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THQ Announces Original Music For Saints Row

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Saints Row, published by THQ, is set to release on August 29 and the company recently announced a number of original songs from well-known artists exclusive to the game.

The action/driving title will provide players with 12 radio stations that will spin more than 130 music tracks. The songs vary from rap to rock, classical to hip-hop, and will feature artists such as De La Soul, Method Man, Jane’s Addiction, Iggy Pop and more.

In-game original tracks will include “Hurry, Hurry” by Strong Army Steady, “Man Up” by Ghostface Killah and Trife Da God, “Shut You Down” by Rhymefest, “Saints Row” by David Banner, “Git Out My Way” by Daz Dillinger and “Leave the Ho,” “DFM Like I’m Your Wife,” and “Bounce Like My Checks” all by Sy Smith for Psyko!

In the game, players will become a member of the 3rd Street Saints on a quest to control the streets by any means necessary – theft, extortion, and the classic brute force.

Saints Row promises full customization on your character, which will be placed in an expansive, freeform environment. Not only will players be able to customize their character, but they’ll be able to customize their rides with a car modification system. THQ is also promising another genre first in its online modes, which feature a number of competitive and cooperative options that will earn players even more respect and in-game cash.

Backed by the Xbox 360 console, Saints Row will feature no load times, a fully dynamically-lit world, normal and reflection mapping, and dynamic and rag doll physics.

A Saints Row demo is currently playable on this month’s Official Xbox Magazine feature disc, and can also be downloaded from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

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  • online will other ppl who get in ur car hear ur customized music ?

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    I’ve been looking for that one song that always plays on Gen X thats like “HEY yeah yeah, yeahyeahyeaaaaah” or something like that…help is appreciated thank you man..