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Through Our Enemies’ Eyes – Anonymous

The last Anonymous author I remember was the one who wrote Primary Colors and turned out to be Joe Klein.

Before that, it was a series of erotic books with one word titles: She, Them, Her, Sex.

Those were all fiction. This one purports to be from a longtime CIA agent and one who isn’t happy that Osama bin Laden and his words were ignored for so long – to our detriment.

In other words, he write about something that matters (though in a broader sense fiction matters just as much because we need escapism big time). Just like in journalism, “anonymous” should be avoided whenever possible. Deep Throat was never quoted to bring down Watergate. And he never – as far as I know, obviously – wrote a book about it or anything else. And not under the nom de plume Anonymous.

It is odd by the way, that I could hardly find a review of this book anywhere legitimate. I only found CSM. Does not anyone care?

Christian Science Monitor – America’s greatest enemy keeps no secrets

The author considers everything bin Laden has said and done – including not only interviews and speeches available in the American press, but also those in the Pakistani and Arab press. The evidence is convincing: Bin Laden has telegraphed his every intention. We just have to pay better attention. As tragic as the 9/11 attacks were, “Anonymous” believes US leaders should have anticipated them. In fact, his book was completed by June 2001 and was going through government review prior to publication when the hijackers struck.

NewsMax – Congressional Intelligence Hearings: ‘Only 5 Analysts on Al-Qaeda’?

“Through Our Enemies’ Eyes” is a brilliant, superbly written analysis of Osama bin Laden and the radical Islamic threat to America. The book should be required reading for every senior policy-maker in the government. And it was written by one person, one analyst. …

The frantic and panicky press release put out by the CIA’s Public Affairs Office, pressed no doubt by senior officials, is a sad comment on how little faith the higher-ups have in their own people and how little they understand the process they are managing.

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