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Tookie Williams Almost Fooled Us

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Stanley Tookie Williams was executed on December 13,2005 @12:36 am in this year of our Lord.

Within a week the world will have forgotten about Tookie. Before, let’s take the time to document how he and a few Hollywood Moonbats almost got away with pulling the wool over our collective lying eyes out here in la-la land.

Tookie died exactly how he lived. He refused to the end to admit guilt, he had no remorse, he glared at his execution witnesses in defiance and he was annoyed at the time it took to find his vein. Had that public employee searching for that elusive vein been in a different place and a different time, he or she would likely have been shot soundly between the eyes as Tookie would laugh at the death gurgles of the object of his annoyance.

Tookie Williams was born a criminal and has nothing but disdain for laws. I feel certain even HE wouldn’t deny this.

Somewhere along the line, the “co-author” of his children’s books got a great idea and almost pulled it off.

The books were missives warning against the danger of involvement with street gangs. In total they didn’t sell more than 300 books. I’VE sold more books than this! We’ll go out on a limb here and suggest that Tookie had very little to do with the writing of the books. They were the work of his “co-author”, one Barbara Becnel. Who was also the lady who shouted that the state of California has just executed an innocent man right after Tookie died, and who also gave a press conference after Tookie’s death calling California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger a murderer.

Rapper Snoop Dog and Jamie Foxx were two of the Hollywood celebrated that chose Tookie Williams as their standard to fight the death penalty.

Actor Mike Farrell, a has-been who needs a Moonbat cause to get any attention, also considered Tookie a cause worth redemption.

Rapper Snoop Dog and Jamie Foxx have an audience that would likely approve of their support of Tookie Williams. Mike Farrell supports anything wacky that would get him some of his old time glory.

Note that none of their motives, surmised by mine own wise self admittedly, is about redeeming a murderer or even the higher principle of the elimination of capital punishment.

For if these celebrities were sincere, what with their Hollywood PR machines and a keen knowledge of how to attract the public’s attention, surely they would not have sprung knee-jerk to the supreme joke Tookie tried to pull over on them.

They gave it not one whit of serious thought, ladies and gems. If they had they surely could have found a far better death row candidate to make their case.

Tookie Williams and his “friend” Barbara Becnel knew just the thing that would cause the Liberal Moonbats to swoon with the beauty of the emotion. Just think, she probably told Tookie as they plotted and planned, children’s books!

Let us learn the lesson of celebrities and their causes. It’s never about you and me or ours. It’s all about them and their carefully crafted sound and sight bytes designed to fool us.

The Tookie Williams who got strapped on that gurney was the Tookie who lived a life of crime and eschewed such as law and order. He didn’t change. He never felt an ounce of remorse over his victims. They were the source of his homicidal derision and they meant nothing to him.

Yet Hollywood jumped at the chance for their own personal and thoughtless reasons.

They almost fooled us folks. Pay attention. Follow the money. And ask what’s in it for them. Always assume the celebrity Moonbats are NOT thinking about you.

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From CNN:

SAN QUENTIN, California (CNN) — Convicted killer and Crips gang co-founder Stanley Tookie Williams was executed early Tuesday at the California state prison at San Quentin.

The execution went ahead as scheduled after the U.S. Supreme Court late Monday rejected a last-ditch appeal.

The high court’s ruling followed California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s decision to deny clemency for Williams, 51, who received a lethal injection at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday (3:01 a.m. ET).

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  • Bliffle

    My take, after reading what I could find, is that Tookie was a ruthless manipulator and killer, but most importantly, an accomplished conman. I don’t see much to doubt in his conviction, most of the claims of his supporters are rebutted, and I think his ‘redemption’ is fake, a story created entirely by Williams and successfully employed to manipulate gullible people on The Outside.

    Aside from that, I think his books are a joke. They were ghost written and are impractical. Also, very expensive: $84 for a 24 page book is a lot of money for precious little. The books seem to consist of nothing but exhortations against gangs and a glossary of gang terms. The glossary is of no use to anyone except police. Oh, and potential gang members! They say that Williams would be effective as a speaker against gangs, but I think exactly the opposite. And clemency at this time would have offered an escape to gang members. And would have demonstrated the efficacy of jailhouse lawyering and conning.

    Remember, Williams had 26 years to fulltime develop his cons and excuses. The poor people who he manipulated were simply under-equipped to deal with such an onslaught of alibiing.

    As for being an ‘expert’, I don’t think so. Did Williams immerse himself in Psychology and Anthropology books and studies while in jail to find the roots of gangs? No. He spent his time rationalizing his own behaviour and manipulating others. Williams knew nothing about gangs except how to climb to the top and how to sieze power.

  • zzhann

    Please define clemency. My interpretation is that is does not mean that you are “Not guilty”, but have tried to, at least the very least, make a difference/change. I believe Tookie did. And yet… Charles Manson still lives…in California.

  • Bliffle

    “…have tried to, at least the very least, make a difference/change. I believe Tookie did.”

    I don’t think so. Look at what little he did: a 24 page book (ghost written) in 26 years! Never cracked a book on anything pertinent, like psychology, anthropology, penology, etc. And his comments are drivel.

    No, he was just a conman. And not a very good one at that.

  • GoHah

    Scratching the phony tinsel to get to the real tinsel underneath, you can surely bet, too, that none of these celebrities could name even one of Tookie’ murder victims. But no matter–it’s showtime, folks!!:

    Too-too-tookie don’t cry,
    Too-too-tookie just die…

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  • GoHah

    about the Nobel prize: it’s ridicuously easy, and there doesn’t seem to be any kind of screening process for the nomination–even Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini were nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. And–I’m just speculating here–but I’m thinkin’ that none of them even wrote any childrens books.

  • that’s where you’re wrong, GoHah – Hitler did write “Mein Kampf fur Kinder!”

  • GoHah

    Scott #7: Pithy comment–thanks for not bloviating.

  • Perhaps Tookie did deserve to be executed. But I never once heard the “Moonbats”, suggest that he get out of prison.

  • Charity

    Man ya’ll tripping yall got tookie fucked up I bet you it was a white man that wrote this bull shit for yall info the crips started out as an organization this organization was to help protect his neighborhood

    so before yall go hating get some bussiness

  • Link

    Charity, you must be looking through rose-colored glasses. The majority of these comments, I believe, saw what Tookie was all about. I believe that you and a small minority believe that the organization “gang” is any good. Please go back and use better communication to try and get your point across, otherwise, you have lost any credibility.
    Justice was served, in this case, to society.

  • Tookie

    I’m not dead

  • RISocialWorker

    You know nothing about the man from the way you write. Someone on the site here wrote that Tookie started a gang to protect his neighborhood, and I for one believe it. I also know that in some neighborhoods, you can’t survive without your gang. It’s a way of life, as vital to gang members as how middle class folks need their local police. Before you judge this guy, why don’t you look at where he came from, and ask yourself what you would have done in the same situation: would you have tried to fight to stay alive or would you have laid down and died? Because those are the choices Tookie was given.
    You say Tookie almost fooled us…Fooled us into what? If a man cannot admit he did wrong even as he tried to champion the youth of America, did you ever think that just maybe he didn’t do it? What would he have to gain by lying on his death bed? Mister, grow up. You’re full of judgement, and it’s all the wrong kind. But if you can’t shut up, put up: Go into Tookie’s old neighborhood, set up your little soap box, and spout your nonsense where everyone there will hear you…Don’t hide behind social stratification, distance, the media, and the internet- Go to the man’s neighborhood and give your opinions.
    It doesn’t take courage to do what you do, does it? But Tookie had the courage and the heart for people to listen to him, and that’s what sets him apart: You don’t.

  • Some people will always be gullible and unwilling to see the truth no matter how obvious it is.


  • Bliffle

    RI: I think you know little of Williams. He didn’t start the gang he took it over. For power. He had no ideas for gang reform. He never showed remorse for his victims. Etc. He was just a killer and a conman.

  • CHiNKY

    You all know he was a good man for the good that he did after he was sentenced. He conspired with tupac on the code of thug life and the treaty that the bloods anc crips signed. You should be happy thathe declared senseless violence a disgrace. That could have been your house they were gonna drive-by on…. You Never Know?

  • How do you know how many books he sold, Pat?