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To be played no more

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A list of albums that one writer would like to never hear again in college dorms. Some items on his list:

Some of Phillip’s reasoning for not playing, say Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon

Alright, we get the next point. You like to smoke weed. I’m not going to stop you from doing so, but you’re, like, so going to get busted if the RA hears “Us and Them” coming out of your room. I mean, people have been lighting up to that song for, oh, I don’t know, only the last 30 years. Just giving you the heads up, man.

I suppose that I should say that I don’t agree with all of the items on this list (I rather like DMB, mostly because of Beauford’s drumming), but I threw it up here for the amusing chuckle.

Oh, and I suppose I should just say Flame on!

Thanks to Karen for the tip.

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  • Casper,

    I gotta say it’s ironic that due to a text search your piece actually becomes a shopping commercial for those discs. On the whole though, you are right. Mine were Rush Moving Pictures & Journey Escape. They were the only two cassettes my older brother had.