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Thoughts on Serenity (Take 2)

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I had already seen and reviewed Joss Whedon’s Firefly inspired feature. I liked it enough to see it a second time. Now, what follows is a list of some random thoughts and reactions after my second viewing, nothing is terribly well formed, but they are what they are. Be warned, this contains spoilers. If you wish to see my spoiler free review, click here.

  • The opening was done very well. I had been curious how they would catch the non-fan up with the story while not alienating those who were in the know. The opening builds nicely into the start of the story. Plus, that last jab to the forehead, wow!
  • The lack of engine noise in space is a very nice touch, carried over from the show.
  • Nathan Fillion does a great job portraying the conflicted character of Malcolm Reynolds.
  • I wish there had been a little more with Book, but it was explained to a satisfactory extent.
  • The music was great. Western touches blended with more traditional orchestra music.
  • The dialog was very good, witty, dramatic, and filled with odd, Western styled words and phrases which never feel out of place.
  • I like all of the Empire Strikes Back nods, primarily during the Reaver chase scene after the vault heist.
  • The fight in the bar where River takes out everyone was spectacular. Her ballet background has really given her an incredibly graceful movements.
  • If Mal is Han Solo, is Jayne Chewbacca?
  • I know some of the characters got the shaft in terms of their development. In a film the focus has to be somewhere, the leisurely pace of a series is not afforded here, I thought Joss did a fine job of giving each of them some sort of character moment, no matter how small.
  • Wash’s death scene still got me choked up, even when I knew it was coming.
  • Speaking of that, what a shock it was! Then when everyone started getting tagged, I started to wonder who was going to be left!
  • Another moment that got me was when River said “My turn.” and dove through the blast doors, what a scene!
  • Gina Torres displayed some great shock after Wash died, and her reactions and actions while holding the Reavers off were very good.
  • Chiwetel Ejiofor was excellent as The Operative. Cool, calculating, but ultimately fallible.
  • Summer Glau has a bright future, I hope to see her in more films down the line. Her expressions are priceless, and she has such an exotic look and graceful presence.
  • Adam Baldwin, as Jayne, is a great character. He brings the muscle and a dry humor paired with the Old West style accent.
  • When Serenity came out of the cloud with the Reaver fleet right behind them, what a cheer moment. As The Operative scrambles, realizing he got cocky.
  • “I am a leaf on the wind.”
  • Rarely does a movie exceed my expectations, especially when they are high to start.
  • I cannot wait for the DVD.
  • I am sure there are more, we will just have to see if another column comes of this.


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  • agames89

    First Book then Wash…both characters sacrficed to create one few times in recent Movie History when you didn’t know all was OK.

    I was literally wondering if Joss was taking them ALL out in a Blaze fo GLory…

    Still one last moment of doubt, as I looked like “the operative” might try to join the crews. For a moment it echoed how Jayne joined.

    And if anyone missed it: Shepard Book was an operative in his recent past. That is why his ID got the attention in the TV Episode when he was injured. It is why he has to Believe in something, or he is nothing.

  • Yeah when Wash bites it, it was made with Whedon genius. Nothing letting you know what’s about to happen, it just happens and brutaly. No preperation, just like life, it just happens. Brilliant and gets a reaction, not just another as a matter of fact death.