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Three chords but catchy

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Three Chords…one Capo
Four Square
(Bad Taste Records)

More mainstream, like Danko Jones, than the normal Bad Taste fare, Four Square produce bloody good power-pop very similar in vein to Busted. Like any good pop rock, the vast majority of the tracks on here are catchy as all get out. The stand-out tracks are ‘Office Space’ and the bouncy ‘Steps’. They venture into Blink 182 territory with tracks like ‘1000 Sorrys’, but this is not the overall trend here. There is enough originality to bring it above the pack of copy-cat pop punk bands that have followed in Blink’s wake. I suspect that if this gets the exposure it deserves the band won’t be on such a small label for much longer. Readers in the UK might recognise their sound as the band of the title track to the BBC1 show ‘Ace Lightning’. The band are mainstream enough not to scare off the unadventurus, but also original enough to rise above the din. This lot of Canadians should be going places, very soon.

Rating: 4

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  • AES

    can u send me a link to the ace lightning theme song cas i cant seem to fing it on the net!!!

  • megagold5

    yeh, i want it too…and trust me i have look everywhere…including p2p…what is the actuall name of the song?

  • megagold5

    found it here .. it’s on the discography page, and then on special treats along the left

  • aes

    dude thx for that.