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Tool Reality Show – How Hard is Your Rock?

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(From Tool Fan Page)

“According to sources, we can now announce here that Tool will be starring in a new reality series for Fox this summer. Though much information is not yet available, the show (tentatively titled “How Hard is your Rock?”, though this is expected to change) is scheduled to run for eight episodes starting in June. What I’ve heard from people I work with at Fox is that the band will be overseeing a competition between other bands who are struggling to reach prominence. Fox is giving these bands a chance to make it on a national stage, with a twist (as only they could deliver): the bands will apparently be hanging out with the members of Tool in an attempt to win their approval and their vote to be the ‘next big thing,’ but unbeknownst to the bands, Tool will be mocking them the whole way.

I personally was shocked that the band would be interested in doing this, but I guess they are hoping to improve the quality of programming out there from within … maybe? Weird though this news is, we should get more information from a “How Hard is your Rock?” press briefing expected to be held later today, which coincidentally is April Fools’ Day.

Ok, if you got to this point, I would like to tell you that you have been had. Toolshed.down.net is famous for it’s April Fool’s jokes, and this is just this year’s incarnation. Tool would never do any television show, let alone a reality show where they make fun of other bands. If you are a fan, you should know this. Just the same, Kabir, the proprietor of Toolshed seems to get people every year who are allergic to calendars or something. I am just doing what I can to spread the wealth.

(This article originally appeared at RockDummy.com)

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