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Tim Minear Gets Back in TV Gear with Drive

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Tim Minear just might be the king of the-brilliant show-cruelly-killed-before-its-time.

As executive producer for three striking, fresh, and promising shows (Firefly, Wonderfalls, The Inside) all killed before reaching the end of one full season, you'd think King Minear would be more than willing to hang up his TV crown for pastures replete with beat up and beer soaked couches, sad and dusty pre-cable ready TV sets, and milk-stained remote controls.

But no, the King is heading back into the fray with Drive, a drama about an illegal road race and the fascinating folk who are determined to win it.

If Minear's history is any indication, Drive will combine action and tense drama with wonderful character development and humor. Variety notes that Minear told Joss Whedon (creator and über-master of the mixed genre television epic) the new show will be "Magnolia on wheels." That sounds like something worth checking out.

Speaking of Kings, I'm reminded of one of Stephen King's best novellas (penned under the pseudonym Richard Bachman), The Long Walk. It's a road race of sorts, a psychotic game show of the future where contestants are forced to walk for days, and if you slow down too much, you die. I'd love to see it turned into a film or mini-series one of these days.

But for now we have some Drive to look forward to.

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  • Nice to see Minear get back into the fray. Drive sounds interesting and Tim is a master of the ensemble cast (he learned from the master).

    The Inside was an excellent show and I keep hoping for a DVD release one of these days.

  • I’m personally still mourning the death of Wonderfalls, though I know I’ll give Drive a look-see . . .

  • Yeah, just thinking about Wonderfalls is painful sometimes, isn’t it? It had a certain spirit to it that was both wonderful and rare.

  • Congratulations! This article has been selected for placement on Advance.net

  • Thanks Joan. Yeah, Advance !

  • Janice


  • No way am I gonna watch this. Minear is cursed!

  • Minear isn’t cursed, he’s another genius before his time show runner.

  • Call it what you will — the show will be canceled, so I’m not watching. 🙂