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Tom Welling to play Superman on the big screen?

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Normally I would call this a fake internet rumour, except for the fact that apparently it is backed up by a number of quotes from Al Gough, executive producer for Smallville. If it’s true, I think it’s an awesome choice. Could be a B.S press release put out by someone not affiliated with the show, but you never know…. We’ll have to wait and see if Al Gough confirms or denies these quotes.

It also sounds like they might break their “no flight” rule for the TV show, which IMO would also totally rock.

Now if we could only get rid of McG as a director and that stupid Abrams script…

“In order to get a whole new generation of Superman fans, we need to get someone people recognize. Tom [Welling, star of Smallville on the WB] can really bring in a new generation of fans.”, Gough said.

“Once Smallville has finished, which will be at the end of it’s fifth season, it’s pretty much a big move onto the silver screen.”, Gough explained.

Smallville will enter it’s fourth season when it comes back at the end of the year. You can look for Tom Welling to don the tights in summer of 2008 or 2009, depending on if the fifth season is indeed the last. In speaking on Smallville, Gough offered hints on the fourth season.

“We’ve got two more years left, so what you’ll be seeing is some big advancement within the characters. Lex [Luthor], for example, will be continuing his journey toward the dark side. Clark will be learning more about his heritage from Jor-El, and he’ll also be getting a great new power.”, Gough said.

Gough wouldn’t elaborate on which power, but sources point to it being the much wanted flight.

“I won’t say it isn’t flight,” Gough said with a smile. “, but then again, I won’t say it is.”.

Source: XTVWorld.com

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  • But if they wanted to move the “Smallville” crew to the big screen, what would they do about the absolute gayage? “Smallville” is the gayest show on teevee, makes “Will & Grace” look like “Monster Garage” (okay that’s pretty gay too). How about “Smallville” makes “Frasier” look like “The Drew Carey Show”? Hmmm, not ambiguous enough, what do you think, Gary? Well, it’s not like Clark drives a penis shaped car, bitch!

    I just know if they ever did a CSI: Smallville, and used one of those UV lights to detect the gay, the whole town would light up.

    However, I will stand by my assertation that Ma Kent has a righteous rack.

  • Although I can’t think of anyone else who’d be better cast as Superman, I think it’d be hard to cast Welling because people would automatically assume the movie was an extension of Smallville and expect continuity in plot, casting, and in Welling’s portrayal of the character itself. I hear that this is supposed to be a darker take on the Superman story? I really don’t know if Welling’s softer take on the farmboy Clark Kent will allow him to give this role what it deserves.

    I don’t know who else I’d consider, but I’m not sure that he’d be the front-runner. I’m VERY glad they never made this movie years back with Nicholas Cage or Jason Lee or some of the other bizarre names that have been attached to this project. It should be someone who looks like Superman with the acting chops to make this a different kind of Superman movie.

    Nerdiest post written by me EVER.

    That is all.

  • Anthony

    Alright, Jim Carruthers, shut the hell up!!!!!! If it’s anything I can’t stand is ignorance about the tv show – thats bullshit!!! If theres any tv show thats “gay”, it’s “Glee”!!!!!!
    And if you hate the show so bad, why’d you even bother making a negeative comment about it? This is one of the reasons why the Superman franchise needs to be rebooted and showing all those ignorant fools out there just cool this comic book character really is.

    True, Smallville was kind of like Dawson’s creek with a superhero twist but as the years went by, the story gotten somewhat darker and it has gotten more interesting, little by little and the only reason why they have not put the suit on him is because they were doing like, the original and how Kal-El would finally becomes Superman, eventually. If the show was really bad, it would have survived 10 years but it has. It is a very cool show and my congrats their 10th season.
    I admit, I was a bit concerned about Tom’s acting, rather than just having to look the part. But as the seasons went by, he has devolped such skill and became a great actor. Gave Routh a chance in Superman returns but….there were a couple things he lacked and not to mention it’s storyline at the end. And as a result, the movie was a bit of a disappointment to a lot of Superman fans. And then it hit me – there will be a reboot of the Superman story and Routh was a disappointment. But I can’t think of anyone eles better than Tom Welling to get the part. It just makes sense! He has the experiece, he’s been familiar with the character for many years in the series, he looks the part, and he’s a much better actor Routh, thats for sure. If theres anyone who should get the job done, it Tom Weliing. He’s a great choice and I’m not saying that just because I’m a fanboy, I know what I’m talking about. He even admited that he would love to play the part on the big screen and saying he always been open mind to it. He’d make an great Supemran for the today’s generation.
    He has the best quality for the character that I have seen since Christpher Reeve and he spent many years in the SmallVille series, buliding his character and he deserves a shot for the part. HE’S EARNED IT.

  • Anthony

    Yes, theres a couple misspells in that big paragraph, forgive me. But you know what I saying.