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Tons of Chill-It’s On

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Artist: Tons Of Chill
Title: It’s On
Genre: Rock-Rap-R & B
Label: Eman Music

There is Tons of Chill waiting for you and It’s On this CD. This is very cool music. I have never been an advocate of Rap, anyone that knows me will tell you that. This is different from what you hear on the radio-you know, the overkill on the bass booming from the speaker’s of cars going by, the kind of irritating sound that shakes your house? This is good music, not the generic crap with that overbearing bass and the lyrics that all sound the same. That is right; Tons of Chill are a legitimate talent.

Nick Palihnich and Stacy Jethroe form a one-two punch on vocals that is effectual and fun to hear, they get in non-stop groove that forces your feet to move. I especially appreciated Jethroe’s pipes and how they give the tunes class and taste even though the lyrics can be street smart and tough, but that is a part of the appeal for this kind of music. I cannot say enough of how tight this band is, of course, the vocal side of the house would never sound so good without that backing, and they have what it takes to make this CD fantastic. They use lots of drums, some programming and the three main ingredients to form their sound-guitar (Will Hollland), bass (Matthew Prouty) and keyboards (Eric Welsh).

If ya got some rhythm, soul, and pep in your step, then Tons of Chill will suit you fine. Those who listen to blues and jazz would find this music entertaining as well. The best part about this CD is you can tell that the people making the music are totally committed to their craft and they are having fun, now that’s what it’s all about!

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

August 12, 2004

01. Come Along (3:49)
02. It’s On (3:52)
03. Life Castaway (4:25)
04. Drums in the Water (3:48)
05. Walking (3:54)
06. Stars (2:23)
07. Atlantic City (3:59)

Radio Edits:

08. It’s On (clean version)

09. Life Castaway (clean version)

10. Atlantic City (clean version)



Nick Palihnich-Vocals, additional drum set
Stacy Jethroe-Vocals
Eric Welsh-Keyboards, drum programming, backup vocals
Matthew Prouty-Bass
Will Holland-Guitar
Tom Lambrecht-Drum Set

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