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Tommy Lee Goes to College: A Celebrity-based Reality TV Perfect Storm

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The celebrity-based reality show hybrid vehicle just keeps on purring.

You can see the pitch meetings over there at NBC.

“How about Ed McMahon playing practical jokes on people, fool ’em into thinking they won the Publisher’s Clearinghouse sweepstakes thing?”

“Nah, old hat…”

“Liability alone…”

“Wait, I got it.”

“Oh, now he’s got it. Go ahead.”

“Tommy Lee goes to college in Nebraska.”

“Yes. You’ve got it. Make it happen.”

On August 18th, the world will get an inside (intimate?) look at Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee attending undergraduate classes at The University of Nebraska, going to parties (we assume), getting assistance (all professional, we assume) from “hot” tutor Natalie, and chilling out with roommate Matt.

Apparently, the university isn’t concerned about any potential reality-based blowback caused by the program:

UNL Chancellor Harvey Perlman has already seen a couple episodes featuring the Motley Crue drummer in a variety of fish-out-of-water situations, and they made him laugh.

“I thought the university came through very well,” Perlman said. “I think the comedy is a joke on Tommy and not a joke on the university.”

If promotional clips are any indication, the university will be in the middle of the action.

They include shots of Lee playing drums with the Huskers marching band during halftime of last year’s Baylor game at Memorial Stadium. There are also scenes of him struggling in class and being assisted by tutor Natalie Riedmann, who’s beginning medical school at the University of Nebraska come fall. (Lee, however, was not enrolled and did not receive actual credit for any classes.)

Will this be the true and pure train wreck that we can only hope for in our wildest and most vile dreams, or will it be a poignant portrayal of second chances, renewal, and profound personal growth?

I’m betting the former.

Let’s make it happen, people.

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  • Eric Olsen

    great take on this EB, thanks!

  • Thanks EO — I’m oddly anxious to see Tommy in scholastic action…

  • Actually, I am intrigued to see Tommy Lee in the halls of academe and particularly what he does in the school band. Once upon a time I was a hot tutor named Natalie (according to those whom I helped); can’t wait to see my successor. Is she blond? (lol) Though I too expect this will be a train wreck…

  • I believe she is indeed a blonde.

    I’m personally hoping for a moment a la Almost Famous, when the guitarist dude peaks on acid at a midwest house party and then leaps off the roof into the pool.

  • Does that make me evil ?

  • Why does this sound so tempting to watch!?

  • I might need some therapy to fully and honestly answer that

  • Oh my, a golden god moment. That would rock!

    Imagine how different the world might be for Heather Locklear and Pam Anderson if Tommy hadn’t waited until his 40s to try the university life.

    Just saw the tutor on a promo. She’s blond, but she isn’t that hot.

  • I’m looking forward to this as well. Inspired TV programming.

    Funny story for you: a good friend of mine’s brother in law has a transsexual brother/sister. We’ll call her “Trixie” to protect the innocent. He/she is pre-operative, but has big fake boob implants and is taking hormones to be a woman. “Trixie” went to Lincoln, Nebraska for a wedding while this show was being filmed (in full drag, like always of course) and she was at a bar celebrating after the wedding with the whole wedding party when they saw a big group of people across the bar. Tommy Lee was at the center of that group. One of the people in the group came over and asked this young Mexican transvestite fella/girl if “she’d” like to meet Tommy Lee because he thought “she” was hot. The kicker is that this “girl” was one of the few who said “no thanks” to Tommy Lee.

    In Tommy’s defense, maybe his eyes aren’t so great or maybe it was far across a smoky room or maybe he’d been drinking a little. We all know his type of woman wears tons of bad makeup and has big fake boobs, but I wonder why NBC’s cameras couldn’t have been filming that night and why “Trixie” couldn’t have just gone over there. Dear God, that would’ve been great TV.

    That is all.

  • Sounds like a match made in reality TV heaven, Bob. But excellent thoughts regarding Tommy’s taste.

  • RC

    I’m kinda of interested seeing this, just for the fact that I’m from Nebraska.

    Huskers #1

  • You can fill us in on the level of realism, RC!

  • Eric Olsen

    the tutor is WAY blonde – I have taken the liberty of inserting a few pics

  • Thanks EO — I’ve not yet crashed through the glass ceiling of laziness to use pics with my pieces…

    Maybe this will provide motivation!

  • Eric Olsen

    the tutor question cried out for a visual answer

  • So, EO, you’ve chimed in on the blonde issue and have indeed provided proof.

    But you’ve yet to have levied a verdict on the hotness issue…

  • Eric Olsen

    she’s certainly relatively hot – I think she might be the kind who wouldn’t be nearly as hot without the heavy blonding and the tan

  • certainly relatively — I love it!

  • And I agree!

  • I don’t know about blondie over there but Tommy looks pretty hot on that bike of his.

  • Well, I suppose we shouldn’t underestimate Tommy’s fan base for a potential audience… though Britney Spear’s show apparently scared off all but the most loyal of her Teenybopper Army.

  • Eric Olsen

    getting married and pregnant didn’t help much either

  • The TA seeks a new Commandant

  • Eric Olsen

    they seem to be switching over to Hilary, at least the younger ones

  • Perhaps Natalie the tutor can step up?

  • As the resident expert in blondes and hotness, I’d argue the opposite and say there’s no way that chick is hot without the fake tan and the blonde dye job. Look at her nose and face — she’d be alright, but she’s not that pretty. The blonde tan bimbo thing works for her to make her seem hotter than she is. If she’s a pale brunette, there’s no way she’s on TV with Tommy Lee. She might want to tone down her tan one notch, though.

    Think Tommy nailed her? He’s nailed everyone. Him and Scott Baio.

    The point is too that she’s pretty hot for a pre-med chemistry major.

    That is all.

  • RC

    No problem when it comes out, I will give you all the inside I have of how real it is.

  • Kristin

    Hey folks!

    I’m also another Nebraskan like RC. Since I am a student worker at UNL I’ve learned a lot of inside dish about what went on, plus a lot of my friends were connected to the show…so like RC, I will gladly weigh in as the show airs. I am excited for ya’ll to see my beautiful school. 🙂

    Check out UNL’s site

  • I’m excited to see your cans, Kristin.

    But only if you’re hot.

    That is all.

  • Eric Olsen

    inside scoops are always welcome

    what are you a biker now, BAB?

  • I am a raconteur, a man of many masks, Olsen.

    I’m just trying, quite unsuccessfully, to remember how I acted in college. Somehow I think I was both much smoother and much more profane.

    That is all.

  • Eric Olsen

    “cans” is sort of neither

  • I know! It’s an old man’s euphemism. I can’t remember what I used to say to get boobs flashed at me, though, at those keg parties.

    I think it’s fair to say that I’m a slightly smarter man than Tommy Lee, but he’s never forgotten these things.

    That is all.

  • “Cans” is a word used on radio to get around the FCC.

  • I thought you could say “tits” on the radio now and that there were only 6 dirty words left. But maybe that changed after Janet showed her tit.

    That is all.

  • Eric Olsen

    after 10pm you can say close to anything, but not in the morning when the jocks shock

  • EO is anti-jock shocking…

  • Eric Olsen

    yes, life is too short and mornings too riotous already

  • I think morning zookeeper radio has influenced the national discourse for the worse. To wit: “douchebag,” which I overuse as well. That is the kind of insult that could only be made possible by strict broadcasting guidelines and uninspired comic choice.

    That is all.

  • Taste varies of course, but it also comes down to the specific jock.

    I’ve stated elsewhere that I’m a huge Howard Stern fan. It may be partly cultural (we’re both Jewish, both grew up on Long Island), but the dude’s gotten me through many a riotous morning commute.

    So, time spent in traffic in the morning may have to do with it as well. If you’re stuck in an hours of traffic five days a week, you need riotous radio to counter the UTK (Urge to Kill).

  • Eric Olsen

    EB, at least Howard is the ur-shock

  • Between 10 PM and 6 AM, the music can say almost anything, but the DJs still have to stay away from the deadly seven words. At least, that was the case at the local college radio station last time I checked, a couple years back. Maybe the continuing restriction on DJs’ language was more of a station policy than an FCC regulation.

  • Who’s Howard Stern? Never heard of him.

    Berlin: Urge Overkill’s gotta be one of the best band names for cheesy 70s throwback rock ever right?

    Olsen, I love your geekiness 🙂 Ur-shock. That’s great. You said something else that was geek-a-rific, but I forgot to comment on it because I was already late for work this morning writing my cracked out comments on this site. I forget what it was now. Philosophy majors never change 🙂

    That is all.

  • I’m sad that Stern is going to satellite as I just don’t see shelling out the dough for Sirius, but I’m very happy that Adam Carolla is taking over for Stern on the West Coast (David Lee Roth is taking over in New York… which should be riotously interesting).

    I find Carolla endlessly interesting — I’m an unabashed groupie. Bro has radio chops.

  • Bob — Are you bringing the UO talk over from my post about Top 100 bands ’85-’05? I’ve actually always like the name Urge Overkill, works pretty well for what they do. The Darkness border on overkill, but then again, so does the music! (…which I dig, by the way)

  • i’m pretty happy with sirius. it’ll be interesting to hear stern on it.

    what i’m more happy about is the giant pile of great music available there. i’m totally hooked on the jam band and roadhouse country music channels.

  • I’m too poor to pay for Sirius too, so I’ll miss Howard.

    I’m jealous that you all on the West Coast get Carolla. He’ll do great and I heard he was offered the entire national syndication deal if he would have moved to New York. I guess he wanted to stay in LA so he could work on his TV/movie career at the same time, though. And you can’t really syndicate a national show from LA to the East Coast due to the time zone lag.

    The rumors here in the Midwest, God forbid, are that Infinity might get desperate and try and syndicate Mancow to replace Stern on a few stations in the Midwest that now carry Howard. I don’t think it’ll happen, but it’d really suck. If it gets bad enough, I might eventually give in and pay for satellite. Sounds expensive to install in your car though — $400ish? The monthly fees wouldn’t be so bad, though.

    That is all.

  • David Lee Roth will crash and burn within 6 months. He’ll be a ratings disaster. He’s a washed-up ADD 80s rock star who has nothing to say. How many times can you hear Van Halen riffs coming in and out of breaks before getting sick? How many other washed up 80s rockers can you hear “interviewed” by Diamond Dave before you realize you’ve moved on with your life and so should he? Infinity and Joel Hollander have shown some really poor judgment in handling this Stern succession plan, other than the obvious move of going after Carolla.

    That is all.

  • Eric Olsen

    I have never conceived of myself as “geeky,” but thanks BAB

  • I wonder if Carolla will try to do his four-night a week gig on Comedy Central alongside four hours a morning on the radio.

    By the way, it should be stated that it will be very sad to see Carolla leave Love Line. Anyone know what the future looks like for that show?

  • If EO were to be described in one word, it would be “ur”

  • Natalie is a dirty blonde, not a natural blonde, as for the hot factor, she was still a bombshell even as a darker blonde, I went to high school with her. She’s actually a really great, and very intelligent girl. Not to mention beautiful, but I suppose I had the advantage of seeing her in person.

  • OK, that chemistry chick is kinda hot, after watching the show last night. That picture doesn’t really do her justice and it’s way hot that she’s in med school.

    I really liked the show, but while watching it, I could definitely tell that Tommy was not an enrolled student who was being graded (as the story above indicates). He came into the classes in the middle of the semester when they’d already started and was clearly auditing a few classes (Horticulture and English) and showing up to lectures like Physics for classes that he wasn’t in.

    That is all.

  • Natalie sure is a dirty blonde.

    I wonder if she likes tasteful amateur interracial preggo big boob lactating cuckold MILF reverse cowgirl horse lover DVDA A2M gonzo gangbang bukkake foot fetish bondage barely legal schoolgirl meets senior citizen scat creampie action?

    Is that kind of romance too much to ask in today’s crazy modern day dating world?

    That is all.

  • Dawn Smith

    Just like his bandmate Vince Neil on the “Surreal Life”, Tommy Lee came across very likeable in his new show. The show kind of reminded me of the movie Legally Blonde (the whole priveledge, struggle, not fitting the mold and adaptation aspects anyway). To be honest my expectations were not that high when I turned it on, but when it was over I thought to myself “That was a really cute show.” Tommy Lee seemed to treat everyone with respect and you could see that even though he was filiming a TV show, he didn’t want to look like a failure in front of the world. It was neat to see a few genuine moments in there when he was struggling to play the drums in the marching band, struggling to stay awake in class, pimping out his dorm room like Rodeny Dangerfield in the movie Back to School. Overall, I think it will be a success!

  • Chris

    Just happened about this website. I live in Lincoln. One of my wife’s coworker’s husband help to set this up for UNL. The college was very strict about not wanting to show Tommy as basically coming here to drink all the time and bang local chicks. So, other than the big send off party, I doubt that there will be much coverage of drinking and party type stuff. I’m sure that Tommy got his rocks off while he was here with some skanky chick.

  • Sara Moore

    Tommy Lee is so fricken SEXY!!!!! i feel in love with himand his music when i was only like 7. i cant wait to see motley crue in concert!!!its gonna be FUCKIN SWEET!!!!!!

  • i fricken feel you, Sara!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul

    IMO, Natalie is hot because she is HOT, and I like her hotness even more knowing she obviously has brains to go along with her blonde hair, curves and tan.

  • I had no idea that the Natalie: Hot or No issue would spill over into a second week of speculation…

  • I’d throw her a bang, but only because she’s in medical school. That’s the hottest thing about her. Otherwise, she’s kinda hot but nothing special.

    Natalie, have your people call mine, hon.

    That is all.

  • “Throw her a bang”?

    Bob — Are you piping into Blogcritics via wi-fi whilst sitting on the frat house (spare) keg?

  • Berlin, I’m a man of the people. I’m trying to relate to the college kids.

    I felt it was appopriate for this topic. I still do talk somewhat like a post-college keg partier sometimes, though, especially about women. I’m working on it.

    I didn’t have wi-fi when I was in college. I still don’t fully know how to use wi-fi now even though my laptop is wi-fi enabled. You give me too much credit for my tech skills and intelligence, then or now 🙂

    That is all.

  • It’s interesting: your breakaways to Frat Talk are somewhat at odds with the rest of your digital persona.

    I likely went through such a transition myself. Afterall, I played rugby once upon a time and lived with ten guys who were not at all averse to, uh… Guy Talk…

  • Smartest guy at the keg, you and me.

    Feel free to steal that for the screenplay 🙂

    But my “digital persona” is vastly different from the me most people see in my daily life. They’d think I was a pretentious bookwork geek (which I am somewhere under all the bravado) if they read my ruminations on film or music on here.

    That is all.

  • If I have a “digital persona,” I need to be shot.

    I suppose I talk about the geeky smart stuff with a couple of friends of mine as well, so I’m not a total idiot, just a partial one.

    Unfortunately, find that smart, professional people (especially the yuppie types I secretly loathe) tend to be almost as anti-intellectual as the rest of the population. They did well in school and have good jobs, but they have no sustained interest in culture or ideas. They’re technically skilled in business or law and entirely too practical.

    That is all.

  • Would you say your “real life persona” is more of your Average Guy — stoic, gruff, cracking jokes when appropriate, etc.

    Do you feel that the online world is kind of an outlet for your more intellectual side?

    No agenda here — I’m just honestly interested in this kind of thing.

  • Unfortunately, find that smart, professional people (especially the yuppie types I secretly loathe) tend to be almost as anti-intellectual as the rest of the population. They did well in school and have good jobs, but they have no sustained interest in culture or ideas. They’re technically skilled in business or law and entirely too practical.

    I totally agree — that’s one of the smartest and truest things I’ve read on BC.


  • I think you’ve also hit on one of the reasons Blogcritics is growing and thriving — it’s a place for people with a sustained interest in culture and ideas (and lots of other stuff) to come together.

  • Who knew all of this would come out of a Tommy Lee post ?

  • Me? I don’t know. I’m smart sometimes, funny all the time, an asshole sometimes.

    I’m hardly stoic or gruff 🙂 I’m a sweetheart, darlings.

    It’s all me, baby. I don’t really know how to play roles nor do I have separate personas — different people just see different things in me and draw them out accordingly, if that makes sense. And I know lots of different kinds of people. I’m pretty honest when I disagree with people, as you might have gathered.

    I suppose commenting on a site like this forces me to engage the writing of adults on specific issues on a regular basis, which isn’t a bad thing.

    But my mission is to prove that I can be dumb even on the smartest topics.

    To be fair: I was drawn into this site why? I’ll give you a multiple choice test:

    A) I found it off a link from an um blogger grad student friend of mine (one of those chicks with the boxy framed black Lisa Loeb glasses) who liked getting political and music news in one place and thought Al Barger’s beret and libertarian politics were hot.

    B) I wanted to find a place to discuss David Lynch films and talk crap about ugly celebrities and it magically appeared to me while I was surfing for midget porn and NBA box scores one day.

    C) I found it on a Google link for “Fantasia baby mama American Idol.”
    Those exact words.

    D) All of the above.

    Winner gets a date with me.

    That is all.

  • Paul

    God, Bob A. Booey, I bet Natalie would be so PLEASED and THRILLED that you’d be willing to throw her a bang…even if it’s only because of her brains. I fully expect she’ll be sending out an email soon to set up the encounter.

  • Bob knows how to sweep a reality TV gal off her feet…

  • nugget

    good thread guys. I have enjoyed the tangents. Interesting stuff. Please continue.

  • Thanks nugget — the plan is to keep on keepin’ on

  • Paul

    Well, I’m going to hunker down tonight and watch, I believe, the third and fourth episodes. Yep, you can believe I’ll spend a bit of time taking a gander at “the hot tutor.” Not being the stud that Bob obviously is, if I was younger and not married, as I am, I’d be willing to throw a bang at the lass, and not just because she’s a brain. Seriously, I think we’ve gotten a bit far off target on this one, although sex is always going to be an important consideration for most of us. She seems like a nice kid, so does Tommy’s roommate, and Tommy himself is obviously on his best behavior and coming across as a very likeable person. The guy must be some stud. To me, Heather Locklear is a primo babe, and then he goes and “snags” Pam Anderson. That, my friends, is some pedigre to have on your resume.

  • I’ve never gone for the Pam Anderson “look,” but that puts me in the minority of straight guys….

  • Tommy has banged everyone. He and Scott Baio and the new Scott Baio of this generation’s Brat Pack set, Wilmer Valderrama, have banged every hot actress between them.

    I’m pretty sure tonight’s show is just the 1st and 2nd episodes replayed and then the new 3rd show. Stay tuned for the brilliant The Office afterwards — that’s your real payoff right there.

    Pam’s not my type either, but she’s way, way hot. She’s like the drag queen’s perfect ideal of a woman, complete with the exaggerated boobs, lips, makeup, blonde dye job, and tan. The Hep C kind of ruins her for me, though.

    A peek into my personal tragedy since Berlin has me in the sharing mood: My ex-booty call 23-year old girly Nikki who kinda looks like Pam but without the huge implants and less makeup just found herself a boyfriend, which is too bad, and stopped calling me. We had a good run there. Even though I couldn’t hang out with her once I got tied down the last year and a half or so, she would still call and keep trying. I wouldn’t date her because she was in love with me, but I still miss that girl. It’s funny how girls you don’t respect seem a lot better when they aren’t available to you anymore. She was hot and no man should have her.

    That is all.

  • The many layers of Bob A….

  • I’m like an onion, pungent but delicious.

    That is all.

  • Exactly — “onions have layers” … a la Shrek.

  • Has anyone seen the Pam Anderson roast yet on Comedy Central?

    I haven’t yet, but Tommy apparently had a very funny joke to start with, one that was no doubt written for him by a professional comedian like Jimmy Kimmel or one of his buddies — I heard he was just reading the jokes off a paper:

    “My ex-wife is beautiful, blonde, a talented actress, one of the hottest sex symbols ever in Hollywood, and a great mother and friend. But Heather Locklear couldn’t be here tonight, so I showed up to make fun of Pam.”

    I thought that was pretty funny. If I didn’t re-tell that exactly correctly, that’s how I heard the joke relayed to me from my girl.

    The commercials advertising the roast with a couple of jokes from Jimmy were hilarious as well. I love me some roasts, even the old ones with Ruth Buzzi hitting people with her purse.

    That is all.

  • That is funny, and yes — it was likely written by one of those roast regulars. Completely falls into the roasting tradition.

  • “I wonder if she likes tasteful amateur interracial preggo big boob lactating cuckold MILF reverse cowgirl horse lover DVDA A2M gonzo gangbang bukkake foot fetish bondage barely legal schoolgirl meets senior citizen scat creampie action?”–Bob A. Boey

    Bob A. Boey–You have so very very much spare time to post here.

    This kind of thing is why the posters here are 80% male and contain more than their share of juvenile types. Hello? Is this site making money?

    Are the good writers staying and fully participating?

    This kind of thing is intended to debase women and make them uncomfortable and I think it pretty well succeeds. It’s an unfortunate set of priorities to indulge this at the expense of full participation by women. This site will never make money because of it because the average book buyer is female.

    Before I saw that, I was going to say that I was watching Tommy Lee’s “Biography” tonight and he was surprisingly sensitive and likeable. His friends all say he is a good cook. The hep C and wife beating thing is kind of a problem though. They just glossed over the violence by saying he suddenly was taken to jail as if it was a random occurance. Otherwise I was pleasantly surprised. I just hadn’t known what Pamela saw in him, besides the obvious. Still, I don’t think someone with Hepatitis C should go around licking people’s faces.

  • Cerulean, hon, I was just kidding. I didn’t mean to offend you.

    I cut-and-pasted that from another post entitled “Questions about Porn.” It was a group effort joke by my roommates.

    It’s a satire of juvenile porno pervs, don’t ya get it? I don’t know what half those things are, well maybe half.

    Make me the bad guy, why won’t ya?

    I’m not the reason any women would leave — take issue with the angry white male conservative contingent that writes about how abortion should be outlawed. All chicks love me and the feeling is mutual 🙂

    That is all.

  • It’s hot that you’d stand up to me like that, though 🙂 I like that. I like you now, even though a couple of your posts are weird that I’ve read.

    Tommy’s very likeable on this show, but I did forget that he’s a wife-beater, something which is unforgivable.

    That is all.

  • Cerulean — If you want to keep scouring the site to find little examples to back your theories, I’m sure you’ll find them.

    But that doesn’t put you anywhere near the neighborhood of being on to something.

    Also, point of clarification — Amazon sells lots more than just books nowadays (well, since the last century, really).

  • Paul

    Is my PC broke, or is this thread officially dead due to lack of interest?

  • Paul — Threads usually die out after a few days. That this one has gone on as long as it has (90-ish comments is very high for the Video section) shows the interest in this story / show.

    I have yet to actually see it, so I wish I could say more!

  • Stalemate

    This guy is a loser and a pathetic loser at that. If you haven’t figured out that this was just another scheme of his to make more money on his waning music career then you are an idiot beyond words.

    It is quite a testament to our country and our society that people would actually worship this loser. What is so great about him? He’s a wigger, a stoner and a general loser all at the same time. The guy wears two different colored trainers for Christ’s sake!

    He likes to paint a bullsh*t college life which millions of losers buy into and participate: party hard, drink hard, do drugs, sleep with whatever will let you, study as little as possible. Would you let your kids do that?

    People, especially young, slutty, stupid women, seem to have this fascination with rock stars. Why exactly? If they just liked their music that would be one thing but they like THEM. They somehow find a middle-aged man who wears make-up, dresses in bum clothes, has a terrible haircut along with unwashed, greasy hair, sickly skin, unhealthy, malnourished body and numerous disgusting tattoos and piercings cool and even attractive. That’s messed up. I may sound like I’m jealous here but I’m not. These people disgust me and I have no respect for them for idolizing such degenerates, for they themselves are degenerates.

    That’s what this show is full of. Not just Tommy but his parasitic classmates who need a host to leech off.

    Anyway, this show is just another reality show and I doubt it will be cancelled by the network. Reality shows in themselves are 99% of the time sh*t but that is another story.

    This man is a loser and anyone who thinks he’s cool is a loser themselves. I stand by that comment. If you like his music or think he’s a pretty nice guy (which is questionable) fine, but don’t for one minute think there is logic in finding this guy someone to look up to. There are much better human beings out there, even in the music/entertainment industry.

    As far as the tutor goes, obviously chosen by the network for sex appeal (what a surprise). I personally think, first off, that she looked hotter on the show (I watched a little bit here and there on episodes, which I will continue to do at most as I don’t want to help this show’s ratings that much). Maybe it’s just the picture. But she was hot on the show.

    Would she look hot without the tan and bleached hair? I’d say she’s look decent at least. She’s not the most absolute stunning woman I’ve ever seen but still attractive. It is a little hard to imagine her, at least using this picture, without the bleached hair and fake tan. She seems like one of those types of women that maybe are never “bombshells” but are still cute throughout their whole lives. In fact, she DOES remind me of a cute doctor you might visit! And she’s a med student! How about that?

    As far as Pamela goes, she does NOTHING for me. All fake. She basically cheats by having all that work and airbrushing done on her. She’s not even that good-looking with all make-up and the implants and everything. She’s dumb as a doorknob though. Have you seen her in interviews? She has the least personality next to Carson Daly.

    But Pamela Anderson is definitely not what I’d call hot. I could think of dozens of women better looking than her.

  • One of the Tommy’s “professors” complained about how they edited her to appear to be complimenting Tommy’s penis references in his book and I think she has a point:

    From the Daily Nebraskan:

    “Fran Kaye, who taught the literature class Tommy Lee participated in, said the show distorted a class discussion about the symbolism of babies and penises in American Indian literature and Tommy Lee’s autobiography, “Tommyland.”

    Kaye said she originally didn’t want to discuss Lee’s book because she was afraid of taking time away from other material in the class.

    The producers of the show persuaded her to talk about two parts of the book — the birth of Lee’s children and Lee’s conversation with his penis — and Kaye said she agreed to discuss both because they related to symbols in American Indian literature.

    She said in some American Indian tales, penises are symbolic of “trickster” characters, and some literature ends with the birth of a child as a symbol of a new beginning.

    The editors of the show tried to clump the two conversations together, Kaye said, which misrepresented the discussion.

    “I’m not asking (Tommy Lee and the crew) to apologize, but I just feel betrayed,” she said.


    In the show, Kaye was shown saying the following:

    “Let’s look at the talking penis idea.

    “It’s terrific. It’s the most important symbol, really, that we have in human stories – really beautiful image. What does it mean?”

    One student responds to Kaye, saying: “(It’s) probably a symbol that society is going to keep on going – that American culture isn’t dead.”

    Kaye said everything after her first line about “the talking penis idea” was actually a separate discussion about the use of babies as a cultural symbol.

    “They didn’t have very much respect for the meaning we were saying,” she said.

    Kaye said she’s not worried about how she came across on national TV. But she said the way the discussion was portrayed made fun of the school and American Indian culture, even though the episode did not specifically say that the class was on American Indian literature.

    “If I saw someone else say that,” she said, “I would think they were an idiot.”


    “It kind of embarrasses the class, and I would say the school, because it looks like a nonsensical class,” she said.


    Kaye said she thinks her colleagues in the English and women’s studies department were made to look stupid by her comments.

    Which is why, Kaye said, she thinks it’s important to clarify what her class discussion was really about.

    “I think that’s something I owe to my colleagues,” she said.

    Kaye said she and her students plan on writing an essay to clarify what they were talking about in the class, and the essay could be printed in various publications.”

    That is all.

  • Stalemate

    That professor should have seen that coming. What was she thinking when they asked her to bring up his book? That they wanted to help her teach her class? No, just more Tommy promotion. If she actually thought they were trying to help her she’s an idiot.

    While we’re talking about that guy’s d*ck, I’m not sure how big it is, but so what? The rest of him looks like sh*t. 10 years from now he’s gonna have trouble getting it up. It’s probably softer now that it was in his infamous porn video. He probably used a pump too.

    He’s still a loser.

  • Stalemate

    Man, I saw the end of tonight’s “Tommy Goes to College”. What a load of sh*t. First off, he and his roommate built some elaborate beverage machine for a school project. First off, if you look at this thing, you can tell these two idiots didn’t make it themselves or at least without some help from the show’s crew. But what’s worse was the professor! He was their physics professor (I think) and their project was on continuing momentum or the tendency for energy to compact or something like that. I can’t remember. Anyway, Tommy’s explanation was that it, the drink machine, made all the football players gather together at the machine to get a drink, instead of going all over the place for drinks. It was obvious this moron didn’t put in any real effort into studying what was being taught and just built an elaborate machine to impress the professor and tried to B.S. his way to a good grade. The professor gave the jackass a “C” even though anyone watching knew he deserved an “F”, since he had no f*cking clue as to what the assignment was all about. So much for a “reality show”.

    Then right before that there was the so-called “cat fight” between his hot tutor and some other brunette chick he made friends with. I didn’t think they were fighting, even covertly. It just looked more like they weren’t on the same page of what they were studying. But that’s how they made it out, even though you could barely understand what they were saying. But good ol’ Tommy sat there like it was all amusing to him. A*shole.

    Well, on the upshot, right afterwards was “The Office”, an actually GOOD show, even though they played the same exact episode, which was a re-run even then, JUST LAST WEEK! Still, I’d rather watch “The Office” re-runs than Tommy’s sh*tty reality show.

    I must say, though, Steven Carell plays the biggest ass. He’s good at it. In fact, his character is so bad that you actually feel embarrassed for the guy! You also pity the people who have to deal with him. He makes all these lame jokes which he thinks are funny and is rude and annyoing. Good show though. Look forward to new episodes.

  • ilove to have wild times in my shed with my skeet rag oh yea thats the real deal cock.

  • Truth be told, I kind of found a guilty pleasure in this show until the episode where Tommy Lee started up his own mock fraternity, “The House of Lee.” That is the point where I pretty much gave this show the middle finger for the simple fact that it even mildly paints the portrait that Greeks are all about partying and hazing.

    I guess it’s just the psychotic former sorority president in me, but putting Greek life in that light is both inaccurate and ignorant. It just promotes the image of Greeks that movies like Animal House and Old School paint, and it’s really unfair to the thousands of Greeks nationwide who are involved in their organizations for the “right” reasons, like community service and scholarship.

    I totally lost respect for him and that show after that point. And with a show like this, it says a lot that I even gave him the benefit of the doubt up til that point.

  • I could stand one episode, I’ll try about anything once. That was all it took. I was trying to see what all the hoopla about Tommy Lee is about. Haven’t been able to see it even when I squint. He’s ugly, skinny, tatooed from hell, stupid. Hits women, can’t handle his extracurricular imbibing. The only thing I can figure is his man-parts might resemble an Arabian stallion’s in the breeding shed…that’s got to be it.

  • I was finally on the verge of seeing this show when my DVR imploded…

    Maybe it’s a Sign…

  • Stalemate

    ChealseaLou, I must disagree with you on the point about fraternities in togas that party all the time misrepresent Greeks. I don’t think anyone associates Greeks with drinking and partying. They just see the idiot college kids who are looking for an excuse to get wasted and do drugs, which is exactly what they are. Unfortunately society thinks this kind of asinine behavior is perfectly acceptable and endorse it. I don’t see what’s so acceptable about drug abuse. This country has a drug problem on every level and this is just a demonstration of that.

    I will, say, however, these sort of fraternities give fraternities as a whole a bad name. When someone thinks of a fraternity they think of a bunch of college guys who live in the same house and party, do drugs and alcohol, pull pranks, haze new members and goof off as much as they can even though their study and job demands don’t allow that much of those activities.

    Tommy Lee is a Grade A moron. If he weren’t rich he would be white trash, same as Paris Hilton. He looks like he got kicked out of a biker gang. I’m not sure, ChealseaLou, why you ever had respect for him in the first place (you said you “lost all respect for him”).

    Well, despite the reality show epidemic which many comedians make jokes and comments on, which people in turn laugh at, people will continue to eat this kind of garbage sh*t up. Just shows what kind of a society we are.

    To any of you fans of this show out there, I am officially calling you losers. Peace.

  • So an update: that girly Nikki has called me a couple times. She just broke up with her stupid boyfriend.

    I still have my girlfriend and I can’t do anything about why she stopped calling me (her wanting to date me), but I’m still glad she broke up with that dumb loser boyfriend of hers she was fighting all the time with.

    Even though I can’t be with her, she’s hot (way too hot for that dork) and she shouldn’t have a man. She’s also been partying with semi-famous people on her trips lately, which is annoying and dumb because of who those people are.

    I know, I’m a pig.

    That is all.

  • Jewels

    Bobba, realty/fiction/reality/fiction. What’s a guy to do?

  • Stalemate

    And we would care about this stupid made-for-TV romance drama because…?

  • Because you’re really bad at this TV reviewer thing, Stalemate.

    I appreciate the enthusiasm, but you don’t have anything interesting to say nor any interesting words to say it with.

    I agree with you on “The Office,” but any moron could see its quality.

    That is all.

  • Stalemate

    Oh, I’M bad at reviewing? This is coming from the guy who barely even talks about the show, and when he does, he doesn’t really review it, just talks about some story related to it.

    I think you say I’m bad at this “TV reviewer thing”: a) You disagree with my opinions and really think this piece of crap known as Tommy Lee is cool and has an interesting show. b) I said that I don’t care about your bullsh*t story about this girl you want but you can’t have because you’re involved with another girl or whatever.

    Sorry I’m actually talking about the topic here. I’m also sorry that the only “interesting” things YOU can talk about are stuff barely related to the show, as well as stuff that has nothing to do with it. Loser.

  • Lighten up, Stalemate.

    You’re gonna blow an artery.

    I’m allowed to go on tangents — I’m the life of the party, hombre.

    I’ll talk about the show after I watch the finale tonight. Happy, bro?

    That is all.

  • I almost finally got to watch this thing, but a timing conflict with the DVR (now fixed… except it’s forcing me to tape EVERY ep of shows I want to see instead of first-run, for some reason) is giving Tommy short shrift.

    I think it is a Sign…

    Be you angels?, Tenacious D wisely speaks…

    I think so.

  • Stalemate

    “Lighten up, Bob.” You’re going to make me cry with your made-for-TV relationship troubles. In fact, I think I saw it on some show or movie, probably one for teens. Wait, actually I have: it’s been in about a million movies and shows, both dramatic and comedic. And as I sit here listening to you whine and cry about it, I grow weary at your sob story.

    You’re the life of the party? Correction: you’re TRYING to be the life of the party, and this is hardly a party.

    I’m glad you have such high self-esteem, though maybe not enough to do something about your relationship troubles, that you think so much of yourself and how much people are interested in you, but how about you stick to the point? I know you’re a big Tommy fan but you’re also conflicted with what you want to talk about, but to make it easier on everyone how about sticking to the show as much as you can?

    I saw the end of the finale. I thought this joke of a show would go on another few months. Let’s hope this show doesn’t get picked up for another season (though it was a short one). With people’s show tastes these days, however, it most likely will.

  • Thanks for posting this

  • Michelle

    Tommy Lee is hot, he still looks good now.
    Even if he is an A hole hes still hot and a great drummer.

  • a tommy lee fan

    this is to stalemate ,i think you are jeoulous and your only mad because you dont have that many if any girls after you and you dont have alot of money like tommy,and hes not stupid.

  • Yes, I am SOOOO “jeoulous” of Tommy. I don’t have that look that says “burn-out” and can’t even drum in a marching band. I wish I could turn out simple stuff in a rock band and then not be able to play more complicated stuff in a marching band. I’m also “jeoulous” that I don’t dress like a bum, have WAY to many tattoos, am a stoner and look like unhealthy, all while posing this “cool” attitude like I’m a bada*s. Oh, then there’s the money factor. I wish I could be paid lots of money for being moderately talented.

    What is the deal with you losers that always assume anyone who doesn’t like someone everyone else likes is “jealous”. Would you use this guy as a role model for your child? I wouldn’t even use him as a role model for a musician! He’s a wife-beating junkie and a douche that acts like he’s a big shot. Case closed.

  • annonomous

    Tommy Lee is an antisemite and does not like Jews