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Time Expires On “Brett Favre Indecision 2006”

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When Brett Favre takes a lot of time to think in the pocket, he gets sacked. Well, it’s almost May, and he just figured out what he’ll do next year. He’ll put on that yellow helmet and quarterback the Green Bay Packers for the 2006 season. I’ve dated girls who have taken less time to pick out shoes, but we’ll save that for a later column.

He’ll be back, but he won’t have much of a team. The Packers are no longer the immovable object in the NFC North and will have trouble win this season, given who they currently have, Favre included. The defense has several holes and many key offensive players are just getting their bandages unwrapped.

ESPN’s “Commander Hairgel” Mel Kiper Jr. agrees that defense is a key for the team, and Ohio State’s stud linebacker A.J. Hawk projects as the Meat Packers’ first round draft pick. Green Bay signed a couple of defensive players in the off-season but nobody to say “Wow, they are certainly a playoff team this year!”

Now that I hear the news of his coming back, I don’t know if Brett Favre — assuming this is his final season — will have that great a 2006 and maybe a recliner would better suit him in the fall. We’ve had some pretty good discussion on his decision, but the decision was his, and his No. 4 will continue appear on his back. I guess Mary Jensen will have to wait another year.

He’ll be 37 next October. Thirty-seven. On any given day he can still throw the ball “over them mountains” but sometimes he under throws it and cornerbacks are lurking in them mountainous caves. Also keep in mind that the offense had more injuries than a scene from Braveheart, especially at running back. Actually, I think at one point their backup was Paul Hornung.

Brett Favre’s energy on the field is second to nobody, especially on Monday night games. He’ll be in two of them in Aught Six – Oct. 2 (Week 4) at the Eagles and Nov. 27 (Week 12) at the Seahawks. He won’t play any Sunday night games on NBC with John Madden. Pity.

He’ll also play a home game against the Vikings on Thanksgiving in prime time. That will be the last home game of the regular season.

But will it be his last home game ever? Favre hasn’t said if he’ll play in 2007, but we’ll know his answer by 2008.

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  • sal m

    the packers didn’t exactly roll out the welcome wagon for favre as they were basically inactive through the free agency period when they could have improved their team…if offensive lineman d’brickashaw ferguson is available it will be interesting to see of the packers take him…i would.

  • I’ve come to the conclusion that “D’Brickashaw” is not nearly as fun to type as it is to yell from the top of a mountain.

  • sal m

    with all of the nonsense written and said about the draftees, i’ve yet to read or hear anything about the origin of the name, d’brickashaw. has anyone?

    it’s my new favorite name surpassing the wide receiever from florida state named “craphonso” and another wr – from either florida or florida state – with the last name “fagg.”

  • Jane

    Tell you what, when commentators and writers have performed at the same level Brett Favre has, then I’ll be interested in reading their comments. Until then–write about something you know about–ever heard that before?