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Too Many Shows, Too Little Time – Monday

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Okay, tonight starts the craziness of too-many-shows, too-little-time.  And unless you have a DVR, in addition to several VCRs, you'll never be able to watch all of the good ones.

But, have no fear! TVGirl is here! I'll tell you what's on, what you should watch, what you should record, and what you should catch online.

Monday, September 24
8:00-8:30pm How I Met Your Mother (CBS)
8:00-9:00pm Chuck (NBC)
8:00-9:00pm Prison Break (FOX)
8:00-9:30 pm Dancing with the Stars (ABC)
8:30-9:00pm The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
9:00-9:30pm Two and a Half Men (CBS)
9:00-10:00pm Heroes (NBC)
9:00-10:00pm K-Ville (FOX)
9:30-10:00pm Rules of Engagement (CBS)
9:30-11:00 pm The Bachelor (ABC)
10:00-11:00pm CSI: Miami (CBS)
10:00-11:00pm Journeyman (NBC)

Okay, we can automatically cross some of these off of our list: 

First, I have a strict policy of only watching reality TV in moderation — I'm not talking about all of the awesome "how-to" shows, just the ridiculous amounts of competitive and candid shows.

So, with that in mind, I'm declaring that there's only room for one reality show on Mondays, and The Bachelor is just not as gloriously cheestastic and fabulous as Dancing with the Stars. Yes, I said I refuse your stupid rose, Bachelor!

Next, anything with David Caruso can be eliminated immediately. Especially if his name is "Horatio" but that isn't followed by "Hornblower," he insists on going by "H" or his name can be shortened to "HoCaine." H, you are no Gil Grissom. Goodbye, CSI: Miami!

Now, you can go ahead and cross Two and a Half Men off your list. What, you need a reason?

And because some new shows, or new-ish shows, must go by the wayside, let’s not even consider The Big Bang Theory and Rules of Engagement. Besides, NBC already has the Night of Comedy lined up on Thursday, so CBS can just go away.

Alright, now we’re down to mostly good/potentially good shows. I personally have the capability to watch one show on my TV in the living room, and record another one on the VCR in my bedroom. So, assuming that, like me, you can watch/record only two shows at a given time, here’s what I think you should do.

At 8:00, you obviously have to watch Dancing with the Stars. Only the women are dancing tonight, but it’s still somehow an hour and a half long. So, we’re going to watch this live for the first hour, but also record the last half hour so we can catch it later.

We’re also going to record Chuck, because it’s shaping up to be one of the better new shows of the season. It has the adorable Zach Levy as the title character and he’s a complete dork. With Seth Cohen gone from our lives (*sniff*), we all need an adorkable character that we can relate to and fantasize about. Ok, maybe I’m the only one fantasizing.

Moving on, Prison Break is available online and I already know what you’re thinking: “Um, didn’t this show kinda blow last season?” Yes. Yes, it did. BUT! Last week’s premiere was surprisingly sort of awesome and the season looks fairly promising. Plus, I’m not ready to give up on my beloved Michael Scofield just yet.

Of course, if the rumors about Dr. Sara leaving the show are true, I will of course stop watching and wallow in my misery. Because seriously? Michael and Sara 4eva!

How I Met Your Mother is the one show on CBS’ lineup that is worth catching. And, lucky for us, it’s also available online, so we can watch that whenever we have the time.

Then, at 9:00, there is Heroes. And because it is awesome, there is only Heroes.  (I'm sorry, but K-Ville?  Go away.) This is the one show that I’ve been breathlessly anticipating for months now, despite the slightly disappointing finale last season. I even Hero-fied my Facebook profile (friend me to see!). Because I am a dork. And pathetic.

I’m also having a Heroes Watch Party, because apparently I am not the only dork. I will be cooking yummy snacks and wearing my fancy Glarkware “Petrelli for Congress” shirt. Because I am a dork. Have I mentioned that?

And finally, at 10:00, we can check out Journeyman and give it a shot, if only because there’s nothing else on. (I’m not listening, HoCaine!)

With luck I will continue this tutorial with the rest of the week’s line-up. With real life though, in the form of two tests tomorrow and a real job, taking over, I am unfortunately having less time to write.  Hopefully, things will calm down as the semester goes on and I can get back to doing what I love.

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