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Tiger Tanks at the PGA

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You could ask, “Who was afraid of Tiger Woods at the 2011 PGA Championship at the Atlanta Athletic Club?” The answer is only the fish in the ponds, as Woods was looking as lost as those balls he was driving into the drink.

Woods was seven-over par during the first round on Thursday, and he shot three-over-par on Friday; the once dominating Woods finished ten-over and missed the cut by six strokes. This is not what he must have expected as he came in to try to regain his standing in the golf world after a tough year of physical and emotional disappointments.

With Woods out at the PGA, it is a fair question to ask what is actually wrong with him? Is it that at thirty-five that his body is just not bouncing back from the injuries as he would have hoped? Or is it something more insidious, like something akin to writer’s block for a once prolific author?

Obviously, there are some people who may be enjoying this situation a little too much, but what can we expect after what has happened to Tiger Woods these last two years? With the scandal that cost him his marriage behind him now, and with long-time caddie Steve Williams out of the picture, Woods may have thought he was embarking on a fresh new voyage into success, but he is looking more like a lost kid in a department store out there now.

I am not sure if I feel sorry for Woods, or I just think that his fall from grace and poor performance are lamentable because of the greatness he once displayed. Most fans of any sport enjoy seeing a master at work, and an inevitable part of every game is that eventually even the best grow older and their powers fade.

There is no question that there is time for Tiger to get back on track, if not this year then maybe in 2012. Still, the PGA is less thrilling without him at the top of his game. It is sad to see Tiger gone so soon, but perhaps he can use this extra time he now has to get himself straightened out for his own sake and, more importantly, for golf’s sake. He owes it to the fans and most of all to the game that he loves.   

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  • Runs off his wife, loses his mistresses, and even his caddy went away. Tiger, there’s a pattern here.

  • “The esteemed game of golf”? You shouldn’t throw the word “idiot” around so loosely

  • Charlie Doherty

    Well said, Vic (comment #2).

  • Tiger has been to golf what Babe Ruth was to baseball. He has redefined the game and made it more popular. Just as people mourned the Babe in his declining years, it is normal for people to do the same for Tiger.

    And yes, there are some great and upcoming players like Rory McIlroy. They are having their time now and will be good for the sport, but it will be hard for any of them to have the impact Tiger made or dominate as he did.

  • Jewel64

    TIGER WOODS DOES NOT AND WILL NEVER DEFINE GOLF. Why you idiots in the media think that PGA will fall apart without him is beyond me. You media people keep writing about this LOSER instead of focusing on all the up and coming players who can play rings around this Has-Been. Let go of this guy already. His time is gone and he’s been replaced by a new generation of golfers. Hopefully they won’t drag the esteemed game of golf in the mud like Tiger did with his tabloid headlines and 100+ mistresses.