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Three Vacation Destinations You Never Thought Of

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Photo credit here.

Photo credit here.

The holiday spending is over, work vacation has been reset to a whopping two weeks for the new year, and the polar vortex is bringing a large portion of the country down into a frozen state of depression. These factors coupled with the soon-to-be-here spring fever all lead to one logical conclusion: vacation.

As the spousal negotiations begin, here are a few places to keep in mind that are a bit more obscure than Waikiki Beach in Hawaii.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu, also known as The Lost City, was built by the Incas in the early 1400s. Situated approximately 8,000 feet above sea level, this fascinating ancient site located deep within the Andes Mountains is known for its stone architecture and mystical feel. There are no roads leading directly to the city; an organized tour is needed, and one common way in is via a multi-day hike.

While in Peru, make sure to take advantage of the culture by learning some palabras en Espanol (Spanish words) and trying one of the local favorites: cuy, a guinea pig roasted on a spit.


If walking long distances and eating guinea pigs doesn’t necessarily top your vacation to-do list, try the second place on our list: Dubai.

Dubai, ranked the 7th most visited city in the world, is a cosmopolitan metropolis world-renowned for its ties to the West although it lies in the Middle East. Dubai is a business, transportation, and tourism hub of the region and has been voted the best place to live in the Middle East. While on vacation, you can take advantage of the soon-to-be-built underwater hotel they are putting up, or perhaps lounge around on the man-made Island.

Republic of the Maldives

Photo credit by flickr/chopr.

Photo credit by flickr/chopr.

Rounding out the top three is an interesting place that just doesn’t get enough press: The Republic of the Maldives. This island nation in the Indian Ocean has been ruled by Portugal, Great Britain, and the Dutch, but currently is an independent polity that sets its own pace.

As beautiful as it is obscure, this great destination will cost you a few hours on an airplane, but the rewards are worth it. Sitting almost at sea level (from five to eight feet above), this chain of islands may not be around for long. Due to rising water levels, budgeting time to get out and see this beautiful place may need to be a priority over the next few years.

Taking vacation has multiple health benefits as well as just being fun. Many other exciting and intriguing vacation destinations exist in this world well beyond the coast of Florida.

Take a week or two and enjoy what this planet has to offer, and leave your coat at home.

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