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Tiger Woods 12 to Include Masters

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Testing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 last year, I sat there with a friend and between rounds we talked about the possibility of ever seeing Augusta National appear in the game.  We were both relatively convinced that the development team had to have some iteration of the course all ready to go and that we wouldn’t be surprised if they had been playing it at some EA office somewhere.  Obviously we couldn’t prove anything and had no hard evidence to back up our ruminations, but it seemed inconceivable that no one had made a mock up of the course.  After all, there had to have been talks between EA and the golf club, so why wouldn’t someone start working on it with the eventual idea that it would be included.  And, who wouldn’t want to play the virtual course if it existed.

Well, the frabjous day has arrived – today, EA announced that the Masters Tournament would be included on the upcoming iteration of Tiger Woods, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12:  The Masters.

As with every sports title, the developers have to find a new way to convince people to buy the update year after year and the addition of Augusta National makes this year’s update a must have for every golf fan.  Other changes and updates have been announced as well (new courses, new commentary team, new career mode, new players, etc.), but the addition of the fourth PGA major will almost certainly help push sales to new heights.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12:  The Masters is due to be released March 29, 2011.

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  • I bought last year’s game and I will definitely buy the new one. This will be the closet the vast majority of us will ever come to playing Augusta National.