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To Brad Pitt From Paramount: Your Mission – Should You Choose To Accept It

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Now that Tom Cruise’s 14-year marriage to Paramount has ended badly in a nasty divorce, the mega-movie studio has been out courting a new stud with enough sex-appeal to fit into and/or replace competely Ethan Hunt’s worn shoes. Despite several actors successfully playing Batman recently, the studio is said to have decided to kill off or discard Ethan Hunt (a typical ex's divorce wish if ever I've seen one) and create a new character with a new team. If he doesn't mysteriously turn up dead, Ethan will probably wander off with his new wife to an undisclosed location.

Of course since Cruise won custody of the kids, seeing how he developed “Mission Impossible” for the studio, he still gets “child support” payments as a producer from Paramount for MI4 whether he stars in it or not.

This could get expensive as the studio is rumored to be offering Pitt $39 million to star in Mission Impossible Four.

Mega-HUNK Brad Pitt has proven his believability as a spy in “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” (which grossed over $400 million). There’s no doubt of his star power either.

The question is, will dyed in the wool Mission Impossible fans flock to the theaters to see someone different? My money’s on Pitt, because Cruise’s star was fading fast anyway what with all of his shenanigans and controversy recently, and considering “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” grossed as much as Mission Impossible III, $39 million isn’t that much of a gamble factoring in the potential return. Couple that with diminishing sales with each Mission Impossible sequel, and Brad Pitt definitely could pump new life into the franchise just by showing up on the set.

Another factor is Pitt’s recent announcement that he has pledged he wouldn’t marry Angelina Jolie until Gay Marriage was legal in the U.S. That makes it a sure thing that not only will a lot of female fans flock to the theaters to see him, but a good number of men too.

Though nothing’s set in stone yet and no deals have been inked, the pre-publicity alone would make it a good investment. Pitt’s sure to love it too, because his contract would ultimately make him the highest paid actor for a single film in Hollywood history.

Of course everyone involved has “disavowed any knowledge” of the rumors-be they truth or false.

Now if they can keep the bean counters from Paramount from “self-destructing” the deal in 10 seconds, it should be interesting.

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  • http://absent-mind.blogspot.com/ Jet in Columbus

    DAMN IT!!!! I forgot to blame Bush for this… I MUST be slipping… or stoned!

  • http://absent-mind.blogspot.com/ Jet in Columbus

    Thank you Jackie for putting the S back in Sequel.
    Much appreciated


  • http://absent-mind.blogspot.com/ Jet in Columbus

    Brad Pitt has said that he won’t marry Angelina Jolie until the laws over gay marriage are changed in America.

    The Hollywood megastar believes that same sex marriage should be made legal – an issue that is currently dividing the country.

    Pitt told Esquire magazine: “Angie and I will consider tying the knot when everyone else in the country who wants to be married is legally able.”

    Gay marriages are currently illegal in nineteen States in America. The Senate recently clocked an attempt for a constitutional ban.

  • http://www.minewastaller.com/ Ian Woolstencroft

    This sounds like a rumour with little basis in fact, a star of Pitt’s magnitude wouldn’t be interested in someone else’s leftovers. And if he did we’d probably end up with another Speed 2.

    As for-

    ‘Couple that with diminishing sales with each Mission Impossible sequel,’

    Mission Impossible $456,494,803 worldwide
    Mission Impossible II $545,902,562 worldwide

    Yes 3 was down but it’s still done almost $400m worldwide.

    While Pitt did well with Mr and Mrs Smith it’s the only film he’s been in that you could really say relied on his star power alone that has taken that kind of money. Troy did well but it’s main selling point was as a huge historical spectacle (and it bombed in the US) while Oceans 11 & 12 relied on an all star cast to draw in the punters.

    Cruise is still a far bigger box office star and despite all the rumours there is little financial sign that his star is fading at all let alone fast. Cruise kept Paramount on the map and they are desperate to find a replacement.

    And maybe Brad just has cold feet and is looking for an excuse to delay the wedding.

  • http://absent-mind.blogspot.com/ Jet in Columbus

    Sound more like an opportunity to me

    … but of courst that’s only my opinion


  • http://jetfireone.blogspot.com/ Jet in Columbus