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Thorns Double Dip

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Sony Music is not listening to the cries of their customers who want more music for less. While Universal Music Group has begun rolling out their CD price-reduction plan (not as broad as I hoped), Sony tries to double dip into Thorns fans’ pockets by putting out a new version of their debut album with a bonus acoustic CD which came out just this past May. For those who haven’t purchased the album, getting it now is a sweet deal. Two disks for under $14 dollars on Amazon. But for those of us who already are enjoying the lush harmonies we’re peeved to have to buy the album again.

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  • This is one of my very least favorite tactics employed by the labels. Dedicated fans will rush out to purchase a new album within weeks of it premiering, and then 6 months down the road will screw them by adding some kind of irresistable (to fans) bonus. There should be some sort of requirement that labels must send these discs out to fans who buy these discs during a certain time-period – like within 3 weeks of the album’s release date. Just think, the labels could have a sign-up deal on their site where your CD provides a key that indicates your ownership of it, you put in your details, and when the upgrade is release you pay a small shipping fee to get the disc. I’d rather get it free, but let’s be realistic. That sounds pretty fair to me.

  • Some computer content was already on the disks. I would think bounus material was already in Sony’s mind back in May. Letting purchasers download songs shouldn’t have been that hard.