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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Engaged

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Their bond in Scientology now sealed, Tom Cruise, 42, proposed to Katie Holmes, 26, early this morning at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, just two months after their relationship was announced in April.

She accepted.

“Today is a magnificent day for me, I’m engaged to a magnificent woman,” Cruise, who is in France promoting his new film War of the Worlds, said magnificently.

Reporters spotted a large object reputed to be a diamond ring on Holmes’ finger, the weight of which seemed to cause her to lean to the left.

Cruise said, “Yes, I proposed to her. It was early this morning at the Eiffel Tower, so I haven’t slept at all.”

Why here? “I’ve never been to the Eiffel Tower. It’s Paris, it’s a beautiful city, it’s very romantic.” And very magnificent, of course.

Holmes, who co-stars in the new Batman Begins, will be Cruise’s third wife. He was married to Mimi Rogers, then Nicole Kidman for ten years and the pair share custody of their two children. Holmes was engaged to actor Chris Klein for five years, but he goes home without the cigar.

No wedding date has been set. “We haven’t discussed that – one step at a time,” admonished Cruise. Holmes spoke not.

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  • One step at a time? That’s funny.

  • Eric Olsen

    one life to live

  • Interesting to see that the Hollywood older man younger woman stereotype is alive and well…

  • Eric Olsen

    although I would say anything within 20 years is at least comprehensible

  • The only thing truly infuriating about this is E! Online’s usage of “TomKat” in referring to the couple. That kind of “creativity” makes me homicidal.

  • Eric Olsen

    oh, that’s what that’s about! I thought the cartoon was coming back or something

  • RJ

    Look, I know there are people calling her a “third beard,” and I know there are people saying it’s all about hype for WOTW and Batman Begins.

    But, maybe it’s not. Maybe there is a strong, loving bond between these two. Maybe it truly is “magnificent.”

    But I’m betting they’ll split before 2010…

  • Eric Olsen

    this is just my impression from a very distant remove, but it seems Cruise does get fired up about the idea of a relationship and is truly revved up for a time, but then he gets bored

  • christine

    liek most other people on this earth im getting very irritated by theyre lovy dovy crap its over rated!! get ove it ARGHHHHHHHhh

  • shish

    So, who cares really? Why does this matter so much when there’s way more important things going on?

    Two months? I wonder how long that marriage will last…

  • Nancy

    We’ve got a bimbette & an actor. time will tell. Let’s move on to something with some actual significance. Celebrity chasing is tacky.

  • Liz

    Does anyone think this is a little creepy or weird? He seems like a control freak- he marries these women when they are young and as soon as they become legitimate stars (nicole kidman) or has beens (mimi rogers), he moves on. I’ve always heard he was gay but that’s really anyone’s guess. I don’t think little Katie Holmes has a clue what she’s getting herself into.

  • RJ

    Ah, Katie can’t complain. She’s a B-actress who is now engaged to an incredibly rich, internationally famous, and very good-looking guy.

    If nothing else, it will help her career…

  • WeeWee

    Katie is Tom’s little robot. She’ll do anything he says. One day she’ll wake up.

  • surprisinguy

    Lucky Tom is all I can say. Seems she likes the idea too. Good luck to em both 😉

  • Sunny

    Hey, I’d like to be Tom’s little robot.

  • Eric Olsen

    interesting assortment of responses

  • Lucky Tom? I don’t think so. She is a little malnourished looking these days. Here face is cute. So what? I have hotter neighbors than her.

  • observer

    tom likes the idea that someone ADORES him. the ultimate test being switching to scientology. hope she wakes up someday before they have children.

  • RJ

    Yabut, are your neighbors willing to convert to Scientology for you? 😉

  • Eric Olsen

    and did your neighbors have a poster of you in their rooms when they were kids?

    Like observer and the Stone Roses said, “I Wanna Be Adored”

  • Howler

    Ohhh boy here we go again. Tom and Katy’s love is so profound that they whore themselves to the ET cameras and the Oprah audience believing that there relationship is worthy of front page news, acting like juveniles (cough-cough midlife crisis). All this media mongering just smacks of self love and promotion which is a bit disgusting. Dont get me wrong, if they truely love each thats fine keep it to yourselves…but have a sense of privacy and dignity. Does the world need Bennifer part 2, promoting their affinity for each other like it is an album release or a movie. Two massive thumbs down Tom and Katy.!!

  • RJ

    Look, if when I turn 40-something, I am still capable of banging hot chicks who are 20-something WITHOUT PAYING FOR IT, then something is going right…

  • The Theory

    gosh. it’s just an engagement, folks. no vows or rings have been exchanged yet…

  • Eric Olsen

    personally, I’m all atwitter

  • Dawn

    Are you paying for banging hot chicks now RJ, or did I misunderstand you?

    Also, Tom is cruise is not “good-looking” he’s Hollywood handsome.

    Eric Olsen, now there’s a good-looking guy!

  • Eric Olsen

    we people in our 40s much prefer women in their 30s to women in their 20s, or at least I do

    thanks Dawn, aren’t you in your 30s?

  • Dawn

    Yes I am, why do you ask, aren’t you already banging me?

  • I am still capable of banging hot chicks who are 20-something WITHOUT PAYING FOR IT, then something is going right…

    i’m with eric.

    i consider this a sign of stunted maturity.

  • The Theory

    “personally, I’m all atwitter”

    I always knew it’d take a celebrity couple to get you enthused about something.

  • Eric Olsen

    I’m ALWAYS enthused (see #28)

  • Dawn

    I am still wondering who’s paying to get banged around here? Sheesh…

  • Eric Olsen

    someone must be to keep the world’s oldest profession humming along

  • The Bunny Ranch in Vegas stays open for a reason…

  • I still contend that Tom Cruise wasn’t acting in Magnolia – that was the real Tom Cruise. The scene where his character is interviewed by a woman presents a really venomous, disturbing portrait of power. Cruise’s hyperactive displays of spazzy love lately seem extremely false (and creepy) – like he’s putting on an act of how he thinks someone “in love” should act. Cruise creeps me out, plain and simple.

  • It’s the new Hollywood trend! Forget having a kid; that’s so passe.

    Now it’s: Hi, how are you? Let’s get married!

    Even I wanna go to Vegas now, get married and have it annulled the next morning.

  • RJ

    “Are you paying for banging hot chicks now RJ, or did I misunderstand you?”


    No, you misunderstood me…

    I’m saying that most dudes in their 40s would have to pay to have relations with hot chicks in their 20s…

    But apparently not Tom Cruise! 🙂

  • Freckles

    Hah. Katie is just another highly-paid beard. She’s getting cash and a high profile; he’s getting publicity and the veneer of heterosexuality. He should have kept his old PR rep. He needs to be kept on a leash.

  • Eric Olsen

    it’s probably more complicated than that – I think Tom J has at least part of a point

  • He needs to be kept on a leash.

    And all this time I thought he WAS kept on a leash. At least that’s what I heard at the last Scientology seminar. Madame Cruise was L. Ron’s bitch.

  • roflmao! oh, that isn’t nice, but i can’t help but laugh. shame on me.

  • Yeah, if here is a Cruise spawn it will probably be manufactured by artificial insemination with some upper management Scientologist’s sperm. Lord knows Mr. Cruise probably shoots blanks if he even shoots at all. Oh, and by the way, they’ll name the little offspring L. Ron Cruise.

  • RJ

    I own (and have sorta-kinda read) several Scientology books. I think they are mostly bunk.

    But, if it works for someone…

    TC isn’t hurting anybody with his chosen “religion” or cult or ideology or whatever it is.

    Attacks on Scientology and its practitioners, while sometimes amusing, when taken to a certain extent are nothing more than bigotry.