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Three Major Benefits of Fish Oil and How It Supports Fat Loss

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There are a lot of supplements out there that are unnecessarily hyped up to promote sales, making all kinds of radical and unbelievable claims. There are only a couple supplements out there that really deserve all the hype. Fish oil is an indispensable addition to your healthy lifestyle. It’s one of the few that deserves the hype because it can do so many things for your body. If I can only recommend one natural supplement to my clients due to their budget constraints, I always recommend fish oil over anything else. A high potency fish oil is a very small investment for all the benefits that it offers to a lifestyle fitness plan.
Fish Oil Capsules
Fat Burning
A couple years ago I recommended fish oil to a friend that was going to the gym fairly consistently but not losing any weight due to his diet. I recommended adding a few grams of double strength fish oil per day and in a month he called me to tell me he lost over an inch off of his waist and was down a couple belt notches. He didn’t change anything in his diet accept for adding those fish oil capsules three times per day. The Omega-3s in fish oil turn on the fat burning genes in your body which makes them one of the best fat burners your money can buy. When most people think of fat burners they think of all the heavy stimulatory supplements on the market designed to speed up your metabolism. The problem with these fat burners is that they quickly burn out your adrenal glands and can stop working within a few weeks. Fish oil works by using a completely natural mechanism in the body. The fats in fish oil bind to your PPARs (peroxisome proliferator activated receptors). Different types of fat send messages and bind to your PPARs in different ways. The good fats will bind to your PPARs and turn on the fat burning mechanisms in your cells, while bad fats will bind to your PPARs and turn off the fat burning mechanisms along with other damage. PPARs are highly concentrated on your liver and fat cells so it’s a good idea to send them the good fat signals!

We just talked about those PPARs that communicate with your DNA to turn your metabolism up and down. They are also largely responsible for inflammation. Inflammation is caused by poor diet, stress, lack of exercise, and even food allergies. Inflammation is a double-edged sword. It cause aches and pains in your body and also causes you to gain more weight. By reducing the inflammation in your body you can reduce those achy pains that you feel everyday as well as create a body that is in more of a state of fat burning rather than fat storage. Taking fish oil and antioxidants can help reduce inflammation, but you also want to get right down to whatever is causing it. To really get yourself healthy you need a multi-tiered approach that includes a good nutrition program with exercise.

Immune Function and Mood
The reduction in inflammation in your body gives it a stronger immune response to everything else. Your body can fight infections better. By reducing certain inflammatory prostaglandins, leukotrienes, and interleukins, Omega-3s promote the healthy function of the immune system. Studies have also shown that people with low blood levels of Omega-3s were more likely to report mild to moderate depression. Numerous studies have shown a link to low Omega-3 levels and various psychological disorders such as bipolar disorder, depression, ADD, and ADHD. Taking supplemental fish oil can help many people improve their moods and fight stress.

Alternatives to Fish Oil
With so many reasons to add fish oil the only thing that may be holding you back is a fish allergy, your distaste for fish, or you don’t want to take fish capsules. There are other sources of Omega-3s that I recommend. Aside from fish you can also find Omega-3s in flax seed or flax oil. You can get milled flax seed in the health section of many grocery stores. It is finely chopped up and can be added to your favorite foods. I actually add it to my chili to give it a burst of Omega-3. If you prefer using flax oil, a tablespoon or two can be added to a protein smoothie to add a healthy dose of Omega-3s. Walnuts are especially high in Omega-3s if you are looking for a healthy on-the-go snack, and you can also buy Omega-3 fortified eggs.

With so many benefits that you can get from fish oil, I rank it as the #1 supplement when viewing benefits to cost. For $20 you can get yourself a three-month supply of double strength fish oil. Try it for three months and you might agree it was the best $20 investment you ever made for your body!

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  • olivially04

    Ya! I also have seen many peoples who were unable to loose their weight and easily decreased their weight after using fish oil.
    And i don’t think we should use it for 3 months to feel the difference i felt the difference in just two weeks.http://cuxtomizedfatloss.blogspot.com/

  • Edna Grobler

    Thank you for a very interesting article. May I add that an alternative to avoid that fish smell burb 🙂 – as per comment below, is flaxseed. In its milled form I use it in my cooking, over salads and adding it to my smoothies. I have been experimenting with this form of omegas for the past 2 weeks and noticeably dropped inches (not so much weight, but that’s ok.) Go On!! Give it a try! It really does work. Flaxseed is one of nature’s richest sources of Omega 3.

  • Isabella

    The anti-inflammatory benefits of fish oil are well known. Omega 3 fatty acid deficiencies are well reported on in the developed world and are often pointed to as a reason for the various inflammatory diseases afffecting people these days. I going to see if it can help in my weight loss.

  • Daniel

    I have been consuming fish oil for more than 3 years and recommend all my friend to do the same because it contains a lot of vitamins that are very important for our body and can improve our immune system.

  • Ya! I also have seen many peoples who were unable to loose their weight and easily decreased their weight after using fish oil.
    And i don’t think we should use it for 3 months to feel the difference i felt the difference in just two weeks.

  • I have a friend who runs marathons who recommended fish oil to me. My knees were starting to bother me at work and he swore this would solve the problem. He had suffered some injuries to his knees and ankles from running and he said the fish oil helped him heal and get back to running in half the time his doctor had predicted. He now takes it to avoid injuries. He did warn me though that it makes you burp a fish smell.

    After his advice and this article I’m definitely going to give it a try. But I’ll be carrying Altoids just in case.