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Toby Slams Natalie

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Toby Keith, ass-kicker, thinks Dixie Chick Natalie Maines, the short one singing between her willowy bookend compatriots, has a big mouth:

    Keith, who was responding to a question about Maines’s recent negative comments about President Bush in London, said, “She’s come after me before. She’s got a big mouth.”

    Maines did make some negative comments about Keith shortly after the release of his song “Courtesy Of The Red, White & Blue,” which was Number One on Billboard’s Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart for several weeks.

    “Don’t get me started,” Maines told the Los Angeles Daily News back in August 2002 about Keith’s song. “I hate it. It’s ignorant and it makes country music sound ignorant. It targets an entire culture–and not just the bad people who did bad things. You’ve got to have some tact. Anybody can write, ‘We’ll put a boot in your ass.’ But a lot of people agree with it.” [Launch]

It would appear Maines sees herself as a sophisticated and worldly country singer – one with a global view, one with tact. I would say she has misread her audience, who are a bit more provincial in their outlook: especially with sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors poised on the starting line.

I don’t much go for that jingoistic, simplistic, black and white, us and them crap either, but you GOTTA KNOW THE TERRITORY, as a professor once said. Country music is all about the verities, boiled down, and hitched to a catchy chorus.

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  • Michael


    Um, er, duh? Pretty stupid marketing challenging your audience in such a, well, arrogant way.

    As my grandpap in Kansas used to say, “even a possum knows not to defecate in its own nest.” I am, of course, paraphrasing loosely.

    For your sake, I hope your new fans in the UK can support your lifestyle.

    You, my dear, are not a particularly bright or strategic thinker. Pity.

  • I’m not sure if you can boil John Prine’s “Sam Stone” down. But it’s been going through my head, what with all this ass-kickin’ talk.

    Sam Stone came home,
    To his wife and family
    After serving in the conflict overseas.
    And the time that he served,
    Had shattered all his nerves,
    And left a little shrapnel in his knee. 
    But the morphine eased the pain,
    And the grass grew round his brain,
    And gave him all the confidence he lacked,
    With a Purple Heart and a monkey on his back.

  • Richard Aubrey

    The Chicks’ “Travelin’ Soldier” story begins at a high school football game “with the Lord’s Prayer said and the Anthem sang”….
    Even taking into account that it is set thirty years ago, this is not your basic ‘burbs’ game. It’s South. It’s the red-state south.
    It’s a particular demographic, possibly Texas.
    The song aims at, or panders to, a particular market.
    How stupid do you have to be to think the folks who would like to see “the Lord’s Prayer said and the Anthem sang” before a high school football game would not mind hearing the smartmouthing of Texas, Bush, and the US in general?

  • iowahawk

    I grew up in a small town, and I recognize Maines’ symptoms: she has an advanced case of Insecure Hayseed Liberal Overcompensation Syndrome (HLOS)

    The disease works like this: you are a naive rube from some rural backwater, and find yourself amid big town hipsters. You are ashamed that your dad has a Nascar sticker and gun rack on his F100, and that you actually know people who went into the Army and junior college. To ingratiate yourself with your urban intellectual betters, you go political full native — spewing fascile Lefty slogans lifted straight out of the local AltWeekly. It’s a cheap and easy way for a podunk hick to buy hipster gravitas.

  • GoodbyeNatalie

    Is this the same Natalie who writes such sophisticated tunes such as “Goodbye Earl”? Natalie comes from the same school of brilliance as the other song writing genious, Sheryl Crow.

    Sheryl believes if we would just all trade in our SUVs, buy a hybrid and eat French food (you know, three bean sprouts facing North, two aparagus spears facing East – all for $50 bucks), we would have world peace.

  • mike

    Notice how rock fans don’t mind when a conservative like Chris Cornell starts a rock band with a leftist like Tom Morello? Notice how a greater diversity of views is permitted among rock and top 40 stars than among country musicians? Notice how country fans complain that “liberals” criticize them as hayseeds, and then act like hayseeds?

    Country music is what happens when white people spend too much time around each other. Disgusting.

  • Sarah

    The first and last Dixie Chicks song (and video) I heard was “Goodbye Earl.” I know it was supposed to be cute and funny but I found it thoroughly offensive and nasty–and I’m an alt.rock fan, not at all sensitive about these things.

    Killing Earl was pretty damn unilateral, come to think of it.

  • Jamaal

    Wow, Mike, racism.
    Hey, try this one : “Rap music is what happens when black people spend too much time around each other. Disgusting.”

    …Yeah, that doesn’t sound any better.

  • mike

    And another thing: according to country fans, anyone who criticizes their car-on-cinderblocks lifestyle is a racist. What a copout.

    Most rap fans are WHITE, Kareem abdul Jamaal. How many blacks buy country music? Very few. You know why? Because it’s a bunch of racist crap, that’s why.

    God, I love being an elitist liberal asshole. It’s just comes so naturally to me.

  • san

    Did somebody say rap?

    Listen to my boy Olsen
    trying to wax moderate
    while he sips on his Molsen

    He say that girl Maines
    in the land of the rednecks
    she give great big pains

    But Chick got her own style
    and she talks about rights
    flies by you by a country mile

    To hell with the money
    not all about the dollar
    and she’s a real honey

    So hey don’t listen
    it’s just great music
    that’s all you’ll be missin’

  • GoodbyeNatalie

    Gad, I just noticed I spelled genius wrong from the previous post. What a dork! Could this qualify me as a “dude” to become the fourth Dixie Chick or, perhaps a relative of Natalie’s?

    By the way, great post IowaHawk! I laughed out loud…Mike, however, reminds me of a true BILE. That’s Bi-coast Intellectual Liberal Elitist – related to the same dumbasses that seems to love serial raping Presidents and European wienies.

    Good riddance Mike…for your Father Saddam, time is almost up.

  • iowahawk

    Country music is what happens when white people spend too much time around each other.

    Rage Against My Allowance is what happens when a group of split-level white suburban pussies buy amplifiers and Che Guevara t-shirts, after getting wedgies from the football team. I don’t like Toby Keith’s music, but he’s ten million times more authentically ‘proletarian’ than pampered Marxeting frauds like Tom Morello or Zach De La Roachclip.

    Real Country:

    Johnny Cash
    Ferlin Husky
    George Jones
    Tammy Wynette
    Merle Haggard
    David Allan Coe
    Red Simpson
    Faron Young
    Ernest Tubb
    Dave Dudley
    Kitty Wells
    Patsy Cline
    Bobby Bear
    Leroy Van Dyke
    Lefty Frizzell

  • Bob Newhart is alleged to have said, “I don’t like country music, but I don’t mean to denigrate those who do. And for the people who like country music, ‘denigrate’ means ‘put down’.”

    That is funny.

  • Rappin’ Ryan

    And belive it or not, there is a large portion of the rap population that believes Saddam needs to go, and now. None other than Suge Knight, the rap mogul who once hung Vanilla Ice’s butt over a balcony for misbehavior, spoke in favor of war just last week.

    So let’s cut the crap that only ignorant white southerners could possibly favor war.

  • mike

    You’re right. There are ignorant black rappers who also favor war.

    As for getting rid of Saddam, the joke’s on you. Yes, he’s most likely to be incinerated in the first hours of the (probably five hour) war, and then we will hear about the death camps, etc., and right wingers will gloat that the peace movement was wrong, and anti-war protesters will sink into a funk, but then the real battle begins, the grinding war of the U.S.–the republic turned empire–against the ungrateful wretcheds of the world. Then comes the Israeli ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, and the U.S.’s domestic degeneration under the weight of a bloated state made healthy, as Bourne said, by war.

  • jaynie


    Dude, you forgot Dolly! And Kenny, for that matter.

    Already trashed the Dixie Chicks album and called the radio station to request that they don’t play it anymore. Am I pissed? Yeah…mostly because it’s stupid to go to another country and criticise. If she wanted to say something like that, she should have announced it at her concerts in Texas–see how well it would go over then.

  • iowahawk

    jaynie – sorry, but Kenny Rogers is the sort of bland, watered down dentist office Country that destroyed the genre for 20 years. Ditto Dolly (after she left Porter Waggoner). I like my sh*tkicker music 200 proof. Hasil Adkins, Ronnie Dawson, and in a modern vein, Wayne Hancock. And I can’t believe I left off the greatest — Hank Williams (the Elder).

    Just to follow up on the IHLOS post I made above: Believe me, I really _know_ these kind of people. I am a native of a small town in Iowa (population 500) and, like me, a number of my 53 high school classmates moved on to the big city. I’m in Chicago, BTW.

    When we arrive here, the first thing we flyover rubes learn is how to impress the soul patch & latte Emo types with a cheap, knowing Chomsky quote. Thus, in order to show ourselves in synthetic solidarity with the lumpen proles, we have to hide the fact that we actually come from the lumpen proletariat.

    I’m ashamed that I’ve done this myself, but I’m trying making amends. I am now a militant hick. I go into bohemian bars and coffee houses wearing my Big Macs, John Deere gimme cap and NRA patch. The trouble is, all the urban sophisticates think it’s some kind of Postmodern “irony.”

  • Karen & Mike

    Hey…about the REAL Country Music….Lets not forget about
    C.W. MCALL!!!!!! 🙂

  • Karen & Mike

    But seriously….the Dixi Chicks are not bad as a whole…well, maybe. Natalie needs to realize that TK’s song Curt. of Red White and Blue is NOT attacking any religon. It is attacking the fact that some assholes have tried to take away OUR FREEDOM. That is the bottom line. THEY attacked us. Some attack with bombs, some guns and others with words…Toby attacked the Terrorits. He didnot attack the religon. He didn’t attack innocient people…he didn’t BOMB innocient people….he attacked the ones that deserve everything that we can possibly give them for the hate and destruction and fear that they have bestoed onto us that we didn’t let get to us….they are the ones that deserved to die….a slow painful death…the way the ones in the tower had to jump to their deaths because they couldn’t get out….Hey Natalie….were you there in New York in one of those towers? Were you there when the Pentagon caught fire and those innocient people died….or I know..you were on that plane that crashed in Penn…those are the brave people who DID something so others could live…that’s what this country is about…..We give, others give so that we can be free…so if you don’t like it….get out. We don’t want you here…I hear Sadam is looking for a new entertainer…. and wife..You 2 should be very happy together. Karen and Mike…
    P.S. And as for your coment on the President…that you are ashamed of him because he’s from Texas…well what have YOU done lately chick? He has the responsibility of the whole US….I think he is doing a pretty damn good job for all he has to do….and one more thing…this is a message to the President….You are doing an outstanding job….Natalie…you try running the USA for a little while…then maybe you would have a little more respect for the people who make a difference in others lives….
    One more thing Natalie…
    If you dont like the USA
    I just got one thing to say to you,….



  • Karen & Mike


  • kevrob

    Re: Insecure Hayseed Liberal Overcompensation Syndrome

    Natalie attended Boston’s Berkelee College of Music. Though she grew up in West Texas’ Lubbock, her Dad is top Texas record producer Lloyd Maines, who used to tour with Joe Ely, and was well-connected in the Austin scene. Somehow I think Nat scraped the barnyard dirt off her shoes a long time ago, if she’d ever stepped in any.

  • Sophia Babai

    Interestingly, it says ‘personal attacks are not allowed,’ and this forum seems full of them.
    I’m not a huge Dixie Chicks fan (the whole posing nude thing…) but it’s true: Toby’s song targets an entire nation. Does he think they’re all terrorists?

  • john

    hey fuck the troops! yeah, fuck the troops!