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This Week’s Jukebox

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Here are this week’s top three noteworthy songs.

Gavin DeGraw – “Follow Through”

Lyric Sample:
These reeling emotions they just keep me alive
They keep me in tune
Oh, look what I‘m holding here in my fire
This is for you
Am I too obvious to preach it
You’re so hypnotic on my heart
So since you want to be with me
You’ll have to follow through
With every word you say

Gavin DeGraw is and has been one of my favorite artists for a LONG time. I’m kind of bratty about Gavin too, because I loved him long before anyone else really knew who the hell he was…and by that I mean…before “I Don’t Wanna Be” became One Tree Hill’s theme song. This song is great, and so is everything else on his CD Chariot. I recommend it to anyone and everyone. Pop/Rock but Soulful.

Lifehouse – “You and Me”

Lyric Sample:
Cause it’s you and me and all of the people
With nothing to do, nothing to prove
And it’s you and me and all of the people and
I don’t know why I can’t keep my eyes off you

I have to admit “Hanging By A Moment” was one of my guilty pleasures however long ago, even though I knew it wasn’t that great of a song, and I honestly thought they’d go on to be nothing more than a one hit wonder. But I love this song WAY more than their first top 40 hit and it’s the perfect wedding song.

Kelly Clarkson – “Because of You”

Lyric Sample:
Because of you I never stray too far from the sidewalk.
Because of you I learn to play on the safe side so I don’t get hurt.
Because of you I find it hard to trust not only me but everyone around me.
Because of you I am afraid.

This is my favorite cut on the CD–it’s emotional, vocally powerful,
and it’s personal. It’s almost the opposite of Christina Aguilera’s “Fighter”,
where she says the adversity people caused her made her stronger. Here,
Kelly is admitting how troubled and scarred this person (most likely her father)
has made her and the trust issues she has developed because of it.
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  • What CD are you talking about?

  • D.C.

    Yeah. I bet all 15 of the fans who bought the cd loved it.

  • Yeah, I’d agree with that. I’d say the same thing about the acoustic/LP versions of Since U Been Gone and Behind These Hazel Eyes

  • Andrea

    Well actually, I Don’t Wanna Be–I like the recorded version better. The drums and guitars sound better

  • Yes, Andrea, the Stripped version is so much better

  • Andrea

    Gavin DeGraw is great! I love his CD, the Stripped one

  • I agree!

  • Naoto

    I’ve always loved Because of You and I think it’s the greatest song Kelly has ever recorded.

  • Well I never said these were songs that were recently released. I just said they were noteworthy. It just so happens that Because of You and Chariot have been recently released. Sheesh.

  • Joanie

    I looooove Kelly and Gavin. :DDDD

  • Serori

    Well, I think that the Lifehouse song is pretty old so I’m not sure why you’re just talking about it now….but I do like your choices. Lol, you seem to be a pretty big fan of Kelly Clarkson.

  • John

    I love Gavin DeGraw, Lifehouse, and Kelly Clarkson. Because of You is SUCH a great song.

  • My wife is a huge fan of Gavin Degraw, and I think he’s pretty okay, too. I used one of his song titles as the title of my most recent podcast, though it’s admittedly a common phrase, too.

    This is now listed as a regular feature. Thanks for the post!

  • Mark

    Well, you and me actually came out quite some time ago, but it’s a good song nonetheless. This should be a regular feature.

  • Yeah, I don’t quite get that either, Janice.

  • Janice

    How do you figure You and Me and Chariot are emo? o___O

  • James

    I love these three songs! Because of You’s my fave on Breakaway too

  • Yeah! This being a regular feature would be awesome!

  • I am emo-scarred for the day

  • Eric Olsen

    SOTS, thanks! This is very cool – do you want to make it a regular feature?