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Tool’s New Album 10,000 Days Leaked to Internet

It had to happen. How could it have not happened? Like the leak of the single “Vicarious,” which I posted about earlier, the new Tool album 10,000 Days has leaked, according to

10,000 Days was set to be released worldwide starting in Germany from the 28th of April but has somehow found its way online. Unlike the “Vicarious” leak, when many knew of the origin, there is no clue as to how the album was leaked.

Tool fan boards are seeing heavy traffic. Tool Navy, and also the Nine Inch Nails fan board Echoing the Sound are heating up, as fans frantically search for a copy of the album.

The Internet “debut” of the album puts an end to the great lengths the band themselves went to to ensure the album would not leak. If you plan to downloading the album for informational purposes, please make sure you purchase the album when it is released.

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  • Conspiracy Believer

    I have heard this before as well.

  • Ding

    Right in Two… The Sears Tower, The skeleton holding up two fingers and pointing to one, The Release date (May 2nd) There is two albums! The next one will drop July 2nd, two months later. However 10000 Days is not a decoy, just the first part of an epic double released. Expect the next one to be harder. Hell they might even call it 10000 Nights!!! P.O.

  • oXygEn_WaSteR


    ya… lol because we all know that all of those things you mentioned are TOTALLY relevant to a new TOOL cd…

  • Ding

    It has everything to do with another album. In the booklet there are two of almost everything. Maynard has two boxes, one is opened, almost like the boxes represent the albums. The other one is yet to be opened. Same with the skulls in Danny’s Pic. The skelleton holding up two fingers and pointing to one of them in Adam’s pic is doing so as if to say, “one down, one to go.” Everything is two. It could just be coincidence, but I dont think so. It might also just be a case of me seeing what I want to see. Check it out for yourself.

  • Ding

    There is nothing wrong with a little wishful thinking!

  • PineAway

    i really don’t think all the “sighns” that are given in the atrwork of 10,000 days that hint a second album are coincidence. i really hope they’re not ;)

  • oXygEn_WaSteR

    ding.. ya i hope you’re right… i’d really like to hear another album… but come on… =/ … idk maybe i’m just a pessimist… lol

  • xlvi

    This is interesting. The song 10,000 days is 11:13 long. Viginti Tres and Wings part one together equal 11:13 long. 10,000 days is tbe base track with Viginti Tres over the top of it. Once VIginti tres ends Wings begins..listen to the whole thing..pretty sure this is no coincedence.

    The rumour is: Viginti Tres is the sound of god breathing, Wings is mayanrds mother speaking to God. 10,000 days is maynard speaking to his mother. Some people may disagree but I feel like this track layered together is…amazing. Granted there are some spots were it seems somewhat the end part, there is no denying that this was done on purpose.

  • oXygEn_WaSteR

    so how was that new cd? lol

  • 3rd_i

    Who are you to wave your finger? Seems that this thread is dead!!

    Yeah i’m a lyricist!

    I’m enjoying the album more and more.

  • insushCamma

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