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Tivo users remember commercials better than normal viewers?

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It’s counter intuitive, but my personal experience bears it out. When I Tivo, I have to watch closely, or I miss the beginning. It’s like commercial concentrate – When mixed with everything else with my brain, it tastes just like normal commercials, in 5% of the time. This *may* lead to shorter commercial spot tests – 15 seconds, with text-heavy impressions, to make sure that the Tivo crowd sees it.

Here’s the report, which you’ll hear more about, as soon as it’s released:

CBS will reportedly release surprising digital video recorder (DVR) research that shows that while DVR users fast forward through commercials, the very act of paying attention to what they’re forwarding through vastly increases ad recall. Ads that were “skipped” were recalled at a 23 percent rate, higher than typical “viewed” commercials show. This may indirectly show what many ad buyers already suspect: that commercial pods tend to be ignored by viewers.

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  • I think it’s more than just concentration. Tive viewers are watching SOME commercials because the WANT TO SEE THEM.

    I’ve had Tivo for years.. and always watch with the remote in hand, zapping inane introductions (anything with Stone Phillips for instance), including most commercials.

    But at least onec per viewing session, someone says “let me see that” and we purposely watch an ad.

    When I first got Tivo, I thought I’d reach a point where we didn’t recognize commercials. Funny thing is, we still are familiar with all but the most stupid commercials. (i.e. Anything with a car driving through paradise).

    Warren Whitlock
    The Marketing Results Coach

  • I agree. I was fast forwarding through some commercials last night and I stopped to see the ad for the new Adam Sandler movie called Spanglish.

  • We too often rewind and replay an ad. Any Coors ad with the twins gets multiple replays.