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Time To Pull Republican Bill Frist’s Feeding Tube

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Senate Majority Leader and symptomatically-corrupt Republican Bill Frist recently had his O.J. Simpson moment on live TV. He emphatically declared his innocence in an almost certainly illegal sale of shares in HCA, slightly before a disappointing earnings report caused HCA stock to tank.

Alphaliberal.comHe claimed he sold the stock to avoid the appearance of conflict, but he also claimed to know nothing about the assets held in his trust, only to have it later revealed he was briefed 24 times about the assets held in his trust.

HCA, a corporation in which Majority Leader Frist is a major shareholder and founded by his father and brother is also a company that performs for-profit, abortion-on-demand for hypocritical Republicans that always fail to practice what they preach.

After declaring he had done nothing wrong in a lengthy and incomprehensible tirade, he said he would now take questions from the media. He then proceeded to walk off the stage just as the first reporter could ask a question.

Frist’s effort to stifle criticism of his stock transactions came as SEC Chairman Christopher Cox removed himself from the agency’s investigation, saying he wanted to avert “any appearance of impropriety.” It has now become less likely that a corrupt Republican loyalist will, stonewall, cover-up-for, or whitewash the case of another criminally implicated conservative.

Time to pull Dr. Frist’s feeding tube.

He is in a vegitative state both ethically and politically. The only real questions that remain are how much longer it will be before the truths about this potential crime are revealed and how much longer Americans are going to tolerate the conservative culture of corruption. Greed and criminality masquerading as conservative politicians will continue until voters express their outrage at the ballot box. Until then, the interests of Halliburton, Enron, and HCA will remain vastly more important than the interests of the average American.

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  • “They perform abortions in their hospitals. No question about it, Anthony.”

    That is not proof of Republican congressman going in there and getting abortions for wives or daughters.

  • Nancy

    Shooz, I’m not in Nalle’s camp, but I will bet that all 3 (rep, gov, & mayor) are up to their sticky little wrists in all kinds of felony actions. Graft comes to mind when I wonder where all the $$ they did get over the years has gone. Most of it got diverted to Iraq courtesy of Smirk, true, but what was left seems to have never made it out of the “local” official bank accounts – at least, not for public works. Doesn’t matter the party; LA is notorious for corruption & always has been.

  • Balletshooz

    Mary Landreu and going all the way down to the various officials in New Orleans itself.

    sure dave, you are becoming more unhinged by the moment.

    exactly what CRIME are they going to be indicted for in your little fantasy?

  • None YET, Balletshooz. Now that the log has been turned over, as it were, an awful lot of rot has been exposed and something is going to have to be done, starting with Mary Landreu and going all the way down to the various officials in New Orleans itself.


  • balletshooz

    once again dave is detached from reality.

    what democrat was indicted in Louisiana?


    truth hurts doesnt it.

  • >>As soon as I saw “commander in chief” advertised I thought – “gift to hillary”.< < Odd, I thought the exact opposite. Gena Davis came off as firm, sensible, decisive and likeable. Hillary looks so bad by comparison I can't see how it could help her. >>I think the best Dean can do, coming from a liberal flamethrower as myself,< < You came out of flamethrower? Were you badly burnt? >> is let the facts speak for themselves, and instead of spending all the time attacking Delay, work on how Democrats will fight against corruption if voters give them a chance to lead<< That should keep you busy without ever even bothering with the Republicans. You could spend the next decade just dealing with the indictments for democrats from Louisiana. Dave

  • Nancy

    Best comment I’ve read in weeks, Shooz.

  • balletshooz

    As soon as I saw “commander in chief” advertised I thought – “gift to hillary”.

    I think the best Dean can do, coming from a liberal flamethrower as myself, is let the facts speak for themselves, and instead of spending all the time attacking Delay, work on how Democrats will fight against corruption if voters give them a chance to lead.

  • I wonder what Howard Dean is doing right this very minute? Did the Republicans get rid of DeLay far enough away from the 2006 elections? Will DeLay be the Gingrich of 2006? Will Bill Frist run for President? Or will he become the CEO of HCA? Did anyone watch Commander in Chief last night? I think we should make Geena Davis President with Martin Sheen as her Veep.

  • Nancy

    It’s about time. However, it ain’t over; “There’s many a slip ‘twixt jail & whatever…” and one doesn’t get to congress or the WH without being able to weasel around a few little legal problems like stock sales fraud, or electoral/ethics frauds. Still and all, to quote Jr.: YEEEEEEEEEEHAH!

  • Today DeLay, tomorrow Frist. I highly recommend Trent Lott’s book Herding Cats, folks. It’s quite insightful. He didn’t take any prisoners or sugar coat things. He was betrayed by his party and he’s gotten the last word. Way to go, Trent!

  • balletshooz

    Silas, ok, just for today i am considering that possibility and we are on the same page there, at least there is some force of fairness in the universe.

  • balletshooz, if you had any doubts before, fear not. There IS a God!

  • balletshooz

    TOM DELAY INDICTED IN CRIMINAL COURT!! just as a side note, since we are talking about the senate leader’s potential crime here. the house leader is obviously just as corrupt.

  • Nancy

    hmmm…someone sure is taking Frist’s possible malfeasance seriously: a bipartisan committee – 2 pubs, 2 dems – have issued subpoenas for telephone records, etc. etc. Even if the charges don’t stick & he manages to weasel out of them, I think ol’ Bill’s chances of getting nominated or running for the WH just tanked. The GOP doesn’t like to gamble, even on long odds. Bye bye, Bill.

  • Shark

    BTW, Booey, *Bill Fristenstein is funny — only because I pointed out the similarity between he and the original monster months ago — way before Vox Poopuli decided to up his humor quotient and “borrow” part of my act.

    *©2005 by Shark

  • RogerMDillion

    “I need proof of this”

    This coming from a guy you never offers proof. If this was someone pretending to be Ag, that’s hysterical.

  • I have read it since it was updated and it’s unevenly applied because it’s now entirely subjective.

    And what I said wasn’t a personal attack. It said nothing about the person, just my reaction to them, and didn’t attack anything about them. So it was neither personal NOR an attack.

    I’m not going to belabor the point because it seems like everyone gets occasionally edited for some reason, but it all seems really random and arbitrary lately.

    So do me a favor: if anyone ever throws what you think is a personal attack at me, DO NOT edit or censor them as a favor to me. I really, really mean it. I’m not asking you to apply that standard to what I write. I’m asking you to keep their comments intact and not protect my delicate, sensitive feelings because free, open expression is more important to me than nice, pretty speech scrubbed clean of anything frank.

    I remember that we had some good conversations before and I like you, BHW, but do me and everyone else a favor and err on the side of NOT censoring if you can, please? Thank you.

    That is all.

  • bhw

    Booey, the policy [recently updated, if you haven’t read it in the past two weeks or so] isn’t so much ambiguous as it is very difficult to keep up with, which makes it sometimes seem unevenly applied. Personal attacks are our primary focus with the comment policy, and they’re plentiful, so we do our best to keep up with them.

  • OK, I like you Dave Nalle, even though we seem destined to butt heads for some reason 🙂

    That is all.

  • You should have realized I didn’t edit it since I commented on it and then some hours went by before someone came along and edited it.

    And for the record, I’m not totally sold on the comment policy, which is why I don’t edit comments for content. I seem to spend most of my time deleting spam.


  • For what reason, BHW? That’s silly and you know it.

    Vox Populi is trying to provoke and annoy from what little I’ve seen of him, Dave.

    And I take back the editing comment towards Dave — Sorry, I assumed it was you. I do think the only reason the comment was edited by BHW was because of your objection, but whatever.

    Yay censorship. I couldn’t really care less, but this whole comment policy has become really ambiguous and arbitrary.

    That is all.

  • bhw

    For the record, I edited the comment, not Dave.

  • Woah, wait a sec with the accusations there, Babs. I didn’t edit a word on this thread, and every post here looks exactly as it was when I first saw it. Unless requested I don’t edit comments for content and never have. I only copy edit articles and fix errors unless someone requests something specifically. I certainly don’t edit threads I’m involved in.

    >>I told Vox Populi to stop writing because I didn’t think he was smart or liked.<< And that's not belittling? Ok, if you say so, but I bet most people would be insulted. Dave

  • Not here, elsewhere.

    And I’ve definitely seen you use “idiot” very recently, but I’m not willing to search through your endless comment search results.

    I didn’t belittle and mock him and your abuse of your editor powers to prove a point is really silly. For those who weren’t aware what was edited, it wasn’t anything vulgar or offensive. I told Vox Populi to stop writing because I didn’t think he was smart or liked.

    You’ve said much worse than that to me and others on a daily basis, Dave.

    “Arrogant twit” out.

    That is all.

  • Babs, as far as I can tell Vox said not one word to you on this thread and you belittled and mocked him for no apparent reason.

    I’d also be interested to see where I’ve called anyone an ‘idiot’ recently.


  • Maybe I should take a page from you and go around calling everyone an “idiot,” as I’ve seen you do a lot lately.

    I think you called me an “arrogant twit,” which is endearingly insecure but wasn’t quite cute enough to get me to play the insult game.

    That is all.

  • What are you talking about, Dave? What have I said that’s a personal attack? I didn’t find what he said funny nor do I appreciate anything else I’ve read from him.

    Vox Populi went out of his way to annoy me and I responded with truth. I even took his silly statement seriously and give it a serious answer.

    That is all.

  • I own stock in HCA and they run my hospital of choice when I need emergency room service. They perform abortions in their hospitals. No question about it, Anthony.


  • “the same company that performs abortion-on-demand for hypocritical Republicans that always fail to practice what they preach.”

    I need proof of this

  • More personal attacks, Babs? It’s getting to be an unattractive pattern.


  • That’s not funny.

    And of course he’s qualified. He has a resume most politicians would dream of.

    Who would a Vox Populi support for the GOP nomination? Because we all really want to know.

    That is all.

  • The question on Frist is really whether he’s better or worse than the competition in the Republican party. Personally I don’t think he’s qualified and I don’t like the shape of his head. He looks more like Frankenstein’s monster than Kerry did.


  • I don’t think this will stick and cause him huge damage politically, but this is not a good news blurb for someone who so desperately wants to be President and shows he might not have the deft touch needed to manage his image through a long campaign. He’s going to have to talk about corporate responsibility to shareholders and the public and accusations of insider trading will severely undermine his credibility on corporate malfeasance issues.

    That is all.

  • Because he “wanted to avoid any appearance of impropriety”. Recusal has to do with him knowing Frist, not anything Frist did. And I’m not saying Frist wasn’t involved in insider trading, just that it was a dumb trade. If you’re going to violate SEC rules you ought to at least make some money doing it.


  • Nancy

    If it’s “manufactured”, then why is Frist’s buddy recusing himself?

  • >>slightly before a disappointing earnings report caused HCA stock to tank.<< I'm sorry, when exactly did HCA stock 'tank'. The stock is up 35% in the last 6 months. It had a tiny dip in June after the earnings report, and has been steadily and gradually up since then. It's up 1.5% today alone. It's still ranked a 'buy' or 'outperform' by most of the major analysts, in fact 3 upgraded it during the same period where it supposedly 'tanked'. It's also expected to pay a good dividend tomorrow. This supposed sell-off by Frist and company insiders took place from January to June of this year. The stock didn't peak until late July. Any stock sold prior to June sold for less than the stock is selling for right now. If some insider advised Frist to sell his stock it was pretty bad advice. Watch the market. HCA will be trading at over $55 (its high for the year) before Christmas. Sorry, this story and this whole manufactured controversy is just dumb. Vox

  • balletshooz

    An investigation is underway. The head of the SEC and friend of Frist just recused himself.

  • Nancy

    Typical of the current crop of neocon publicans in congress: blatantly, unapologetically corrupt, cronyist, hypocritical liars, con men, & thieves. There IS going to be an investigation? You didn’t say.