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It’s hard to imagine a more commanding or influential symbol in the entire world than a wedding ring or band. It represents a commitment to a spouse and to a new life together. Wedding rings and bands come in all shapes and sizes and are made of all types of material. The three most popular materials are gold, silver, and titanium:

Gold bands are by far the most common and the most traditional type of band in society. However, they are also the most expensive. This option may not be feasible for some couples on a budget.

Silver bands are durable and less expensive than gold; however, silver bands are much more apt to tarnish and are not as strong as the gold or titanium bands.

The titanium band is fashionable, lightweight, and tough. It can also be engraved or inlayed. Titanium bands are gaining in popularity, likely because they are so much more dent, bend, and scratch resistant than the other metals. It’s not hard to see why the uses for this durable metal have gone past the aerospace industry and military applications.

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