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“Tis the season to attack Wal-Mart

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On my way home from a Christmas shopping trip to the Sam’s Club in Charlottesville this weekend, I noticed about a dozen protestors outside Wal-Mart. A few signs caught my attention:




If you follow the logic, the next time Ann Coulter gets a pie thrown at her, she should urge shoppers to boycott Wal-Mart’s bakery department. But to the protestors, toys, not tarts, are taboo.

Are they scared of the knife-wielding GI Joe Force Recon Marine action figure?

Or maybe it’s the Mission: Paintball Plug n’ Play set which “turns your TV into a paintball park!”

I can’t help but wonder if these protestors were the kids on the playground the bully always picked on because he knew they would never fight back. These are the same tattle-tales that want us non-bullies to believe the world’s a safer place if boys played like girls. They do not understand that the sexes are different. Young boys tend to play rougher than girls because they’re wired that way. Boys need more GI Joe and less Ritalin. They need to spend more time role playing good guys versus bad guys and less time sitting in a classroom soaking in a “sensitivity training” lesson.

Of course, when boys turn violent, these protestors would have you lay the blame on Wal-Mart, not the parents. You see, there’s always a bully a blame.

My husband grew up watching shoot-em-ups and — gasp! — even shot cap guns, bb guns, you name it. Is he a violent man? No. But he can be — and I want him to be — if a violent person threatens him or our family.

Speaking of violence, I wish I had gone to Wal-Mart and bought this naughty toy. I would have walked up to the protestors and have politely given them a demonstration.

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  • Ready to answer questions?

    You left some without answers at your previous post here

  • Sounds like they were protesting violent toys. Where’s the evidence they were attackng Wal-Mart? You left that important detail out of your report-ette.

    I look forward to using this line against you at some future date: … these protestors would have you lay the blame on Wal-Mart, not the parents.

    BTW, What did you grow up with? Don’t you want to be violent if the situation demands it?

    Just asking those tough questions, though I’m not a soldier.