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Tips for Installing and Maintaining a Pool

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Presented by WNBC and LX.TV, OpenHouse New York is an original weekly television series about New York’s residential real estate market. Hosted by LX.TV’s Sara Gore and George Oliphant, OpenHouse New York features weekly access to distinctive and noteworthy properties in the New York tri-state area. The show presents an intimate view of New Yorkers as they search for, purchase, and improve their dream homes.

Nothing says summer like time spent at a pool and in this week’s episode of “Floorplan”, George Oliphant discusses the basics of installing and maintaining your own pool. Coming live from Lisa Lobiando’s home in Montville, New Jersey, George checks out her massive pool replete with waterfalls, slides, and spas. Though her pool cost an estimated $170,000, George talks with Bill Kaufman of Wesketch Architecture and Barry Marson of Marson Pools to get the lowdown on pool installation to fit any budget.

Ranging from above ground pools that can cost as little as $5,000 to fiberglass pools, such as the Lobiandos’ that costs $170,000, Kaufman and Marson outline all of the steps for installation. They discuss solar options, vinyl vs. fiberglass vs. above ground. They speculate on what pool installation will mean for the value of your home and outline special touches like the water slide that adorns the Lobiando pool.

And George even finds out about the feasibility of a pool in the city! Consulting architect, Arpod Baksha, George finds out about the logistical, time, and monetary considerations for experiencing quintessential summer fun in the heart of the big city.

Dive in and check out the video yourself.

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