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Tom Delonge Lashes Out Against Blink 182

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Everyone remembers Blink 182, that pop-punk trio who made waves with hits like "All the Small Things" and "Feeling You." The time of Blink 182 was the time of innocence, the time of chasing girls, and the time when you could act like the teenagers you were appealing to. That, according to ex-frontman Tom Delonge, is all "bullsh*t."

It has now been close to two years since the relatively mysterious breakup of Blink 182 and a lot has occurred since. (Check out Hoppus' interpretation of the events.) Drummer Travis Barker had a minor fling with The Transplants before forming Plus 44 — or (+44) — with Mark Hoppus, and they are set to release their debut album. Former co-frontman Tom Delonge, on the other hand, has gone on to form a U2-influenced rock supergroup, Angels and Airwaves. Everyone who has been following the continuing melodrama that is the breakup of Blink would know over the past year or so, Delonge has become somewhat egocentric.

His latest example of this was at a recent concert, in which he lashed out against his former band, a stir that was filmed by an audience member, and subsequently uploaded to Youtube. Halfway through an Angels and Airwaves song, Delonge ripped into a rant about his hatred for "bullsh*t pop bands and their bullsh*t pop songs" or, in full: "I do not want to be in a bullshit pop band with some bullshit pop songs while you drive your fucking bullshit car and sing along to it like you're some 14-year old girl."

In writing, the effect seems to be lessened somewhat. The video puts it better:

Of course, on the one hand, these comments can be taken simply as referring to the vast array of pop-punk bands now sprouting up everywhere, rather than Blink 182. According to a friend of mine, the setlist performed by Angels and Airwaves during their recent Sydney tour included a minor reference to older Blink material, and would suggest Delonge didn't mean his own band. Unfortunately, Delonge's recent egocentric antics could lead anyone to believe that, perhaps, while he has a deep hatred for his former band, he remains in love with his own material; it's been done before.

The truth? That will probably come six months down the track in a Myspace comment of some sort.

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  • I don’t think The Transplants were ever a fling for Barker, James — it’s always been a side-project for him and Armstrong and Aston as they’re all involved in multiple bands.

  • He has always been in love with his own stuff. But for the most part it’s pretty good. Most of the time.

    I think it’s kind of sad though that in a middle of a song he had to stop and rant at the crowd.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    The best fling Mr. Barker had was with The Vandals or w/ his ex on their TV show…

    Honestly, though, what does Delonge think he’s producing now… Some really grown up talented music? HA!!

  • Steve Hardy

    If Tom Keeps this attitude he is more likely to lose any remaining fans he has rather than gain fans from the middle aged U2 meatload ect……… fanbase . To think years ago he laughed at that sort of thing , I think what really sucks the most is all this bickering and namecalling in interviews about ex bandmates so if they could all be civil to each other it’d be a step in the right direction . When I picked up kerrang this morning and there was +44 on the front and the heading read Fuck Tom Delonge I just thought how sad it is how its come to this

  • L

    FYI- the name of the song is “Feeling This”…not “Feeling You”

  • Apologies, with that song I went off pure memory rather than cross-checking even with my own copy of the album.

  • Jon

    Whatever. It is all pretty childish. I am pretty much one of the biggest Blink-182 fans you could find. I just think its ridiculous that nobody can be honest enough to just say everything that happened and for all 3 to at least confirm that it is the truth. As fans in the meantime, we listen and support the two new bands that have come out of this argument, silently hoping that both fail and result in Blink 182 reforming. This, sadly, on the evidence of the video and interviews with AVA and (+44) is less and less likely, if not impossible to happen.
    Tom deLonge should really remeber why he is where he is and who put him there. his “shitty pop songs about girls” gave him a life that all fans of Blink 182 dream of and aspire to and he effectively pissed it all away.
    That is fine if he felt that he had to pursue a new direction, but why alienate your fans who treat you like a God and fucking support whatever you do, not matter how shit, controversial or different it may be.
    The fact is people liked Blink 182. People love them. They are popular not just because of the music, but for who they are to their fans and what, for the majority of their career together, they gave to their fans live. No matter how average their music could sound when played live on an of day, their banter and togetherness and comfort of being onstage together would turn a mediocre show into a memorable one for any fan who took their interest further than the fron cover of a cd or one of their singles that got overplayed on the radio.
    Blink 182 deserved to be massive and deserved their success. Mark, Tom and Travis all deserve the right to go their different ways if it is what they feel is best. But they do not really have the right to alienate their fans to whom the three mean the world in terms of icons.
    Tom de Longe deserves to lose his fans for that comment, but at the same time, if he thinks he is having a pop at Mark and Travis or (+44), he should remember who penned 50% if not more of Blink’s “pop shit”.
    At the end of the day. I, as a fan would support any of those three guys to the hilt as musicians. It just makes you have less respect for them when one of them does somethin like that.
    P.S. I sing along like a 14 year-old girl. Whats wrong with it?

  • anon-82

    hei,u ra seiffish worker.i was alaways a good fan of u but not now

  • James

    what happened to tom all he cares about right now is himself, when asked about the breakup he gives bullshit vague answers to avoid the question, why doesnt he just straight up tell what he thinks of his old band in an interview than in a damn concert from another country, his new music sucks ne way, how can he do that to his fans and what i dont get is that he sings the blink song down at ava concerts, if youre gonna play blink songs y breakup? i hope tom realizes how selfish he is and i hope he and mark and travis can make up and reform blink 182


  • Lyndon

    Personally.Mark and Travis want blink to workout. Tom is being a douchebag cocksucker obviously,he got his fucking MANAGER to call Mark telling him the band was over, and they have not spoke since that. And the material they were writing for new songs,Tom used in Angels and Gaywaves. +44 Is great,And I enjoy alot how they make constant references on how big of a douchebag tom is,and how they can’t stand him anymore. I hope Tom loses fame,and Mark gains fame,and Tom runs back to mark like a sissyfaggot, telling him “blink182 should be remade” well fuck that. The greatest hit album was toms idea in the first place. ending blink182 for good.

  • Sam

    I think one of those comments hit the nail on the head; what the hell does Tom think he’s doing now, making masterpieces or something? AVA is poppier than Blink 182 in most respects. The reason why it isn’t labeled such is that it’s too boring and not catchy enough to be pop. At least Blink had some fast stuff and they could keep your attention (well, at least until the end of their career. That last album was absolutely pathetic.)

  • justin

    well i think tom is just posing trying to be some one hes not hes tom delonge he ditched the two most amazing musichins in the world for some fucking emo fags and he cant say ne thing about pop punk cause he is the one who started blink so and when his new band mates get sick of him wher does he have to go you just cant keep quiting and starting new bands so we will see.

  • Jason Herron

    Travis is a god!!! as for mark hes just as goood but i was a little dissapointed with tom i have a band created of the blink 182 style and im the bass guitarist of the band i loved tom in the old days but he stoped the greatest music ever mark and travis should go on tour without him and find a replacement but i can see the respect for tom but he disrespected blink and all the fans

  • Logan Smaltiak

    I personally am not a huge fan of the whole fight between the two bands, and am also not a fan of Toms new style of Anti-Warism. I don’t get it! He used to act like he didn’t care at all what was going on in the world with blink 182, so i think thats a little messed up.

  • tech

    Just worked w/AVA over the weekend at the Next Big Thing. They were great…wish the FOH mixed in front than the side. Tom was great…about those comments about him having a big ego isn’t true. During the My Chemical Romance set a security personnel told him to stand behind the taped area (side of stage) w/everyone else (artist’s guest passes)…so he stood there watching like everyone else (no rockstar attitude). I talked to security to let him through. After he went through, he shook my hand and gave me a thumbs up. He went on to talk w/ Jared Leto. Cool guy!

  • Steve Hardy

    I Just Hope That Both bands especially Tom Can put aside their Differences and Just make up before its too late cos then there will be no going back and Life is too short so even if it isn’t possible for blink to get back together if they could Just make up and be friends again that would be something cos its really depressing to watch video’s of them and see just how great they were together and how things are with them right now

  • yeah..he nvr said that blink was a bullshit pop band. remember blink made fun of bullshit pop bands in all the small things video? so i guess mark, tom, and travis all agree on that dont they. people are once again makin a pathetic attempt to trash tom.

  • natt

    i think that tom delonge will never read this so fuck him, i love the old tom .. love the jokes.. i really think that TOM DELONGE WITHOUT MARK AND TRAVIS IS NO ONE!!! and.. he’ll call them some nearly day (i hope so)… he has to change some attitude i cant belive all the things he said..
    he’s and asshole…!!!!

  • Garrett

    yeah i still love blink and still listen to there shit every day…i must say that even though i love all of them BOTH of there new bands pretty much suck…but if i had to choose i would choose +44 they at least have a few good songs on the cd…the fact is they can all make new bands and do all the shit they want to but they will never have the success of blink…ever…as for toms comments here…i think he is full of shit and has a big ego…i think deep down he really does miss blink and wants to get back togather put that would be to big of a blow to his pride since he started it all..they should just quit bull shittin with each other…sit down, talk about it and work it out…and make a new cd called “the reunion” or somthin like that

    i have heard that blink has put aside there differences and is in the process of making one final cd called “one for the kids” and then after that they will officially announce the breakup of blink

    i think thats cool and all cuz they should do one for the fans..not just leave us out in the cold like they have done but if they are still mad at eachother it will reflect in the CD and it will just be shit

    oh and FUCK TOM he needs to remember how he got to be the person he is now….i just flushed all my respect for him down the toliot


  • jonny

    why can’t tom stop making boring music plus 44 are amazing

  • jonny

    fuck you josh i have hair like tom

  • jonny

    big brother just started

  • jonny

    tom did break up blink he got his manager to call mark and that sex monkey travis to say he was no longer a member of blink182. he couldnt even do it face to face. tom you chunkey monkey you ruined my life

  • catie

    i think Tom Delonge is as fit as much as the next person.I luv AVA and I luv (+44).They r totally different to each other, so I dnt prefer one of them .

    I hope they do bring out another last album, but not a half assed attempt, a decent thing that we can all remember them by.

    If toms as great as he says heis then he will be bessie mates with Mark and Trav again cos lifes to short to forget about the people who helped make you.They always tlked about how they wudnt let anything get in the way of their friendship.I do think it was tom’s fault Blink broke up but I got over it.I still luv blink and always will, n i listen to dere shit evryday but i ust realli hope they can make up.all u lot r doin is provin that u can stop talkin about Tom!!

  • Erik

    i am a huge blink fan, but when i heared that tom totaly douched out, is the exact moment that i didnt like AvA anymore. plus44 is the shit, and i think it would be impossible for blink to get back together. tom said he had a strange feeling of his heart pounding for weeks straight,and that he needed to do something great, but instead, he said fuck you to his friends and left, is that so fucking great? all tom did was thiunk that he could do it all himself, but travis is the most kickass drummer ever and mark is and awesome bassit/songwriter. just listen to the difference in +44 and AvA, plus44 lifts you up and you get into it, when AvA makes you feel depressed and it never ever picks up. all the damn songs sound the same with a long as intro that is unnesscary. tom should realize he was way way wrong, and apologize to them before he takes it any furter, because verybody is starting to realize how stupid he is, and something great has turned into a load of bullshit. iu dont wanna see a fuckin sci fi movie of tom life, i wanna hear kickass music about everybodies life, what shit goes down, somethign to cope with, not to get depressed and listen to some emo ass bullshit. c’mon tom, get with it, and get a goddamn haircut. even boxcar racer was the shit, that would have been the way to go, not fuckin angels and airwaves. you daughter will love you for you, not for being a dick. and if your wife was a bitch about blink so you changed it your fuckin whipped, blkink was the best thing to happen in you life and you know it. ad dont lie you dick face. i love you tm, just fuckin aplogize and mean it, AvA sucks balls, and emo is horrible. i dont wanna be depressed, so dont make it that way.
    p.s. anyone who thinks im being to mean, seriously, he needs to be told, but i still love him, and at least he can keep somewhat of humor.

  • dear writer sir its “FEELING THIS” NOT “FEELING YOU”!! …IDIOT… U MUST CHANGE IT… LOL:)

  • ohh my god they are back i cant believe it!!! a new album soon “one for the kids”… tom let it slip. the break up is finally over!!

  • Katrina

    It annoys me no end when people compare (+44) and Angels and Airwaves to Blink 182. They are totally different bands playing different sorts of music. How can you compare them?
    I used to be in total love with Tom Delonge. But I read an interview with Mark the other day about the Blink 182 break-up. I have lost all respect for Tom. Ego-Maniac.
    I am a HUGE Blink 182, (+44) and Box Car Racer fan. When I heard the Angels and Airwaves album for the first time I remember I was so disappointed. For some reason I feel like the album is missing something. Do you know what I mean? Blink 182 and (+44) I can listen to over and over. (While singing along like the 14 year old girl which I am)
    As for Tom calling Blink 182 pop? Wait…Hang on…Wasn’t he all for calling them punk? How can you possibly diss Blink 182 and then play part of ‘Down’ in the Angels and Airwaves concert you filthy hypocryite!?!?
    ‘One for The Kids’ …bound to fail. How can it be the same as Blink 182? Answer: It Can’t
    I think Blink should call it quits now.
    Mark Hoppus, I LOVE YOU!
    Travis, you rock!
    Tom…I hope you will think about the fans next time before you say things like that

  • jonny

    your a green day fan paul smith

  • jojo_loves_blink_to_death!!

    please please please stop sayin all those bad stuff to tom, come on, he’s got his reasons for what he made!! we do NOT know why he left blink-182, we do NOT know what his manager had to say to m&t that day, we do NOT even know if he really doesn’t speak anymore to mark and travis!! we just heard rumours… so which truth do we have to believe in? there hasn’t even been an OFFICIAL split… so what? do u all want someone to give all the fault to?? tom isn’t probably the most kind person on this fucking planet, but wasn’t this fuck-u-all mind the philosophy of blink-182? yeah of course u mustnt apply it on 2of ur best friends, but we all have gone wrong, at least once in our life… maybe he regrets it now… what the fuck he’s done such wonderful songs in blink-182, how can u tell him he’s an asshole etc etc?! how can u all have forgotten all of this…?! wtf i still do love blink, and travis, and mark, and TOM, too!!!!

  • reader

    yeah um “one for the kids” is a yellow card album released in 2001, sorry buddy..

  • jonny

    blink rule 🙂

  • Rob

    both sides have completely different reasons for the break up. Here is tom’s in which he posted on his myspace

    Kerrang Interview, This Is The Reason Blink Broke up…

    Alright well today was quite a boring day around the house so I decided to re write the interview with me and kerrang magazine on October 5th 2005.. Some of you may have herd of it, some of you have read it, but for those who don’t know about it or haven’t read it yet here it is…I am also adding a new piece that WASN’T in the Kerrang interview that explains why I am making the new band and a movie along with it…here it is..enjoy..

    You always hurt the ones you love. Thats what people say. Well, it works both ways. And thats something the three members of Blink 182 could tell you a thing or two about.

    On February 22nd, shortly after mysteriously pulling out of a tsunami benefit show in California, blink 182 released an official statement announcing that they were going on an immediate and indefinite hiatus, so that they could spend time enjoying the fruits of their labours.

    In the wake of the announcement, the trio remained tight-lipped about what exactly had prompted it. Instead, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker busied themselves with their new band Plus-44 and Tom DeLonge retired from the spotlight, giving no interviews and making no public appearances.

    The guitarist/frontman might be preparing to rise again, through his new band Angels And Airwaves, but that doesnt mean hes put Blink 182 into a box, locked the lid and cast it aside. Far from it. Via two long and intense phone calls, the usually private DeLonge opened up to Kerrang! about the bands breakdown. Of course, he is only one part of a three-sided story, but at the time of going to press, his former bandmates declined to be interviewed.

    Here, then, is Tom DeLonges account of the death of Blink 182


    When you and Travis formed Box Car Racer without Mark, was that the beginning of the end for blink 182?

    Mark took it extremely hard. I had no intention to ever make Box Car a priority over Blink, but it really hurt him. It sucks because Marks a sweetheart and I never meant to hurt him. But he never got over it.

    Why couldnt he let it go?

    Marks one of the most intelligent people Ive ever met, but sometimes hes too intelligent for his own good and will over-analyze stuff. But if the only issue was that he couldnt get over Box Car, then Id have probably hung out with it a little while longer.

    So problems between you werent just a result of Box Car?

    I also wrote a song for a hip-hop guy because I wanted to do something different and after that, our record label offered me a solo deal.

    Did you want to go solo?

    I was flattered, but there was no way in hell that Id ever do that. I thought it would be the most stupid, arrogant, lame thing to do. In any case, these emails were getting floated around between the label and management, and Mark found out.

    How did mark take it?

    He didnt talk to anyone for two days and was pretty pissed about it off the heels of Box Car, mark was suspicious. There were things he thought happened that never happened like secret meetings behind his back and I couldnt convince him otherwise. I think people thought I was conspiring to do things and that was so not the case.

    That must have made you feel pretty alienated.

    It was one of the things that frustrated me the most because I really wanted nothing but the healthiest band and to be doing it with my best friends. I didnt want to start another band and I didnt want to go solo.

    So among all that, you guys did another blink album.

    Yeah, and it was a great healing period for use, but with mark not being able to let Box Car go, things werent the same. Travis on the other had, I think his focus was in many different places. He wanted to tour all the time, was playing in multiple bands and then he started his reality TV show that he never told me about.

    How did you feel about Travis doing the series Meet the Barkers?

    It was something that I didnt agree with, but I supported him, even though I didnt like having TV cameras around me and I felt that my personal privacy was invaded. And then on our last European tour [towards the end of 2004], everything kind of came to a halt.

    How bad did things get on that tour?

    I was super-bummed because I needed to go home and see my daughter and my wife. Wed been away from home for nearly two years and I was really unhappy.

    Did you resent the fact that blink kept you away from your family?

    No, but it got to the point where my family couldnt be my first priority and I wasnt willing to uproot them every time I went on tour. It just wasnt fair they needed some normality.

    Mark and Travis have wives and children too. Why was it such a strain for you?

    Of course they love their families, but I think they deal with the way that their family lives fit into the band easier than I do. My family needed me at home and it didnt seem like me making that my priority mapped up with the way those guys wanted to work.

    Couldnt you just talk to them about it?

    I didnt understand. Travis and I couldnt talk to mark anymore we werent the friends we were. The other thing was I was getting so much shit from Mark about Box Car, but then when we were on that last tour, Mark and Travis had already put together plus-44. I didnt even know about it until it got printed in a magazine in Kerrang!, I think.

    Is that when you decided to form Angels and Airwaves?

    No, absolutely not, and I want to make this clear. I had an epiphany on that tour which made me feel like I was going to do something big, but I had no idea what it meant. It didnt even cross my mind to put another band together until after we announced our hiatus, when I was working on some new songs last March.

    But Mark and Travis must have known you werent happy.

    They were going to me, What do you want? What is your problem?. I didnt want to tell them what I wanted a break because I knew they wouldnt like it. Mark was happiest when he was on tour because he was with his friends and doing what he loved and Travis just wanted to play the drums. But I was going to self-destruct if I didnt make some changes.

    What changes did you all agree to make?

    We decided to take a six-month break.

    How did that six-month break suddenly become an indefinite hiatus?

    My number one reason for needing a break was because my family needed me but as soon as we came home, we had to record a song for Travis TV show and Mark had booked us multiple tsunami benefit shows. I think because they felt I was trying to control the band by making us go on a break, they were looking for stuff for us to do.

    What was the last straw for you?

    Before that show [the Music for Relief tsunami benefit] we had this big argument after a rehearsal. It was completely clear to me that the way the band was going to operate was very different to how I needed it to be, because of the type of family man I wanted to be, Anyway, as I was driving away, they both called up our manager and tried to cancel the show because they were really mad at me. They were so angry that they were saying I dont even know what they were saying.

    Were they insinuating that something bad might happen?

    There wasnt an actual threat but there was a really weird, unsaid.. I dont know what it was but it was so strange. Thats when I said to my manager, okay, its time for a break.

    So you were left with no choice but to take a hiatus?

    Please understand that the break-up, or hiatus, or whatever you want to call it, was never an agenda of mine. I never wanted it to happen. It was a very depressing thing for me.

    Have you spoken to Mark and Travis since?

    No. We did a huge amount of talking and thats why I havent spoken to them since because I said everything I needed to say to them.

    Do you think they understood why you needed to make some changes to the way blink worked?

    I dont think that either of those guys would ever believe that I did this because I thought it was best for my family. I think, until the day we die they will go to their graves thinking I did that because I had a master plan to make another band of do it by myself without them.

    Thats a sad thing to think about your friends.

    Im tired of thinking about why they think so. Im tired of wondering how I could have said things better. I said to them. I want to be the biggest band in the world. I want to love my family and I want to be your best friend, but I have to be the best husband and father first. But I dont think they were really hearing me. I just think that we were different people at the end.

    How do you feel about Mark and Travis now?

    I miss them. I dont feel fuck you towards them at all because I love them. Theyre fucking awesome guys.

    You and mark still own (clothing labels) Macbeth and Atticus together, dont you?

    Party of the charm about this whole situation is that we still have these companies together, which means that one day we have to come together and rebuild our friendship.

    Is that going to happen?

    It has to happen.

    Are you going to make it happen?

    Its not going to happen on its own. When all this stuff went down, I know I had to take a different route to happiness, so I dont feel guilty about that, but theres such a large part of me that cant wait for the time when Ill rebuild my friendships with them. Playing with them again is something I think about every day, but I know that it just doesnt make sense for me right now.

    Part of the appeal of blink 182 was that it really seemed like you were best friends. Do you think fans will feel duped when they realize that wasnt the case?

    We were friends. Thats the saddest thing. We were doing what we loved and, I swear, whenever we were onstage it was magical. Theres nothing stained on the Blink name as far as the music and shows go, the only thing thats stained is the breakdown of our friendships at the end. It makes me so sad to think our fans would feel that way.

    I love Mark and Travis to death. They were my best friends in the world, and I miss them tremendously. At the end, our priorities were mad different, and I haven’t spoke to them since [the hiatus].So instead of talking, I just made this album and this film. There’s a story line that runs throughout it, it’s autobiographical, I felt like I lost my two best friends, I lost the band I created, and I did it all for my family. And so I decided to write the album and make the movie about my life. But rather than sit there and whine, I used analogies about love and war, because that’s what this whole thing was like. Playing music in the wake of the Blink thing was like finding love in the middle of a war zone. Since [Pink Floyd’s] The Wall, this has never been done. A third of the movie is CGI, a third of the movie is a documentary and a third of it is a love story. And it basically tells the story of the breakup of one of the biggest bands in the world and the creation of the world’s greatest rock band. It’s a documentary about the past year of my life. But the whole thing is done with metaphors and analogies of World War II. Because World War II was good versus evil, the grand sense of purpose, and seeing as though I started this new part of my life specifically for my family, I felt that it would be an appropriate reference point rather than using modern image

  • Fred

    angels and airwaves are not emo fags travis barker is closer to emo then them tom only quit coz marks a total DICKHEAD!!!!!

  • harley

    blink 182 were a good band but if you listen to some of there songs live u wood see y mark and tom dont get along mark just abuses the crap out of tom. Angels and airwaves arent emo not all they’re songs are slow and i miss u, adams song stay together for the kids are all slow so songs and they made it to the greatest hits from blink 182 and i think that mark is a fucking homo he is a fucking homo people TOM RULES!!!!!!!!!

  • jonny

    mark is a fucking legend and my hero, stop licking tom’s bumhole

  • Fred

    jonny do u ever shut up u arsehole and tom is great better than mark will ever be!!!

  • Chris Q

    Well, after reading both interviews, I still think that Tom was being a bit of a selfish control freak. But, it seems like Mark was kind of being a little whiny about a lot of things and kind of used Tom’s breakdown period to let it all out. So I’d say it’s both of their faults. As far as the new music goes, I think (+44) is the better of the 2. Though AVA is starting to grow on me.

  • liam

    tom is my hero and mark should get fuckd

  • Rob

    Yes, I agree with you chris, tom was being very selfish but mark wanted in on everything. in the end i think that they just grew apart and it was nobodys fault. as for the two bands. i believe +44 is better because it still keeps the punk feel alive, angels and airwaves doesnt have that punk feel anymore and Tom isn’t even playing his guitar anymore. Haha i also noticed how all the songs tom writes are getting longer and longer but with less and less lyrics. if any of you have visited his myspace recentley check out the song “star of bethlehem” its a 8 minute song with a couple lines of lyrics at teh very end. kinda rediculous.

  • harley

    who ever wrote that shit that tom rights boring music why do blink if he sings i think tom is a fucking supastar he is way better than gay old mark mark can suk me off

  • Rob

    wow you think from only toms side. i think from both sides. mark, tom, and travis were great in blink. but since they left eachother there music has become less and less. yes that goes for mark too, but tom especially. wow and the hair tom….

  • Meegan

    Blink 182 was the best band eva!! y did tom have to quit in the first place.. n its not a bullshit band!!!!!

  • Meegan

    Tom n mark just need to work things out n get bak 2getha!! i am like there biggest fan :)! How could they write mean songs about eachotha wen they have been best friends for so long! i think they should work things out before its to late.. TRAVIS N TOM U GUYS R SO HOT!! :)!!

    YOU GUYS ROCKED!! wen u were a band 2getha!!

  • Meegan

    i am your biggest fan!!
    blink 182 should get bak 2getha
    COZ THEY ROCKED!! angles n airwaves and plus 44 r nothin compaired to blink 182! n tom travis and mark r nothin without each otha!
    I LUV U GUYS!! XoXo

  • jonny

    some times i dont feel the same way as you feel ( cacophony )

  • bertness

    what the fuc you are all fucing cocksuckers!!!! if you hate him soooo fucking much than quit fucking commenting about him and get a fucking ife! omg!!! and the only fucking person that i agree whith on this whole fucking thing is that person jon!!! and tom is not selfish!!! he probably sings blink songs couse he nows that blink was a awsome band and he just wants EVERYBODY an i guess obviously his self to be fucking satisfied!!! i mean if that was you wouldnt you do anything to keep your band working!!! and about blink 182 they wouldnt let him spend anytime whith his famiy!! he needed a brrake they gave him one and it led to what it led to!!!!

  • Kool

    U just buy into Toms OLD feelings, that reveiw waz dated like october 2005 at a time when neither AVA or Plus 44 albums had been realesed. Wat he said waz much more recent. Tom has said a lot of things about wat his band waz supposed to acomplish like create a new zeigest and change rock music for the next 10 – 15 years with AVA. He wants to worshipped buy himself as a lone artist and the lead singer. Yet he has no idea how to acomplish it instead ripping off some shitty imatation of u2 or coldplay. He changed his whole attitude so much his not even the same person no more, Gone from writing songs about not caring at all to writing songs about caring about everything and while AVA is a sad band maybe it shouldnt be called Emo cause they hardly even use any guitair in it. Fuck I wouldnt even call it a Rock band, something between Dance and Electric.

    Tom acheived everything with his former band Blink 182 and he did bring a new zeigest in with them. They further popularizes Pop Punk after Greenday and The Offspring, And after Blink 182 a lot of bands took there influence and they ashured in a whole new wave of Pop/Punk, like Good Charlotte, Yellowcard, Taking Back Sundays, Sum 41 and to a lesser extent the imatation Pop/punk Avril Lavigne. But Blink 182 waz by far the best of there era. And if they had continued im sure music wouldnt have run into the Dark Emo/Punk bands we see sprouting up today which a lot of people r finding hard to adapt to a non stop sad attack.

    Mark and Travis understood it waz there job to go on tour and be away from there faimlies for 6 months a year, they actually had balls, unlike Tom who apparently hated his job and hated being away from his loved ones and I think most people can simpathyze with that but its just something u have to do when ur in a band thats popular. He wimped out and for what? to do the excact same thing with a shittier band, who in all honesty are only recieving any good sort of attention cause of there predeccsor bands (blink and they have the Offspring drummer.) So why not do it with Blink? Is it the need to be reborn as something differnt? as sad as it might be for Tom thats what he is known for his work with Blink, and he will never escape it, I know he had a lot of fun with Mark and Travis, and now he seems depressed at least in his song writing which he himself said waz meant to counter act not talking to Mark and Travis anymore. If he only had the guts to make up! everything would at least eventually be near enough to the way it waz if he meant it. Tom u were cool but now ur just a lil pussy.

    As for Plus 44 they arent as good as Blink but maybe if we give them time to progress they will come out with some real good matraial it waz just there first album getting over the whole break up, i wouldnt call them Punk yet just sorta Electric Rock, Mark has always tried to negotaite about things. but Tom just waz stubborn dickhead who refuses to let anyone else have a say in his life, but yeah as for anyone who takes Toms side esspecially about his hair u probaly have a lot of emotional problems urself and should probaly go write about it in ur diary or something.


  • Dylan

    Tom delonge kiks as so go suck 2 foot long cock and AVA is way better than +44.+44 is just a wanna be blink 182 and with out tom and without tom blink wouldnt be as good TOM KIKS ASs!!!!!!!!!!!!ANGELSAND AIRWAVES KIKS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLUS 44 IS GAY BUT BARKER AND HOPPUS ARE PRETTY COOL

  • Rob

    wow how can i take sides form a person with the immaturity to say fuck every other word (bertness), this a message board for arguing, people are suppose to share their views on this conflict within whatever they want to and it just so happens that its mark and tom. like i said AVA and (+44) are decent but blink was better.

  • Matthew

    fuck all of you ! most of u probably got to see them live. i live in south Africa never got to see them once. i agree that plus 44 is a better band than ava but there is one thing i cant stop thinking about while listening to +44 is that tom and mark were vocally the best pairing eva. whats missing from plus is tom and whats missing from ava is mark. doesn’t matter what the next albums for these two bands is going sound like. it will never be blink.

  • Kool

    To Dylan,
    I think ur the one sucking cock, Toms cock, U think Plus 44 is trying to be like Blink 182? Have u listened to them, Mark even said there trying not to take a tag of Blink part 2. Cause they arnt I wish they were, AVA is according to Tom is trying to be the best band in the world, and failing misrably at it, maybe thats why his so bitter about his new band not being as good as blink. and being all like oh I meant to do that cause my band is no pop band like blink completley forgetting blink is a punk band. just cause they had mainstream success. anyways go figure,

    To Matt and Rob,
    Yes I agree Tom and Marks vocals and characteristics do complement each other well isnt that what the appeal of blink waz, There ok without each other, but they will never be as good, but I very much doubt they will compromise purley because there music sounded better together

  • Cordy McAvoy

    I loved blink 182. They were the best band until Tom acted like a jackass. I hope he and his new band have feuds and Tom will reunite with his old pals i wish that could happen

  • UH

    It would be simply amazing if they ever played together again….it would make my life.

  • Josh

    Tom used to be my hero, the guy i looked up to. Blinks my favorite band and it probably always will be but if toms going to keep this attitude, then i’d rather see tom with AVA instead of having a feud with mark and travis and making shitty music because of the gay feud…

  • LAURIE182

    In my opinion blink 182 was the best band in the world,and ill always be their biggest fan in my mind,but its funny how i can think that and yet totally dislike angels and airwaves!
    I just cant take to them,i loved tom but slowly started to dislike him after all the comments he made which i never thought i could,and as for his music,not so fussed ither.
    Mark and travis on the other hand and plus44 are amazing,ill always miss blink 182 and im sure everyone wishes they were back together!
    But truthfully does anyone think that will happen?
    toms changed too much! plus44 is the future for blink fans,think we all need to realise it!

  • I miss Blink terebly.
    I can not belive that Tom left his best friends. (Mark Hoppus, and Travis Barker)
    I never thought Blink would be over.
    Im one of there biggest fans..
    Iv had alot of people send we messeges saying “You must be one of Blinks biggest fans. Fot you to create this myspace-program(bring blink 182 back) to try and get Blink back.”
    Im trying to get blink back with the love there fans have for them.
    I want to send Blink a messege that means everyhing to them.
    I wish the best luck to Tom, Mark, and Travis.
    Hopefully one day all 3 of them will become friends again one day.

    _Tanner from Bring Blink 182 Back

  • Taylor Davis

    i dont care wat u peeps think bout Tom. i like him no matter wat band he’s in. sure i like the old Tom better, but he picked wat he think was good 4 him. and he’s not selfish. i dont care wat band he’s in, as long as he’s happy. if he’s happy, im happy.
    Tom’s a nice guy. and should not be bad mouthed!
    I hope he reads this

  • Um…

    It’s Feeling This. Not Feeling You

  • Blink fan

    I thInk those dicks shud just puT asiDe their difFerences, n puT blink bAck, +44 isnt perfEct widouT toM, anD AVA is chIckenshIt widouT mark n travis

    God, please bring Blink 182 bAck! !

  • Mik-182

    i agree with this guy above me.
    like i saw plus 44 live, it was a pretty good show,. but there wasnt the type of stage…communication? if you will. like, it was just mark talking.. still funny.. but nothing like a blink concert(at least the ones ive seen on you tube.. never been to a real blink concert:( sad i know)
    and AVA.. i dont know, i just doesnt have the aspects that travis and mark bring to the table.
    cause i think blink was perfect because of this simple math equation..
    unique voice+ clever/catchy song writing+ amazing AMAZING drums+ very good voice+catchy guitar= sweeet band….but now, tom basically threw away his unique voice..and drop dead good looks(im a guy but, its ok to say that about tom lol) i dont know.. we just need blink back.

  • Adi

    I loved Blink 182, and i still do!!!
    plus 44 and boxcar racer are both pretty cool, but what is the big idea with Angels and Airwaves?? tom think about if it was worth it to mess up blink to start AWA!!!!!

    Blin 182 on my mind

  • Moo

    I really think Tom has gone mental, he broke up the best band ever and started the shittiest band ever… Mark is my hero, +44 rocks! and i think shane and craig are stunningly good musicians!
    Tom should get a haircut!

  • Greenland

    Tom is a good person now he had change to the better just here Angels and Airwaves then you will see a good persons handwork and +44 is good but AvA is better and Tom is just miss his family he don wan´t to be a bad dad he love Ava that´s why he create Angels and Airwaves and as i can see u are bad fans just respect there decisions

  • kay dogg

    Tom Delonge is amazing, no matter what you guys say. He’s doing his own thing, of course he’s going to change it’s a fact of life.


  • tomhater

    i was wondering where you got this information because travis barker was in transplants while he was in Blink-182. Tom and travis made the band Boxcar Racer during Blink-182. This information is completely wrong, and it is Feeling This not Feeling You. All these other people who think angels and airwaves are good they are terrible. Tom is a horrible singer in this band. This band just ripped their beat from The Killers. I hate you tom!!!!

  • That number 7 was the best fu**ing thing i have ever heard about Blink 182

  • taylor

    i luv luv luv tom.he is completely awesome.but i also luv luv luv mark hoppus.i think tom and mark should make up and mark should join AVA. that would be the most awesomeest thing ever but since that will probably never happen i still luv luv luv AVA and Blink 182 to still my favvvvv band.

  • Chris

    AVA fuckn sucs and toms a queer now I wnt 1990s cool funny young Tom with the baggy dickies and Atticus/hurley shirt and the backwards hat not new homo in skinny jeans an a LOVE shirt on and tht sings lik sum1 tht just got dun having butt sex with a dog…I miss the old Tom ;(. Thm bn dumbasses on stage and havn fun and wen he played his custom strat not his ES-335

  • Danny

    I believe this was very biased. And possibly aimed from a personal grudge on Mr. DeLonge, for nowhere in his “rant” did he even hint to his former band mates or his former bands and taking the word pop out of contexts. Also constantly calling him “egocentric” for going into isolation or leaving a place where he felt threatened and unhappy is extremely unfair. All the guy wanted to do is take a break from the spot light to be with his kid (because even children of rockstars need their fathers) and his wife (because yes, living single with only a child is tough no matter how rich you are) and this made him out to me some evil mastermind who wanted to destroy their own band (one of the biggest bands out there) to create something less popular (who would do that?)
    Also saying he’s inlove with his own work is just a personal attack by trying to persuade people that he’s a bad guy. He tried talking to the guys about a short break to get off the spot light and relax, revitalize and learn new things with music to be able to bring it back to blink to contribute more and help them go into a more diverse direction. So all in all, this has no facts just a clip of cursing at pop which you’re putting words in his mouth (those words being Blink 182), its a direct biased personal attack on someone who was going through a hard time and was being blamed on something that was already happening (mark & travis already formed +44 before tome even left or even asked for a break) so yeah, I think this was just very unfair and very misinformed.

  • Kelsey

    Oh my lord, scene kidz and their typing skills these days. Tom has let the fame get to his head, angels and airwaves are a pretty everage band to say the least, whereas +44 are amazing. I totally agree with the Tom delonge douchebag timeline. The more famous blink got the more of a douche he became Dont take these things too seriously, its just music. Their lyrics weren’t the most meaningful either so it’s not like they saved your life. Listen to +44 they’re alot like blink.

  • Virginia

    Omg you guys are making a big fucking deal out of this Tom delonge is still the funny dork we all basically know and love have you guys ever met Tom? You can’t judge someone you don’t know he probably just Had a bad day or something and if he was a total duchebag he wouldn’t have a human heart, which he does he is only human. No making fun of him or bashing him. I love mark but mark was kind of a duchy person to Tom. We all are mean sometimes it’s not like People don’t have a bad side to us. I mean if we didn’t we wouldnt be human now would we? And go ahead bash my comment I don’t care it’s not like I’m going to be on my iPad all day. So stop being assholes to Tom and find something else to do.

  • eggo waffles

    i don’t believe “feeling you” is one of their songs. it is “feeling this”