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Tiny, ain’t it?

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Oh the prestige. I’m proud to report that the #1 result of a Google search for “Kurt Cobain had a small penis” is a page of mine. Mom would be SO proud.

I’ll note that I found this by following backwards from my referrer logs. I did not go looking for such a thing.

Nor do I wish to speculate what would cause someone to be doing such a search.

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  • TGIF

    Al, I’m curious as to how you obtained this intimate knowledge of Mr. Cobain’s package.

  • The comment was speculation about the mosquito/libido lyrics in “Teen Spirit.”

  • mike

    Al, everybody knows that line was about Courtney biting him during sex. Get with the program.

  • How uninformed of me. I should have been paying closer attention to the Kurt and Courtney’s sexual practices.