i… the only song that i don’t like on their new cd is the pot… idk… the beginning vocals just ruin it for me… the rest is awesome… but the begining makes me wanna punch babies… and dude!!! how can u not like jambi!??!?! that song’s fucking sweet… ya i kno it’s alot heavier than most of their songs, but holy fuck… it kicks arse…

  • Conspiracy Believer

    Again, it’s a great album, especially for a decoy!
    Can’t wait for the “real” one to hit us!
    You’ll see! You will all see!
    Muwahh hahhh hahhh hahhh HA

  • Conspiracy Believer

    The Pot is one of my favorite songs! Jambi kicks ass too. As well as Right In Two.
    any of you members over at 10000-days dot com? Lots of fun stuff going on over there about the puzzle in the the artwork and tons on the different conspiracy theories.

  • 3rd_i

    Hey Oxygen_Waster, yeah you’re right. Yeah I’m starting to like Jambi. I actually wish TooL would make more heavy songs like Ticks&Leeches, Triad, Rosetta Stoned, etc. I love that Tool is such a diverse band that’s equally good at doing heavy stuff and then the calm, deep, thought provoking shit we hear in Wings, 10000days, etc.

    Aye on the beginning of The Pot, the song is great, except for that choirboy voice at the beginning. I like the fact that it slowly gets deeper and heavier as the song progresses though.
    The beginning drums and guitar on The Pot shines.

    Oh well, Maynard just showing off his different vocal abilities I suppose.

  • matthew

    it even sais fool on the cd cover
    the band said so themselves in the september 05 newsletter they made a decoy album for the wouldbe bootleggers that sounded like and looked like a real tool album, this album is a bunch of half assed songs with the exception of the title track. go read september 05 newsletter at toolband, it is right there, decoy album.

  • oXygEn_WaSteR

    ya… i respect the fact that maynard has many different vocals and shit… but idk… the beginning of the pot is just really annoying… even if it is tool… =/ … and ya i kno what u mean when u say tool should make more metal sounding songs… holy shit that’d be sweet… even tho they’re slowest song, 10,000 days (wings pt 2), is my favorite song from their new album, they create the most awesome heavy songs in the world…

    and idk about anybody else… but i’m thinking tool just posted shit about this being a decoy album to fuck with their fans… do u guys really think they’d spoil their plan and tell everyone about the decoy album???? because then it wouldn’t really be a decoy album if everybody already knew about it… get what i’m saying??? it wouldn’t be the first time tool fucked with their fans… lol

  • Steve

    3rd_i has apparently never heard APC’s version of “When the Levee Breaks” on Emotive…too fucking funny.

  • Jebus

    “William”-P.S. APC released three albums

    Yes, but two after Lateralus right?,I was not counting Mer De Noms.

    And please god im so so sorry for being the only human in the world that makes mistakes, SORRY for not being perfect.

    FUCK YOU!! William,3Rd_I is this the propper way to use a coma.

  • 3rd_i

    lol, yeah Steve I feel kinda stupid now. I was reading Wikipedia about LedZep, and saw that APC did a cover of When The levee breaks and I realise my stupid ways. I have all the Tool/APC albums except for emotive, so you can’t blame me for not knowing ;-P~~~

    And Jebus I was just fucking with you, you non perfect human.

  • 3rd_i

    Well, I’m bored this morning, it’s 5am here, so I’m posting some more.

    Regardless of all the hype about this conspiricy (which I personally don’t believe). I am praying that I am wrong and that we will be blessed with some more new material come May 16th.

    I agree with Oxygen though. Tool are mindfuckers. If this is actually a decoy album though, they would OBVIOUSLY tell us in a newsletter or whatnot to get thousands of people like us to piss our pants about it. If it isn’t a decoy album, they would still say that it is to get thousands of people like us to piss our pants about it.

    The members of the band are all probably logging in here ten times a day reading this forum , pointing and laughing their asses off…

  • Conspiracy Believer

    Like I said, go over to 10000days.com
    You wanna see conspiracy theories and such!!!
    There is a ton of great insight to the new album as well as good lyric sets.
    Hope to see some of ya there. My name there is ToolKit

  • Jebus

    Well Looky here, Tool(10,000 Days) #1 on the Billboards.

    Great job Guys!!!…..Btw Amazing show Monday night in Dallas.

  • Jebus

    The Tool Dissectional/Volcano set gave the band a career-best sales week, moving 564,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan, to put it at No. 1. “10,000 Days”

    Not bad for a “Decoy” album, as some of you see it.

    Has sold more than Lateralus(555,000), In it’s first week.

  • Conspiracy Believer

    Holy crapola!!!
    You guys have to hear what we have put together over at 10000-days.com
    We have definately stumbled onto syncing 3 songs together that totally fit together when played at the same time.
    10k Days pt1 is 11:13 long
    If you add Viginti Tres(5:02) to the beginning of Wings pt1(6:11)=11:13
    Now someone on the forum created a MP3 with 10K days on the left channel and Viginti Tres+Wings on the right channel….
    It is crazy how they kinda play together. Now you’ll listen to the first 9:14 of the mixed song you’ll think ahhh just pure coincidence. But wait till the 9:14 mark hits, you will have the hairs on the back of your neck stand up! It’s frigging crazy! Hope you guys go check it out. I’d post a link on here to the song but it seems like when I post a URL link on here it disappears?? Guess they don’t allow linking on here. go to 10000-days.com and to the forums. The link for the song is on page 54 of the puzzle thread.
    Enjoy and explore! 😉

  • oXygEn_WaSteR

    that’s insane dude… who would ever even think of that?

  • Conspiracy Believer

    Did you download that MP3?
    Crazy huh? I checked all the lyrics at the end of both songs too and they totally sync up as if they were conversing back and forth.

  • Demon Cleaner

    I post on the 10000-Days.com forums and I have been working on the Tool Puzzle for some time now.

    I have the solution.
    The CD released on May 2nd was indeed a REAL album. There might be another disk linking to that but nothing too special.

    There will be an entirely new album.
    10,000 Days was just a giant clue to this upcoming CD. Almost like a “sample” for what’s yet to come. But completely different and unique at the same time.

    Believe me when I say this, it will be the most spectacular, amazing, mind defying, album of music the world can never compare to.

    Be patient.

  • Conspiracy Believer

    Which I guess is what I have been waiting for!
    I have seen your posts Demon(isn’t that the same name you use on the forums?) I am ToolKit on there.
    I know that 10KD is a real album but like you believe it’s just a sample of what they really intended to blow us away with. I really like 10KD alot, but it’s not what I would have expected from Tool after 5 years. That’s just my opinion and everyone has their “own idea” of what was expected from them.
    Hope we don’t have to wait too long!

  • oXygEn_WaSteR

    haahahh u guys… is it just too hard to believe that TOOL just came out with ONE album??? i mean come on… why does everybody expect so much out of them??? i kno they’re an amazing band and all… and they do some pretty crazy shit with their fans… but i bet they’re all reading things like this going “wtf is wrong with these people???”… they’re probably laughing their asses off because there’re so many conspiracies going around on the internet… and more than half of them aren’t true…

  • Vicman

    Don´t be stupid demon, just enjoy the fucking new album. Enjoy each song, i realy think its an incredible album. And… thers no other album! thats bullshit, just imagine all the money and time spent on the realization of this album.

    i found 10,000 days(the song) very emotive

    The pot… amazing

    Jambi… cool

    Vicarious… well, its a single

  • Conspiracy Believer

    Vicman ~ “And… thers no other album! thats bullshit, just imagine all the money and time spent on the realization of this album.”

    Yeah, they spent all that time and money on it to sell it for a measly $9.99????
    Have you ever seen a brand new album with a crazy ass case go for that cheap???
    Hell, I have never even seen a regular cased new release go for under $11.99

    How do you have any right calling someone stupid because of what they believe? If people never thought outside the box and dreamed of more than whats right in front of your eyes, this race would never evolve. If you only conformed to that which is comfortable and believable, you’d be bleeting like a SHEEP!!! Baaahhh Baaaahhhh
    Believe what you want. Who knows what the truth is about it all. If this was the only album, I’ll be happy like I stated above…..If another album drops soon though, not only will I be fucking overly happy, but it’ll be nice to see the Sheep flocking to the nearest Best Buy/Circuit City.

    P.S. You used the word “realization” in your last sentence. Just exactly what context does that have in the sentence? Makes no sense at all.

  • oXygEn_WaSteR

    i bought mine for $15… where the hell did u get ur’s for $10????

  • Conspiracy Believer

    I got mine at Best Buy. Target had them at the same price as well. Also Amazon was selling for $9.99

  • oXygEn_WaSteR

    well ur a lucky son of a b…

    sorry to use harsh letters…

    i guess it’s because i bought mine at a little music store… not anything major =/ … oh well… it’s only 5 bucks…

  • Conspiracy Believer

    Only 5 bucks??
    Hell, that’s half a Tool album! lol

    It’s almost Tuesday! Hope that import has something more to it!!!

  • scot

    well if this a real album i want the old tool back, seeing adam struggle through basic chord progressions and maynard completely going schizo vocally its no wonder it aint great. sometimes change can hurt ya….. 3RD EYE!!!!!!!!

  • Vicman

    Conspiracy and demon… I Apologize…

    But in fact 10kD it’s really what I expected, that why I said “stupid” I can’t believe how can you guys say “it is not what I expected”

    I found almost all of the songs amazing.

    And if it’s a decoy album… well… the real one will be also great! But that’s my opinion…

    About the word realization… sorry… I’m not American nor English, I’m learning


  • Swed

    10,000 Days is absolutely amazing, it takes a long time and a lot of patience to digest and start to love, just like Lateralus. I just saw Tool live on their small venue tour, and let me tell you that these songs are not decoys, anybody who thinks that makes me sick. These songs absolutely shred live, that concert left me speechless, it was the most amazing live music you could ever hope to see. If you want to hate on Tool or on this album, just keep your mouth shut until you see them live, then we’ll see what you have to say.

  • oXygEn_WaSteR

    swed, ur a lucky bastard… i’ve listened to tool for years and i have never seen them live… lol

  • Conspiracy Believer

    It’s all good man.
    Like I said before, I love the Tool album too. But for me(and just my opinion) it wasn’t nearly what I was expecting. I agree that it grows and grows on you just like other Tool albums, but this just felt too laid back for Tool. Maybe that’s the direction that they have gone. I prefer the old over the new. We saw the lighter side of MJKs voice with APC. I wish he’d keep his old Tool voice for TOOL. But again, it’s just my opinion and dammit, my opinion is the right one! LOL just kiddin

  • 3rd_i

    So what’s up with this import CD? Anyone knows?

  • shak

    yeah does anyone know what’s up with the import, what’s the difference? Isn’t it a two disc thing?

  • Amanda

    Wings For Marie has been around for a long fucking time. I have a Tool concert bootleg from the 2002 Lateralus tour in Knoxville. There is a shorter instrumental of Wings following a speech given to the crowd by Maynard at the finale of the show.

  • Conspiracy Believer

    I have heard this before as well.

  • Ding

    Right in Two… The Sears Tower, The skeleton holding up two fingers and pointing to one, The Release date (May 2nd) There is two albums! The next one will drop July 2nd, two months later. However 10000 Days is not a decoy, just the first part of an epic double released. Expect the next one to be harder. Hell they might even call it 10000 Nights!!! P.O.

  • oXygEn_WaSteR


    ya… lol because we all know that all of those things you mentioned are TOTALLY relevant to a new TOOL cd…

  • Ding

    It has everything to do with another album. In the booklet there are two of almost everything. Maynard has two boxes, one is opened, almost like the boxes represent the albums. The other one is yet to be opened. Same with the skulls in Danny’s Pic. The skelleton holding up two fingers and pointing to one of them in Adam’s pic is doing so as if to say, “one down, one to go.” Everything is two. It could just be coincidence, but I dont think so. It might also just be a case of me seeing what I want to see. Check it out for yourself.

  • Ding

    There is nothing wrong with a little wishful thinking!

  • PineAway

    i really don’t think all the “sighns” that are given in the atrwork of 10,000 days that hint a second album are coincidence. i really hope they’re not 😉

  • oXygEn_WaSteR

    ding.. ya i hope you’re right… i’d really like to hear another album… but come on… =/ … idk maybe i’m just a pessimist… lol

  • This is interesting. The song 10,000 days is 11:13 long. Viginti Tres and Wings part one together equal 11:13 long. 10,000 days is tbe base track with Viginti Tres over the top of it. Once VIginti tres ends Wings begins..listen to the whole thing..pretty sure this is no coincedence.

    The rumour is: Viginti Tres is the sound of god breathing, Wings is mayanrds mother speaking to God. 10,000 days is maynard speaking to his mother. Some people may disagree but I feel like this track layered together is…amazing. Granted there are some spots were it seems somewhat chaotic..in the end part, there is no denying that this was done on purpose.

  • oXygEn_WaSteR

    so how was that new cd? lol

  • 3rd_i

    Who are you to wave your finger? Seems that this thread is dead!!

    Yeah i’m a lyricist!

    I’m enjoying the album more and more.

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