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Tom Glavine Gets 300th Win In Mets 8-3 Win Over Cubs

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The lights shone bright on Wrigley field in Chicago as the ninth inning came to close on the Mets/Cubs game.

Having high-fived everyone in his dugout after an 8-3 victory, one man strolled out across the field as the rest of the team filed out behind him. First he met the catcher and gave him a big hug, then he went down the list of all the starters before ending once again with the catcher who had came back around to give him a ball. Then it is was his manager and and coaches. Slowly he came to his kids and then his wife.

Without hesitation he kissed her and they embraced. Tom Glavine had just secured his 300th career win. Glavine is the 23th player in the history of baseball to win 300 victories. Most recently it was done by his former teammate Greg Maddux, and Roger Clemens before him.

Glavine had made a bid for his 300th win early last week against the Brewers when he left the game with a 2-1 lead. Unfortunately, the bullpen did not come through for him. Tonight Glavine seemed to say it was time. In fact, it was Glavine who hit an RBI single to score the first run for the Mets — the last time that was done was by Steve Carlton.

Having left the game in seventh, Glavine handed the bullpen the game with a 5-1 lead. Two pitchers and two runs later, Glavine would begin to sweat as the Cubs now only trailed by two. With the eighth inning coming up, Glavine placed his fate firmly in the bats of the Mets offense.

Luis Castillo, who had struggled since coming to the Mets, got his fourth hit of the night to lead off the eighth. Also struggling as of late, David Wright hit a single. Castillo stole third to place himself in a better position to score. He later left the game with heat exhaustion. With Wright on first and Castillo on third, Carlos Delgado blasted a double into the ivy in center field. Moises Alou followed Delgado with a walk and injured Paul Lo Duca drilled a single to score Wright. Adding two more runs to their score, Glavine could breathe a little easier.

The wind was clearly deflated from the Cubs’ sail after losing Alfonso Soriano to injury earlier in the game. Although they had one more base runner in the ninth inning, they could not stand up to the power of the Mets. The boys from New York scored again after Jose Reyes drilled a ninth inning triple.

Turning the game over to Billy Wagner, the Mets finished their stay in Chicago on an upward beat, allowing Glavine to quickly end his bid for 300 wins. Glavine pitched 6 1/3 innings. He gave up six hits, one walk, two runs and had one strikeout. Collectively, the Mets had 16 hits and seven walks in support of their pitcher.

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  • Victor Lana

    Patrick, I’m a big Mets fan and always like to see them win, but I have mixed feelings about this one. Please see my latest post as to why. It was a great game though to be sure. I just wish Tom Seaver (& Nolan Ryan for that matter) had been wearing orange & blue when they got # 300.

  • Catey

    Georgia… Atlanta Braves…my sons huddled in intense baseballcard negotiations, buying, selling, trading with the savy of a Wall Street tycoon… Tom Glavines name on their lips..

    Victor Lana,you think I care who this role model now plays for? Tom Glavines name is now a treasured priceless memory to me.This is baseball, not war. :)