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BW&BK reports that TNT’s Tony Harnell has posted a detailed round-up of all things TNT. Included is news on their new album due in 2005.

TNT frontman Tony Harnell has posted the following message at the band’s official website:

…In 2002 Tony released what will likely be the last of four WESTWORLD albums, the critically adored Cyberdreams. Everyone involved is really proud of that album and Bruno did a great job on the production.

Then Tony was off to Norway for the first writing and recording sessions for the new TNT material in four years.

2003 saw the release of TNT’s The Big Bang, which went gold in Norway, TNT also released Taste’/’Give Me A Sign worldwide to critical acclaim as they did numerous TV appearances, performed headlining tours of Scandinavia and an appearance at the Bang Your Head Festival in Germany with DIO, TWISTED SISTER and DOKKEN for about 12,000 people. Then back to the studio.

In 2004 TNT released it’s first full studio album in five years to wide critical acclaim. My Religion has gone on to be our best seller in many years and has brought the band back to a strong worldwide position in the world of melodic hard rock. They supported the album with yet another successful tour. This time taking on more of the European continent with a show at the famed Sweden Rock festival where the band performed in front of 20,000 people along with metal veterans JUDAS PRIEST and many others, The Lorca Rock Festival in Spain where they were the opening act for the band Europe and played in front of 10,000 people and the Deep Impact festival in Munich, Germany where they were greeted with pouring rain right up until the end of the show when it cleared up and was beautiful for the rest of the evening.

Unfortunately TNT also suffered a loss this year as long time friend and bass player Morty Black officially left the band. We hope that he returns someday, but until then the band will push onward and upward.

More good news for TNT as their wonderful label in Norway-Playground Records-will release the second single off of MY Religion in November. If it goes well at radio theres a video will follow so keep your fingers crossed.

Also, TNT has begin writing a new album this year for a 2005 release and another tour is forthcoming which will expand the band further out into Europe, Eastern Europe, South America and likely return to one of the band’s most successful countries – Japan and hopefully if the stars align, the USA.”

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