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Tim Tebow Or Kyle Orton: Which One Should Start for the Denver Broncos?

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“Merril Hoge Says Tim Tebow Just Can’t Play” was the headline the other day. Former NFL fullback Hoge offered the following insights via Twitter:

“Sitting watching tape [sic] off [B]ronco offense from last year! Orton or Tebow? It’s embarrassing to think the [B]roncos could win with [T]ebow!!”

“Orton or [T]ebow? QB play is not just about who works hard gives rare rare college speeches or who is a good guy!! Because [O]rton works hard”

“And is a good guy as well. It’s about who can play!! I just watched Tebow throw 5 out routes to a wide open WR! He was 1 for 5! 2 went in.”

“Dirt 2 in the stands! That throwing motion he changed? U can’t change who u r! Just watched 2 throws and he throws like he did in college!!”

“College credentials do not transfer to NFL raw raw speeches do not work! You must [possess] a skill set to play! Tebow struggle[s] with accuracy!”

But hey, at least it was nothing personal. Or maybe it was … or something:

@TimTebow I’m not going to say its nothing personal, or hide behind its my job, or my producer made me do it, because anytime someone like” (continued)

“me in this case makes a FOOTBALL evaluation of you I understand [it’s] taken personal and i understand what comes from that.”

“My views are football only!! I have only met you once but feel [you’re] a good soul. Nothing would make feel better than to eat crow!!”

“I’m a straight shooter and I have no agenda, so know i mean this, good luck this season and prove me wrong!”

So, is Merril Hoge right? Should Orton be the starter over Tebow?

What follows is an objective analysis of both Tim Tebow‘s and Kyle Orton‘s performance during the regular season last year. I’ll leave it for the readers to decide.

Orton: passer rating – 87.5

Tebow: passer rating – 82.1

Orton: 20 TDs, 9 INTs

Tebow: 5 TDs, 3 INTs

Orton: record as a starter – 3-10

Orton in his last three starts – 0-3

Orton in his last nine starts – 1-8

Tebow: record as a starter – 1-2

Orton: 22 rushing attempts for 98 yards (4.5 per attempt) 0 TDs, 4 fumbles

Tebow: 43 rushing attempts for 227 yards (5.3 per attempt) 6 TDs, 1 fumble

Orton: completion percentage – 58.8

Tebow: completion percentage – 50.0

Orton: Broncos points scored in games started – 17, 31, 13, 26, 17, 20, 14, 16, 49, 14, 33, 6, & 13 (20.7 average)

Tebow: Broncos points scored in games started – 23, 24, & 28 (25.0 average)

Orton: years in league – 6

Tebow: years in league – 1

Orton: best NFL season – 2010

Tebow: best NFL season – 2010 (duh)

Orton: age – 28

Tebow: age – 23

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  • C2E

    I liked Tebow at Florida and wish him luck in the NFL. Didn’t really see him play last year, except in the highlight reels when he scored.

    RJ, are you going to do your weekly picks column this season?

  • C2E,

    Probably. (And good to see you again.)