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Tom Tancredo: A Reputation Is a Funny Thing

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It all started with the Tancredo-Rove feud. In April 2002, Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo received a phone call from Karl Rove. Tancredo had just authored an op-ed for the Washington Times that completely excoriated President George W. Bush’s immigration policy. At the end of a twenty-minute rant, Tancredo alleges that Rove ended the conservation with the old, ‘You will never darken the steps of the White House again’ threat.

Tancredo used the criticism to propel himself into the forefront of the anti-immigration movement. He has also manipulated his intense dislike of Karl Rove and President George W. Bush into a groundswell of support that comes from many sources. All of them claim to be conservative, and most of them claiming, falsely it appears, to be Republican. I have long suspected and feared that Tom Tancredo, a Republican, would manipulate this support into an Oval Office run, even though, for months he has staunchly said he was not planning to do so.

On January 16, over at the American Spectator’s Prowler,  they officially ‘outed’ a few of Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo's (R) more colorful donors. Tancredo, who has become a conservative bastion of closed borders, God, apple pie, Truth, Justice, and the American Way, has a perfect score from the American Conservative Union. As part of the ACU’s scoring, social and cultural issues are weighed. For conservatives, social issues include anti-abortion advocacy. Tancredo’s voting record is strictly anti-abortion, which contrasts mightily with his close personal association with John Tanton and Tancredo’s 100% rating by the Christian Coalition.

Anti-Immigration Connections and Support

According to the Federal Election Commission, from 1998-2006 Tom Tancredo’s election campaigns have received something like $5500 from John Tanton in individual donations. Tanton’s wife, Mary, is the president of the US Immigration Reform PAC. During this same time frame, Tancredo has received nearly $16,000 from Tanton-related PACS. This past election cycle Tancredo also received $1000 from the Minuteman PAC. During this same time frame, the Minuteman Pac also donated $10,000 to unsuccessful GOP Congressional candidate Randy Graf in Arizona. Congressman Tancredo campaigned for and endorsed Graf. Graf was also endorsed by white supremacist David Duke. Tancredo also took money from anti-abortion PACs.

The Godfather of Anti-Immigration

All of these numbers are meaningless, unless one knows just who John Tanton is. Tanton is considered the ‘godfather of anti-immigration’. A believer in strict population control bordering on eugenics, Tanton is one of the stalwarts of the pro-abortion Planned Parenthood organization. This alone gives the Tancredo–Tanton alliance something of an odd couple appearance until one digs even deeper.

John Tanton tried to take over the Sierra Club a few years ago and turn it into a serious anti-immigration and anti-population growth organization. Environmental stalwarts of the organization discovered his plans and were able to thwart them. Tanton packed up and took his game elsewhere, founding FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform. He also founded a publishing company, Social Contract Press, which is known for its racist, white nationalist, and anti-immigration editorial stance. He went on to found a spider’s web of anti-immigration organizations including US English, Numbers USA, US Inc., and the Center for Immigration Studies. Tanton has also donated over $48,000 to an anti-immigration group called Defend Colorado Now.

According to IRS filings, from the years 1988 to 1994, FAIR received nearly $1.3 million in grants from its parent organization, The Pioneer Fund. The Pioneer Fund was chartered in 1937 to promote study on “heredity and eugenics”. According to various sources, Hitler’s Nuremberg Laws were inspired by the work of Harry Laughlin, who worked with Wickliffe Draper (who eventually founded Rockwell International) who endowed the organization. There is a paper trail between the work of the two men and Nazi scientists whose work became part of Hitler’s racial theories. Laughlin received a degree from the Nazi-controlled University of Heidelberg three months before the Pioneer Fund was created. In 1935 Draper attended a “Population Conference” in Berlin in the company of an American scientist who publicly saluted Hitler. According to Paul A. Lombardo, who authored a paper on the subject, "[today] men with Nazi sympathies began the Pioneer Fund; their patently eugenic aspirations continue to guide Pioneer today.” Over the years the Pioneer Fund has taken great pains to dispute these charges.

Questionable UltraRight Wing Associates

Other associates of Tancredo and supporters of his extreme anti-immigration views include Peter Brimelow of VDARE. In Tancredo's words (June 17, 2003):

Finally, when I was asked about the genesis of the name "Vdare," I replied truthfully that I did not know. … Nonetheless, I can say that I was aware of editor Peter Brimelow's solid credentials as a professional journalist, and I had no reason to believe that this online magazine is anything but a legitimate contributor to the vast library of resources on this vital issue. After looking over Vdare's recent work, I have not changed this opinion…

Brimelow’s claim to respectability is the fact that once upon a time he edited Forbes Magazine. Twin brother, John is known as an ex-neo-Nazi.

There is Jared Taylor of American Renaissance Magazine. His most recent article is entitled, "Do We Need More Hispanics". Taylor controls an organization called The New Century Foundation. Speakers at his conferences have included Gordon Lee Baum of the Council of Conservative Citizens. Attendees have included Don Black who operates the neo-Nazi site Stormfront and National Alliance leader Kevin Alfred Storm.

What a Nut!

There are times when Tom Tancredo simply lobs a pitch right at you.  In November he appeared at a conservative gathering in West Palm Beach that featured Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh. While there, Tancredo proceeded to call Miami a third world country. In an attempt to smooth things over, he then decided to proclaim Miami the Murder Capitol of the World! Naturally the outgoing Governor had to defend his state. After another zinger fired by Tancredo, Jeb Bush commented, “What a nut.” This was just one of Tancredo’s little ‘breakouts’ from reality.

BBQed in SC

On September 9, while barn-storming South Carolina he appeared at a barbecue sponsored by the immigration reform group, Americans Have Had Enough. Listed as their honorary chairman, Tancredo appeared at the function, held at the South Carolina State Museum. The event was co-sponsored by the SC chapter of the League of the South, a one time ‘respectable’ organization that supported some very good historical research about the South. Unfortunately the League of the South has been hijacked by individuals who might be more comfortable in white robes and little pointy hats than three-piece suits. By the time Tancredo arrived at the State Museum, the meeting room was bedecked in Confederate flags.

As a former resident of South Carolina I understand the Southerner’s need to fly the old stars and bars once in awhile and to sing "Dixie". Unfortunately the whole issue has been politicized by both sides to the point where it just isn’t worth it. What was once a matter of just plain stubbornness, and a determination not to let ‘liberals come down from the North and tell us how to do things’ has now been co-opted by the most unsavory kind of racists and white supremacists. They have become such an embarrassment no self-respecting Southerner now associates with the trappings of ‘The Old South’. As an historian, I find this reeks of censorship. As a decent person who understands both sides of the story, I know of no other alternative.

Unfortunately, these unsavory characters were some of the sponsors of the meeting where Tancredo appeared. If he had just acknowledged his politically incorrect mistake, it would have ended there. Instead of owning up to the incident, an elaborate series of explanations began to appear, none of which resembled the actual truth of the meeting. The problem was the fact that the room was rented by Richard T. Hines, who, in 2003 gave a radio address, featuring the ‘N’ word, as in how the Dixiecrat ticket of 1948 would have kept the state ‘white’. To compound the problem, Hines is a member of the highly racist Council of Conservative Citizens, who have very close ties to Stormfront, the ever-growing online white supremacist community. If you scroll down this page you will locate that nasty little symbol that has heralded hate and the extermination of six million Jews in Germany. The website, Tancredo Watch, provides what is perhaps the best history of this fascinating little occurrence.

Is Tancredo’s opposition to the War in Iraq actual opposition to the war, or just another Tancredo snit levied against the President? Knowing Tancredo it is the latter, plus the fact that many of the people who would support him in the primaries are seriously anti-war isolationists. He and Bay Buchanan are partners in Team America PAC. Bay’s brother Pat, is extremely anti-war.

There is an ‘old’ Internet tradition that all arguments eventually end with comparing your opponent to Nazis and linking them to Hitler. The moment this occurs the person doing the linking loses all credibility and the argument. Unfortunately, this is one of those times where those links do occur. Granted they are two degrees of separation away from the object of this profile, but they are there.

As a blogger, I’ve been tracking the Council of Conservative Citizens and their links to the whole anti-immigration movement for nearly a year. Tancredo has penned op-eds for VDARE , owned by Peter Brimelow, who has admitted to publishing white supremacist authors on the site. In a letter to the editor of the Rocky Mountain News dated July 23, 2006, Brimelow admits that Jared Taylor, a frequent contributor is a ‘white nationalist’. Barbara Coe, stalwart of the CofCC, close associate of Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist, and anti-Hispanic extremist has appeared with Tancredo at several anti-immigration events. In addition, Tancredo has cited Virginia Abernathy, a Vanderbilt professor and identified member of the KKK as an expert on immigration.

Oh, yeah, he once threatened to bomb Mecca.

The real problem here is that it's actually possible that Tancredo could secure the GOP nomination in 2008. As a card-carrying Republican, I find the prospect absolutely terrifying.

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About SJ Reidhead

  • Joe Molloy

    Enviromentalists, population control freaks, anti-market, abortions mills, Catholic-bashing freaks. All of this DIRECTLY connected to the little Italian dark-type character Signore Tancredo. He does not look very “Conservative” to me, does he? Traditional conservativism is Roman Catholic, anti-French revolution, pro-Western civilization, individualist and capitalist. Not nativist redneckishm big-brother-controls-all. Thus, he is not conservative. Viva el Brownback!

  • Tancredo is the real deal! All the rest are tools, how can anyone not see this?

  • Daves

    The usual tired Presidential candidates will line up, with their pockets full of the corporate CARTELS money. These politicians will spill their guts in the limelight of the TV cameras and place giant ads in the national newspapers. Many voters will believe their lies and spin on behalf of their wealthy sponsors.

    America is ready for a Tom Tancredo (CO) as he is a man of THE PEOPLE. He does not dance on strings, manipulated by the corporate CARTELS as a profit puppet. He has already seen through the obnoxious (NAU) North American Union, evoke by a traitorous dog called Bush. His no longer secret agenda has slithered through our government channels, without even a murmur. This treaty to tread American sovereignty into the mud, was concocted in Banff, Canada in 2002, with co-conspirators of Canada’s previous Prime Minister Martin, the corrupt Southern neighbor of Mexico and the guy that I actually voted for. The first step was to swamp America with cheap, foreign labor to undermine American citizen’s wages, followed by the ramshackle convoys of poorly maintained Mexican trucks. Please don’t take my word for it, check for yourself. Start with the anti-ACLU (American Civil liberties Union–Called Judea Watch. GO here: http://www.judicialwatch.org. They are an All- American reputable organization against government corruption. More on the terrible ( NAU).

    Remember this nightmare will merge our three countries together and will mean the destruction of the U.S. Constitution and our flag. This is an opiate dream of the wealthy elites, European banks and establishments like Wal-Mart and American Express. This is REAL! Already 17 State Congressional legislators have voted against any of this travesty of our laws. We THE PEOPLE haven’t approved it, nor has there been any Congressional oversight. The National media has been suppressed about it. But Tom Tancredo and Rep.Ron Paul no it exists. Small newspapers are aware and so are the nationwide blogs

    GO! Research and find the TRUTH!

  • George

    Tancredo has my vote.


  • Quint

    I have not been to Miami in years. I live in Los Angeles. Huge areas of Los Angeles look like a 3rd world nation. Meaning, they have massive 3rd world poverty. Not just a few blocks, mile after mile are nothing but 3rd world poverty. Nothing racist about the comment. Los Angeles has encouraged illegal immigrants from 3rd world nations to settle here. Just a fact. I’ve been to some of the poorest nations in the world (3rd world nations) and mile after mile of Los Angeles looks like a 3rd world nation. What is racist about that statement?

  • G. Chell

    Had he supported a minimum wage, I would have bought his anti-immigration argument as pro-American worker..Tancredo is no populist..plain old fashioned RACIST.

  • G. Chell



  • G. Chell

    Tancredo passed the racist test when he voted against the minimium wage increase. He said that the main reason he opposes immigration is because the poor American worker gets screwed by low wages. Guess what..he is not for the poor American worker. He also says that he is not for abortion. Gues what among his top three donors is the pro-abortion anti-life Federation of American Immigration Reform (FAIR)..Tancredo is a Racist unlike Thelma Drake, Robert Goodlate, Brad Ellsworth and others who are pro-American worker. The sooner we realize this the better!!

  • Dave / NM

    Mr. Reidhead: If Tancredo terrifies you, perhaps you should switch your party affiliation.


  • Nancy

    Karl Rove is under the mistaken impression that he himself is a member of the human race instead of a walking, talking turd. He’s certainly no character reference – part of why I despise Bush: you are known by the company you keep, & he sticks with Rove, which indicates to me that Bush is just as dirty & low.

  • Clavos

    Tancredo showed his true racist colors a few weeks ago in Palm Beach.

    If he represents “The Heartland”, which I doubt, then we’ve made NO progress at all since 1964.

  • James K. Bickley

    “Mr. P.C.”, Karl Rove thinks he’s the Mark Hanna of the Twenty First Century or possibly Cardinal Richelieu. President Bush has won elections in spite of Karl Rove, and not because of him. I am now hoping that George W. will start listening to the “Heartland” which got him elected and which Rep. Tom Tancredo represents.

  • Hal K

    You said yourself that the link to Nazism was tenuous. I am starting to think that a large percentage of the people in this country are in need of deprogramming. If a major environmental organization refuses to accept the negative effect of unrestricted immigration on the environment then one has to conclude that something is amiss mentally, unless of course one has been brainwashed into ignoring this contradiction.

  • so colorado is filled with racists?

    Well, I don’t want to make any WAGs, especially without data, but they keep electing him.

    > Tancredo is only being elected because he is a Republican, seriously. If the GOP ran a fetid turd against Jesus himself… my district would vote for the fetid turd.

    Tancredo wasn’t even a good candidate. He spent the entire election season working on his bid for President. Somehow, our district didn’t care and narrowly voted him back in.

  • Clavos

    Tancredo probably won’t get too many votes in Florida…

  • Nancy

    I won’t make any judgements about Tancredo … yet …but dead on about Rove, & those who employ/associate with him; dog turds are better than Rove & his ethos.

  • Oh yeah, one other thing. Being on Rove’s enemy list only tells me he is a man of character. Rove is a douchebag whose goal is to undermine democracy by any means. Mostly, that is done by calling his opponents gay… but he has even pulled the child molester card.

    Rove is the Devil. Tancredo is a decent guy, I just don’t share is values or goals.

  • Hey all,

    I am from Tom’s district here in Colorado, and one of the few Democrats left. Dr Kurt’s assesment of our district is dead on. To say our district is racists isn’t necessarily accurate. I can tell you there are absolutely no minorities here in Douglas county. Don’t know that it makes us racist… but it is a fact.

    Needless to say, as a Dem in Douglas County, I watch Tancredo’s moves very closely. Tom is running for president, I promise you that. However, he won’t get far. I think his biggest impact will be getting the other GOP candidates to seriously address the immigration issue. Once they (if they) manage to do that… he will be deflated. He is a one trick pony, I promise.

    One thing to Tom’s credit, though. To be fair, Tom has been banging the anti-immigration drum long before Sept 11th. During the last debate he had for his seat in the district last year (which he almost lost), he made a great point: I say what I mean and mean what I say. It is true, he isn’t duplicitous to me.

    As a (er… the Democrat down here, I am stoked to see him run for President. It will take him out of this district and we can get Bill Winter in his seat. Tancredo won’t win anyway… so this is just a big ‘Go away Tom’ initiative as I see it.

    Parker, CO

  • One if by Land

    Tancredo a racist??

    He is just looking for CITIZENS who are willing to do the Immigration Control Job our
    Government won’t do!
    Open Borders Zealots “Can’t Handle the Truth”

  • Clavos

    so colorado is filled with racists?

    Well, I don’t want to make any WAGs, especially without data, but they keep electing him.

  • zingzing

    ok… so colorado is filled with racists? last time i was there (10-12 years, mind you…) they seemed pretty nice. tolerant even.

    i suppose his district could be a nasty little hellhole.

  • Clavos

    Apparently (and I haven’t researched it), the whites do still outnumber the legal Mexicans, so they can out vote them as well. Tancredo’s their man because he wants to send all the brown people away and stop any more from coming in.

    Or so I hear. I live in the town he recently termed “Third World”, precisely because we have more brown people than white ones living here.

  • zingzing

    “They have one of the largest populations of Mexicans in the USA, zing.”

    then, the question becomes HOW did this guy get voted in?

    last time i went to colorado… which was about 10 or 12 years ago… it was the whitest place i’d ever seen…

    then i moved to seattle, which is definitely white… with shades of yellow… pretty shades of yellow…

  • Franz Kindler

    An interesting article and one that provides more information than that which the author intended. I find these articles, which are intended to disparage a particular person, inspiring. They prove the point of how far some people, such as SJ Reidhead, will go to darken the name of an American patriot, as evidenced by the web of intrigue he tries to spin around associations of various people. I have met Rep. Tancredo and he is an honorable and straight forward man, who represents world views which I share: National sovereignty and America First, which is the most inherently patriotic sentiment expressed by the Founding Fathers of this once great nation and which are best expressed in Washington’s Farewell Address to the Nation. Therefore, those who attack Rep. Tancredo and others of like mind in such an amateurish and scurrilous manner only show that they are afraid and will do anything to thwart opposition, including character assasination and guilt by association. They also show that they are in opposition to America and in contempt of her taxpaying, productive citizens.

    Oh, by the way, I am a Coloradan, not from California, not rich, not from Tancrado’s district, retired military NCO, and not a Republican. Notwithstanding the comments from the illumined Dr. Kurt, Rep. Tancredo is not an embarrassment, nor an egomaniac. He is a man who says what he means and means what he says, and God Bless him for that. Too bad there are not more like him running for office. If one wants more of the same, vote for the so-called sure bets, vote for the smart ticket selected by the party machine or the media or the illumined Kurt’s of the world. Indeed, vote as you will in a horse race (perceived winner). As for me, I will vote for those who represent my world view and who are honest and straight forward with their rhetoric and who have proven voting records to go along with it.

    En garde!
    Franz Kindler

  • Clavos

    what does immigration matter to them?

    They have one of the largest populations of Mexicans in the USA, zing.

    Just an answer, not a defense; I think Tancredo is a creep.

  • zingzing

    “Remember this libs, you will be the first the muslims kill.”

    why? i would think that, if they are intelligent, they would go after you first. but i don’t think they’re going to go after liberals or conservatives in particular…

    “are you a liberal infidel, or a conservative infidel? how will you die by the sword?!”

    tancredo, from what i have read here and a few other places, is just another example of the kind of one-issue politics that dominates our country. why the fuck would the people of colorado vote this guy in? what does immigration matter to them?

    also, to the guy who said the words “wealthy,” “california home” and “half a million,” in the same sentence… half a million won’t buy you a cardboard box in california. well, maybe in south central. or something. actually south central isn’t all that bad these days is it? i dunno.

    archie–now why do you think so many of us “typical elitsit, smug smarmies” are saying hillary is a bit too devisive to put up for election? because we “refus[e] to see how unelectable Hillary is?” i don’t know that she is unelectable–if she is the lesser of two evils–but she certainly isn’t the most electable dem out there. all she has is name recognition in her favor.

    and to mike taylor–you can attack the subject of your article, just not fellow commentors. maybe there is a bit of irony in it… but that’s what opinion writing is all about.

  • Jim

    “Oh, yeah, he once threatened to bomb Mecca.”

    If you knew what Islam is, and how Mohammed wants to slit your throat, you’d understand what he’s talking about. Remember this libs, you will be the first the muslims kill.

    Tancredo and Paul are the only true conservatives, the others have a meaningless (R) by their name.


  • Heloise

    I think that we could have been more forewarned about Dick Cheney. I am a card-carrying Republican too.

    How many Republicans have morphed into Democrats right before our eyes?

    I like Tancredo. He probably won’t win. But after Bush and Cheney no repub may be able to win. That’s the problem.


  • Dr. Kurt

    Jill, David Duke is an ignorant, lying, racist former KKK leader. “Racially conscious” is doublespeak for “Neo-Nazi.” At least be honest about your beliefs.

    As a Coloradoan, let me enlighten y’all about Tancredo. He represents a congressional district composed of wealthy white people, sterotpically ex-Californians who sold their old homes for a half million dollars and bought new McMansions south of Denver. These folks vote Republican by reflex. Tancredo will never get elected outside this district – he has no politcal future as a senator or governor in Colorado. Most of us, Republican, Democrat, or Libertarian, regard him as an embarrassing moron with a chronic case of foot-in-mouth disease and an enormous ego. He is not a statesman, and his repeated use of “gosh, I didn’t know” is disingenious. And yes, we are all judged by the company we keep.

    We deserve better minds in congress and in the media.

  • Arch Conservative

    “As a Radical Leftist myself – I would love nothing more than to see the Republicans nominate Tom Tancredo – He is completely unelectable . .”

    No more so than Hillary…which is why I am elated to learn that Hillary’s people have already begun attacking Obama. The are reports out today of Hilary’s campaign attacking Obama for not being truthful about being raised as a Muslim. Priceless. The more the Democrat candidate darlings of the MSM media fight amongst themselves and tarnish each other the better! Hillary has already begun to do the work those of us on the right were going to have to do with regards to Obama. If she can do this work well enough herself so that she gets the Dem nod instead of Obama then the GOP will be all set in 2008 regardless of who ends up on their ticket. Of course this is all contingent upon the Dem core constituency continuing to act/vote in their typical elitsit, smug, smarmy, manner and refusing to see how unelectable Hillary is before it’s too late.

  • LOL!

    As a Radical Leftist myself – I would love nothing more than to see the Republicans nominate Tom Tancredo – He is completely unelectable . . .

  • Clavos

    “…his complete absence of proper judgement in situations where he has to engage in extemporaneous speaking…”

    Such as his characterization of Miami as a Third World city” in a recent speech given in Palm Beach.

    With that one crack he lost a lot of cred in Florida, which is a key state in any presidential election. He especially lost it among the South Florida Cuban community, which historically has voted majority Republican.

    I’d say he’s a one issue pol, cynically playing the fears of the nativist crowd.

    And not very intelligently, either.

  • Let’s remember that David Duke is no different than the typical Jew or typical nonwhite in America.

    He is racially consious and openly promotes the ethnic interests of his people.

    He discriminates.

    Europeans who do that are given comic book names like Nazi, supremacist, etc.


    “…The real problem here is that it’s actually possible that Tancredo could secure the GOP nomination in 2008. As a card-carrying Republican, I find the prospect absolutely terrifying.”

    I must say — this last sentence is shocking!!!!

  • Mike Taylor

    How funny that the banner above this comment section reads, “personal attacks are not allowed”. What I just read amounts to a vicious personal attack on a great American and I hope our next President Tom Tancredo. The author charges of racism and ultra right-wingism are the tired stuff of every opponent of illegal immigration. One brief example Randy Graf was endorsed by David Duke. What is the source of this lie? An article penned by Daniel Scarpinato of the Arizona Daily Star based on a Democratic Press Release after Randy won the Primary. A truly idiotic assertion that since David Duke put a AP wire release of the election results on his website ergo he endorsed Randy. And here’s a news flash regarding her assertions on the Pioneer fund and its origins, Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood also believed in Eugenics and racial superiority at their inception. This is just more of the same utter baloney that one reads in the MSM.

  • Seph

    Needless to say, jon, it looks like you posted in the wrong thread.

    Dave Nalle: If Tancredo wants to build his base around the StormFront crowd and the CCC then no one need worry about him because he won’t get very far along in the primary as he will poll 1-2% in any state, at most.

    If Tancredo has a weakness at this point it isn’t the crowd that surrounds him but his complete absence of proper judgement in situations where he has to engage in extemporaneous speaking, and secondly the utter lack of support from the party money machine – McCain and Giuliani and to a lesser extent Romney are sucking up the available cash very quickly.

  • jon

    American guns will be used against Iranians soon enough… even if they end up being channelled through the Saudis to the insurgents our boys are now fighting in Iraq.

    Could it be that Bush intentionally failed to take effective action against the Sunni insurgents to prevent the Shiite majority from asserting control?

    Bush’s ideological hatred for Iran was the basis for violating every tenet of the Powell Doctrine.

    Imagine an Iranian friendly German/Japanese style successful democracy in Iraq… no ability to control oil contracts… the neocon Nightmare explains our intentional failure.
    This is not the incompetence that it seems to be. Imagine a NeoCon cabal agenda that includes the overthrow and domination of Iraq and the further overthrow of Iran and Syria. Little George cannot be as stupid as he seems. Compromise is the art of grownups. The NeoCon cabal is a greedy, corrupt, and bloodthirsty lot of bastards who have directed the U.S. Military (and population) into an ugly game of hegemony in the middle east, the benefits of which accrue to big oil (WallStreet) and the state of Israel. Who wants to nuke Iran? Our history with Iran is ugly and it is we who owe an apology to them.

  • The key question is whether these questionable types are gathering around Tancredo, or whether he’s playing up to them to build a constituency of these types.

    If it’s the former, then Tancredo’s no different than any other leader. If it’s the latter, then it’s quite a bit more unappealing.


  • Seph

    And what movement doesn’t have “unsavory” allies a “step or two away?” It wouldn’t be amazingly difficult to connect the Democratic Party to, say, International ANSWER through a small number of intermediaries and it would also be fairly trivial to connect the neoconservatives to various ultra-Likudnik oddballs. The paleos are far from alone in having bizarre fellow travelers.

  • Tancredo’s close ties to the nativist movement is a large part of his problem. They’re not a savory lot, and even those who are marginally acceptable are a step or two away from those who are out and out bigoted lunatics.


  • Seph

    I’m fairly certain that if we were to apply the same deep analysis of any other candidate’s donors and supporters as you did to Rep. Tancredo we could find similiarly embarrassing people in all of them. Furthermore, many of Tancredo’s listed “associations” are at several levels of remove from the Congressman, such as the Stormfront.org connection which is three nodes of connexion distant (Tancredo -> Hines -> CCC -> SF.org) from him. Again, look three degrees of seperation away from anyone and you’ll find quite a few weirdos sprinkled in here and there.

    Having said all that, I would like to be able to vote for a paleoconservative Presidential candidate who has a reasonable chance of winning the primary and going on to win in November 2008, and Tancredo, for many reasons, is not that man. Florida is a must win state for the GOP and Cuban votes are a large factor in that; calling Miami a “third world country” for no reason whatsoever is not a good sign of what’s to come…