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To Outsmart A Fool: The Conservatives Attack America’s Biggest Loser

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With President Obama’s supposed “Summer of Recovery” turning into what may be the beginning of a double dip recession and the Left’s popularity plummeting along with America’s economic prospects, one might expect that members of the conservative movement would be hard at work introducing the voting public to their solutions for our fiscal crisis.

I am extremely disappointed to say that this is not the case.

Instead, a vast majority of conservative pundits, politicians and talk show hosts have decided to make Al Gore the object of their derision. What exactly has he done to deserve this? Apparently, he tried to seduce a middle aged masseuse in a Portland, Oregon hotel room back in 2006.

My, oh my! How shocking! A washed-up has-been trying to get lucky with some stranger while out of town; we have never heard that one before!

Now, do not get me wrong, I am not defending our Illustrious Former Vice President and Junk-Science-Profiteer-in-Chief. His actions were reprehensible as, according to the masseuse, he tried to coerce her into having sex with him even after she made it clear that she would take part in nothing of the sort. I suppose that, because I have always thought of Gore as a national disgrace, I was not the least bit surprised to hear about his latest escapades. He is simply playing the role of a really sore loser, a role which he created for himself after losing (Yes, leftists, he really did lose the 2000 presidential election. I know the truth hurts, but trust me, you will get on with life) the presidency to George W. Bush.

Far more important than Al Gore, though, is that over half of a million Americans dropped out of the workforce last month, home sales are down unexpectedly, and even the most left-wing of economists are coming to the realization that Obama’s New Deal-inspired stimulus programs are a catastrophic failure. Unless something spectacular takes place, it looks as if the economy is going back into free fall.

Now is not the time for conservatives to waste their energy on a pathetic shadow of a man like Al Gore. No, now is the time for them to get the ball rolling and start dealing with America’s problems at hand.

They are too great to ignore for even another second.

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  • “Apparently, he tried…”

    Do you really not know the difference between “apparently” and “allegedly”? True, they look similar but they mean different things.

    The “Oregon Live” link, which you apparently don’t know how to do properly, states accusations were made but “the woman didn’t show up for three scheduled interviews with police investigators. At that time, police were told the woman didn’t want to proceed with a criminal case and would pursue a civil case instead.”

    There’s only two people who know what happened in that room, but why be fair and accurate in our writings when we don’t like a person?

  • Jim C.

    Those who think global warming is all about Al Gore are ignoring a whole body of evidence that has nothing to do with Gore himself. People who attack Gore as a man are getting increasingly petty and annoying.

    He’s just a “celebrity spokesman” for the evidence, and makes an easy target for Creatards who can’t handle the whole concept of man-made environmental problems, for they are the Chosen Ones to whom Earth’s bounty is owed with no downsides.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Exactly, Jim. I, too, have long grown tired of people associating the real science with the spokespersons. Gore is simply one of many champions of a cause, nothing more and nothing less. He has NOTHING to do with global warming science.

  • Bill H.

    Sorry to tell you but the evidence seems to suggest he did win the election. And no, you are right, I still have not over the royal supreme court screwover he received.

  • Clavos

    For all of his pontification about GW, he has one of the largest carbon footprints in the country, yet one has to admire how he has enriched himself using the GW issue.

    Smart, crafty entrepreneur, if a thoroughgoing pompous horse’s ass.

  • John Wilson

    Al who?

  • This post is yet another example of how the Republican Party and its mindless minions have nothing to offer except slander, innuendo, and corporate sycophancy.

  • Bill B

    They’re yakking about Gore cause they got nothing. Nothing.

    The cut taxes, cut spending, shrink governemnt (only spoken about until they get into power), anti-regulatory, corporations can do no wrong, ‘free’ market worshipping approach crashed and burned.

    Gore is low hanging fruit. Like Mr. Cotto’s Posts.

  • Yes, never mind that it is likely the woman who made the charge against Gore is lying. She is a stupid woman trying to get her 15 minutes. Mission accomplished.

    I agree totally with most of the sentiments above. Gore is just a messenger as regards GW. The efforts to trash him are misguided and irrelevant to reality. I’m not a great lover of Al Gore – after all, when it’s all said and done, he’s just another pol in many respects. But, he is articulate and has done a great deal to further enlighten us all using his celebrity status to advantage.

    Cynics accuse him of lining his pockets with his GW efforts, that he has no real interest in the issue. Keep in mind that his pockets were already “lined.” He hardly needs any more. And hey, even if it’s true, all you died in the wool capitalists, you should be shouting his praises from the rooftops as a shining example of the free market at its best.