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Tool Fans Are Gearing Up Once More For 10,000 Days

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10,000 Days, the upcoming album by the band Tool is arriving in stores on the 2nd of May. For an anxious Tool fan like myself, that may as well be as far away as the title of the new album suggests.

It’s been 5 years since the release of their last album Lateralus, which was well received by fans and critics alike. Apparently, you don’t just have to listen to the album from track 1 to the end any more like we used to do back in the old days. Fans have created specific sequences to listen to the album. That’s right, the fans have created this, not the band. The fans have also created something else for Tool – a hardcore protective fortress.

Maybe I should explain myself a little better. I am a new Tool fan – new to the Tool party as it were. I’ve only been a fan for roughly six months. However, I have encountered many Tool fans before I liked the band and let me tell you something; they are the most one-eyed people I have ever met. Try telling them that Tool sucks, and they’ll beat you down to a bloody pulp. Why? Because to them, Tool is the best band in the entire world. That’s why.

To say their fan base is one-eyed is probably not very fair, but my conversation with three Tool fans on Saturday night reinforced that view. Apparently, you don’t even have to say “Tool sucks!” to get them to (verbally) beat you down. You just have to fumble for ten seconds or more to tell them what your favourite song is or mispronounce an album name for them to tell you that in fact, you suck and that you are not a real Tool fan.

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine recently when I asked him if he liked Tool, since many of my friends don’t exactly rave about them. His eyes grew wide and he stopped talking and raised his hands as if I were about to shoot him and he said: “Ooh…do you like Tool?”

At this point, I wasn’t sure as to why he acted freaked-out. I told him that yes, I did like Tool. “Why?” I asked nervously, thinking he was going to ridicule me for liking them.

“Well, see if I tell you I don’t like them much, I’m scared you’ll give me the usual 45-minute lecture on why I’m stupid and why Tool is the best band in the whole world.”

Ah, that’s why.

But why the hell has Tool gained such a fan base? The more and more I read about Tool, the more it doesn’t make sense to me. They rarely do interviews. In fact, it is only recently that I have seen them do interviews for the new album. During their time off whilst writing and recording 10,000 Days not a word was heard from them. Their albums are not rammed down your throat by constant advertising thanks to record companies. Their songs are not heard on commercial radio. So how does a band that barely does any promotion get to No. 1 on the Billboard chart?

It appears that Tool offer the fans something no other band does – music full of complex themes and layers and sometimes music that is simple. But that’s just for starters.

When Jennifer Lopez sang “I’m Real”, she was being very, VERY fake. Tool is real. Because Tool don’t go on MTV Cribs and announce to their fans, “Look what I bought with YOUR money!!” Tool don’t go walking down the street only to be chased by photographers so they can jump into their Bentley and speed away. Tool don’t care about getting awards for their music. They don’t want people to idolize them, they want to influence people enough to go out there and make their own music.

Tool fans know something about Tool that many people don’t: Tool are the real deal, and that’s why “Tool are the best band in the entire world.”

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  • Duane

    A favorable comparison to J Lo is faint praise indeed for Tool. But the point is taken.

    It’s not because they are the real deal that Tool is the best band in the entire world. Lots o’ bands are the real deal. Many real deal bands suck eggs. Real deal bands are often made up of musically inept strummers, whackers, and screamers with nothing on their minds beyond being real.

    Tool, real or not, is made up of fine and adventurous musicians. But there’s more to it than that. They write songs that can be violent, dark, sometimes almost hypnotic. No ballads. No goofy love songs. No filler material. The music is challenging to the listener. No headbangers need apply. What a unique blend of crushing chords, flashy explosive drumming, subtle bass lines, and haunting vocals, mixed with polyrhythmic asymmetry. Great stuff.

  • I used to be a Tool superfan. Guess I’m not anymore — I didn’t even know there was a new album coming. I suck.

  • Guppusmaximus

    Sure… I guess you could leave this headbanger out because I stopped listening to them with Aenema… (I just don’t like the spacial element to their music anymore) But, if I do recall correctly, MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball helped their “Undertow” album make a ton of sales which helped create this fan base. But, it’s not abnormal for a good band like Tool to make it on their own. Dream Theater has been doing that for 20 years. Anyways, I’ll have to take a listen to the new release… Maybe it will spawn a new love.

  • gonzo marx


    of course i knew about the Album…and thanks to the Poster for giving us a release date…

    Duane in comment #2 sez it much more eloquently than your humble Narrator ever could…

    to me, TOOL is to the 90’s-now the epitome of musicianship that Rush dominated so much between the 70’s and 90’s

    let me just say, there are few bands this middle aged ex-bassist will go to see live any more…Motorhead, Rush…TOOL tops my list

    /joygasm at a new album/tour

    nuff said?


  • Lateralus ruined music for a friend of a friend when it was relased. All other music became stupid to him.

    I can’t say I go quite that far but I do like that record and am looking forward to hearing the new album.

  • interesting. i read tons & tons about Lateralus and the greatness of Tool.

    so i went out and bought Lateralus.

    nothing there for me. nothing at all.

  • gonzo marx

    that makes me sad to hear Mark…

    i’m interested in what type/band/musicians do trip yer switch?

    even those musicians who despise the genre that TOOL plays whom i have forced to listen to Undertow/AEnima/Lateralus have admitted that they were “tight” and solid musicians….

    so i’m curious as to what you like…


  • like most things with me, it ends up being about the vocals. i just can’t stand that guy’s voice. it just leaves me cold.

  • gonzo marx

    a far cry from “nothing at all”

    but it does explain a lot…different strokes i guess

    i think he has an excellent voice, good pitch and intonation…not to mention the lyrics

    but, to each their own, i guess


  • yea, some of these things you really can’t explain. to me, his voice is just cold and emotionless.

    this is the same great/blah thing that i have with Elliott Smith. many people hear lots of emotion in his voice. when it gets to my ears, i just hear boredom.

  • gonzo marx

    well Mark, i think i am getting what ya are saying…

    might i suggest, fer a bit more “emo” in the vocals…you try and borrow a copy of “Undertow” instead?….the songs Sober and Prison Sex especially show off a much broader range of vocal ability…the Lateralus album is much more cerebral on purpose…

    just a Thought

  • i’ve borrowed that cd and Aenema too…and had the same reaction. it’s really just the voice.

    i can’t even get past it to the words (which are always the very last things i listen to anyway).

    we have past proof of this…where in an old comments thread i used the word “nihilism” in reference to Tool and you posts a buncha lyrics prooving that i didn’t know what the hell i was talking about: which is true, because i never heard the words! oh well.

  • gonzo marx

    lol..no worries Mark…it is all subjective anyway

    but, you do get partial credit for at least trying


  • Guppusmaximus

    I just have to give credit because they made their own niche…Not too many bands doing that nowadays.

  • vanessa

    interesting article. i think it’s funny how everyone has ended up talking about tool!

  • zingzing

    um, yeah. tool is the subject of the article.

    anyway, tool is just 70’s art-rock, warmed over with a little (admittedly intersting, if a bit underwhelming) metal thrown in. it’s a little to meticulous (sp?) for me. detail is a wonderful thing, but… it seems that any true emotional weight is just buried under all that “complexity” for complexity’s sake.

    just my opinion, but i got over tool a while ago.

  • gonzo marx

    zingzing sez…
    *just my opinion, but i got over tool a while ago.*

    ah well….more for me!

    but, cereally…one might take umbrage to your dscription of the bands “sound”….

    however, to each their own…what some might hear as “overly complex”..others might find “symphonic”

    i do find it fascinating that i appear to find the same correlations between TOOL fans and Rush fans…both pro and con

    biggest thing with those who don’t like it are the vocals…

    second biggest come from non-musicians

    just an Observation

    me, i will be eagerly anticipatiing not only the Cd release, but looking forward to when they come up here for some shows…last time they played both Lewiston and Augusta…and i was a happy gonzo

    we will see…


  • zingzing

    who says i don’t play music? and who says that non-musicians opinions are any better or worse?

    and “symphonic” is a bad word. icky. rock n roll shouldn’t be “symphonic,” because everyone knows what happens when classical music and rock collide: boredom. maybe that’s the problem with tool… they’re kind of boring lately.

    and rush sucks too.

  • gonzo marx

    now zingzing…did i say you fell into any category?

    read carefully, cuz i am a tricksy bastage at times

    and yer last line sez it all, we can just agree to differ, since matters of taste and music are purely Subjective…


  • MusicLover

    May 2nd US release. Single (Vicarious) hits radio THIS Monday (4/17). Small venue US tour in May (Boston & Seattle confirmed so far) before heading overseas all summer. Full North American tour starting in September.

    “10,000 Days”

    01 Tool Vicarious 07:06
    02 Tool Jambi 07:28
    03 Tool Wings For Marie (Pt 1) 06:11
    04 Tool 10,000 Days (Wings Pt 2) 11:14
    05 Tool The Pot 06:22
    06 Tool Lipan Conjuring 01:11
    07 Tool Lost Keys (Blame Hofman) 03:44
    08 Tool Rosetta Stoned 11:14
    09 Tool Intension 07:21
    10 Tool Right In Two 08:56
    11 Tool Viginti Tres 05:01

  • zingzing

    gonzo–true, true. i reacted. i am sorry. taste is subjective. but.. christ, rush? yish! get thee back to outer space!

  • Mark Saleski

    biggest thing with those who don’t like it are the vocals…

    second biggest come from non-musicians

    go figure. i love Rush…and like Geddy’s voice.

    and i’m a musician. don’t know what any of this means.

  • It means you have cement in your ears. Wow… a line that takes me back to a flamewar from many moons ago… heh

    I like Maynard’s voice. And of course Mark types the words “Elliott Smith” to get a rise out of me…

  • Duane

    Zing… I mean Zingzing (after the prison?), it’s all well and good that you don’t like Tool (or Rush for chrissakes) … but …

    … any true emotional weight is just buried under all that “complexity” for complexity’s sake.

    Similarly, I could criticize your favorite bands by simply pointing out that they are intentionally injecting emotion just for the sake of being emotional. It’s a non-point.

    Besides, Tool certainly does compose intentionally complex music. Amazingly enough, some people like complexity in their music. A lot of jazz and classical music is ridiculously complex. Some people are drawn to that. Some people like chess because it’s complex. Other people prefer Crazy Eights. The Crazy Eight fan could complain, “I hate chess because it’s complex for the sake of complexity. Chess sucks. Games should be fun.” This seems to parallel your musical philosophy.

    … rock n roll shouldn’t be “symphonic” ….

    Eh? Who says? It should be whatever the musicians want it to be. Right? It’s so opposite the rock ‘n’ roll mentality to try to impose rules. Music is wide open. That’s one of the great things about it. You don’t have to like it.

    I don’t really care for jazz because I find it to be too intellectual. But you wouldn’t catch me saying “Jazz sucks.” It’s just over my head at this phase of my life. Many jazz players would view Tool as being simplistic. Jazz musicians have taken complexity and woven into their art form. I am ignorant of most of it. In all my years of playing rock and dance music (20-some years ago), not once did I have to play a D13 flat-5 flat-9. I am musically uneducated compared to jazz players. I respect jazz, but it does not speak to me. This bears on Gonzo’s comment that a lot of musicians like Tool. They can appreciate what’s going on in the music. The interweaving, the patient repitition, the tension, the surprising shifts, the unconventional choices.

    Of course, all that complexity has to hang together. The whole has to function. Something has to be conveyed to the listener. Tool music resonates with some. Others don’t get it. And I mean nothing insulting there. I just mean that it does not speak to you. It doesn’t resonate with you. But I find comments like “Rush sucks” to be devoid of weight. It’s like saying, “Sushi sucks.” The most you can really say is, “I hate Rush.” OK, that’s a different matter.

    There are a few objective things that one can say about a band or one of their songs. Technical ability can be evaluated objectively. Tool, with the possible exception of Maynard’s singing, is technically among the best in “rock” music. You can say, objectively, that the music is complex. Yes it is. You no like? To each his own.

    But when you start talking about the emotional content, well, that’s purely subjective. I find many of Tool’s songs to be full of emotion. Not necessarily kick-up-your-heels kind of emotion, but still. More exactly, though, certain music evokes emotions within you. I think that’s what you mean when you refer to “emotional weight.” For example, La Mer by Debussey has one 20-second part right about half way through that always gets me. It makes me think of being on a boat with the wind and spray and feeling free. I play it for someone else and they look at me with a blank stare. Subjective. Whitney Houston is very emotional sounding. She’s technically brilliant. Objective. I would not plop down a dime for one of her CDs. I hate that stuff. Subjective.

    Another thing … why can’t you like different kinds of music? There are times when ZZ Top is just the thing. Billy G wringing the life out that guitar. Yes, indeed. Simplistic stuff. Other times, King Crimson (talk about complex) is just the thing. I like ambient music, too. I play it while I work. And old-style funk. You bet. “Oh, they’re trying to be funky just for the sake of funkiness!” Well, sure. Some people like that. Not much emotion packed into funk, is there?

    Anyway, open your mind, grasshopper. That pretty well sums it up.

    Master Po: Close your eyes. What do you hear?

    Young Caine: I hear the water, I hear the birds.

    Master Po: Do you hear your own heartbeat?

    Young Caine: No.

    Master Po: Do you hear the grasshopper that is at your feet?

    Young Caine: [looking down and seeing the insect] Old man, how is it that you hear these things?

    Master Po: Young man, how is it that you do not?

  • Kenny G asked me to inform you kind readers that you should pay no attention to zing’s opinion about Tool. Kenny G says zing has illustrated many times at BC that he his taste in music is laughable. Kenny G also wonders if zing has an aversion to the band’s name because when zing’s last girlfriend dumped him, part of her reasoning was that she thought zing was “a tool.”


    “I’ve only been a fan for roughly six months.”

    Rest my case.

  • cement in my ears?

    hey, at least i can go from a G-chord to an F-chord without putting myself in traction.

  • vanessa

    what case? are you just proving the point of the author about what Tool fans are like? Six months isn’t long enough to be a Tool fan or something?

  • zingzing

    hey duane, take no offense in anything i say–we are arguing about music and i think that you got your point across very calmly, but i don’t always write that way, so…

    there is emotion in tool’s music. but it is buried. their discs are 70 minutes long, 50 minutes of which is noodling. it’s not that they aren’t impressive, technically talented, etc, etc. it’s just that they bore the fuck out of me on the way to anything that’s worth the trouble.

    and the rush comment was an inside joke that you illustrated well enough.

    you know nothing about my musical taste, so don’t judge it. i don’t really care for tool. or rush. but that’s all you know. i don’t like different types of music? how do you know? today i have folk, industrial, some stones, some experimental, some noise, some mid-period sonic youth, some japanese music, some doc watson and some power pop with me at work. um. yeah. and there’s a rap disc in my computer and my home stereo is holding a jazz album and a prince album. if you were to go through my stacks of cds (i have thousands), you would find a lot of white people, that’s for sure, but you would also find just about every genre you could think of. diversity is my essense.

    over-emoting (whitney houston) is just as useless as over-complication (king crimson). i don’t care for technical mastery (fuck kenny g). and i don’t like symphonies.

    but to say that i need to open my eyes, just because i don’t like tool is… foolish and ignorant (not totally, just about who i am). “wide open” pretty well describes my taste. ask anyone who knows me.

    and to kenny g’s assistant–did you get over that donkey punch? wow, you were bleedin’! kenny said he’d never heard you moan so loud.

  • Duane

    Dear, Dear Zingzing,

    It’s funny that you would mention Kenny G as an example of technical mastery, since he is not known in jazz circles as one possessing such. He’s a hack who happens to play emotional sounding milquetoasty tunes that (evidently) some people like. Just ask Kenny G’s assistant.

    you know nothing about my musical taste, so don’t judge it.

    Well, I meant no offense. I don’t know everything about your musical taste, true. But I know something about it. I can read.

    “wide open” pretty well describes my taste. ask anyone who knows me.

    Wait, aren’t you the one who said that rock music shouldn’t be symphonic, or something like that? There might be a crack in the door, but it’s obviously not “wide open.”

    but to say that i need to open my eyes…

    You might have taken this a little more seriously than it was intended. I would give myself the same advice.

    … foolish and ignorant ….

    Well, I’ve been called worse things at BC. Seems a little extreme, but again, you’re entitled to your opinion.

    it’s not that they aren’t impressive, technically talented, etc, etc.

    OK, so at least you can acknowledge the objective aspect of Tool.

    … it’s just that they bore the fuck out of me on the way to anything that’s worth the trouble.

    I can accept that. Just arguing a little, ya know?

  • zingzing

    the kenny g example was a joke. haha. (but it’s a telling joke.) yeah, i think rock shouldn’t be symphonic. it’s a matter of taste. there are other styles of music that can be. i just don’t like overly grandiose rock music. it’s antithetical. i qualified the foolish and ignorant statement, so don’t just quote that part back…

  • LucyFur

    I am curious as to how old the people posting messages here are

  • gonzo marx


    starting playing bass in 76 after seeing Rush at the Felt Forum

    Entwistle,Lemmy,Geddy,Les Claypool and both of the players that have been in TOOL….others

    from Bird and Diz to Pantera, Motorhead and TOOL…

    nuff said?


  • zingzing

    half gonzo + half decade.

  • Duane

    One full Gonzo + half decade (good Christ). Wuz about you?

  • Guppusmaximus

    I’m a baby(31)…. Started playing drums 21 years ago after hearing Clive Burr on Iron Maiden’s “Killers”,”Number..” and some of the music during the Spiderman cartoon (Real Jazzy). As for zingzing’s comment about symphonic rock, I think that disqualifies you from speaking about any of the greats(Yes,Black Sabbath,Rush,DT,Kansas,Boston,King Crimson,Queensryche,Fates Warning,Opeth,Tool,etc)I’m sure the list could go on & on…

  • spudevo

    I’ve been reading through all the comments and shit! I’ve been a Tool fan for years now (and in reply to a previous poster, i’m 29) and I agree with the author of this article. Some Tool fans are insane and I agree with vanessa: by giving someone shit and resting an non existent case that six months isn’t long enough to be a Tool fan is justifying the article. I didn’t know there was a certain time frame to like a band.

  • zing, Kenny G has not granted me the pleasure, but Kenny G does understand your bitterness. Kenny G realizes now that you were expecting a call after you performed the angry dragon. Kenny G said he made it clear it was a one-time thing. In regards to you being “wide open”, even Kenny G found your pink sock was disgusting.

    Duane, Kenny G isn’t surprised that you don’t understand Kenny G’s music since you yourself say that you are “musically uneducated compared to jazz players.” The real question is why no liked your rock/dance music 20 years ago although upon hearing it, Kenny G is sure it will become obvious. Kenny G also wanted you to know that when those men talk you into sitting around and masturbating with them it isn’t a “jazz circle” no matter what they tell you.

    Kenny G won’t be around the rest of the weekend as he has flown to visit President Bush so that Kenny G can explain how to solve the illegal immigration problem.

  • If you like tool check out
    this band

  • buttsexmaster

    anyone who doesnt like tool’s music should be tarred, feathered, and then shot in the head with an elephant gun

  • TOOL

    I love them I love the Music…….TOOL……….you can just like them no no you must love them………

  • where can i find the leak of the new album i have been trying lime wire soulseek and morpheus but i can’t find anything but there knew single vicarious……………..
    Please help!!!!!!!!

  • fra

    TOOL is the best.


  • Anshu ANand

    TOOL are the greatest !!…I mean GREATEST !

  • Pornstar

    Tool are played on commercial radio, and my friend works at a fine wine shop in LA, and tells me that Maynard James comes in ever few months and buys between $10,000 and $20,000 of expensive french wine. She also says hes a really nice and cool guy……

  • dood

    Do not disgrace Rush by comparing Tool as equals.
    Rush had musicial talent,songwriting skills and influence that Tool could only hope for.
    The only similarity is that both bands have a original sound overall.

  • gonzo marx

    well dood,

    i don’t think it denigrates either band by pondering a comparison…

    let’s think about it a second…

    both bands are made up of masterful musicians, both compose their work with a high degree of Thought and crafted implementation…

    yes, both bands have definately established their own Sound, well outside the mainstream of “pop”

    and on a pure musical note…both bands utilize polyrhythyms and off timings as well as different chord voicings in their composition ( TOOL likes 5 counts, whereas Ruch are all about the 7 count )

    these things make for a distinct comparison, and can be said to show that both occupy a similar place for their generation

    your mileage may vary


  • meow


  • mast3r

    i just have to say that jazz isn’t more complex than Tool and Tool wouldn’t look simple to jazz players.Let me see a jazz player play a 5/8 + 7/8 riff like Adam Jones does in “Schism”.

  • stuffing

    to the guy looking for the tool leak

    you have to bit torrent it

    go to thepiratebay.com

    i may be at the forefront in saying this, but this is a fake record

    either that or this is the worst record tool hase ever made.

    if this is the real record, there are going to be millions and millions of really pissed tool fans.

    just letting you guys know

  • finn

    you got it all worng stuffing this is the real album..The wanabe tool fans will get disapointed but the real ones wont. You just dont listen to the songs, but you also have to see it. If you fail to see it then the outcome will be disapointment.

    Tool songs grow into you, you will never liked it for the first or the second time.

  • fool

    I like it

  • Ammar

    hey guys..
    i heard the whole of 10000 days.. if u guys are lookin for it go to http://www.demonoid.com. nd yeah the one in bit torrent is a fake.. i mean come on the guy isint n e where near maynard! luv the new album! hav been crazy bout em after lateralus.. i call em classical metal.. if u guys dunt like classical u wont evver like tool.. nd btw u need to hav a software such as Azureus to download frm demonoid.. its kinda like bit torrent exept they dunt put on fake shit..

  • Ad

    Yeah I like it. A nice simple comment. A bit of time was all it needed for me.

  • jer

    10,000 is definitely a MUST OWN cd. I’ve had a copy for the past few weeks and I really enjoy it, brings back the feeling I had when Lateralus and Aenema were first released. Definitely heading down the path that TooL has been going for a long time. Two thumbs up from me! I can see how some people might not dig it at first but my GOD, it grows on you like the plague would!!!


    Cool.Great Article!Lots of interesting opinions here as everyone is entitled to of course.All I’m gonna say for my opinion and only mine:Is TOOL is everything for me.TOOL Is Music,TOOL Is Art,TOOL Is Religion!The best thing about the article is when they said “Tool are the best band in the entire world.” But that’s wrong,not the world. For Me,”TOOL are the Best Band in the F**KING Universe!!!”
    I so agree with the post 5 rows up,any real fan of TOOL will LOVE this album.I’ve read alot of mixed reviews about it,but to each his own!For me,they never disappoint and it is everything I expected it to be and more!I am still speechless and it still hasn’t even sunk in yet as I only had a chance to listen to it twice!Loved It Immediately! ~PEACE EVERYONE & ENJOY!~

  • Tool is the god damn best! Check out the new fan forums.