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Tonight’s Episode of SNL: Running Commentary

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Ah, I’m back. After a long NYU-induced hiatus, I have returned to Blogcritics.

Oh my lord. Britney Spears is trying to be Janet Jackson.

Which is weird, cos Justin Timberlake (you know, my boyfriend) is trying to be Michael Jackson. This is weird, and almost quasi-incestuous. Is that Madonna I hear in the background? Ah, it is. This must be that song they did together. Hmm. Weird. It’s actually on okay song, given that one knows how to appreciate a good pop song.

I also like how her corset is like 5 sizes to small, so she’s wearing a wifebeater underneath. Innovative. Okay, I’ll admit it. I have a crush on Britney Spears. I still think she’s a total whore, but I would hook up with her given the opportunity.

Oh my lord. Is SNL trying to be more funny by being more and more politically incorrect with each passing episode. Yeah, that’ll save you. Although this Native American bit on Weekend Update is mildly funny. I thought the earlier skit with the ghetto black girls was a valiant effort, but somehow I think it was funnier to me because we totally have girls like that walking all over the place back home in Virginia. It was like, “Yo, I went to high school with a girl named Starkeisha!”

Haha. “For those of you who don’t know, Kabbalah is an ancient form of publicity invented by Madonna.” Ah, Tina Fey. I only watch for you.

Did Tracy Morgan leave? I don’t remember seeing him on the open credits. Does this mean no more Brian Fellows? I actually liked the Brian Fellow skits. I especially liked how shiny and glossy his lips were.

And yo, since when is Kenan Thompson (of Kenan & Kel, er, fame) on this show? Good for him, I guess. But I will absolutely cry if he starts doing Goodburger skits. Let’s hope that Nickelodeon has some sort of copyright on that, which they probably do, so no worries there.

Okay, SNL has officially been on for an hour, which means it’s no longer worth watching. Haha.

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  • va

    “I’m packin’ my suitcase! I’ll be there soooon!” “Rocket….”

  • Oh, snap: Just saw a promo on NBC. This Saturday, SNL presents “The Best of Tracy Morgan.”

    Is that going to be a special half hour version of the program?

    Sorry — I kid because I love.

    Seriously, that means BRIAN FELLOWS! And Astronaut Jones! It’s gotta be better than the Halle Berry ep.

  • I just call her Xtina. Easy to spell, and certainly simpler than remembering how many Rs belong in dirrrrty.

  • Glad I didn’t bother. I have a downloaded MPG version of that Britney-Madonna-Aguilera-Elliott MTV moment and it is actually a great production – except when the kiss comes when it seems awkward and contrived.

    Remember kids – when wanting to spell Aguilera just rember the guile. (I had to look it up)

  • viv

    Ah. Bring back Justin indeed.

  • “[A]s many a “fan” will tell you, she can’t be expected to sing AND dance – because, you know, no one’s ever been able to pull off that feat live.”

    Heh. Gotta love those “fans.”

    I’d say to them: Tell that to Hugh Jackman, who is singing, dancing, leaping, high-kicking, shaking his moneymaker and more — simultaneously and brilliantly — in Broadway’s “The Boy from Oz.” The show may be a bit lightweight, but he is a real talent, unlike Ms. Spears (who did look good, but then, Jackman is way better-looking).

    And yes, Halle was MUCH better on Letterman’s show. I think you are right about having to be shameless — completely open to doing anything and potentially making as ass of yourself — to do well on SNL. Then again, working with Dave is probably more inspiring than working with many of those in the often uninspired SNL cast. I miss Ferrell (most of all), I miss Kattan, and *man*, do I miss Brian Fellows!

  • “Uh, Britney? Madonna called and said you were only supposed to try out her act, not keep it. She wants it back.”

    Isn’t Britney, like, over?

    Last night’s SNL was filler (and disappointing given how H-O-Triple T” Halle Berry was on Letterman this week.

    It was a typical “watch until the end of Weekend Update” and go to sleep.

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks Viv, glad to have you back

  • Eric Olsen

    Pretty dispiriting episode – Britney should have hosted, she’s good at that. Many a fine actor has a hard time with the “no kidding live” aspect of the show – remember how bad DeNiro was? I love Halle and there is no one hotter, but she wasn’t shameless enough – I think that’s the key.

    No doubt about the Britney lip-sync – there were no background singers, the mix was perfect, no loud breathing as she hopped around like a spastic android. It isn’t a bad song – interestign that she hooked up with Tricky. I did a Britney/Justin story for MSNBC that I thought was running Friday but I guess it’ll be tomorrow.

  • That was a pretty bad SNL. The show’s struggling without any strong character players anymore. And yes, Tracy Morgan left last season along with Will Ferrel, sadly. I always loved Astronaut Jones.

    Britney was indeed lip-syncing – and rather badly – on her first song. I was very surprised to see her actually sing the second one, but, as many a “fan” will tell you, she can’t be expected to sing AND dance – because, you know, no one’s ever been able to pull off that feat live. I suspect she doesn’t sing her more active songs live because her voice is pretty weak and thin (the second song sounded like it was pretty much exhibiting her entire range) and is bolstered in the studio by a slew of computers and software designed to keep her voice on key at all times, and so reliant on it is she that she cannot perform vocally live. But hey, she looked great, and that’s all that really matters, right?

  • I found the show an almost complete waste of time. Tina Fey would be one exception.

    Britney was OK, but yes, a strange amalgam of Michael and Janet Jackson. Her second song sucked. (I suspect she was lip-syncing the first one.)

    The sushi-restaurant skit was completely loathsome and unfunny, IMO. What in the world moved them to build a skit around Halle Berry’s horrid film BAPS? Even the actor said she only did that film for the money.

    And Halle… she appeared uninspired, listless, and way too dependent on cue cards. I was glad, in a way, that she and Britney didn’t smooch, but by show end, I wished that they had, because at least that would have been something interesting for her to do.

    I can’t even recall how many times this thought ran through my mind: Bring back Justin!