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The readers of Spin (and we’ll try not to use words of more than one syllable in case any of them are looking at this post) may not need to hear about every single Todd Rundgren reissue that comes out, but it probably wouldn’t kill them to read this interview with him. And we’re not particularly fond of Rundgren; we just think the readers of Spin are total fucking morons.

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  • i just let my Spin subscription lapse…



  • Eric Olsen

    I don’t think this editor buttlick meant anything in particular against Todd, he was just an “insert-classic-rock-figure-here” name it seems; but that doesn’t change the fact that Spin sucks hard and has since, um, always, but with increasing ferocity over time.

  • i thought it was a decent magazine in the first couple of years….then they steadily slid downhill.

    a couple of times i was on the verge of cancelling and then they’d publish a feature on somebody like, say, Tom Waits…

    but that hasn’t happened in a while.

  • sonny

    the onion av interview with todd is excellent. and everyone should visit todd’s web site at least once, even if you dont sub to trtv

  • Marty Thau

    Todd, in my opinion, was always a better producer than a recording artist. As a human being he failed miserably and had an ‘attitude’ a mile long. Now that time has passed — and his moment, too — he gets an overall C+ for his Rundgren recordings and a B+ for his productions. What goes around comes around. Sorry, Todd, baby, but you suck where it counts.

  • Michael Coxe

    Not surprised that the guy who produced Suicide wouldn’t like “melodic” Rundgren. Not that I disagree with the attitude judgement, etc.

  • monkeymakeout

    I went to the Hall & Oates show at Jones Beach last weekend where Todd opened up for them. I have seen a lot of shows in my time and I feel that I can say that this guy should do us all a favor and never perform live AGAIN!!! His voice is obviously shot and his sad display of air guitar…. that’s right, the D-Bag actually did a little air guitar on stage, clearly shows that he needs to hang it up.