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Thoughts On The 2005 BET Awards

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I enjoyed the 2005 BET Awards. It was fun, entertaining, and full of intentional (and unintentional) surprises.

Here are my thoughts on this year’s show:

-BET pulled an MTV Video Music Awards-like opening stunt by somehow reuniting The Fugees on national TV for the first time in years. Unfortunately, the performance wasn’t as good as it could’ve been. It was nice to see the three of them together again. Frankly, I was happy to see that Pras hadn’t disappeared off the face of the Earth. Lauryn Hill looked a little off during the performance and didn’t sound all that good. However, I was amazed that she was able to perform for the 10+ minutes that she did without freaking out as she did in recent performances. Just when you think things might be okay for her, she backs out of the show’s closing performance, one that was hyped by the announcer a few times as one “you will not forget.” I guess that’s true…we won’t forget it because there was nothing to forget.

-I enjoyed Will & Jada as hosts. I liked how both of them weren’t shy about poking fun at themselves. They looked they enjoyed hosting and they always looked comfortable. Their entrance, an homage to the classic Eddie Murphy comedy Coming To America, was great, right down to them walking on money instead of rose petals. I also liked their reunions with castmates from their past (Jada with the ladies of the film Set It Off, Will with most of the cast of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air). All in all, they did a very nice job. I bet Will will be receiving some calls to host another awards show (the Oscars, perhaps?) in the future.

-The moment of the night clearly belonged to Terrence Howard. The look on his face as Beyoncé did a lapdance for him during Destiny’s Child’s performance of “Cater 2 U” was great. I could imagine his thoughts: “Oh my God! I’m the luckiest man in America!”

-Even though Missy lip-synched her performance of “Lose Control,” it was an incredibly high-energy performance. I want that juke remix of “Lose Control” on my computer right now.

-The Game put in a pretty nice mostly solo performance. There were no disses of 50 Cent or G-Unit to be found, no random shouts of “G-U-Not!” or anything like that. The violins were a nice touch as was Mary J. Blige appearing to sing part of her “Hate It Or Love It” remix.

-Stevie Wonder went to work (as he always seems to) during the awards with three performances. His appearance with John Legend was a nice melding of old and new. His show-ending performance of his classic “Happy Birthday To You” for BET’s 25th anniversary was nice. However, if I was drinking something, I would have spit it out during his own solo performance. I mean…Stevie Wonder actually danced! It’s one thing for Stevie to rock back and forth. We all have seen him do that, but for him to actually dance onstage is damn near a miracle (thank goodness for the two dancers next to him). I wonder how long it took him to learn that.

-When Mariah Carey performed “We Belong Together,” I was pulling for her to make it through. Her voice sounded strained and that song is one that looks incredibly difficult to sing live. Somehow, she worked her way through it, like the pro she is. Her performance was sort of a breath of fresh air as it had no theatrics, fireworks, or crazy lighting tricks.

-I think the biggest surprise performance-wise had to be Sheila E. and her all-female band appearing during T.I.’s performance. Out of all the people to pop out and help T.I. with “Bring ‘Em Out,” I never imagined it would be Sheila E.

-I wonder if anyone will think Omarion’s performance was in bad taste given that soldiers are in Iraq dying and many soldiers are African-American. I didn’t take it seriously, but I know there will probably be someone out there who did.

-The Jackson family was very smart to send Tito Jackson to the BET Awards to thank BET and Michael Jackson’s fans. Tito is one of the few Jacksons who didn’t get plastic surgery or try to lighten his skintone. While he may be the butt of some jokes, I respect him for being the most well-adjusted of the Jackson siblings.

-No disrespect to Toni Braxton or Faith Evans but…wasn’t anyone else available for Gladys Knight’s tribute? I like both these artists but they were not at their best during the tribute. When Gladys performed, she proved exactly why she has lasted as long as she has.

-The award for most Source Awards-like performance goes to Mike Jones and his cast of many. Not only did one guy have a pimp cup with a straw onstage but that same person also decided to throw a huge stack of dollar bills in the air. I loved the surprised look on people’s faces as they picked up the money.

-Where was Ghostface Killah at during the Wu-Tang Clan’s tribute to Ol’ Dirty Bastard?

-I felt like I was watching Def Poetry when Teena Marie did her tribute to Rick James. I don’t know if she rehearsed that or if it was spur of the moment, but it was something different and a fitting tribute to such a creative person as Rick James.

-Michael Jordan must have sorted through Charles Barkley’s old suits for the one he wore to the awards. Pinstripes are nice but not on a dark brownish orangeish color suit

-For the first time in recent weeks, Tom Cruise made a public appearance that was actually restrained. It’s funny that it was, at all places, at the BET Awards.

-It shows just how much Robert Johnson is the face of BET when he announces his successor on his network’s awards show. I wish Debra Lee, the eventual chairperson and CEO of BET, the very best. I hope she can take the channel to places that Bob Johnson never did.

-For my final comment, I want to mention the one element of the BET Awards that I couldn’t stand. What I am referring to is the ads that were pasted at various places during the pre-show and the awards show itself. Ads were placed in various empty spots, most notably directly above the stage in the middle and on the side. The ads were similar to the ads used for some baseball broadcasts where only the audience at home sees them. Ads for CD releases and movies were pasted in those spots (in a wide shot) when the show went to (or came back from) commercial breaks. If this is the future of advertising in a TiVo world, I don’t like it.

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  • Dee

    I found the BET awards to be coming alone. It was finally not ghetto ass hell. Will and Jada did and excellent job hosting the show. It was no Mo’nique. But all in all an excellent job.
    The show could have had a little more “real singing” acts. Destiny’s Child showed why they are the best selling female group of all time. Their actual singing was very well harmonized, fresh and showed each member’s vocal talent. Who can’t forget the lap dance..
    Omarion’s act was very sorry. He should have gone to a club if he wanted to dance. Ciarra wasn’t impressive at all but we all know her vocals aren’t the best.

  • Divante

    Alicia Keys accepting her award for Best Female R&B Artist was my highlight.
    It is about time the BET judging panel recognised her as not only an incredible artist/performer,but also as an individual deserving BET Awards.
    She has been nominated so many times but “lossed-out” the same number of times.
    Congratulations girl!!!!!!



  • Eric Olsen

    thanks Ster, very well done and timely!

  • For the first time in recent weeks, Tom Cruise made a public appearance that was actually restrained. It’s funny that it was, at all places, at the BET Awards.

    He probably had to restrain himself from all the fine men that were at the Awards. I’m sure many were asking if he was on the ‘down low’ backstage.

  • I think the awards were actually good this year. Like a previous poster said they weren’t “as ghetto.” I was praying it there wouldn’t be a Source Awards type brawl there.

  • Jennifer Dacius

    I think BET Awards 2005 was the best ever. Will & Jada and the rest of team did a great Job. The people were nice and enjoying themselves. The most memorable part of the night for me was when Will shared a story about one trip he did in Africa and said how the people view us as The Impossible…It really convinced me that we need to be examples to one another not hating one each other (in success). Everything was great!! I had a good time watching from the Start to the End. Thanks BET :o)

  • mya

    I thought the performance were great except for O…it sucked.

    I also found it not so good because many of the winners were not even there?

  • lauren

    did anyone think Mariah Carey was going to fall over during her song? I think she is awesome.. i am not use what happened last night.

  • Earl

    Thanks for mentioning the disapperance of Lauryn Hill. I thought I was hearing things are going crazy because she was suppose to perform but did not. Not sure if Will or Jada were instructed not to say anything but why didn’t someone make a reference. Also, If Lauryn performed would Stevie have been able to sing Happy B-Day BET at the end???

  • Al

    I thought Stevie Wonder was absolutely fabulous!! The whole audience stood up as soon as he started dancing! And the song was great. It’s a shame the single didn’t make the top 40, like it deserved. He’s not just a legend, he’s now.

  • kevin

    mariah did her thing last night. especially considering shes been singing so much at all of these awards shows. even though her voice wasnt at it’s best, she still sounded off the hook

  • Rdizzal

    the show was great overall, i was sad that lauryn was not performing at the end, what the hell is going on? anywho i did not like the fact that BET is behind on being up to date with songs and records, people who’s songs were hot like 2 years ago WON? still not understanding that one? ALSO, where were the people who did win, no one showed up for the awards….. i was glad to see them show more celebrities in the audience….compared to last year…..was this show really live? i thought i heard it was previously recorded? well wonder what it will be like next year? will and jada did GREAT very tasteful and classy…..

  • Larry Holmes

    What type of sunglasses was Mike Jones wearing during the BET awards 2005? What type of sunglasses was Paul Wall wearing also?

  • Dan S.

    Mariah’s voice was rough (probably from so many TV performances-I hope!)and she seemed to be in a hurry to finish the performance and leave…she wasn’t even interviewed on the post-show or any of the “entertainment news” programs. I hope nothing’s wrong “behind the scenes”!

  • Brian

    Mairah did sound a little off last night but i think her voice is just tired or something she still sounded awesome though and i liked the way she performed the song, very classy. I think even though she was having a bad performance she still sounded better than half of the singers out there. She showed why she is one of the biggest artists in history not because she was at her best but becuase she pulled through.

  • niyshay

    I think that this was the the bes BET Awards Show out of all of them. I was not to fond of the way lauryn hill sang she sounded a hot mess. My favorite part of the show was to see terrence howars face when beyonce gave him that lap dance. i wonder how jay z felt

  • Howdy

    I cant believe Alicia Keys won Best R&B female. That song is 2years old???????
    That award should have went to Mariah Carey, she was robbed!

  • Lee S.

    I don’t know what’s wrong with you people, but Mariah sounded fine. She added in some higher notes and a little of gospel at the end during the climax; this might have thrown some people off, but I considered it to be perfect. Humm, maybe it was performance anxiety from having to please too many people like you.


  • tay

    giving to much credit to beyonce’s lapdance. Anyone could do that. Will Smith did it.

  • Rdizzal

    lee s, miriah WAS sick, you have a bad ear….anyone could hear that she was not at her best, of course we all know she can sing she was just sick…..

  • momo

    sorry but mariah was just georgous, she don’t use high notes or something like that to give us emotions. she was classy, beautiful.

    she was perfect even if her voice was not at her best.

  • fethi

    i’m sorry guys but try to sing the song We belong together it’ very difficult song i think she did something special and nice, she really strong this song because it’s very quick the lyrics like a rap song,
    so she was very nice…

  • fgdsgs

    gucci shades

  • Great BET Awards commentary HERE from DaveyD.com…

    Somethings to Ponder-Random Observations About the BET Awards in LA

    by Davey D

    So the BET Awards came through LA this week and put everything on tilt for the 3 days all the festivities and parties were in place. There’s so much to cover and so much to say that it’s hard to know where to began…

    I guess we should start with what down last night at the show itself. After being holed up in the Radio Room for two days where every major celebrity/rap star swung through no one had any idea that Wyclef Jean, Pras and Lauryn Hill were in the building. It was one of the best kept secrets to come along in a long time. Needless to say when they hit the stage to open up the show everyone was stunned. The Fugees were back.

    Now I will have to admit Lauryn who had just made headlines a couple of weeks before for exuding bizarre behavior at a concert wasn’t exactly on point when it came to hitting all her notes for classic gems like ‘Killing me Softly’, but who cares? It’s been a while, she’s been through a lot-so she gets a pass. I was just glad to see her back on stage trying to work it out. Whatever internal drama she’s had or is going through we hope, pray and encourage her to keep keeping on…

    The bottom line is Hip Hop needs the Fugees. Their return to the fold may send an even stronger message to folks that it’s possible to move forward, heal old wounds and create brighter tomorrows… Speaking of which, word around town is that EPMD is about to get back together… I didn’t know they were apart, but hey I’m all about Unity in the Community…

    This leads me to my next subject. The man they call Game. He did a good set last night. He obviously knows what needs to be done when you have a big posse and you wanna bring them all on stage. You don’t have them stand around grabbing mics and looking all sloppy. You line them up, get them synchronized, have them all wear the same shirts and put them to work. In this case it was good to see all the Black Wall Street cats doing a little two step routine on stage and if I heard it correctly even harmonizing. Rappers take note that’s how it should be done-no one on stage unless they are an active part of the show. Also him and his son rocking ‘Hate It or Love It’ with Mary J Blige was a good look.

    I didn’t hear any G-Unit disses which was good. I’m glad he had some sense to tone it down especially since he was all about it at the Laugh Factory a couple of days earlier.
    For those who don’t know, Chocolate Sundays is a big time thing in LA at this comedy spot. Game was in the building with his whole BWS posse. The host gave him his dap for being one of the many celebrities in the building and Game decided to be a part of the show and offered up a few G-Unit jokes. I couldn’t make out the first one, but the second crack was something about Olivia getting Tony Yayo pregnant. Maybe his timing was off or something ’cause the joke kinda fell flat for me…but the cats wearing those new G-Unot shirts thought it was funny and let out a few hearty laughs. I’ll give it to Game cause he did walk around the place and was cool with folks and showed the peeps some love.. I just wish the G-Unit beef would disappear…

    Later that evening Game had a run in of sorts with another guy known for beefs-Mr. Suge Knight. Record executive Steve Stoute had a big time shin dig at the Sunset Room. Everybody who was anybody was there. The event went off without a hitch until the end when people were leaving. Now here’s where things get a little fuzzy because I didn’t see the actual incident and there are a few versions to the story.

    The popular one that’s been circulating by people who claim to have seen it says. Game was with a couple of his cats when he and Suge crossed paths, a couple of things were said and the next thing you know one of the cats with Suge starts swinging on Game. Game does a few head bops to avoid getting hit, cats from both camps stand their ground ready for action and then some of Game’s BWS posse wisely pluck him from the scene before it gets too crazy. No one got hit, there was no bloodshed, no gunplay or nothing like that. I’m not quite sure why there was even a problem but it had everyone buzzing.

    Moving along, major props go out to everybody’s favorite rapper Mike Jones. I got a chance to chop it up with dude yesterday and he’s really humble for a cat that has the whole world saying his name and knowing his phone number. When we talked he explained that he is really grateful for all the blessings that have been bestowed upon him. He was very passionate when he explained how it was his late grandmother who encouraged him to keep his head up and strive forward at a time when he was getting frustrated and ready to give up. In fact it was her who asked the 64 thousand dollar question-‘Who is Mike Jones?’ He noted that she never got a chance to see him blow up to the level that he’s at now, hence he dedicated his album to her and let the world know that she was his inspiration.

    Mike Jones has made it a point to follow through on his grandmother’s philosophy of reaching out and helping others less fortunate. He talked about how important it is for all of us to open doors for those coming behind us and to be willing to take a chance on someone who is up and coming. He noted that’s what he’s doing with his company Ice Age Entertainment and he wants others to do the same. The days of not having much and struggling to get on have not escaped Mr. Jones even though he was the man of the hour.

    Finally Mike Jones, explained the real reason for behind him saying his real phone number in many of his songs. Apparently, when he started creating a buzz for himself in his native Houston, there were a number of shady characters who went around trying to pass themselves off as Mike Jones and get booked for shows. So to protect himself and not have any middle men who could mislead folks, he started shouting out his phone number in all of his songs. That practice carried over to this day. If you call his number (281) 330-8004, you just might get him.

    Props go out to the Youngbloodz who I also got to spend some time with. I asked them about their new song ‘Presidential’ and why they changed the name. The original title was called ‘George Bush’ and basically as they explain it, it means living a lavish lifestyle… However, to avoid any Outkast vs. Rosa Parks situations, the label pushed to change the name and leave GW alone. The YBz noted that they have invested their money wisely with the purchase of a new restaurant in Atlanta being the most noteworthy. They said it’s a combination Cuban and Soul Food. None of the guys are Cuban, but they like to be diverse and their Uncle runs the joint.

    I ran into the one and only Flava Flav who said he’s working on a brand new movie called the Fight Pitt. I can’t remember all the details, but he said he was going to be playing the best friend of a fighter. He said all he needed was one chance to get his shine on and the Reality Shows he’s been in have opened a lot of doors. He also noted that the romance between him and Brigette Neilson is dead. He humorously stated ‘That’s a dead horse’ and he started singing a little song re-emphasizing the point.

    Chingy is also starring in a new movie. Sadly I can’t recall the name of it and sadly Chingy couldn’t remember the character he played. I know, I know, we’re both sad for that but he will be in a movie so watch out Hollywood. Hip Hop is taking over. Speaking of which, some enterprising cat needs to set up something to take advantage of all the Hip Hop talent making their way onto the big screen. We need to have our own Hollywood complete with an acting academy, screenwriting workshops and infrastructure, but that’s another story…

    Some other notes regarding the BET Awards… Props to Will and Jada for doing a good job and hopefully giving those of us in Hip Hop a glimpse of what a loving, caring fun relationship could and should be about. Forget the dysfunctional scenarios we experience when watching Nick and Jessica or Britney and Kevin. I’d rather see Will and Jada do their thing…

    Speaking of dysfunctions or in this case DISS-function…Was it me or did anyone else notice that Beyonce and company thanked everyone but her dad Mathew Knowles. They thanked their management TINA Knowles. Beyonce must be going through it after she has long shared with the world the love and admiration for her dad only to see him screw things up and start making sexual advances to one of her back up dancers…Hopefully they work it out…I’m not gonna front I really enjoyed the lap dance routine.

    Did anyone know that DMC was adopted? I know I didn’t. He sat down and chopped it up with long time rapper and current radio personality the Poetess, yesterday and explained that he found out he was adopted 5 years ago. How this came about was he was working on a book. I think it was an autobiography and he went and asked his parents to talk about what it was like for them when he came into the world. He wanted to know their feelings, the mood and other important details. Obviously they weren’t able to fill in the blanks so they sat down and told him what the real deal was…That’s mad crazy to find out half way through your life, your folks aren’t your folks… Talk about earth shattering. It may also explain some of the changes that DMC was going through a few years ago which seem to coincide with the time he got the news..

    Today he seems a bit philosophical and at ease. He explained that it was good he got adopted because had he not had the loving parents who took him in, he would not have lived in Hollis, met DJ Run and go onto to make Hip Hop history. Oh yeah one other thing we should note DMC also found out he’s Dominican. If you’re in the LA area Poeteess will be dropping that interview in a few weeks on her Sunday morning ‘Real Talk Show’ (100.3 KKBT).

    I went to a few hot parties including a heavily attended joint hosted by Ciara and an equally packed party hosted by Free of 106 and Park. The parties were off the chain, but I never saw the hosts. The word was that all the top starts and ‘important’ people showed up to Jermaine Dupris party at the Skybar on Sunset. I know when I went over to drop some folks off at the Standard which is over in that area, the streets were closed off in both directions. I guess the police wanted to make sure that all of JD’s A-list guest could leave and not attract a mob. Although I must say the hotel lobby was pretty packed with folks trying to get a glimpse of the stars..

    Speaking of Stars…be sure to see two movies. The first is Rize which focuses on the Krump and Clown dancing which have been existing in LA’s hoods for the past 10 years. The documentary which was put together by Dave LaChappel brings to the forefront an important understanding the types of conditions and environments that gave birth to music and dance expressions we can liken to Hip Hop. Many of the clown and krump dancers like Tommy The Clown, Lil C, Tight eyes, Dragon, Ms Prissy and others were all over the place making their presence felt. They performed at a few venues and left people awestruck…Simply put that movie is the Truth. Also they had great box office returns, making almost 2 million for a movie shown in only 300 theaters. That means many of the shows were damn near sold out.

    The other flick to catch is ‘Hustle and Flow’, I missed the special BET screening, but folks were buzzing about that flick..

    AnyNuff said
    We out for now…Peace

  • simpliluvly

    Well, well, well….another BET awards show, with lots of comments. Overall, I thought the show was good, but not GREAT. I know I’m not Wendy Williams, but here’s a rundown of the show in my opinion. Fugees need to come back with the real hip hop, but Lauryn needs some help first…she just wasn’t herself. That Ike Turner hair and bowtie were making me uncomfortable. Will and Jada were no Monique (like someone commented) but they were still good. The Mr. and Mrs. Smith stuff was funny..but you had to see the movie to understand. I’m upset that awards were given to artist for songs that were old. I mean I love Jesus Walks, but didn’t he win for that song at the ’04 awards? And why was Kayne listed with the Gospel artist…that was just one song..not a gospel album! Okay..Missy could have shocked me more..but she was good. John Legend, cute and good. T.I. did pretty good, but something was missing. The Game was aiight…Mary’s sound, not her voice, was off or something. Destiny’s Child…hmm. Okay people are 50/50..they were sexy vs. they were slutty. Having the guys up there was cool, but I don’t think it needed the bending over and shaking my booty in your face part. Um, by the way..is it me or did B’s booty look HUGE with dimples…and she was wearing a tummy slimmer…that was visible. Magic Johnson looked scared and Terrance Howard better watch his back for Jay-z. Kelly was doing moves in front of Nelly like she was trying to remind him of something he missed and the BET CEO made me think “old dirty man” when he mentioned a lap dance to Beyonce. Why did they look shocked everytime people said lapdance?!? They were a dollar away from a strip show….good girls..hmmm…sure. Sorry for staying on this topic, but Michelle was a gospel singer last year…was she not?…well she truly broke Jada’s rule #3. Moving on…Mariah..poor child. That song is hard to do live..she was struggling. She looked very tense and scared to move. Then at the end, I think she expected everyone to be standing for her, but it didn’t happen. Gladys always great. Toni looked very nice..Faith needed help. Omarion was ok, but I expected more from him and Ciara. Speaking of..is it me or does Ciara shock you when she’s speaking…her songs and her personality are different. Kinda like you expected her to be kinda ghetto, but she’s doesn’t seem like it. Missy is extremely shy..and you wouldn’t really think that either. Okay…I’m from Houston and I have to say Mike Jones is hot but the performance was the same’ol stuff..nothing tight. I guess coming from underground…you can’t expect too much. OHH Stevie! He did his thing. The only thing I didn’t like was the fact that everyone stood up in awe like…”Ohh..the lil blind baby can dance” I guess all that sitting behind the piano, people thought he couldn’t walk either..c’mon now. Well, I was a little upset that Lauryn didn’t come back out, but all in all the show was good, but I wish it was better. All the tributes were nice..Teena Marie…God bless her…she really wanted that to be special. All in all I think Will and Jada wanted it to be a celebration of black entertainment and it was…during the whole show you just felt like…”these are my people doing big things”…it was all good.

  • Felicia Houston

    I think the BET Awards show was good. I think Ciara could have tried harder. I think Maria was in vocal trouble but she did pull it off. I think the Game and Mary J did an outstanding performance., I think Destiny Child was off the hook. I think CEO should look at the show from the audience’s view and make the necessary corrections for next year. It needs to be HOTTER,take notes from the MTV music awards.

  • Is this going to be repeated. I’m sorry I missed it.

  • It will be on again tomorrow (Friday July 1st) at 7:30 ET/6:30 CT

  • Quon

    The BET awards were awesome. The performance by Destiny’s child was off da hook. Is it me or did Magic Johnson Look Scared of Michelle, and Kelly was puttin moves on Nelly (He hit it). My Girl Alicia Keys looked beatiful. It’s about time the panel at BET started to recognize her true talent, b/c she is the only femal singer R&B singer whor writes, performs music, and sing at her live shows, she is a god given gift.

  • Wanda

    I really enjoyed The BET AWARDS Show. I first would like to say Will and Jada did a good job hosting. Now Lauryn Hill and The Fugees were alright but i’ll admit Lauryn Hill’s out fit and hair do did make her look like a clown. Also her voice wasn’t that tight. Now don’t get me wrong she’s still my girl.Then Anothony Hamilton and stevie Wonder were awsome together. But I think it would have really been excellent if Alicia Keys could have been up there with them too. being that she’s a great Musician too. I felt The Game and Mary J. was off the chain. the game with his baby and all was nice you don’t see that happen to much. Oh now Destiny’s Child was off the hook they my Girls. but i really didn’t think that was approving to the Husband wives. I watched Bet New and the Guy Beyonce was giving the lap dance to said that this may have cost him his marraige. He said he told Beyonce to get off his lap because i’m very sensitive. He even said he’s afraid to go home to face his wife. Magic Johnson said he first apoligzed to Cookie his Wife but he told her that she’ll have to remember to do some of those moves Mitchell was doing. O was alright. Ciaria wasn’t putting it down like she usually does. Missy was off the hook well done i really liked the children she brought out to dance. Maria Lokked like she wasn’t feeling well at all. It wasn’t to much of her voice. but i noticed she wasn’t really moving around that much like she was afraid to walk maybe it was that PMS Cramps.But she looked wonderful.Tina Marie did a very good rememberance for Rick James, They still are my best old school favorites. Mike Jones did well for his first performance on BET. Gladys was Stunning natural,Always glamous. Toni and Faith did a fair job. I really liked when The Set It OFF Girls Robbed Anothony Anderson. Well that’s about it until the MTV Awards.

  • Jas

    I really like Mariah Carey very very much, she’s number on my list..BUT, what happened at the BET awards? Her voice was stressed she didn’t sound as good as she does!!!!She need vocal rest before a live performance.

  • Tasha

    I think the BET Awards was very well put together. Will and Jada did an excellent job on hosting the program, although I was very upset that Fantasia did not recieve a award, she has excellent vocal skills that go un notice,Alicia Keys should have not got an award for best female artist, that album was old, not saying that she has a amazing voice, but I really wanted Fantasia to win, and to top it off they did not let her perform one of her songs….. I was pissed, thats one reason I WATCH THE AWARDS I WANTED TO SEE A REAL ARTIST, HELL SHE WAS WELL CAPABLE OF SINGING WITH TONI BRAXTON, because Faith Evans suck……………………………………………………… Destiny Child was good and the Game AN MISSY AND Mike Jones , Slim Thug ,and Paul wall……

  • ns05

    Did nobody else hear just when mariah went into the climax, the sound changed and it sounded like a pre-recoreded vocal took over!? I don’t know if it was just me, but that’s definitely what it sounded like!! Wouldn’t be the first time she’s done it either. She did the same thing when singing “My Saving Grace” on Oprah back in 2002.

  • Thanks Ster … Watching (or recording, depending …)

    – Temple

  • lordking

    mariah was perfect i don’t understand why she did not win an award she is the most successfull than alicya, ciara or fantasia.

    to conclude, she was classy and she had offer us a beautiful emotion simply but subtil (her voice was a little tired but is a consequence of the different shows she made….).

  • I really liked Mariah Carey song We Belong Together but the performance was OK. It’s like her voice lost it but thats still my girl.I can’t believe Cookie let Magic get that lapdance.That was CRAZY.And Nelly and Terrance was loving it .But they had the best performance. And I saw Bow Wow and Ciara setting by each other they probaly still go together.Missy and Ciara did they thang.It was Ciara first time. But I really think Fantasia should had got a award because that girl can sing.She gets DOWN.It was funny when Will gave Jada a lapdance trying to do what Destiny Child did.But Omarion act was all that it was OK.But the Awards was HOT

  • Pyro King

    Mariah carey sounded a hot mess!!!!! Plain and simple. I hated the fact that almost nobody was there to claim their award. At the MTV awards everyone showed up except about three people. I loved Stevie Wonder’s dance. Will and Jada were good hosts. I liked when the set it off girls came out on Anthony Robinson. And last but definitely not least. Destiny’s child. I do not know what I would have done if Beyonce was dancing on me the way she danced on terell (or whatever his name is). SShe is in my opinion, the most beautiful person in the WORLD!!! She is sexy as hell too!!! Did you see the guy’s face she was dancing on. He couldn’t control himself!! enough…

  • andrea

    Is it just me or was anyone else a little concerned that Kanye West was nominated as a Gospel artist. He has one song that says Jesus in it, but he is far from a gospel artist. I would have really been offended if he won in that category.

  • Jay Red

    Overall the awards were OK. I think that Will and Jada were excellent hosts and made the show classy. Destiny’s Child, John Legend, Stevie Wonder, Game, and Gladys Knight had the best performances. However many artists had a rough time on stage. Mostly because as Faith Evans said in a radio interview that no one could hear themselves while they sang and that BET’s sound system and earpieces were screwed up. Also Lauryn Hill didn’t perform the finale song because she was furious about her performance with the Fugees.

  • Britt

    I think the Destiny’s Child performance was crazy cool! They did they thang.Especially B,gon’ gurl.But I know you gon have to explain all this to J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am now watching the awards on repeat, though it wasn’t on when it was supposed to be and I missed some.

    Queen Latifah and Anthony Anderson and the Set It Off girls were hilarious – these award bits are better when you have real actors involved.

    John Legend and Stevie Wonder I saw and Missy Elliott was just, wow. !@#$% brilliant. i’m looking forward to that release.

    To be honest I’m flipping around. But tuning in. Saw Tom Cruise beaming like a man on uppers.

    I hadn’t seen Will and Jada at all – until that choking bit – playing off their good image.

    Alicia Key was looking, well, all there and then some. Now nothing wrong with that, I’m not sayin’ that. And one thing I’ve been noticing here is that larger women are much more excepted in the black music world.

    In fact, I’m trying to think of a large white woman who’s successful in music and it is not happening. Mama Cass is the last one. I’ve got to be blanking …

  • HW Saxton

    Temple, I don’t know if this counts but:
    The last time I saw the Wilson Sisters
    from Heart they had put on some serious
    poundage. Not that there is anything
    wrong with that mind you… And Pink is
    not exactly thin herself either.

  • lisa

    pretty good show. thought the Rick James tribute by Teena Marie was excellent but would have rather seen her sing. She could have stepped in when Lauren Hill did Ooh La La cause she didn’ sound that good and Teena still has an awesome voice and it was Teenas #1 song to begin with. That would have been great

  • me

    Mariah was straight SCRAP!!!!!
    Yeh, dawg you are right, she did have a pre-recorded track come on at the climax of the song. My boyfriend and I rewinded about 50 times and I could tell you exactly where the track starts. Go listen to it again. When she gets ready to go up on “We belong together” there are two voices. You can hear a clearer voice taking over and you can also hear her rhaspy voice (which she had during the rest of the performance) I guess she forgot to stop singing or something. Then on the high notes, there was alot of reverberation. Now… she hadn’t had any effects on her voice through out the whole song, and all of a sudden on two notes you can hear it? Come on now if you knew anything about recording in a studio, it would be plain to see that that’s what happened, and I do since I’m and SRT major. Yeah it’s sad. Poor Baby!! Maybe she was tired from all the other shows, I dont know, or possibly her time is up, maybe getting too old. She has been out for a minute. You can make your voice sound like anything in a studio now days, but you can tell the real from the fake in the live performances. She still tight though!! The girl can blow!!!

  • hard hitta

    I didn’t see the whole thing of the 2005 BET awards but I was pleased to see the GAME give a shout out to my favorite rapper SOULJA SLIM (rip)and all the fallen legends and the music industry

  • Amber

    Omarion was hottttttttt and spicin.He stole the show. Ciara was the second one to steal the show.

  • Lola

    just so u know tito got his nose done too.

  • Terra

    Aiight, this wuz really good. O.K. Bow And Ciara are o.k. together, but Ciara is just 2 damn tall 4 him. That’s ashamed. Bow I still love u, and Ciara u still my nig.

    Holla. LaTerra da hottest new rapppa in E.C.

  • Mihos

    Hip Hop needs the Fugees?
    I was a big fan until I saw through the lip gloss. Killing Me Softly was written by a couple of middle aged white Jewish guys about Martin Luther King Jr. How come the Fugee version sounds like a commercial for a reggae themed casino? That whole pimp thing was too much. I wish Bill Cosby had emceed. There is no time like the present to get back to reality.

  • leighann

    the game’s performance was crazy and with mary and his came out it was i wish the game’s girlfriend was on stage too. i also in missy’s performance,ciara was bad until luda came but the mintue he left it got worse sorri cici but i thought your performance was going to be better than omarions but i was so wrong..

  • CSi

    Hi Guys I was just wondering if anyone knew the name of the song that Toni Braxton sung in the tribute to Gladys Knight?????????????I cannot find it anywhere and I really need it. It would be greatly appreciated if someone can email me back the answer at FaBoLoUs1893@aim.com

  • koolchick#1

    Bow wow and ciara was so cute at the awards and I thought Omarion did his thang. So did Missy and Ciara. But back on Bow wow and Ciara she presented herself well and so did her man and I like how she acknowledged him as Shad and not Bow wow also his mother as Ms.Tereesa.

  • jamie

    i think mariah did awfull it sounded like she was sick or she is going down the path rick james did

  • barry

    please can someone tell me who sung that godspell song….something like I can make it without you-no way

  • stray

    A slap in the face to the channel that played a major role in makin them famous! Was anybody there to accept their award? All the absent stars should be ashamed of themselves. I bet they’ll be at the Grammys or MTV awards though.

  • Kiya

    Now I loved the BET awards but my favorite performance was by Destiny’s Child. Kelly ripped it her and nelly was so cute together he was into that lap dance. Go head gurl( if nobody else giveyou your props from that night you getting it from me. Beyonce killed it too Tearrnce Howard was feeling it. And Michelle you know I love you, You stepped up and I have alot of respect for you.Well that’s all i gotta say

  • mariah number one fan!

    whatever happened happened..at the BET awards!..shit we all no mariah could sing her ass off!!! homegirl is off the hook! her and her talented ass!!! she is blessed! u go GIRL!!!

  • nev

    mariah could sing her butt off!!!!!!!!!!!!! u the illest MAriah! who ever hatting on u are just hating cuz u the ish and they aint!!! holla..luv u mariah!!!!!!!!

  • greg

    i agree with u nev!and mariahs number one fan u speaking the truth! mariah off the hook! point blank! like it or not

  • crazy

    it was all gravy…will and jada keepin it hot, lauryn still my girl, alicia and mariah were wonderful, ciara well we all know the singin wasn’t great but keep dancin girl, destiny’s child still think kelly the best but go on ladies! Ah yall i heard about this new artist coming out soon named G’lan (Pronounced JELAWN) she is off the chain, ciara better watch out. But the show was kool!

  • mariah your fantastic i hate you gained all that weight after honey. you were actually the most beautiful and finest female in 1997. you were slender built with blonde hair that’s right yall beyonce didn’ tstart that mariah did. beyonce just brought it back out with her fake muscle booty ass. did you see that she can’t even shake just wag like a damn dog. how abotu the lie that she ‘s just playing sasha on stage. no how about if your sasha who are kelly and michelle cause they alos did the lapdance so your leaving them as whores wel guess what your the whore dancing on a married man with kids thats why you and jay z broke up in 2006 may2. hmm. all fake yall bitches make me sick.

  • leora kincaid

    Mariah Carey I got all of your Cd’s New and Old you are the one now and will always be the one forever. LUV YOUR GURL Leora Kincaid

  • D

    The Fugges bangin’, my girl Lauryn Hill girl you must forgot 2 go shopping, John Legend was OK, Omarion was Ok, Gladys Knight 3rd Best of the Show, Ciara, the best of the show, I got all your CD’S,keep dancin’. Destiny’s Child the 2nd best, Mariah Carey the 4th best, she is a good singer but I guess she forgot to drink her lemon juice.

  • Ciara, got 2 give it 2 you , you was the best of the show. Dat is all I got 2 say besides Destiny’s CHILD they were of the Cater 2 U hook.
    But still Ciara !!!!!!!!! is the __.

  • Dontario

    Ciara, Ciara,Ciara god you are fine. Please God make another girl like that. Bow Wow U crazy for dumping her, the best of the show.

  • Oh goodness. Michael didn’t lighten his skin, contrary to popular belief.

    Go research “vitiligo” and you’ll see what I mean.

  • ashley

    i think that the bet awards was off the hook and also i loved destiny’s child performance they should do that agian